Chapter 8: Unexpected Turn of Events

Bella's POV

Jacob refused to accompany me all the way home knowing I'd be going to see Alice to try and fix things with Edward. I had never seen this side of Jacob before, the mean and selfish side. He compromised by walking me out far enough into the woods where Alice would be able to pick me up. I would have much preferred going home and getting my truck, just in case I felt the need to suddenly leave the Cullen's house. But in any case, whether Jacob was being mean or not I was thankful that he hung out with me long enough to distract my thoughts from Edward. I was also thankful at the fact that he made sure to inform Charlie that I had fallen asleep, or I would have been grounded for God knows how long.

The short walk with Jacob was silent and awkward. I assume he was still embarrassed about his misinterpretation of what I was mumbling about in my dream. Although to be quite honest, in the past I had always wondered what it would have been like to kiss Jacob. It was actually a bit better then what I had imagined in my own mind. I also didn't feel bad at all that I kissed another guy, partially due to the fact that it wasn't even my fault and because Edward had done it already with another woman while we were together. Ugh!

When we finally reached the meeting place, Alice was already there smiling enthusiastically and waving at me. I would always be happy to see Alice; she was honestly the best girlfriend I've ever had. It was time to go, and Jacob looked even more uncomfortable then before. His hands were stuffed in the pockets of his jeans and he had his head down, pretending to kick around a rock with his foot.

"Aren't I gonna get a hug goodbye?" I asked, surprised he was acting this way with me. He suddenly looked up at me, and cracked a small smile. He leaned forward and gave me a quick hug.

"I'm sorry Bella, about before, I really thought...." he said trailing off." Anyways, I wish you luck with...Edward. Let me know what happens. I'll speak to you soon, Bye Bella." he said, quickly turning around and walking off in the direction we came in.

I walked over to Alice who was growing impatient by the second. She had driven here with Edward's car, which reminded me of him too much. She hugged me with such force that sometimes I think she forgets that I'm human, but I love her to death. I got into the car, which unfortunately still smelled like him, which I have to secretly admit I was enjoying.

"Bella..." she began with a firm tone." You need to listen to me very carefully. What I'm going to tell you is the absolute truth, you know I love you a lot and I wouldn't dare ever lie to you. I think I may actually love you more than my own brother Edward." she said smiling, but her eyes stayed very serious.

"Anyways, to get to my point...I was having some visions early this morning...of Tanya. Things she was planning to do. Her mind kept changing so often it was hard to keep up. Jasper was really starting to worry about me, my head felt like it was spinning out of control and I couldn't control the images. I think she was doing it on purpose to keep changing her confuse me." she said with an angry expression on her beautiful face.

I listened to what she was saying very carefully as she had previously instructed me to do. And I was pretty sure I knew what she was trying to get at...but I didn't interrupt I just nodded and smiled. I noticed that she wasn't going towards her house, she was heading for the local diner me and Charlie usually eat at.

"I thought maybe you'd like to have something to eat? And I also had the feeling you wouldn't want to have this conversation at my house." she said, parking the car, and looking at me with thoughtful eyes.

"'re right as always, I'd rather not be at the house right now." I replied, looking down at my hands nervously. She took my hands in her cold but comforting touch and smiled.

" need to be nervous or scared or anything for that matter! I could guarantee you right now you have nothing to worry about" she said winking.

She playfully pulled me out of the car and dragged me by the arm into the diner. We sat at the most isolated spot we could find, so that no one would hear us talking about our vampire soap opera. Alice of course ate nothing and I just ordered a coffee with a muffin, something I thought would easily go down on a nervous stomach such as mine.

"Alright so, as I was saying before...these visions....They seemed to consist mainly of plans that Tanya was conjuring up to try and weaken the relationship or bond should I say that you and Edward have. She was basically trying to find the quickest way to do this, because she wasn't going to be in Forks for long." she said closing her eyes, as if she was trying to retrieve the images from her mind. Then she opened her eyes and they were so dark and angry. I had never seen Alice like this before, it sort of terrified me.

