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Beep Beep

Beep Beep

Beep Beep

Beep Be-

I practically slammed my hand onto my alarm clock. Ugh. Today was my first day of High school. Notice I said my and not the. That's because I had just moved here to live with my mom, Renee, on the 14th of January. I used to live with my dad, Charlie in Texas. As you probably put together by now, my parents are divorced.

I had been living with my dad since my parents realized that their marriage was a mistake. Which was right after the honeymoon. So, I've lived with Charlie since I was born when I decided that I would actually like to know about the woman who gave birth to me. The day I told dad was not a pretty day.

I ran downstairs to find Charlie on the couch watching sports drinking beer.

"Dad, I wanna talk to you about something." I said.

Charlie got up from the couch and looked at me. To be honest, we looked like we were about to have a showdown or something. We were both looking at each other with a curious expression mixed with fear standing in the middle of the living room. I laughed a little remembering what commercial was on in the background. Monster truck rally, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!! In Houston, Texas!!

I began nervously, "Dad, I want to move to Forks with mom. I want to spend time with her, to see what she's really like."

"Absolutely not." He said as he was getting back to the couch.

"And why is that? You can't keep me away from her forever, you know", I objected, while following him

"She never wanted to see you before, why would she want to now?" Charlie said

That hit a nerve. He was always telling me that Renee never wanted anything to do with me. I always refused to believe that. But right now, He had a point. A very small point, but still a point.

"I know your gonna be mad at me, but I looked up her email, and I asked if it was ok that I move up there."- I said slowly-", and she said that she would absolutely love that."

Now this got him mad. I could practically feel the heat he was giving off as his face reddened with anger.

"Who gave you permission to contact your mother after I specifically told you not to?" He said surprisingly calmly after his face decreased a couple shades of red.

"I'm sorry dad, but I just want to know who she is before I start high school."

I wasn't allowed to call him Charlie to his face.

"Fine. You stay there until you graduate high school." He said after a couple of minutes.

"Thank you daddy!!! I'm gonna go book tickets for next weekend right now!!"

He said 'sure' before moving back to that ragged couch. I hope he'll get rid of that couch by the time I graduate.

By the time I finished dwelling on the day that possibly changed my life, I was headed out the door to face my own personal hell called high school. My mom was already gone because she teaches a preschool class that starts very early.

As I started walking, I started to feel a teensiest bit excited. Even though, I was terribly shy and quiet, I did inherit some of my mom's 'people person' traits.

I finally got to the school parking lot. I purposely got here a little earlier so that I could get all of my papers and stuff.

When I walked into the first building that I was pretty sure was the office, I was greeted by a nice looking old woman whose nametag read 'Mrs. Cope' .She had red hair tied into a neat bun and a purple sweater. She immediately looked up as I walked in.

"How can I help you today?" She asked

"Hi, my name is Isabella Swan-"

"Oh! That's right! You're the new student! We've been expecting you!" She interrupted rather excitedly.

She gave me a handful of papers and explained that I was to get each card signed by all of my teachers and return it by the end of the day. I thanked her and started for the door. As I walked out, I noticed that now there were some students arriving. I sat against the brick wall right outside the office sorting out the papers.


I jumped as I looked up and saw a rather tiny girl with spiky black hair looking down at me with an ecstatic expression on her face.

"Hi! I'm, Alice Brandon!"

She reached her hand out, and I thought she wanted to shake my hand. I was wrong. She pulled me up suddenly, and I screamed very quietly as she started to shake my hand.

"I'm Isabella Swan, but you can call me Bella."

"I saw you sitting down here, and didn't recognize you, so I figured that you're new. Am I right?" She asked eagerly

I nodded, unsure of what to do at this very tiny, but very powerful little pixie like creature. She helped me with my papers and walked with me inside the building as the bell rang.

"Let me see your schedule." She said

I handed her a sheet of paper and she took it, inspecting it closely as if it were the most important thing in the world.

I jumped again when she squealed of excitement.

"We have all of the same classes!!"

I looked at her, shocked. I'm not sure someone like me could handle this much energy in such a little person.

"You're pretty quiet and jumpy, aren't you?" She asked with a laugh

I laughed with her as I nodded. From that day on, Alice and I were as close as best friends could get. It turns out, she lives right next door to me, and we both had windows that we could easily get in and out of.

