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Nukid left the Vongola mansion in a foul mood.

He tried to rub his face and clear his thoughts, but right then he was stuck in a flurry of emotions. Anger, shame, guilt, but oddest of all, fear. Only moments ago he had been confronted by the Varia leader and adopted son of Vongola IX, Xanxus. Xanxus was famous for his lack of respect for…well, everyone, so Nukid had done his best to ignore the spoiled punk and leave the mansion.

And yet, he'd allowed Xanxus to provoke him, and once again he'd allowed his anger get the better of him. Ever since that day when he lost Maria, Nukid would sometimes lose his cool and go berserk on someone, losing all sense of self-control and restraint. Buildings would be destroyed, people were badly injured, it was small wonder Oldkid was his Darkside.

Except, of course, for actually killing the person. No, Nukid realised now he had become too much of a coward to kill someone now.

Sighing, Nukid kept his pace as walked away from the mansion. He tried his best to think to his friends, but in the end that made him feel even worse. They were all suffering the Worlds Government wrath because of him, and now they were all probably worried because of his disappearance. All he ever caused them was grief.

So on top of being a traitor and a coward, I'm also a terrible friend. Nukid thought grimly. I always act so cocky…but in the end I'm the worst thing to ever happen to the Author Fighters.

"Leaving so soon Nukid? We've not had a chance to talk."

Nukid almost tripped at the sudden voice behind him. Partly from surprise, mostly because of who the voice belonged to. Nukid span around, and gasped when he saw him. Standing firmly without a hint of age decaying his firm pose, Timoteo, the 9th leader of the Vongola family stood staring with a warm smile.

Old man…Nukid stared speechless at the Vongola leader. It wasn't because he had went out to greet him that he was surprised, it was because he showed no hint of anger or sadness from him Even though the last time we met…I knocked you out and helped your treacherous son stage a second coup d'etat.

"It's been a while Nukid. I must say you look…" Vongola IX chuckled "well, you look better than you did when the Varia brought you here."

It was too much for Nukid to handle. He turned away and said "Old man…why are you being so friendly?…B..Because of me, you got used by that bastard son of yours and…dammit, have you forgotten how I betrayed you?"

"I haven't. Frankly something like that is not hard to forget." Timoteo nodded "truth be told, I was angry at first…angry and disappointed. But when the Varia was arrested for their crimes, they told me how they had blackmailed you to do it with information on that woman of yours. After that…well, I honestly couldn't feel angry at you anymore."

"The…Varia told you that?" Nukid repeated sceptically. That didn't sound like them at all. The Varia Nukid knew was more likely to say the whole rebellion was Nukid's plan all along.

"Oh yes. They may not like you Nukid, but they do respect you. More importantly though, you are a Vongola. You are a comrade" Timoteo smiled brightly "which, brings us to the subject of us helping you Author Fighters."

"I'll close that subject with two words. No thanks. I appreciate the help, but you're walking into a hopeless battle." Nukid said sternly.

"My young successor recently participated in a seemingly hopeless battle" Timoteo stated "and like always, he exceeded mine and everyone's expectation. That boy is proof that there's no such thing as the impossible."

Nukid arched his eyebrows at that. Was he really talking about Tsuna? That whiny, cowardly little kid? Nukid was having a hard time swallowing that.

"This is different" Nukid finally replied, sighing, "we aren't fighting some evil little organisation…we're fighting an entire regime. They have foot soldiers and weapons enough to equal any other, and that's only the tip of the iceberg of what they have to offer."

"I have been doing research on them" Vongola IX coughed, before seemingly reciting off memory "the Admirals, the CP9, the Shichibukai and now these Pacifistas. Each one of them is an army in themselves."

"You know this, and yet still wish to fight?"


Nukid slapped his face in annoyance. There was no getting to this old fart "stop this pointless bravado old man! Even with the Vongola, we can't win. They are too strong for us to handle. This fight is pointless!"

