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"I'm not sure about this Sir." Miyoko said as the team descended into the valley.

"There is nothing to be afraid of Miyoko" Professor Hano Replied. "As long as we don't disturb them they won't attack us."

"There's no guarntee" Miyoko replied. "We don't know what Godzilla has in mind about us humans. We can't know his intentions."

"Or Rodan's, Anguirus's, Varan's, or any other monster on this place." Jiro added.

"Well we can safely say that Mothra won't hurt us!" Iva replied.

"Just stay on your guard" Hano said as they neared the volcano.

Soon they found Godzilla swimming from the red water and up on the shore.

In his mouth was a dead giant badger like creature.

And to think people use to say those animals were unkillable.

Godzilla dropped the meat on the shore and pulled himself up as well.

Godzilla looked different.

His mouth was usally a blunt end at the front of his mouth but now it was more pointed like a crocodile.

Plus Godzilla seemed a little bit bigger. Not too much bigger but slightly bigger none the less.

His skin was now a brighter shade of green than usual.

The most noticeable features were the fact that the spikes on his back were sharper and instead of blue they were a purple reddish color.

Godzilla looked like he did when he fought Orga and Megaguirus.

As Godzilla rose up suddenly footsteps of another giant monster were heard.

As they got louder the monster was shown to be Another Godzilla

This one was exactly how they remembered seeing Godzilla, Slightly smaller, blunt mouth, darker green shade, blue dorsal scales.

Was one of them Mechagodzilla in disguise?

The two Godzilla's exchanged words that human's couldn't understand without translation.


"Sweetheart, Minilla skinned his knee and he wants someone to kiss it." The blue scaled Godzilla said.

"And you can't kiss it because?" The Red scaled Godzilla Asked.

"He said that's it's Mommy's jobs to kiss ouchies." The Blue scaled Godzilla Replied.

"Oh for crying out loud." The Red scaled Godzilla said unhappily then rose up. "I just know that the human children are telling him these things."

"Well I guess your turn starts now." The blue scaled Godzilla said lying down to rest.

"Oh fine." The red scaled Godzilla said preparing to leave.

"Honey I owe you big!" The Blue scaled Godzilla said.

They then gave a quick peck with each other. A equivalence to a kiss.

The Red Scaled Godzilla walked off while the blue one went to sleep.

End Translation

With this opportunity the team dashed in quickly and checked the badger's carcus.

They took samples from the saliva and headed back to base.

"Well what do you know!" Iva said Looking through the Microscope. "The King of the monsters has a Queen at his side."

"You mean the other one was a female Godzilla?" Jiro asked.

"Yes, that would explain Minilla's existance and the diffrent looking forms of Godzilla." Iva said.

"You think that she was another surviving Godzillasaurus or did she have some other way of existing?" Miyoko asked.

"I'm not sure." Professor Hano said.

"Well at any rate I suppose we should give them separate names so their won't be confusion" Iva said.

"Maybe we could call the female zilla." Jiro suggested.

"No that's been taken by that monster that attacked Manhattan." Iva said.

"You mean the weak one that died from a few missles?" Miyoko asked.

"Yes, The dumb Americans there think that they went through the worst disaster on earth. Ha! That thing was killed to easy. The monsters we have to deal with are not even scratched by those weapons." Iva said.

"Maybe we could Call the male one Godzilla 90's as that's when he reached the strength he now has today." Professor Hano said.

"Yeah and maybe we could call the female Godzilla 2000 as that's the year when we first saw her." Miyoko asked.

"All we have to do now is spread the word." Iva said.


After a long wait Moguera, Mechagodzilla 2, and Mecha king Ghidorah were in the final stage of their reconstruction. The property of Jet Jaguar also finally was the G-Force's, Finally Kiryu who was found washed up on the shore was put back into their care as well.

They planed to use them to defend Japan. First after their completion they would send them to monster island to practice against some of the lesser monsters and if they succeded they would be kept and save tokyo.

They didn't realize that these machines were actually going to bring destruction to the town as well as the rest of the world.

Meanwhile in space.

The Kilaak came ready for a assault

"On my mark!" The leader said.

But then the Xilian race also arrived.

"What are you doing here?" There leader asked.

"Preparing to strike the human earth. And it looks like I picked the wrong day." The Kilaak leader replied.

The mysterians, Black hole aliens arrived too.

"What's this?" The mysterian leader asked.

"Three other aliens ready to assult as well?" The black hole aliens asked.

Finally the Vortaak appeared.

Normally with the Vortaak being the most powerful the other aliens stayed out of their way but this time they had all worked so hard for this invasion no one gave up their post.

"Well what a surprise." Vortica the Vortaak queen said.

"Why don't you all go home?" The Xilian controller said. "We have the forces and were ready."

"Not after the countless time it took to prepare ourselves for such an onslaught." The mysterian leader said.

"I'm not giving up this day to any other alien race." The black hole alien leader said.

"You shall not take this opportunity away from our race.

Back and forth the alien races argued but then a Idea entered Vortica's mind.

"Hold it". She called out to the other races. "What is the point of all this bickering? We all face the same enemy, we all have the same goal, we all wish to destroy mankind. Why work in seperation? We all have our strengths and we all have our advancement. I Propose that we should unite our forces and work as one strong alien race. Who is with me?

The other leader thought about it a little. They decided Vortica was right.

"We're in" The mysterian leader said.

"We accept." The Xilian controler said.

"Agreed" The black hole alien leader said.

"We approve as well." The Kilaak leader said. "And for being the one to untie us all we allow the Vortaak to hold the chair of command."

"Good" Vortica said. "Now we didn't necessarily plan to invade earth as of this moment. We merely wish to get our hands on something to improve our monsters. Following that is a test of improvement. In time we shall be avenged. Just follow my lead and we shall make it to victory!"

Vortica looked down upon earth.

She already had the monsters and the forces.

But she seeing the Mechs back in their control knew that the humans were going to make themselves even more vulnerable and she knew how.

Vortcia decided to wait for that moment.