Greetings everyone who has reviewed and has favorited this story. I know a lot of people will be disappointed this isn't an actual chapter update but instead a general update. I have been too quiet about this story for too long now I feel and a lot of people are probably curious about it. The current deal is I do intend to get back around at some point. Not entirely sure when I will because my motivation to write has just been shot for awhile now. Don't fear thought, I will eventually return to it, it is not dead. The second thing going forward with this story is that I am going to go back and rewrite the chapters for it when I do come back to it. I feel I have improved as a writer since I first started this story and want to make this the best story I can. Also, since it had been so long between chapter 1 and chapter 2 there are some glaring continuity errors in it and I wanna fix those. It has also been so long since I did do the last chapter update that I can only imagine the other errors I would make going forward. On that note however I appreciate the support this story has gotten even though it has sorta been floundering for the longest time and it's because of the continued support and interest that does keep me motivated and determined to actually come back to it when I can so I can't thank you all enough. Anyway, I have rambled long enough so as always, till next time my peeps!