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Just watched the New Moon trailer and have to give Taylor credit on the six pack abs (nicely done Sharkboy ;)). This one is for Team Jacob.

Be prepared, I'm a bit crude. If the word "cock" offends you - you might want to turn back now.

I'm estimating I'll drag this out - probably seven chapters (possibly more but that's up to you)



Sometime during New Moon....

Jacob sat in the driver's seat of his Rabbit staring at the front door of the Swan residence. This was it. His one chance. He pressed his hand against the side pocket of his jeans and felt the bump of the folded note. He spent two weeks writing it. He'd even asked his sisters for advice. Tonight he would read it to Bella. Tonight she would have to decide once and for all who she wanted. Him or (snort) the other one.

He looked in the rearview mirror, doing his own personal inspection. He smiled first. Nothing in his teeth. Good. He tilted his head back to look up his nose. No boogers. Good. He cupped his hand over his mouth and nose. Breath. He exhaled hard. Yikes. He leaned over and opened the glove compartment. Half the contents spilled out all over the passenger side floor. Damn It. He leaned over further shoving everything back inside except the mints. He took a handful and shoved them in his mouth. He took a moment crunching loudly and then rechecked his breath. Better. But not good. He emptied the container into his mouth and began chewing again. He pressed his hand against his pocket once more feeling for the note. Ok. He thought to himself. I'm ready.

He got out of the car and walked up the driveway to the front door. He rang the doorbell then shoved his hand in his pocket, closing his fingers around the note. She has to pick me.

Bella answered the door with a smile. "Hey Jake" She smiled at him.

"Hey Bells. Are you ready to go?" Jacob replied with a smile of his own.

"I am" She said looking up at him. "I've been looking forward to this all day."

"Me too" He reached out his hand and was overjoyed when she took it and laced her fingers through his.

He walked with her to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for her. She raised her eyebrow at him, but didn't say anything. Once she was inside he shut the door. Turning his back discreetly he checked his breath one last time. Minty Fresh. Excellent.

He hopped in the driver's seat and Bella felt the car sink down. She turned and looked at him. He flashed her this big old grin, then started the car put it in gear and began backing out of the driveway. From the corner of her eye Bella looked over at her old friend. He had changed so much over the last year, it was hard to believe he was the same little boy who used to go on fishing trips with them. She was very nervous about tonight. Jacob hadn't specifically said anything, but she knew he was going to make choose between him and Edward. In her heart she'd made the choice a long time ago.

"You want to hear a joke?" Jacob asked as he glanced over at her.

"Sure" Bella smiled. Jacob's jokes were always terrible.

"Ok so, a human, a werewolf and a vampire are talking about inventions." Jacob began.

Human, werewolf and vampire Bella thought to herself. Very subtle Jake.

"The human says 'I think the computer is the best invention. Look at everything a computer can do. Our society would be lost without it'". He smiled at her. "Then the werewolf says 'I think the space shuttle is the best invention. We've been able to land on the moon and explore outer space.'"

Bella cringed, waiting for the punch line. She could only imagine what the vampire (i.e. Edward) would think the best invention was.

"So then the human and the werewolf turn to the vampire. 'Vampire' They ask what do YOU think is the best invention. The vampire takes a few minute before he answers. Then finally he says "A Themos" I think a Thermos is the best invention."

"A Thermos?" Bella said with a laugh.

"Don't interrupt my joke" He pretended to scold her. "He said 'I think a Thermos is the best invention. It keeps the hot things hot and the cold things cold. How does it know?"

Bella laughed. Not because the joke was funny, but because Jacob was. The boy was just so silly. How could anyone not love Jacob?

"Uh Oh" Jacob moaned. Bella looked straight ahead and saw the steam rushing out from under the hood. "I have to pull over" He said as he turned the steering wheel. They went off the highway onto the grassy shoulder. There was a noticeable THUMP as Jacob brought the car to a complete stop.

"That didn't sound good" Bella said softly.

"No. It didn't" Jacob agreed. He opened the door and walked around the car. Bella turned around in her seat watching him. She saw him frown when he got to the back of the car. He squatted down and all she could see was the top of his head over the trunk. She got out of the car and joined him next to the flat tire.

Jacob saw her concerned expression. "It's ok. I have a spare" Not a very good one. But it should at least get us back to her house.

"What about that?" She pointed to the steam that was still rising from the engine.

"I'll give it a minute to cool down before I check it. Hopefully it's nothing serious" He replied. Because I swear if this piece of shit car ruins my night I am selling it for scrap.

Jacob opened the trunk and began empting all the random contents in order to get to the spare tire compartment. He saw Bella's eyes grow wide as he unloaded everything but the kitchen sink.

"Jacob, why do you have a bowling ball in the trunk?" Bella asked.

"Maybe I was thinking about a joining a league" He replied.

"A league? You've only bowled once in your life and it was bumper bowling!" She started laughing. "What is this?" She asked picking up a square piece of plastic. She couldn't believe how much crap he had in his car.