"Then! That little evil witch finally decided on a plan, she was going to try and impersonate you. She was going to track Edward into the forest; somewhere he knows is dangerous for you. But I wasn't sure if she was in the process of acting on her decision or if she had just made it. So the first thing I did was call Edward at home, but no one was home. Then I tried him on his cell phone, but I remembered he had destroyed it when Tanya called, and now I see why she called him that night." she said making a little fist with her hand.

"Oh....because she knew he would react like that and most probably destroy his phone, and he wouldn't be able to be reached by me or you..." I replied, putting the pieces together.

"That's right....and then when she got Edward's attention in the forest...when he thought it was really you there alone...he lost it, he was so afraid for you that he ran over. But before he could reach you and notice that it wasn't really you, she pounced on him like he was prey. Of course she had the genius idea of calling Jacob, and watch this as it happened. Of course Jacob didn't even stay to see Edward fight her off when he got over the shock of what was happening." she said sighing. "I could bet you anything she also decided to do something like this now, because she knew Jasper and I would be gone for a few days. She was probably counting on the fact that I might not be able to get in touch with him soon enough to warn him of her plan, and she was unfortunately right..."

"It's ok Alice, you did your best, it's over....I understand now. I just should have listened to Edward to begin with, but for some reason I was so convinced he had done something. I can't believe I actually thought he could cause me pain. He's so perfect in every way, why would he have a flaw when it came to loyalty?" I asked the question out loud but I meant it more for myself. I felt like such an idiot, I just wish I could turn back time and avoid all this stupidity, and take back the pain I caused Edward. Oh! Edward....I wonder what he was doing now.

I looked up at Alice suddenly worried out of my mind "Is he ok??" I asked, panic taking over.

"Yes Bella! Don't worry I told him how this would have probably turned out! Remember I can see the future!" she said laughing.

"Alice! take me to him now!" I begged, standing up.

"Ok ok! Right away!" she replied giggling, pulling me back towards the car.

We arrived at the Cullen's in no time, and I ran for the front door. But before I could open it, Edward was there in the doorway with a big smile on his perfect face. I hugged him as tight as I could, taking in his smell, which I missed so much. I said sorry what felt like a million times and kissed his lips over and over again. He just laughed at my enthusiasm.

"I forgive you Bella! As I see you forgive me!" he said smiling. "I want to show you something" he said, with a suddenly serious face. I felt the nerves twist up my stomach like it had before. It couldn't be bad could it? We just forgave each other right?

I climbed onto his back, and he ran through the woods into a familiar area...the meadow, my favourite place. I smiled as he put me down, and knew this couldn't be bad news, not if he brought me here. This was the place where it all began, where I fell in love with my Edward.

Tears started falling down my cheeks and my mouth was open in shock as I realized what he was now doing. Edward had gotten down on one knee, looking up at me smiling his perfect beautiful smile. He held out a small black velvet box and opened it slowly.

"Will you marry me Bella Sawn?" he asked, his voice sounding so beautiful. At first I couldn't answer, I was frozen in the happiness that had taken over me.

He began to look worried, raising an eyebrow, trying to figure out my expression.

"Bella?" he asked, nervousness taking over his usual calm voice.

"Yes!!!!!" I yelled.

He quickly got up and placed the ring on my shaking hand. He looked into my eyes and smiled. "Took you a while to answer my love"

"I'm sor.r...ry" I stuttered. "I'm just so happy I could scream at the top of my lungs!" I yelled, laughing.

"Then scream Mrs. Cullen! Scream all you want!" he replied, grinning as he picked me up with no effort and twirled me around.

"What do you say we send out an invitation to Tanya?" he asked, cocking his head to one side as he put me down.

"Definitely!" I replied with a devilish grin.

The End!

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