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"Aunty Nancy!" Morgan squealed when she opened the door to the apartment that she lived in with her father and step-mother, revealing a tall, beautiful young woman with black hair curling down her back. "It's so swankified to see you! And Uncle Edward..." she glanced at the handsome prince, erm king, forever clad in his maroon-purple, puffy-sleeved outfit, with his hair slicked back and sword hanging from his waist. "...Don't you ever change?"

"Morgan!" Giselle came floating in, in only a way a former-almost-princess can. "That's not a very nice to say to Uncle Edward, is it?" she scolded lightly, shaking her head so her reddish-gold curls swung in their ponytail.

"Sorry, mummy," Morgan turned back to the door. "Sorry Uncle Edward,"

"Hmm..." Edward glanced down, only just seeming to notice where they actually were. "Oh, hello Morgan! And how are you this fine morning?" he said, grandly.

"It's evening, dear," Nancy patted him on a puffy-sleeved-shoulder.

"Which means its time for someone to go to bed...!" Giselle sang softly, picking Morgan up and swinging her around. Morgan giggled as she was put back on the ground. Morgan kissed her odd, fairytale family goodnight, tottering off to bed sleepily.

"Giselle, I know how you're from a fairytale kingdom and all that, but is teaching a little girl words like 'swankified' really good for her education?" Nancy asked seriously once they had all settled down with mugs of coffee and Giselle had explained that Robert was working late tonight, and so probably wouldn't get to see them.

Giselle giggled in her innocent, girlish way. "Oh, Nancy, don't be so silly," she smiled sweetly. "'Swankified' is a word from the musical Wicked! Robert took Morgan and I to see it over the weekend, it was really wonderful!" she laughed again at her little in-joke, while Edward looked confused.

Nancy nodded. "Oh yes, I remember that. I saw it a few years ago, when Idina Menzel was still in it. She was amazing!" the women quickly launched into a conversation about Wicked, leaving King Edward to huff over his dainty cup of tea, which he savagely dunked a biscuit in. He wasn't too good with being ignored.


Far away, through a pothole and behind a fountain, a scarecrow was walking through a forest, deep in thought. An average person, for example a little farm girl with sparkly red shoes, would think this very odd, as as far as she knew, scarecrows had no brains to think with, and they certainly couldn't walk. A not so average person, say a green skinned witch, who just happened to be walking next to the scarecrow, smiling softly at his furrowed brow, would think this was completely normal, and actually quite cute.

"I am sorry, Yero," she apologised for the ninth or tenth time, but the scarecrow hadn't been keeping count. It was too much effort to think AND keep count. Much less at the same time.

"Its fine, Elphaba," she didn't look convinced so he stopped thinking, and then stopped walking, and grabbed her shoulders so she would look at him. "Honest." He said softly then wrapped his straw arms around her gently, mostly so one of them didn't fall off. The witch pressed her face into his fabric chest and took a deep breath to stop herself from crying. "I just wish I could think of a way to get us out of Oz," he murmured into her hair.

Elphaba detangled herself carefully (once again trying to keep his limbs intact) from his embrace, sliding her hand into the folds of her skirt and pulling out a sheet of paper, smiling a small smirk as the scarecrow took it from her fingers and tried to read it.

"I don't understand this..." he said, ashamed that he couldn't even read anymore, until he felt Elphaba's fingers under his chin, tilting his face upwards.

"That's because it's a spell," Elphaba told him, her smirk turning into a full-fledged grin. "A spell, which could just get us out of here..."


As Nancy hugged Giselle goodbye (the two had become close friends, what with all the visits they paid each other – mostly Edward and Nancy coming to New York but occasionally Giselle dragged Robert and Morgan down the manhole to Andalasia.) and watched carefully as Edward kissed his former fiancé on the cheek (just because she was married to him didn't mean he couldn't change his mind, right?), she couldn't help but think how many things Giselle had in common with Galinda – they both loved pink, they just want to live happily ever after, they burst out randomly into song and their names both began with a G.

Well, the last one was pretty rubbish, Nancy had to admit, but valid.

Edward was grumbling by the time they reached the manhole and Nancy realized he'd spent the whole visit pretty much being ignored. She smiled at him and his immaturity, as she held out her hands so they could jump through together.

Glancing at her outstretched palms, Edward smiled, grasped her fingers between his and-


There was a fountain in front of them. She hadn't been expecting that. She hadn't been sure what she was expecting anyway, but it definitely had not been a fountain.

"Um..." the scarecrow mumbled, putting his arm around the witch who looked a little shocked. "You did your best Elphaba, it's okay, we'll just have to get out of Oz the old-fashioned wa-"

"No!" Elphaba's face contorted into an expression of excitement. "Yero, this is it! This is the... the portal, the portal to the Wizard's world, it makes so much sense now..." she pulled away from his arm – he grabbed his shoulder to keep the seams together – and started pacing in front of the fountain. Then she turned towards the scarecrow and grinned. "Fancy swimming?" she beamed and spread her arms and fell backwards off the edge of the fountain, into its roaring waters.

"Elphaba!" the scarecrow ran to the fountain, but there was no sign of his green skinned lover. "Elphaba!" his voice echoed off the stone of the fountain walls. "You are so lucky I love you," he muttered before closing his eyes and diving into the water that never actually came...


"Whoa!" Inside the gap between worlds, Nancy, wrapped tightly in Edward's arms felt herself bump into something. Wait, make that someone.

"Oh, I'm sorry," the someone gasped. "I didn't think there'd be anyone else down here, not many people go diving off fountains, do they?" she laughed slightly, and Nancy couldn't help but think that this person seemed familiar.

"Actually, we came through the manhole," Edward told the someone matter-of-factly.

"The what?" the someone sounded confused. "I'm really sorry, but I can't stay and talk, but I have to find somewhere safe, everyone thinks I'm dead," the someone didn't have any emotion in their voice as they rattled off a quick explanation. "Could you point me in the direction of the Other World?"

"Uh..." Nancy was speechless, but Edward pointed towards a light in the distance and grinned at the someone, who thanked them and started to... swim? Into the direction he pointed to. Edward decided not to tell Nancy that he just pointed at random, because she would probably shout at him, and he didn't like that.

The little flecks of light started to stick to their skin, slowly building till they could hardly see past the whiteness. As Nancy closed her eyes against the blinding light she was almost certain she heard a voice shout 'Elphaba!' before the lights flashed and she knew they were home.

Or not.


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