This is sort of crack XD I wrote it watching South Park and trying to get my new kitten to stop pouncing on my knee. So... I think its kinda crappy and doesn't make sense but whatever XP

Written for Compy's contest, as usual.


EDIT: For the love of crap. Half of you reviewers have asked if there's going to be me and want me to continue. Do you not notice the 'Complete' tag on this fic? I'm saying it loud and clear now: This fic will not be updated any further. It was a one-shot written for the contest and was intended to be left on a sort-of cliffhanger. Make up your own ending.

Yugi growled at himself as he flopped down on his bed, burying his face in his Kuriboh pillow. Yami appeared in the doorwar, looking concerned. "What's wrong, aibou?" He asked, coming to sit on the end of his bed.

The smaller one just shook his head angrily and screamed into his pillow. Yami raised an eyebrow but didn't press any further, but he didn't move off of the bed either. When Yugi turned his head to the side to breathe, the former pharaoh lay a comforting hand on his back.

"God-damn Kaiba." Yugi grumbled, glaring at nothing in particular.

"What did he do now?" Yami asked, forcing himself not to smile. Even thugh it had never been spoken, he knew of his light half's crush on the cold-eyed CEO.

"He actually did Gym today!" Yugi whined, shoving his face back into the pillow again.

"Ah, so you saw him naked?" Yami smirked, still stroking his light's back.

Yugi shook his head. "Just shirtless." He mumbled against the fabric before growling again. "Bastard."

"You're going to have to admit you like him at some point." Yami told him. "Some time he'll notice you blush nearly every time you see him, and stutter when you talk to him, and-"

"Ok I get your point!" Yugi suddenly sat up and threw his pillow at his yami. "But that doesn't have to be anytime soon."

"If you don't tell him, I will." Yami threatened, getting up and heading towards the door. As predicted, Yugi grabbed his belt to stop him going anywhere.

"You wouldn't bloody dare." Yugi pouted, doing his best puppy dog eyes.

"You've been hanging around Ryou too much." Yami mentioned, "You're starting to sound British."

"You're starting to sound British." Yugi retorted childishly, crossing his arms in a huff. "Promise me you won't tell him."

"Ok, I promise, aibou." Yami rolled his eyes. "But I mean it, sooner or later you're gonna have to tell him, or he'll find out some other way. Would you rather you admit it, or have someone like Bakura tell him."

"Bakura knows?" Yugi shrieked, covering his mouth in shock.

"Yugi, everyone knows." The taller one said. "It's obvious to everyone but Kaiba."

"Oh for the love of crap!" Yugi growled once again and flopped angrily on his bed, his Kuriboh pillow on the other side of the room having thrown it at Yami.

Yami could only shake his head at the dramatics of his other half.

The next morning, Seto Kaiba came in early, as usual, and opened his locker to find a small blue envelope addressed to him. He took it out and studied it for a few seconds before putting it back. It could wait until lunchtime to be read.

Around the corner, Yugi cursed silently to himself. Why couldn't the bastard just read it?

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