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Sonny's POV

Dating Chad has been one of the best things I've done in my life. He's made my life so much different now that we've started dating, although I've made his life different too. The feud between our shows has died down. Besides that, one of the best things about our relationship is….how much of a great kisser he is, which I quickly learned on our first 'date'. It wasn't the best but this is Chad we're talking about.

We, at the time, still weren't quite sure if we were meant to date. I mean we were practically at each other's throats almost every day, and all of a sudden I, we, have feelings for one another? So you have to admit it was a big change. Anyway, Chad took me to his dressing room, blindfolded mind you, and surprised me with a 'Chad Dylan Cooper candle light dinner'. It was a small candle with two sandwiches, which we didn't eat. We sat in silence, until I couldn't take it anymore.

"Chad?" I said with annoyance in my voice.

"Sonny?" He replied mocking my comment.

"What are we doing, who are we kidding? I mean, this is so….not us! We don't sit in silence! We fight and," By now I was blabbing on and on about meaningless stuff, until Chad just pressed his lips against mine. I hesitated, but kissed back more fiercely. Before I knew it Chad picked me up, as I wrapped my legs around his waist, and pushed me against the wall. I think I knocked a few of his pictures off the wall but I was too into our kiss that I could care less. We broke apart to catch our breath. When we both opened our eyes and our faces slightly flushed as we grinned at one another.

"Uh…that was nice. You're a really good kisser Chad."

"Yea I know." I jokingly slapped him on the head. "Thanks, yo-you…too Munroe."

I'll never forget that day. It was one of the best days of my life.

Our first kiss was way better than the ones we've had in the broom closet, but when I'm with Chad it feels as if…..as if we're the only ones alive. Like nothing matters. However, I do wish the boy would pick someplace other than this damn closet! It would make things much simpler.

"Cha..ther…any room…..in…er"

"Ssh,"He pressed his forefinger against my lips. "just kiss me. Don't worry about where we are."


"Ch...Chad…Chad!" I pushed him off of me like a rabid dog.

"Yeah?" Although we were in the dark I could feel his eyes on me and definitely his arms around my waist.

"Um…this just…well it's not quite the place for this." I made a disgusted face even if he couldn't see it. "I mean just look around us. And can't you smell that? It's disgusting!" That's when he pulled away from me to see us standing near a mop in dirty water.

"Oh right. I see your point."

"Besides I really should be out there rehearsing. It's our very last show and I want to do my best. They're probably wondering where I am." I started towards the door but he stopped me. Slowly he pulled me back into him.

"Sonny, don't you think they'd come looking for you by now? We've been in here for fifteen minutes. Honestly I think that if they needed you that bad, you'd be found by now."

"Well they-," I stopped, not knowing what to say, and that's not the Sonny Munroe I know. She always knows what to say! But after I started dating Chad I became speechless.

"Sonny? Sonnn…nyyy?"

I just looked up at him.

"Here," he grabbed my hand, "let's go." We slowly crept out of the closet and sneaked off to a different room.

The room was pitch black, I don't know how Chad could see in here.

"Chad? Are you sure we're allowed in here? Because this room…"

"Sonny, don't sweat it." Although I loved Chad and trusted him at times, the mop closet was beginning to become more comforting than wherever we were now. Before I could continue, I had to be sure about this specific room.

"Wait! Chad, this room….it…."

"It's just a much larger storage room. Okay, it's bigger than that mop closet, right?"

"Okay, Yeah, Right."

He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the room. With the only light that came from the crack under the door, the room was still dark. However, I spotted a few of our So Random props after Chad turned on a lamp by the door.

I recognized one in particular. It reminded me of when Tawni told me, she thought she might want to make a movie with me. "Hey! I remember that." It was one of the red shopping baskets. "We used this for the Check it out Girls. Check it out! Check it out! Check it out!" I put down the prop, and began turning around. "Haha, one of my favorite sketches….What's it doing in here, why isn't it in our prop room where all of our other props are?" There I found Chad leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. "What?"

"Do you remember why we're here?" That's when I walked slowly towards him into his arms.

"Remind me."

I wrapped my arms around his neck and reached up to meet his lips. His hands wandered up and down my back until he suddenly began unbuttoning my pants. I hesitated and yanked my shirt off. I don't know what came over me. Whatever it was it awakened something inside me, hiding, waiting for its chance to come out. I liked it too. I began unbuttoning his clothing.

"Sonny I-"

"Ssh. Chad, don't ruin this."

Chad and I were ripping each other's clothes off. I believe I threw his shirt over a lamp, just to dim the lights. Chad snatched me up and kissed me all the way towards another 'couch prop' and the rest of the night we made sweet love…..

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