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Shuichi, one of strongest and most influential Balances in the whole race couldn't help but feel heartbroken as he looked at the hopeless faces of his comrade Balances

It had all happened in an instance and without warning that even the mighty Balances were at a loss. About a month ago the worlds were peaceful. People were living content lives, war was almost non existent, and Darksides were mostly undrground

But then, he came. The deepest fear in every Balances heart. The fear of a Darkside that could wipe planets out with ease, and make all the darkness in the world his own

Rasets was his name, at least, the name he christened himself when he obtained the power of King status. It was believed his original Darkside name was Hakiashi, a Level 4 Darkside at best, so he was simply a blimp on their radar

No one knows how or when he found it, but Hakiashi found a spell. A spell to absorb the Darksides from all the humans around into his own body. Hekiashi found it, and went to work straight away

It was strange even to the Balances that millions of people across the worlds went missing. The Balances had looked into it, but found little. Now however, it made sense. Hekiashi had captured millions of people, men, women, children, to him it mattered not

Hekiashi used this spell to bring out their Darksides by force, and absorb them into himself. The power of millions of beings went into Hekiashi. He changed, his body became nothing sort of monstrous, and his mind grew more insane than ever

But of course, his mind became much greedier

With the power of over a million Darksides, Hekiashi, now known as Rasets, could use the spell again, only this time on a much larger scale. Before he could absorb a million Darksides in a fairly close space

Now, five whole planets were wiped out in one go

Rasets had control over the one thing gods craved to control, the darkness in people. Rasets could manipulate people how he wanted, and he used this power to control and absorb more and more darkness for nearly 30 days, wiping out planets in hours with his army of loyal Darksides

Rasets had surpassed Satan. Shuichi shuddered at the thought. Sure, some Balances were possibly God level, but none had truly surpassed a God himself!

Millions of Balance soldiers stood waiting fearfully at the bridge between the Balance world, and the last planet attacked by Rasets. The Balances were the only race safe from the spell, and the only ones theoretically able to stop this Darkside army

Millions of Dukes, counts, or normal Darkside were a problem enough, but Rasets, the sick bastard he'd already proven to be, had new types of fiends to deal with

First there were the Tarots, monsters shrouded in mystery. Little was know about them, but of the stories they'd heard, weren't pleasant in the slightest. They were supposedly like generals in Rasets army, so they were not easy prey

The second were Manufactured Darksides. That's right, Darksides that were manufactured, not actually born from a persons darkness. Shuichi couldn't stop but shiver at the idea that Darksides had become so powerful they could create Darksides without a human falling to darkness. What made them even scarier was their animal appearances, which was kept hidden by equally frightening masks

All this added together meant one thing to the Balances, almost certain defeat. No matter how powerful the Balances were, very few believed they could defeat an army of God like creatures, and then fight someone who had surpassed God himself!

Shuichi once heard of a name for this huge conquest. Rasets called this destruction of countless worlds "The Flood"

The flood? As in the flood sent by God that supposedly killed all life, and after was reborn again? At first, Shuichi thought it was coincidental

But then, he learnt of the name of Rasets battleship

"LOOK!!" one Balance screamed in fear, pointing up into the sky. Millions of Balances looked up and froze with fear

Shuichi growled "The Noahs Ark has arrived"

The centre of the sky looked like someone had taken a knife and sliced through it, only the knife had to have been the size of a country. A huge rip in the air opened up gradually, showing a horrific darkness that slowly seeped out into the Balance world

Shuichi, nor any other Darkside could see what was on the other side of that world, but after a few very long minutes of waiting, it could be seen clearly

Lined up smartly in rows were millions of Manufactured Darksides, each one wearing an animal mask. The number of them alone was frightening enough, but the cold hard fact was that these were only one species in Rasets army

On the other end, inside the world/battleship known as Noahs Ark, the line of Darkside spanned miles long, filled with various Darksides, each ready to bring hell to their mortal enemies

At the very end of the Darkside army, sat seemingly asleep on his gothic throne, was the Darkside who surpassed god, King Rasets. Rasets sat with his eye closed, but his body sat up straight on his throne

After a few minutes of stalling, Rasets opened his eye, showing insanity and greed in his eye that made all other darkness look pathetic. He looked on towards the Balance world, and then towards his gathered army of billions of Darksides, and spoke with his mind in a voice that made gods tremble

"Crush them"


Shuichi fell to the ground, but managed to thrust his sword upwards to kill the Duke about to smash him. Shuichi got up and looked around himself

A horrendous battle was an understatement. Around him for many miles were Darksides and Balances, fighting like demons to kill their natural enemies. All around Shuichi Balances and Darksides were dying. Unfortunately for Shuichi though, it seemed like more Balances were dying than Darksides

