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All About Money

Seto Kaiba was a man with money. He was rich, very very rich, let's just put it this way.

And to Seto Kaiba it was all about money. His whole world revolved around it. Money is cold and not exactly friendly, therefore Seto Kaiba was cold and not exactly very friendly too. There were whispers, rumours going around that spending too time with money made Seto Kaiba numb.

Seto Kaiba could not love. That was a well-known fact and even Kaiba himself believed it.

But Seto Kaiba, even with all that money was still a human. And humans often are weak to the emotion we call love. So, it was just a matter of time, before the worst happened. And one day it did. Seto Kaiba, yes that Seto Kaiba who's whole world revolved around money, fell in love..

..with a boy..

...called Yugi.

Well one could maybe wonder what kind of a boy this Yugi person was. Well, he was sweet very lovable boy. His life wasn't all about money. He had friends, family everything Seto Kaiba never thought he wanted.

And Yugi loved Kaiba too.

Of course, Yugi wasn't aware how that Seto Kaiba felt about him.

And Seto Kaiba certainly wasn't aware of what Yugi felt for him.

Buy this story wouldnt' be a very good one if love wouldn't win, so it won, because love seems so often to be on the winning team. Seto Kaiba and Yugi got together.

Now isn't that sweet? Yes, we'd like to believe that, wouldn't we?

But no, it doesn't go that way, not in this story.

Seto Kaiba now had Yugi, only person he ever needed, and he knew that Yugi would stay by his side. And as we already know Seto Kaiba was pretty much all about money, and as the months passed Yugi started to notice that too.

Seto Kaiba, his Seto was always working. But Yugi didn't complain, that just wasn't like him. Even when there could be days when Yugi wouldn' t see his Seto at all. Yugi did not complain.

Even when their brief meetings revolved solely around money, Yugi didn't complain.

But he was slowly losing his faith. He was slowly losing his love for the man. He was slowly realizing that Seto Kaiba was all about money, and there were no room for Yugi. It still took weeks from that point to Yugi to start considering leaving.

He really, really thought about it.

Maybe his thoughts were a bit too loud because the word of possible leaving reached the ears of Seto Kaiba himself.

And when Seto Kaiba heard that, he, that Seto Kaiba, who was all about money, left his desk, left his work, ran down the stairs to his lover.

Poor little Yugi was very confused, seeing his handsome lover in the middle of the working day, all out of breath in his doorway.

And his Seto made him sit down and talk.

So Yugi talked, and Seto listened.

That Seto Kaiba, who was all about money had left his workspace, just so he could listen to Yugi.

That was when Yugi realized.

Seto Kaiba was not all about money. Seto Kaiba would leave all the money in the world just to be with him when he needed him.

Seto Kaiba was all about Yugi.