"That's ummm", He looked at the object she was holding and frowned. "I'm not really sure what that is." He admitted. Then with a shrug he removed the last few items.

Bella watched the sky growing darker as Jacob jacked up the car.

"Looks like it's going to pour" She warned him. "You better hurry"

"Aye Aye Captain Bella" Jacob gave her a salute.

She smiled and saluted back. He was her best friend. He made her laugh when no one else could. She leaned over behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Thank you" She said softly as she pressed her head against his back in a hug, feeling the heat radiating from his body.

"You're welcome" He replied turning his head. "What do I get when I fix the overheating issue?"

Bella laughed softly. "I meant thank you for being my friend"

"Bella" Jacob stopped what he was doing and turned all the way around. "You never have to thank me for being your friend. I'll always be here for you. No matter what." Even if you make the wrong choice

Jacob finished changing the tire and popped the hood to examine the engine. Bella stood next to him looking at the array of wires and metal that somehow made a car work. He leaned over pulling on things and looking at other things. Then he laid down on the ground and looked underneath.

"It's starting to rain" Bella said as the first raindrops splashed on the grill.

"I just need another minute. I think I see the problem." Jacob replied. "You should sit in the car. There's no reason for you to get wet too"

"OK" Bella opened the passenger door and sat inside.

The clouds opened up and the rain poured down. Bella heard it pounding on the roof of the car. Moments later Jacob threw the door open and got inside. The car rocked with his momentum as he settled in the seat. He looked as though he just got out of the shower. Beads of water ran from everywhere.

"It's raining a little bit out there" He smiled as he wiped his face in his damp shirt.

"Ya think?" Bella laughed. "Did you get it fixed?"

"Almost. I just have to tighten one more clamp and then we'll be good. I'm just gonna wait for this rain to slow down before I go back out there."

Bella nodded.

They sat in the car for a few minutes in silence just watching the rain. She didn't want to be the one to start this conversation, but now that Edward was back it was necessary. "I think we should talk about us". Bella said as she looked over at Jake.

"I think we should" He replied in such a serious way it pulled at her heart. "Can I go first?" He asked.

"Jake, you don't have to.."

"I want to" He reached in his pocket. "I've been doing a lot of thinking about you and me and US"

Bella watched as he unfolded a piece of paper. She watched as it tore in his hands. "Oh Nooo" He said as the paper crumpled. "It got wet." His eyes met hers. "I had everything written down"

"Jake it's ok." She touched his hand with hers. "Just try to remember what you wrote"

He sighed, running his hands through his dark hair. "Maybe you should go first"

Bella took a deep breath. She'd be preparing her speech for a few days. She didn't need to write it down. "Give me your hands" She said simply taking both his hands in hers. She looked down at the dark skin covered in dirt and grease. She closed her eyes and felt the warmth that resonated from him. Even in the rain he was her sunshine. She was going to miss that.

"Jacob, there are so many things I love about you. I love your personality. I love that you make me laugh. I love that you are unpredictable and spontaneous. I love your generous heart. Every moment I spend with you I truly cherish" Bella looked into his eyes big brown eyes. "But.."

"Don't say it Bells" Jacob eyes broke away from hers to look down at their intertwined hands. "Please don't say it"

"It's important to be honest" She said ducking her head trying to look at his face.

"Let's be honest then" He looked up at her. She saw the sorrow on his face. "You don't have to change who you are to be with me. You don't have to DIE."

"I love him"

"More than your own life?"

She just nodded.

"I never had a chance did I?" Jacob pulled his hands away from her and leaned back against the seat. Even though a part of him always knew this was how it would end he wasn't prepared to hear her actually saying it.

"You'll always be my friend" She reached out for his hand again.

"You mean I'll always be second best" He pulled his hand away.

"That is not what I mean. Someday you'll find someone and you'll fall in love"

"Bella, I already have." He stared at her.

She felt her heart break a little as the tiny tear rolled down his cheek. Then suddenly she couldn't look at him anymore. The rain continued to pour down with no signs of slowing.

They were trapped in this awful moment and there was nothing either one could do about it.

"Do you want to hear something funny?" Bella whispered. She knew if she spoke too loud her voice would crack.

"Not unless it's you saying April Fool's to this entire conversation" Jake said as he slowly shredded the folded note all over his lap.

"I would really like to kiss you"

"That's not very funny at all." Jacob grumbled.

"I guess not." She turned her body sideways on the seat and looked at him. "But I just wondered what it would be like"

"I think that's the cruelest thing you've ever said to me." Jacob replied. "Especially since you know how much kissing you would mean to me." He sniffed wiping his nose in his sleeve. Then he brushed the shredded white papers off his thigh all over the floor of the car. "But I'll take it."

"What?" Bella sat up in her seat.

"I'm not going to miss an opportunity to kiss you"

I'm not normally a write as you go author, so this is my great experiment. Chapter Two: "The Kiss" is in process right now and will be posted soon.

Thanks for reading.