14 – a means to an end

Yami's blood tears streaked down his face as he held a dead teen in his arms. His voice echoing notes of sorrow. His love, his mate, his human was dead.

"NO!" Yami shrieked as power erupted summoning the god Shadi. Yami looked at Shadi in sorrow. "Please help." he managed to state in English as Shadi took Yugi from Yami. The god said nothing as he used his powers to breathe life back into the young teen.

*Lord Yami, Yugi shall never be human ever again. The destiny that he is due to full fill will have him become the angel of hope and light again when the need arises. Unfortunately the humans are now aware of our kind and what happened here. Yugi's powers has cleansed the darkness away from this world and has taught humans about our kind. I am not certain if this is a bad thing or not but if we want to coexist with the humans, may I suggest you go and talk to this world's leaders.* Shadi stated as the color returned to the teens face. Relief began to stretch across Yami's face as Shadi handed back Yugi to Yami. *If you need me for any reason Lord Yami please don't hesitate in calling me.* Shadi added before he disappeared from sight. Yami then proceeded to bring Yugi back to his home. The teen definitely needed his rest because of how much power he used to save the Earth.

Yami teleported himself and Yugi back to Yugi's house. Yami's main concern was for the teen at the present moment. Yami was a bit surprised when he stepped out of the teleportation leap to find Yugi's grandfather there waiting. He must have witnessed what happened and he had a lot of questions for the teen when he got home. The look of shock and surprise stretched across Mr. Moto's face when he saw Yami carrying an unconscious Yugi in his arms.

"Oh dear lord what happened?" Mr. Moto asked Yami as he proceeded to carry Yugi over to the couch before he turned his attention back to Mr. Moto.

*He will be all right. He just used a little too much of his power. I am Yami his spirit beast and guardian. I have seen you before but we haven't been properly introduced.* Yami told him.

"Then perhaps you can explain what in the world is going on." stated Mr. Moto.

Yami explained everything but he left out the parts of having sex with Yugi and Yugi's wish to have the business return to the stop. He felt that there were somethings that the humans didn't need to know about. Mr. Moto took everything in and was a bit surprised when Yami told him that Yugi was a part of his race. Mr. Moto found it all impossible to believe. Yugi began to stir awake as he let out a long musical moan.

"Yami?" he asked in a weak angelic voice.

*It's all right Yugi, you are safe. I brought you back to your house. I was just explaining to your grandfather who I was, what happened, and a couple of other important information that he needed to know.* replied Yami. Yugi slightly turned his head to look at his grandfather through his glowing Amethyst eyes.

"I am sorry grandpa." Yugi replied weakly.

"It is all right Yugi get some rest." Mr. Moto replied walking over to the couch and kissing the teen on his forehead.

It was weeks before things began to settle back down. Yami traveled to the capital where he reunited with the two remaining spirit beast lords Cyndia and Ryoto. According to them they were in deep hibernation trapped in between the dimensions. They were aware of the silver angels presence and who he was. The spirit beast lords went into the capital meeting with the leaders. Yami didn't want to spend a long time at this discussion because he wanted to get back to Yugi. Yugi was slowly showing improvement on getting better. Yami and Shadi were working on healing ceremonies in helping Yugi regain his strength and energy. Yami didn't realize just how much of his own energy and power he used in putting a stop to the darkness. As a silver angel who were often refereed to as the angels of light, terrible burdens of power were placed on them in order to full fill the destiny that has been predetermined on them since their birth. In a couple of days he will be transforming back into his true form and Yami wanted to be there when he does. Yami had been told that a silver angels true form is a sight that very few have ever seen before and that it was something beyond this world to witness first hand.

The conference seemed to last for hours as finally everyone seemed to come to an agreement. The spirit beasts would be allowed to remain in the world with their chosen humans as long as they don't cause any problems. Even though what had happened was not their fault, they are to keep their powers under close observation. There was no telling if something like that could happen again. Once everything was said and done, the tready was signed. Yami teleported back to Yugi knowing that the teen would be waking soon.

Yami arrived in Yugi's room just as the teen awoke. Yami couldn't help but to admire how beautiful Yugi looked to him even though he was still in human form.

*Yugi, I can't contain myself any longer. I need to make love to you.* Yami stated mentally. Yami eyed Yugi's body hungrily. It has been weeks since he and Yugi had made love. Yami was in need of energy. Love blossomed in Yugi's heart as he understood the angels needs because he felt it too.

*Then come and satisfy your needs and mine. I will probably end up transforming while in the midst of our love making again. I hope that you can keep up with me.* Yugi replied with a mental purr.

Yami and Yugi made love for hours doing new positions and coming time and time again. True to his word, Yugi transformed while in the midst of their love making. The transformation into that of a silver angel was beyond what words can say. Yugi's human body became that of light as he spread open his four crystalline silver wings. His magenta hair became white keeping the golden bangs His eyes were a pair of glowing Amethysts. Yami and Yugi soared together as they left the room soaring high above the clouds continuing in their love making high above the city as their musical moans sounded more like distant music playing over the city which they would protect together until the end of time.