"…Then why are you still fighting?"

Nukid nearly jumped on the spot from that remark. He remembered Squalo asking the exact same question. Just like then, he felt taken back by the comment "what?"

"You speak of how hopeless it is to fight the World Government, but I've yet to see you give up yourself. Tell me, who are you hoping to convince with this fake cynicism?" Timoteo asked. Nukid felt a flush of irritation go through him, but he quickly did his best to keep calm and answer.

"I can't just abandon them. I got them into this mess, I'll stick with them through this" Nukid chuckled softly "and if the inevitable happens and that leads to all our deaths, then I guess there's nothing that can be done."

Just then, Timoteo slapped Nukid across the face.

It wasn't the pain that made Nukid stand still, but the shock of the sudden violence from this seemingly gentle old man. It was often easy to forget what profession this man was in. Slowly turning his face back to Vongola IX, his left cheek bright red, Nukid stared at him with a surprised glare "huh?"

"There was once a story about a young boy, who joined a league of assassins…and he killed under their name because he believed in bringing justice to the world. He was determined to survive every mission, and his skills became so renown he was hailed as the 'Next Rob Lucci'" Vongola IX said with a gruff kind of venom Nukid had never heard from him before. It almost scared him.

"But now…look at him" Timoteo snarled, "That same boy has become a whiny, suicidal brat who gives up without even trying. How could such a child fall so low?"

"Don't lecture me, old man."

"Seeing you like this, your recent failings are starting to make sense. No wonder you were unable to save your friend Jack."

In a split second, Nukid had his hands wrapped around Timoteo's throat.

Alice Janson entered the next room slowly, her eyes peering to her left and right twice before entering, her face a mask of dull interest. She took two paces into a room that seemed to be the workplace of general staff, multiple desks and computers separated by small cubicles. Not much to fight in, but Alice knew there were several potential hiding spot in here. This room may be the one she had hidden in.

Other people would start shouting boisterously, try to goad the opponent out of hiding, but Alice was a Contractor, and she knew such a thing would be irrational. Instead, she slowly stalked down the centre of the room, and with her long slender arms, threw over every single cubicle. Tables and computers went flying into the air, Alice left a mess in her path, but Kitten was not to be found hiding amongst it.

A drop of water hit Alice's shoulder.

"Rankyaku!" Alice suddenly shouted, spinning her body to face upwards, her leg swinging with her body. She sent a flying blade straight at the ceiling directly above, and it barely missed Kitten, who quickly jumped off the wall back onto the ground. As she landed, Alice saw that both her hands and feet were covered with ice. She had frozen herself to the wall, most likely planning a sneak attack. It nearly worked too.

"Ice sword!" Kitten almost shouted, wasting no time to move on the offensive. As ice began to form into the shape of a sword, Kitten lunged forward, her sword ready to slice sideways. Predictably, Kitten swung the sword several times at the Contractor, but Alice Janson casually sidestepped every swing. After the fourth swing, Alice suddenly grabbed Kitten by the collar and pulled her up close.

Making eye-to-eye contact, Kitten saw her eyes glow suddenly.

In but an instance, Alice hand expanded and enlarged across Kitten's entire body, and the young author was thrown backwards, slamming harshly against the wall. Kitten groaned and she fell limp to the ground. Exhaustion from the constant running and the injuries she'd sustained had left her fatigued, barely able to move. She sluggishly lifted her head as Alice Janson walked nonchalantly up to her.

"H-how…do you do that?" Kitten croaked weakly. Alice did not answer; she simply grabbed Kitten by the collar and lifted her into the air.

"Tell me, what kind of fool do you think I am to actually tell you what my power is?" Alice asked coldly. She lifted her collar higher, causing Kitten to almost choke on it, her face in agony "as far as I'm concerned, you can die in ignorance."

Alice lifted her free arm, and extended her first finger.

