Dark Angel Yami

1 – The discovery

Yugi Moto was on his way home after a long day at Domino High. Tears were in his eyes as once again he was teased for his short stature, his weird hair do, having no parents, and being raised by his grandfather. They even tormented Yugi about his grandfather's antique shop stating that no one in their right mind would buy that junk. Yugi wished that he wasn't so timid and that had the strength and courage to stand up for himself. Yugi brushed away the tears from his Amethyst eyes with his Caucasian right hand letting out a long sigh. He knew that his grandfather was going to ask how his day went as Yugi lied about everything. Yugi decided to cut through the park so that he could get home before his grandfather so he could wash his face in order to get rid of his tears and red eyes.

"God how I wish for something to change from the rut that I am in." Yugi stated out loud as he sat down into a swing. *Yeah like God is ever going to listen to someone like me.* Yugi thought to himself. That's when he noticed a young looking man laying unconscious in the sandbox with what appeared to be a black blanket draped over him. "Oh my God, are you all right sir?" Yugi asked while running over to the sandbox after getting off of the swing that he was on. When Yugi got close enough, he had noticed that it wasn't a blanket but rather black feathered wings. This black winged angel looked exactly like him only much older and taller. At first Yugi was unsure of what to do but he decided that he couldn't leave the angel laying there. Yugi lifted up the angel surprised at how light he weighted as it seemed that no one else even noticed the angel. *I don't know why I am doing this but I can't just turn my back. But why does this black winged angel look like me? What in the world is going on here?* Yugi asked himself as he carried the angel on his back heading towards his house. Little did Yugi realize that he had just met what were known as spirit beasts which came from an alternate universe that they looked exactly like a mirror image of humans that live in Domino City but with one huge difference. These spirit beast had incredible powers and often took on the shape and/or the form of mythical creatures. Yugi was just about to receive his wish for his life was about to change forever!