Suddenly, like a ninja in the dark, Mok shot out a hand, capturing the first thug by the throat and gripping his other large hand around the other's arm, twisting it so painfully that the raggedy local dropped something from his hand into the beach sand. The second the object [which turned out to be a pocket knife] hit the floor, Mok yanked his throat-gripping hand back away with what seemed like little effort; this resulted in a wet, tearing sound and the sight of crimson spewing from the would-be-thief's neck before he was dropped to the floor. Cupping his own hands around his irreversibly damaged vital area, the thug rolled around upon the sandy ground, right at the feet of the chuckling musician, uttering such awful sputtering and gurgling that one from afar could only assume the Magic Man had enchanted him with a foul spirit, just as he has commonly made such a sport of.

It all happened so fast that neither of the other thugs could fully grasp what had just happened; they each stood there, blindly staring at their assumed gang leader, who lay upon the dirt floor dying at the feet of a tall disguised man whom they never would have guessed would be the closest living thing to the very Spawn of Satan. One of the men even began to weep, calling out the name of his fallen comrade, though his cheap words were nothing more then cheap band-aids for the situation; whatever the guy's name was, it flew right over Mok's drunken head as he finally looked up from the blood shed he left and over to where the rest of the potential thieves still stood, anchored to their spots by some kind of wicked force which exuded from the Super-Rocker.

Just then, with the roar of the ocean as his cheering crowds and the howling wind as his backup singer, Mok threw back his head and emitted a deep-throated laugh which eventually evolved into a higher pitched shrieking cackle into the evening air, just as the sun finally died behind the horizon beyond Mok's lean, shadowy figure. With the joys of a good thrill and a kill now free flowing in his cold blood, Mok looked to his opposite side, where he was surprised to see the young vixen gal still standing in the same spot where he had left her. Studying her face, Mok felt no immediate fearful or panicky energy surging from her, as he usually felt from the many women whom have been witnesses to the occasional loss of life caused by the Voodoo Black Musician Priest; instead, Mok could only feel the slight cold chills traveling through the young woman's body, mixed with a bit curiousness and high admiration. All these feelings were certainly not expected of her by Mok or anyone for that matter, but this was not the first time Mok had found ladies who you could say were cool with his actions.

"… Hurr, hurr, hurr…" Mok gave a funny laugh before he spoke, "… Wazz'matterrr, honey? Mmmrrryyyou don't miiiinnnnd that I take caaaarrrreeee ov'thiiiissss, m'do yoooouuuu?"

Mok's words seemed to get more and more slurred as the minutes passed by; the rushed intake of alcohol from earlier was really beginning to drag him down, his tall lean body swaying back and forth and his long, lion-like tail began to drag to ground.

But Kay seemed none-the-wiser of this… or of anything for that matter. None of this seemed relevant to her; she replied to Mok with the innocence of a creature devoid of sentience:

"Why no, Mr. Mok. Not at all. Go right ahead."

Mok smiled, his thick lips giving off a slight glisten in the moonlight, and his dark eyes overshadowed by his thick womanly eyelashes.

Over on the other side, two of the men looked at each other, terrified and confused; one asked the other just as Mok turned to look back at them:

"Who in the hell iz' dat' guy talkin' to?"

"I don't know, man! Fucker's gotta' be insane of something!"

They both looked back with growing fear as Mok spoke once more to them,

"Mmmm'well, gentlemennnn, it sssseeeemmmmssss m'you all have just caussssed my sweet, sweet girl and I a bit offff trouble… mmmm'it would alsssso sssseeeemmmm that none of you rememberrrrr who I ammmm. Ssssoooo with that in mmmmind, I willll care to ssssparrrre a ssssmidget of mmmmy timmmmeeee to remind you…"

Then to the horror of the remaining young criminals, Mok held out a long muscular arm and out from the middle of his palm there was a sudden burst of blinding neon blue light that minimized into what appeared to be a kind of "scepter", about two feet long and half an inch thick, and made of pure dark Magik energy. Bringing the strange neon glowing thing to his side like a dagger, Mok began to slowly advance towards the men, who were surprisingly still trying to hold their own like the fools they were, even though they were clearly beginning to cower back. Pulling out their own weapons of choice (no guns, just pocket knives and letter-openers), the young dirty gangsters had no time to react when the next of them was suddenly grabbed out of no where by Mok's quick hand and stabbed in the ribcage with the glowing appendage; blood spurted everywhere from the burned hole in the unfortunate man's body as he was quickly discarded by Mok onto the floor like a piece of trash.