But then, Kitten suddenly fell to the ground, groaning as she did. She slowly looked up, and saw Alice clutching her chest, her face scrunched up in agony. She grasped her head and croaked "d…damn remuneration…I thought I could hold it…in longer…"

A second ago it seemed that Kitten was about to have a hole in her forehead, but now her attacker suddenly bolted out of the room. Kitten slowly lifted her body up, panting heavily to retrieve the air her body desperately needed. Despite the oddity of what just happened, she couldn't complain. Now she had time to regain her strength and come up with a plan.

But what could she do? Against a foe that cannot help thinking only rational thoughts and of her own personal well being.

Kitten took a deep breath and closed her eyes. There had to be some way. Some way of tricking her. If only she knew how she could change her body like that…

Kitten opened her eyes. A thought struck her. Or rather, a very recent memory.

After the fourth swing, Alice suddenly grabbed Kitten by the collar and pulled her up close.

Making eye-to-eye contact, Kitten saw her eyes glow suddenly.

In but an instance, Alice hand expanded and enlarged across Kitten's entire body, and the young author was thrown backwards, slamming harshly against the wall.

Most people would shrug that off as simply being morphing powers, but there was something wrong with Alice's powers. If that was true for Alice, she would've had so many more chances to use it, and not at such a limited level she seemed to control.

Slowly but surely, what Kitten was dealing with was starting to make sense, and the cold and emotionless assassin was looking less and less dangerous by the second.

It was rationale of her to not tell Kitten what her power was.

Simply because it was all just an illusion.

It was nothing short of a bloodbath.

Ranger swung his sword sideways at the Rokushiki/Nanto Seiken user Hayato, but the CP9 agent flipped over the sword, and landed perfectly on its side. Wasting not a second, he swung his right leg forward, and the heel of his shoe only grazed Ranger's cheek thanks to the Twilight warrior's quick dodge.

Ranger had learnt quickly his opponent could cut people with his bare hands and feet.

With a roar, Ranger almost threw his sword upwards, and Hayato was forced to jump off and regain his balance on the ground, grinning as he did. But a second later, Hayato was forced to duck from a massive wing by Ranger, who quickly replied with another swing downwards at Hayato. The FREAK Agent responded to each swing quickly and efficiently, to the point where it seemed not a soul could touch him.

Until one of Rangers cuts grazed his chest.

Hayato looked down at the cut, but it was an expression of bemused surprise rather than horror or anger. He quickly looked back up and went on the offensive, thrusting his arms forward like they were swords at Rangers skull. Now it was Rangers turn to dodge, and his dodging was not nearly as impressive, the young Twilight warrior simply sidestepping each swing at the last second. After 10 seconds, Ranger had three more cuts across his face.

But then, he saw an opening. Or rather, he created one. After the twentieth swing, Ranger quickly grabbed the outstretched arm and tackled the agent shoulder first into his chest. Ranger heard and felt the breath leave is chest as he hit, and when he let go of his arm Hayato was sent flying backwards. Hayato hit the floor with a loud thump, landing on the shoulder of the arm Ranger had held onto.

He felt it leave his arm dislocate, and his entire arm burn with agony.

Hayato growled with pain, but a quick glance upwards made him almost forget about the pain. Ranger was on him like a tiger, his sword held over his head, ready to strike down at Hayato and slice him in half. Hayato quickly made it onto his back, and at the last moment flipped backwards. The sword missed Hayato narrowly, instead creating a large gash in the rocky landscape.

Hayato knew Ranger wouldn't have much trouble dislodging the sword from the ground, but it would take a second, and but a second was all he needed. Hayato jumped off his left foot, his dislodged left arm flapping in the air. Whilst on the move, his body span in a circle, and as he span, his working n was outstretched. The sword sharp arm would've cut through anything surrounding Hayato, but right now it was only aimed at one thing.

Ranger's neck.

"This is it!" Hayato roared, declaring confidently his victory. He used whatever strength he had to swing his arm with the rotation towards Ranger, who was still utterly defenceless.