Shuichi looked to his right, and noticed that the sound of cries of death were louder and more evident. Shuichi gasped as he could see Balances thrown into the air, or at least parts of Balances

Knowing they needed help, Shuichi ran forward, slicing any Darkside that crossed his path. He ran faster and faster, determined to help those Balances

When Shuichi saw the cause of the mass genocide on this part of the battlefield, Shuichi stopped, and nearly dropped his sword

Rasets stood hands crossed behind his back, eye closed as many Balances surrounded him in a circle. However as you can guess, none were brave enough to attack

One Balance, perhaps out of pure sanity loss, screamed and raised his sword at Rasets, charging towards him in a cry of madness

"NO!! STOP YOU FOOL!!" Shuichi screamed him to stop, but it was too late

The crazy Balance didn't make four steps, before his whole body was sliced in two, dead in one shot. It was obviously Rasets, but Rasets hadn't even made a move

While the other Balances were contemplating what had just happened, they too shared a same fate. Nearly a hundred Balances were mutilated in one go by Rasets, who did it without making a move

Shuichi almost dropped to his knees at the sight. Rasets killed a hundred Balances with his mind alone

Rasets looked on towards many Darksides and Balances fighting, raised his left arm, and almost simplistically gathered humongous amounts of energy, aiming it towards the large crowd. Shuichi gasped, he could feel the energy, and there was enough the blow up half the battlefield

Shuichi felt disgust. Rasets was about to sacrifice his loyal Darksides, who treated him as a God

Shuichi, perhaps losing his own insanity, tightened the grip of his sword, and sent an air blade with his sword at Rasets. The air blade hit Rasets on the cheek, cutting it, but in no way moving his reptilian body

Rasets looked down on the cut like you would a fly on your hand, and turned his attention to Shuichi

Shuichi felt like every living creature on the planet was looking at him at that very moment. Despite this, Shuichi did something pretty damn retarded

"Don't even think about it pal! You'll have to get through me first!" Shuichi roared towards the Darkside god

Shuichi hoped Rasets didn't notice his wobbling knees

If Rasets had lips, he'd probably be smirking at them moment. Rasets grabbed his left arm by the shoulder, and with ease ripped it off. Rasets showed no signs of pain from this

The army slowly morphed into a dark Buster Blade, and a new left arm quickly grew back. Rasets held the blade in one hand, and pointed it at Shuichi

"Shall we dance?" Rasets mocked. In a split second, Rasets crossed the distance between them, and slammed his buster blade down onto Shuichi, who somehow blocked with his own blade, saving him from inevitably being sliced in half

Shuichi fell to two knees, feeling like the Greek God Atlas, because blocking one of Rasets attacks felt like holding the whole world!

Unfortunately for Shuichi, Rasets had attacked one hand, and Rasets had now stretched his other hand directly in front of Shuichi face, and held his fingers in a flicking motion

Rasets flick his first finger on Shuichi nose. That was the last thing Shuichi remembered, before finding himself on the other end of the battlefield…..


Shuichi fell to his knees gasping, despite being knocked out and thrown across the whole battlefield, Rasets decided to play with Shuichi some more. He could've easily killed Shuichi by now, but for some reason he was playing with him

Shuichi felt like the unluckiest man in the world. He didn't want to know what he currently looked like, getting up and holding his sword in his right hand

All he knew for certain was the flesh on his left half of his face had been completely burnt off, and his left arm was gone….

Rasets casually crossed the battlefield like a man would in his garden, breathing in the smell of blood and death. This was a picnic to him

"You've lost half your faces flesh and your left arm, and not to mention all those other wounds, and yet you step up and fight? I'm quite impressed Balance. What's your name?" Rasets asked in interest

"My name….is Shuichi….and I fight…because there's no point…delating the inevitable" Shuichi panted, the severe pain taking toll

"We…can't win…..The race of the Balances….dies tonight….so I see no reason…delaying the inevitable!" Shuichi roared, charging forward despite the svere pain

Shuichi thrust his sword towards Rasets chest, but the Darkside casually side stepped the attack and delivered a fist into Shuichi stomach, and then side kicked the Arch level Balance in the chest

Shuichi fell to the ground, certain his ribs were shattered. He looked up and saw the invincible menace Rasets standing above him. He looked like he was about to attack, and Shuichi was more than ready to die there and then

It was the loss of battle cries that Shuichi first noticed. Shuichi opened his eyes, and looked left and right

All of the Balances and Darksides were frozen still, not moving, like statues. The sounds of Balance and Darkside alike dying had gone, and only the eerie silence remained