Left in the same wake as the first guy to go down by The Magic Man's hand, he contorted and then simply fell still in his own crimson mess; Mok gave a laugh of drunkenness as he swaggered towards the next guy, who had the nerve to actually rush at Mok with his pocket knife out to the ready. But Mok need only dart out of the way just in time to both avoid the guy's knife and also cause the stupid thug to run right into his energy rod, gutting him right in the heart. With this kill, Mok uttered the second word:

"… Name…"

He moved on to the second to the last guy, who screamed like a banshee as he dropped his weapon and tried to bail, but was grabbed by a quick-footed Mok and had his throat slit open with such violent display.

"… Is…"

And after calmly dropping that guy to the floor like litter, Mok closed in on the final man, who dropped his weapon and fell to his knees at the sight of having his comrades killed right before his eyes; he begged the musician for his life, but there was no mercy to ever be found in Mok's soulless eyes which were glowing a striking white light. He dispatched the final man with a simple slitting of the throat.

"… MOK!"

A few minutes of reveling in his massacre took place before turned his head after chuckling a bit to see the young vixen woman he had playfully kidnapped still standing in her exact same spot; there was a long line of dead bodies and a river of blood which separated the two of them, but Mok could see and feel no fear from the girl, only mild surprise and even a hint of admiration. Throughout his whole life, the only woman who could ever calmly stand Mok's sudden fits of violence towards other living beings was his lifelong best friend, Gina, whom now worked beside him as one of Mok's many consorts and henchmen to keep much of the population of the Western world under his Magical control.

Mok waited a moment or two to test Kay's potential "girly-freak-out" reaction time, but it never came and she never did. So Mok spoke, still with slurring words,

"Mmmm… dear, m'your taking this so well… most ladies would have run for the hillssss by now… I must have ffffound a good faithful girl in you…"

Had Mok not been so drunk, his normally hawk-like eyes would have noticed Kay's soft Asian ones eyeing the saber of Magic energy still gripped in Mok's now bloodied paw. When Mok mentally disintegrated the glowing energy bar and absorbed its Magical content back into his body, Kay's eye switched from his hand to his eyes, with her large fox ears up to his attention; Mok walked forward, casually stepping over each dead carcass until he stopped about a foot away from the younger woman.

It was a rather awkward moment of silence as the two of them stood there, staring at one another as if neither was sure what to say to the other after such a crazy event: Kay looked Mok up and down, taking in the musician's blood covered paws and feet, his blood-stained unbutton shirt and blood-spattered bare chest and abs; Mok, still concerned about whether he had just lost himself a hot date due to his very bad temper and lack of self control, but still too drunk to stay focused on either problem, so he just simply stared back at her like his cat-instincts told him to until the other party reacted first. And eventually Kay did, in the most unusual way…

Kay smiled up at Mok like a little child that's found a parent, and threw her arms around Mok's lean waist, hugging him and snuggling her cheek into his warm muscular chest. She was even chuckling to herself a little.

Mok was quite surprised by this, but never showed it and quickly just assumed he was in the presence of a woman who has probably witnessed just as much gruesome violence in her life as he did living in the impoverished streets of run-down Ohmtown all his life. Not to mention his pal Gina's rough life in Nuke York of all places.

Mok hesitated to embrace her back at first, but relented the second his sharp rodent nose caught her sweet scent… or when his large, pointed cat ears heard her sweet chuckling… or her warmth against his warmth…

Mok wrapped his limber but muscular arms around her, and rested his chin on her forehead; Mok's wig of long, flowing brown hair fell around his head and around the girl's head as well, which she never minded; the two of them stood there, alone on the beach, the wind softly dancing around them, the ocean singing to them its eternal song… lost in each other's embraces, amongst all the bloody massacre that lay before them… like two serial killers who were about to take their final bows…