That was, until Ranger suddenly swung his sword upward, just as Hayato attacked him.

All went still just then. No one moved, no one said anything. Hayato and Ranger stood looking away from each other, panting, almost in their own little worlds, unable to notice what was going on around them. After a minute however, Ranger face scrunched up in pain, and he held his shoulder in pain. Blood drew from a long, but again shallow cut created by Hayato.

Hayato didn't use this as a chance to attack; he was still, except for the small shaking of his entire body. Slowly, breathing heavily, Hayato lifted his head to the beating sun, smiling as he whispered.

"You win."

Blood spewed from Hayato's chest like a fountain of blood, from a huge cut that went straight across his chest.

Hayato dropped to his knees as his blood surrounded the scenery around him. His body slowly collapsed into a pool of his own blood that was growing and growing rapidly.

I was always obsessed with this dream of mine…

In a world different to our own, where the land had been ravaged by nuclear war and reduced to a wasteland, and younger Hayato stood silently amidst hundreds of bloodied corpses. His expression was one of quiet, almost serene contemplation.

I was obsessed with finding opponents…

All of the corpses had the signatures attires of bandits, people who used to turmoil of the wastelands as a means to wreak havoc on the innocents and claim dominance over them. To see so many so many of these bandits dead in one place was something nobody would be able to believe.

Not counting, of course, if the said killer was either a Hokuto Shinken or a Nanto Seiken user.

Hayato was the latter, and judging by his bloodied hands, this was his doing.

But no matter where I went, no one could challenge me, take me to the limit…

And then, I met him…

"Well now, haven't you had fun!"

Hayato looked up to a small cliff, where he saw a tall, tanned man with long messy blonde hair, wearing no shirt, and with black, frightening eyes and an even more frightening grin look down at Hayato.


"Curious lad, did these men attack you, or…did you attack them?" Oldkid chuckled, spreading out his arms "whatever the case, the way you killed them was nothing sort of beautiful! You sir, are an artist."

"Who are you?" Hayato snapped

"Me? I'm but a humble Darkside known as Oldkid, who has been tasked with creating a little team of experts" Oldkid bowed "and you didn't answer my question, Mr…"

"Hayato" Hayato replied. He looked down at the corpses passively "and if you must know, I attacked them. They'd pillaged a nearby village not long ago, and so I followed them."

"Ah? So I take it you were avenging those villagers?"

"Partly" Hayato smiled slightly "but mostly because I wanted to see if they were strong."

Oldkid nodded with approval.

"Ever since I mastered Nanto Seiken, I've roamed across this land, searching for the strongest fighters alive, so I could take them on!" Hayato proclaimed "they say the feeling of battle, of fighting at near death, is the ultimate experience! I wish to feel that!"

Oldkid clapped his hands "bravo! It's great to see such enthusiasm! But…judging by your previously disappointed face, you're having problems there."

Hayato nodded with a sigh. He turned right, facing the seemingly never ending wastelands "I've been walking for two years now, but no matter where I go, all I find is weaklings. I wish I could just find someone who could put up a good fight against me!"

"Perhaps I can help you there."

Hayato gasped slightly at this. He turned to Oldkid with a look of surprise "you…you can find me a strong opponent?"

"More than that my friend! I can elevate you to a level of fighting you'd have never hoped to achieve with Nanto Seiken alone. I can surround you with allies with powers you could never imagine. And I swear to you…"

Oldkid held out his left hand to Hayato.

Looking at that hand, I saw my future, the chance I had always hoped for. And when he confirmed it with his voice, there was no doubt in my mind

"I can find you the strongest opponents you could ever imagine."

"Thank you…Oldkid…for…for keeping your promise" Hayato whispered, his voice in near coughing, his body unable to move an inch. Despite that, his eyes looked up at Ranger24, who stood passively over Hayato, and the young CP9 assassin smiled up to him

"And thank you Ranger…you really were…the strongest opponent." Hayato croaked. He closed his eyes, a smile on his face, and said no more.

