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Chapter 1: The Calm Before the Storm

Bella's POV

I awoke to the warm feeling of the sun on my face, pouring in from the bedroom window. I stretched my arms out above me before I slowly sat up, instantly wincing at the pain in my legs. A smirk formed across my face as I remembered what had happened the night before. I looked over at the other side of the bed and couldn't help but stare at Edward lying down, arms crossed behind his head, wearing only a pair of black shorts. I had the urge to fight the pain in my legs and straddle him, but he had a look of regret in his golden eyes that stopped me.

"'I've hurt you again, haven't I?" he asked, looking down at my legs with a frown. He began tracing the contours of my leg with his ice-cold finger. That single touch sent a jolt of electricity through my body, which now reminded me what had started the actions from the night before.

"Don't be silly, last night was absolutely amazing…" I replied, feeling the redness in my cheeks. "Besides, it's my fault that my legs hurt. I just love the way it feels when I have my legs up on your shoulders." I admitted with a smile, tracing my fingers over his perfectly sculpted abs.

He grabbed my wrist and held it up to his mouth, I gasped at the feeling of his breath. He began kissing my wrist, moving his lips slowly up my hand until he reached my fingers. He took one finger into his mouth, and began gently sucking on it.

He then suddenly slid my finger out of his mouth with a sigh. "Your scent and taste will never cease to please and amaze me" he said, all traces of regret gone from his eyes.

"Your beauty will never cease to amaze me" I retorted, placing my head gently down on his hard chest. He automatically wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead.

We stayed like that for a moment, as I breathed in his intoxicating smell. I was so glad Charlie had decided to go away on a fishing trip for this weekend with Billy. Then again Edward had bought a huge bed for me, which he put in his room in Carlisle's home. But as much as Edward was comfortable being with me in his family's home, I couldn't quite get myself to that level when it came to making love with him. The house had to be empty first of all, and even at that how could I possibly hear a vampire walking around the house!

"Do you really need to go to this reunion today? I would have much preferred staying in bed with you all day" I said looking up, trying to give him my best seductive expression.

Not that this was your typical family reunion. Every few decades or so, Carlisle organized a reunion of sorts at his home between the vampires he considered to be close friends. He liked keeping close ties with these vampires just in case he needed to call on them for help at any point in time in the future. I thought it was a good idea, until I figured out I couldn't even attend these meetings because some of the vampires weren't exactly what you call vegetarians. I also didn't particularly like the fact that the women were, let's just say, absolutely breathtaking, they could all be super models if they wanted. As much as I tried to fight the jealousy of one particular vampire, and as much as I knew Edward would never leave me, I couldn't help the way I felt.

"Bella, we've been over this a million times. I have no choice but to attend, or I will never hear the end of it from Carlisle and Esme." Even though he couldn't read my mind he seemed to know exactly what I was thinking.

"And absolutely do not need to worry about Tanya. I heard her sisters had to force her to come down to Forks. I haven't seen her in years. May I also add that I think it's impossible that she still feel anything towards me, especially after the way I turned her down the last time." He said with a devilish smirk.

Even though he sounds so convincing I still feel inferior to Tanya in almost every way possible. She is beautiful, while I'm average looking. Not to mention the way she moves is so graceful, while I can hardly walk in a straight line without falling. I honestly never understood how he could turn her down, and fall in love with someone like me.

"Alright, well then I guess I'll meet up with Angela and go to Port Angeles for some shopping." I said, not quite happy with the idea, but it was better than staying home alone and thinking of Tanya talking to Edward.

"That's a wonderful idea, you haven't seen Angela in a long time, and I always did like her." He replied, sitting up, but still cradling me in his arms. "Please do me a favor though, and be extra careful, because I won't be following you there this time" he said with a chuckle.

I released myself from his arms, and got up wrapping the bed sheets around my body. I don't know why, but I was still quite shy in front of Edward. Maybe it was because his undeniable perfection intimidated me to no end.

"You know, you shouldn't cover yourself up like that Bella. You are stunning, I love looking at you." He said winking.

At that moment my heart felt like it had come to a complete stop, along with my breathing. I had to remember to take deep breaths, or I was going to pass out on him again. But since I was in a naughty mood, and secretly trying to make him late to the reunion I decided to let the covers just drop to the floor. Edward seemed to be both shocked and pleased with my action.

"Now that is what I call mouthwatering." he said with a raised eyebrow and huge grin.

That's all I needed to hear as I walked over to the bed and slid under his body. The feeling of his ice-cold body pressing down on me was euphoric. But the downside was we had to have the heaters on to the maximum so I wouldn't freeze.

I let my fingers grab his beautiful bronze colored hair as he kissed my lips roughly. I couldn't help but moan as he released my lips and began kissing my neck. The feeling of his cool breathe on my neck gave me pleasure like no other. He continued kissing me gently down my collarbone and stopped as he reached the top of my breasts. He suddenly looked up at me, smiling.

"I think maybe we should stop here, before you make me really late" he said, slowly getting up.

"But....but..." was all I could get out, before he placed a finger on my lips.

"Trust me, this isn't over my love. When I come back, I expect you to be waiting for me completely nude, lying down on this bed" he smiled, and began to quickly get dressed.

"Fine, you know I won't say no to that" I replied with a big smile. "Must you wear something so.... sexy" I said looking at the outfit he had chosen.

He was wearing dark blue jeans and a tight white t-shirt that took the form of every muscle on his chest and back. I stared, thinking that I would need to wait hours before I could touch him again.

"Well Bella, if I put on this jacket, will that make it better?" he asked, holding up a black leather jacket "I mean less sexy as you put it."

"Well not really, but it will expose less of your perfectly chiseled chest." I said sticking out my tongue.

I got up and hugged him, holding on tighter than usual. "Please be careful." I pleaded, looking into his captivating eyes.

"I always am my love."

And with that he was gone. I suddenly felt so lonely, but decided to quickly call Angela before my feelings got the best of me.


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