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'The whole boat shook causing Draco to loose his footing and smack his head on the nearest cabinet, blacking out for a few moments. When he came to, the water had started to fill the sinking boat. He rushed toward the door, but it wouldn't budge. He tried looking for something that could probably break the window.


The window could not be broken and the door was stuck, with the rising water up to his thighs now he was panicking. The more Draco tugged, the more desperate he got. Soon, all that was left was few short inches that allowed him to have his last breathe before the water enveloped him.

Draco half floated, half sat in the water that surrounded him. Darkness was already covering his vision from the lack of oxygen.




Sluggishly, Draco turned his head toward what he assumed the source of the noise was. He saw a large, green tail swim past the now open door way before he lost consciousness.

"In local news today, a young man was found by ocean police floating by what seemed to be an explosion." The news woman was being handed a piece of paper by one of the camera crew. "The young man, we have now found out to be known as Draco Malfoy, was flown to St Mungo's where he is being evaluated. Police will not release the condition of Mr. Malfoy."

"But, it seems the wreckage Mr. Malfoy was floating by, was actually of his very own boat. Authorities say that the boat Mr. Malfoy was on didn't seem to explode by accident but they will not release any further information. On further noteā€¦"

The door handle jiggled and the black haired man sitting on the couch turned off the TV. A boy with wild black hair was taking off his sandy shoes at the front door. The black haired man launched himself from the couch to the boy's arms.

"Harry! I was so worried!" Harry patted the man's head, sighing.

"Relax Sirius, I made sure to call you. Just like I promised." Harry guided his distressed godfather back to the couch.

"Why did you do it? You know that was dangerous! What if they had found you? If your parents were alive they would have skinned me!" the man started pacing making Harry's headache ache even more.

"Sit back down Siri! I'll explain exactly what happened." The man grabbed a couch pillow and hugged it to chest as he took deep breaths to steady his racing heart. Green eyes took note of his somewhat calm godfather and begun his tale.

"Ok so I took my boat to Mako Island to blow off some steam. After I took a nice swim with the pod of dolphins that were passing through I decided I would sun dry. Just as I gained back my feet I heard the loudest BOOM ever. I looked around and saw some smoke going up to the air."

"I was curious to find what was going on so I dived into the sea and swam to where the smoke was. I never got more than a mile close. That was when I noticed the boat was the Spring Water. I could believe it, it was Malfoy's boat and it was on fire. I may not know the guy, but I didn't want him to drown. As I watched the boat sink I saw no sign of Malfoy. I even did a complete 360, but nothing."

"You mean he was still in there?" Sirius asked, with the curiosity of a toddler at story time.

"I figured that when I saw no sign of him on the surface. So I swam down toward the boat carefully looking at the windows trying to seem where he was at. That was when I saw him back to me struggled to open the door and the water already to the neck. I swear he was already unconsciousness, so he didn't see me as I whacked the door open with my tail, swam in there and took him to the surface."

"As soon as he reached the surface he coughed up whatever water he swallowed. I hauled him up to a piece of driftwood and waited till some help arrived before I swam back to safety." All you could see of Sirius now was his eyes from behind the pillow and they were zoning out on the living room table.

"So, are you okay?" Sirius asked.

"I'm fine, Siri. I was in and out and no one saw me."

"Well, Harry I got to hand it to you. You did a brave thing to risk your life helping Malfoy. I'm proud of you, but proud or not you can't go into the ocean for the next few weeks." Harry stood up in protest.


"Think about it, Harry, if there are cops looking into the boat explosion that means they would be in the water looking at the sunken boat to figure out what triggered it. It's too risky for you." His godfather had a point, but that didn't make him any happier about it. The ocean was a part of him, just like he was a part of the ocean.

"Now, Harry I want you to promise me you will not go into the sea until this all dies down." Harry sat crossed legged pouting.

"Harry, I can't go to my business trip tomorrow if you don't promise me." Harry sat there for a few seconds before finally agreeing.

"Wonderful! Okay, I left you emergency phone numbers on the fridge. There is some money in the cookie jar as usual. And there are plenty of leftovers in the fridge to last the week. Now, I want you to go straight to bed we can't have you missing your second week of school and I need to have time to see you off before I head to the airport."

They said goodnight to each other as they went to their own bedrooms. Harry prayed everything go well in school tomorrow.

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