Ranger stayed silent for a second, before giving a respectful nod, sheathing his sword back, and walking casually away. As he walked, he said only one thing.

"Tell me something I don't know."

Quill fell back to the ground once more by what looked like a mere push by H.H.. As Quill slowly got back on his feet, his body heaved heavily with panting and shook with fatigue. It was strange, Quill was no stranger to pain during a battle, but if one were to look at him right now, people would think he was making too big of a deal over a few scratches and bruises.

But no, Quill was panting because of the injuries he felt internally. He cringed as he felt his muscles ache in his torso, instinctively grabbing the throbbing body part. Growling, Quill looked up towards the smirking H.H., who without his visor to hide the pale eyes of the Byakugan, looked even more arrogant than before. H.H sighed and lowly walked up to H.H. "what's that, the tenth time you've had your ass hit the floor? Must be bright red by now."

Snarling, Quill jumped back up, ignoring the pain through his rage and swinging his right fist at H.H.. Despite masking his pain though, it made his reasoning lax; such an attack was like childsplay for H.H.. H.H. Quickly ducked under the fist and sent an open palm, coated in blue chakra, directly into his torso once more. Quill cried out in pain, and was quickly flung into the air with such force his body bounced off the floor when he landed.

Lying in pain on the ground, Quill could not find the strength to even get up. H.H. stepped up to his fallen body and looked down upon him, figuratively and literally "aaand that's number 11. Shall we go for 12 or have had enough yet, Author?"

Quill winced and groaned when a large flash of pain coursed through his body. H.H. had grabbed Quill by the collar and had pulled him back to his feet forcefully. He grabbed Quill by the collar and held him up so close Quill could feel his breath hit his cheek.

"Don't hate me for what I've done to you Author" H.H. said, before chuckling "and don't mind me if I get a kick outta hurting you. I'm like that to all my opponents. Blame my family for my little sadistic streak."


"Yes. Surely you know of the Hyuga clan? Famed users of the Byakugan, and the most powerful family on Konoha. A wonderful clan to be in…" H.H. breathing began to get heavier "…that is, if you're in the Main Branch, but as for the lower branches, well…"

Quill looked at H.H. as he lifted the front of his hair up to show his brow. By what he had just said, it didn't take Quill long to figure out exactly where H.H. had stood within the Hyuga clan, so he had expected to have seen the trademark Hyuga seal placed upon all branch members, forcing them into a life of servitude and obedience.

Instead, he saw that his entire brow was one giant burn mark.

"I'm doing this because I owe a great man my freedom. Without him, I would still be trapped by those bloody main branch assholes, who would blow up my brain just for the slightest disobedience" H.H. stated, his voice passionate "if killing you is the price to pay for my freedom, then I'll gladly pay it a thousand times over."


"Hmm?" H.H. mumbled, leaning closer "what was that?"

"What…makes you think…I give a damn!"

H.H. eyes widened with surprise when Quill showed a sudden burst of strength, the Lunar author suddenly pushing H.H. backwards in a flurry. H.H. staggered at first, but was quick to regain his balance.

And stopped right under the ominous cloud.

"Sky Azure Rain!" Quill roared, and the ominous cloud above H.H. stirred violently. H.H looked up, and gasped to see several shining shapes fall downwards towards him. They were thin, sharp spikes of ice, falling from the cloud in a sudden gale, impaling any unfortunate soul beneath the cloud. Quill had been charging the attack whilst H.H. was gloating, and even the Byakugan user had not noticed him at work.

"Shit! Byakugan!" H.H. quickly blurted out. Instantly, veins thickened and appeared around his pale white eyes, and Quill knew his eyesight had just improved dramatically.