1 Month later

"Alice! Hurry up and get your ass out of bed!" I screamed from my window. I was almost done getting ready for school, while Alice was still in her bed. She had a test to study for, and had an 'all-nighter', thus, causing her to be pretty tired. I shut my window and ran downstairs.

We had about 30 minutes until school started. But it takes 15 minutes to walk there. I ran across the yard and knocked on Alice's house's door. Esme opened the door, and let me in without saying a word. Esme was like a second mother to me, even if it's only been a month since we were introduced to each other.

I ran upstairs to Alice's room, and swung the door open to find Alice running around like an idiot screaming 'Tank top! Tank top! Gotta find that tank top!!"

Obviously, she didn't hear me come in until I dropped to the floor laughing my head off. Now she noticed me, and scowled at me, still running around look for that tank top. I walked to her pink and green bed and held up a bright pink tank top. Alice completely ignored me as I just sat there, holding up a tank top while Alice was screaming her head off looking for it. I thought that I should just make feel her happy, so I just threw the tank top on top of her dresser, and she finally noticed it.

"Finally!! I've been looking for it for like ever!" She screamed as she carefully put the tank top on without smearing her make up. Then she put on a black cover up with a pink and black plaid pleated skirt.

"Are you ready now??!" I asked, annoyed

"Yes, now come on!" She said as she pulled me out of her room while grabbing her backpack as well, and headed for the stairs. We ran down the stairs, and out the door as we said 'Goodbye' to Esme.

My first four bells with Alice flew by, like they always do on Fridays and all of a sudden, we're headed to the cafeteria. I wasn't really hungry today, and neither was Alice. We sat down next to our friends, Rose and Angela.

"Bella! What are we gonna wear to the Valentine's party that Ben's throwing at his place tomorrow night??" Alice asked

"I honestly didn't know there was gonna be a party…" I replied sheepishly

"How could you now know about it?? It's like a totally awesome party, with hot guys and sexy outfits and stuff!!" She squealed

"Ugh. Alice, how many times do I have to tell you that I'm not into that kinda stuff?"

"Aww, come on Bella!! I really wanna go to this thing!" She pleaded

She pulled out her puppy dog eyes, knowing that I couldn't say no to them.

"Fine, but DO NOT go overboard with my costume!" I answered reluctantly.

Knowing Alice, she would ignore my condition and make me look like a total tramp.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, now I'm thinking of you wearing….."

I ignored her rambling on and on about what I was wearing, because, honestly, I didn't want to know….

Tomorrow afternoon before the party

"Okay, Bella go shower, now!!" Alice commanded as she came upstairs with Rose.

I knew better than to not listen to Alice when she was in 'Demanding mode'. I hopped in the shower and immediately relaxed as the hot water ran down my back. As I was washing out my strawberry conditioner, Alice was at the door telling me to hurry up. I quickly dried off and changed into a pair of boy shorts and a white tank top and went to my room prepared for the torture that was about to come.

I quickly went into my room, brushed my hair while it was still dripping wet and plopped down on the bed, waiting for instructions from Alice and Rose.

"Bella, you'll be wearing this dress with these shoes. Now change." Alice ordered

I changed quickly, but decided to wait last minute to put on the shoes. God know how many times I'd hurt my two best friends while wearing heels. After I threw the dress on, Alice started to blow dry my hair, while Rose was trying very hard to put on some make-up on me. When Rose was finally finished, Alice started to curl my hair and put it half up. By the time I was all done, Rose was putting on her make-up, and Alice was changing.

When I looked into the mirror, I gasped. Wow. Alice actually mad me look pretty. Maybe even-

"Beautiful" Renee whispered, coming out of nowhere.

I was wearing a deep midnight blue dress that came to my thigh, with silver strappy heels with gorgeous sparkly blue makeup on my eyes. My lips were a very light pink color that was glossed.

"Bella! We all know you're beautiful, but we're late enough, now come one!" Alice said, snapping my out of my shocked expression. I felt pretty good, until I saw what my friends were wearing.

Rose was wearing a very tight silver dress that came to the middle or her thigh with a diamond right below the V neckline, and she also wore strappy silver heels, but a slightly different style. Her blue eyes stood out brilliantly on her smokey eyes. Her hair was straighter than I thought possible, framing her face beautifully.

Alice was wearing a bright purple dress that came to her thighs, also and tied around her neck. Her grey eyes were remarkable with the bright purple eyeshadow she was wearing. She, also, had strappy silver heels. I wonder why we all wore silver heels tonight….

