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Pairings: Ginny/Harry, Ron/Hermione, and a bit of Neville/Luna

This takes place in Ginny's fifth year, Ron, Harry, and Hermione's sixth. We're going to pretend the whole Ron/Lavender thing never happened, mmkay? And I know Harry and Ginny get together sooner in the book, but let's just suspend reality for a minute, shall we? Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy!

Ginny walked into the Griffyndor common room as Hermione walked out. Hermione gave Ginny a small smile, looking confused and a bit dazed. Ginny continued in, seeing her older brother sitting alone by the fire, calling to his friend, "Okay, then! I'll see you later!" She turned to see Hermione nodding and exiting the room what seemed to be as quickly as possible. Once the door swung shut Ginny heard Ron swear under his breath and hit himself repeatedly on the forehead.

"You're lucky mom's not here to hear you talking like that, or you'd be under a mouth-cleaning spell so fast you wouldn't know what hit you." Ginny teased. She expected a retort from her brother, or at least some sort of response, but he seemed lost in his world of frustration and self-hatred.

"Hey, Ron, what's going on?" Ginny asked.

"I'm a bloody idiot, that's what's going on!" Ron snapped. "I have no idea how to talk to girls. Things sound so good in my head, you know, and then they come out and I realize that, in fact, it was the worst possible thing to have said. And now she's going to think I'm some sort of git, yammering on and on about--"

"She would be right, if you were yammering then the way you are now," interrupted Ginny. "And are you referring to who I think you're referring to?" She asked, looking pointedly at the door Hermione just exited.

Ron looked up at his sister, with a look on his face that was a mix between humility, pain, excitement, and nausea, and nodded. Ginny smiled a little to herself, proud for sensing correctly, and amused at her brother's predicament. The longer she looked at his face, though, it became less and less amusing and more and more pathetic.

The door opened again, and Harry entered, still shivering from being outside in the snow. White flakes still dotted his head and face, melting slowly after coming in contact with the warm room. He smiled and waved at the two red headed siblings who he knew so well, but after seeing Ron turn away, embarrassed, and Ginny, breaking Harry's gaze, place her hand on his shoulder, he tactfully kept walking. Ginny felt a pang in her stomach and, reminded of her six years of unrequited feelings for the dark haired boy who just left the room, felt sudden apathy for her brother,

"You really like her, don't you?" She asked quietly.

"Yeah. I really do." Ron responded, gazing into the fire.

"Then I'm going to help you." Ginny stated determinedly. The look on Ron's face changed. At first it was skeptical, but after a moment it turned to grateful, making it even more apparent to Ginny just how desperate he was. "I'm going to help you win Hermione's heart if it's the last thing I do." She finished dramatically, grinning at her brother. He smiled weakly back and they shared a brief, awkward hug before they both departed for their dorms, minds filled with what the next few weeks were going to have in store.

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