Shuichi slowly, and painfully stood up, about to investigate, but that proved futile. Standing facing him was Rasets, very much moving

Shuichi couldn't even form words in his mouth from the shock. Rasets never failed to shock

"You can stop time!" Shuichi blurted out. The Darkside king/god nodded stepping towards him

"When you surpass God, nothing is impossible. Shuichi, you are a Balance like no other. You stood many minutes of my torture, but still got and fought" Rasets said, seemingly impressed "Only you can make this hard decision"

"Hard…decision? What are you talking about?!" Shuichi demanded. Raset held his hands up, and motioned his fingers into a clicking stance

"One click of my fingers Shuichi, and your race is doomed. You said it yourself, you cannot hope to defeat me" Rasets proclaimed, Shuichi had little doubt he was wrong

"But….what if I told you I can delay your destruction?" Rasets said something Shuichi never imagined hearing

"Delay…our destruction? What the hell does that mean?!" Shuichi spat

"Simple. Before my army and I opened the gate between this world, and Noahs Ark, I glimpsed into the future" Rasets revealed

Shuchi had a shocked expression, but he shouldn't really be that shocked. The guy did halt time

"Do you know what I saw Shuichi? 240 Earths. The same planet over and over, think of the billions on one earth, and times it by 240!! SO MUCH DARKNESS!!" Rasets screamed with ecstasy, a scream that shook the ground

Rasets joy seemed to slump, as the Darkside sighed "But here's the snag. If the world is destroyed today, this event will never happen, and I cannot obtain that Darkness I so ever crave….that's where you come into play"

"W..what?" Shuichi stumbled, and what did he mean by "240 earths"?

"You are a powerful Balance, so you should know of the "merge technique", a Balances last resort to kill a Darkside. If you sacrifice yourself, and merge with a Darkside, your light will be like acid to it, and it would kill them both" Rasets explained

"And…that wouldn't happen to you?" Shuichi asked, shivering when Rasets glared at him, almost with a smirk

"I have set up things perfectly Shuichi. While to onlookers, I will die, that will be nothing but a ruse. I have set up a special prison, almost a separate world in itself. If you merge with me, I will not die, I will go to this prison, my army will be locked up with me, and the Ark will be sealed" Rasets explained this unbelievable idea

"Why? Why lock yourself up when you can destroy us all now?! This doesn't make sense!" Shuichi screamed

"Because, my dear dear Balance, this world is not ready for total destruction. Rest assured, my prison won't be permanent. I am merely waiting, for the 240 Earths to arrive. Now, the choice is up to you, Shuichi"

Rasets, in light speed, appeared next to Shuichi, and pushed him down to the ground, so there positions were similar to how they were before time was halted

"Delay everyones destruction….or die now. It is up to you" Rasets whispered

Shuichi looked straight into the mad eye of Rasets, and realised so much. Rasets had gone onto the battlefield, scouting for a Balance powerful enough to merge with Raset, and he was the unlucky one.

Time control, seeing into the future, and supposed ability to escape death. Raset had certainly became a god. Shuichi looked at his two ultimatums, let everyone he knew and love die now, or let the worlds live on for hopefully a few centuries

"If….if I do merge with you, there will be people who can stop you! I'm sure of it" Shuichi proclaimed, though he wasn't even sure if he was lying or not

Shuichi could hardly tell, but he felt Rasets might be laughing "Only one way to found out" Rasets raised his fingers, and clicked them

The sound of battlecry returned. Balances and Darksides began fighting and killing each other, and Rasets gasped as he saw Rasets swing his sword into the air

"Dodge it you fool" Raset ordered. Shuichi rolled out of the way, and almost instinctively grabbed Rasets by the head

Rasets made no attempt to resist. Shuichi gathered light energy into his hands, ready to merge the two together

Before the two merged together, and Rasets and Shuichi seemingly died, Shuichi lowered his head, and whispered

"To the protectors of the future world….please forgive me"


Rasets looked around himself. He was in a world completely empty, save for a small throne, and the black darkness

Raset knew by now that he, and his billions of loyal Darksides had been sealed. Shuichi was dead, and for now, Rasets was trapped in this void world

But Rasets was no fool, after all he intentionally caused all this. And he left many puzzles for future Darksides to use. The Stone Tablets, holding his three biggest secrets, were just one of them

Rasets made his way to his throne, and sat down. In this world, he could see everything, and could monitor and communicate with all creatures of the earth. If necessary, temporarily bring one here

For now though, Rasets would wait. Wait, for his Legacy to return to this mortal world……

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If people don't get it, Rasets intentionally sealed himself, so he could wait for the large amount of darkness grow. I mean let's face it, with all these new enemies we keep getting, more and more darkness is always coming. Stay tuned