"Ok, come on, Bella!!" Alice squealed. I'm beginning to feel ordinary next to theses two, even after my 'makeover' as we started to walk through the neighborhood to the house of the party.

After around three blocks, we finally made it. My jaw dropped. I didn't even know we had a house this big in the whole town. It looked like a mansion, to be honest. Especially compared to my house, which was 3 blocks away.

As we started up the steps, I could hear the music blaring loudly and see all of the lights that were being reflected, from the window. As soon as we stepped inside, I thought we were in a club or something.

This place was filled with people grinding against each other to the beat of Shake It By Metrostation, and people making out, and I swear I saw some people headed upstairs to do God knows what. I started making my way to the wall towards the back of the house, but before I could even move, Alice dragged me to the dance floor with Rose.

"Come on, Bella!! This'll be fun! I betcha' we can get a rise out of some guys over there, don't you think?" Alice screamed over the music, raising her eyebrows at me.

"Alice, you know I'm not here for that, and you know you forced me here" I tried to speak over the music, but was unsuccessful.

"I can't hear you! The music's too loud!" Alice screamed.

I just shrugged and walked away, back to the spot I was originally headed for. I leaned back against the wall and watched everything around me. So this is what high school parties are like. Sick perverts trying to get in innocent girls' pants, and a whole bunch of drinking. As I was taking everything in, a tall boy with blonde hair and washed out blue eyes came over to me.

"Having fun?" He managed to say over the now playing, Please Don't Stop the Music By Rhianna.

"Not really." I said, shaking my head.

"Well then why don't I show you how to have a hell of a time?" He whispered in my ear. I could definitely smell the alcohol in his breath. He tried to grab my ass, but he didn't know that I took karate lessons back when I lived with Charlie, since he was the Sheriff of town, and was out often, leaving me home alone, so I shoved my knee into his crotch, and watched him curse and walk away, in pain.

Alice saw what just happened as I looked at her with a smug smile on my face. She came over here, and I explained what happened.

"Damn. Bella's gots some skeels." She mocked. We've only been here for half an hour, and she's already drunk. Good thing we walked here.

She walked away, looking for the bathroom. I continued to look around the place, and saw that a few guys were checking me out. I couldn't help but feel flattered and disgusted at the same time. Flattered that they think I'm hot, disgusted 'cause they're not.

Just as one of them started to walk towards me, a random bronze headed boy came over and dragged me by my hand to what I think was the back door. As soon as he touched my hand, I felt electricity course through my veins, but didn't flinch. I just thought that he shocked me.

"Who the hell are you, and what are you doing?!" I asked furious, as I finally got to look at him closely. He was beyond gorgeous. He was tall and lanky, but muscular and boyish. He had the most beautiful emerald eyes I had ever seen. I swear I could get lost in his eyes, but his velvet voice snapped me out of my daze.

"Hello, my name is Edward Cullen, and I just saved your ass from that pervert who was headed towards your way." He said in a calm, yet annoyed voice.

I couldn't help but laugh at his choice of words.

"You think that's funny? He was gonna-"

"I'm sorry, My name is Isabella Swan, and I was just laughing at your choice of words." I interrupted, still laughing as I said this.

"Isabella. That's very pretty."

"Actually, I'd rather you call me Bella." I said, smiling.

"And thank you from saving me from that jackass." I said as I looked up at him through my lashes. I started to walk away, but I felt that same jolt of electricity as he grabbed my arm and spun me around. Since I was taken by surprise and was wearing heels, I fell, but right before my face hit the pavement, two strong arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me up.

I stared at him, shocked. Literally. He immediately let go of my waist.

"Sorry, I was just wondering if you go to Forks high school?"

I just nodded, unable to form any words because of his emerald eyes that captured me.

"Then I guess I'll see ya round." He said, back away from me and then turning around before I could thank him. I jumped when Alice and Rose came out of nowhere, jumping and squealing. Yup, they were wasted.

"Omg, Bella! You just talked to like the hottest guy in our school! Do you realize that that was Edward Freaking Cullen??" Alice squealed.

I slowly nodded my head as I just realized that someone as hot as him just made conversation with me, the new girl who was as ordinary as could be. Rose and Alice decided that we should head home before the alcohol took it's toll on them. I agreed quickly, and soon we were headed back to my house. What a night this has been….

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