As the first shards of ice were about to land on him, H.H. quickly slapped each individual slab of ice with great precision, and not a single piece of ice touched his body or injured him in any way. Quill looked on with dire frustration. Probably his final chance at taking out H.H., and in the end it proved to be useless. How could he beat someone who had 360 degree vision?

"Haha! Nice try Author! But even this ain't enough!" H.H. cackled as he continued to block every single piece of ice that rained down upon. His movements were precise, accurate and fast, and yet H.H. did not seem to show the slightest bit of fatigue at the actions.

But then, a single piece of ice grazed his back.

Quill watched with astonishment when H.H. suddenly recoiled in pain as the ice made a long cut down his back. His face was scrunched up in pain, the CP9 agent cursing profoundly and clawing at his wound. Quill was confused, how could he have been injured? He showed quite clearly that he was impossible to sneak up on, for he could see all around him through his Byakugan.

But it soon quickly hit Quill why, a small but fatal weakness a friend of his had told him once of the Hyuga clan. And that alone was enough to make Quill smile.

Because now he knew he had a chance.

Liberi had never been so certain he was gonna die, and considering his career, that was saying something.

He lied almost motionless on the floor, his body aching head to toe, his own blood dropping on the floor around him. His breathing was heavy, and the dirty, bloodstained ground had touched his lips more than once. It was not where he would've liked to die, but the insane super solider above him wasn't giving him much choice.

Even those his breathing was heavy, Liberi could clearly tell hers was heavier, but hers wasn't from exhaustion and injury, it was from excitement. Private Spartan stood right above the fallen body of Liberi, a single pistol in her hand, almost begging to be fired. Though her face was covered, Liberi guessed by her excitement that she was smiling profusely under her helmet.

"You're not gonna take me away again Freelancer…" Private Spartan whispered madly. She slowly raised the pistol and aimed at his skull "…you'll never take me back. You hear me? I'll never go back! They'll never hurt me again!"

Liberi had figured out long ago that Private Spartan had been on the worse ends of the Covenant War, and had gone through things no one should have to go through. With her PTSD in mind, it was hard for Liberi to truly hate this woman. Even if she was about to kill him.

Allright girl…Liberi though weakly …go on, shoot me. If shooting this corpse will make you feel better, just get on with it.

Liberi heard a single gunfire, but felt no pain.

Liberi managed to turn around, and saw that Private Spartan had taken a few steps back, her body scanning around her frantically. A second gunshot fired, and she successfully dodged it again, but was unable to see where it had fired from.

Some guardian angel had a sniper rifle.

But Liberi knew this guardian angel was safe. Eventually she'll do what she did to Liberi; she'll figure where this mysterious person is firing from, and then he'll be in deep trouble. With a newfound determination, his body managed to ignore the seething pain all of his body as he threw himself up onto his feet. With quick motions, Liberi reached for his belt and took out a single flash smoke grenade, and threw it just beside Private Spartans foot.

A thick cloud of grey gas suddenly surrounded the entire street. Liberi wasted no time using this as a chance to escape, and started sprinting as fast as he could away from the insane assassin. Liberi felt like he ran for hours before he finally stopped to catch his breath, kneeling behind an empty car on an empty street.

As Liberi breathed in and out relentlessly, he felt and heard a crackle in his eardrum. He lifted his hand up to the communicator in his ear, which had somehow managed to not get broke during his beating. A second later, he heard a gruff voice on the opposite end.

"Did you have to use a smoke grenade? I could've sniped her with…say, a flash grenade. Now I've lost sight of her."

Liberi was almost frozen with surprise. Not because it was an unknown voice. Quite the opposite; it was a voice he knew all too well.

Liberi was silent for a moment, but eventually made a gruff laugh and replied, "we thought only Advent received the distress call. You're the last person I expected to hear from. Planning to charge us for every bullet you fire?"

"Now, now, I'm not that unreasonable…I may charge you for every kill however." The voice replied plainly, hiding the sarcasm.

Liberi growled, shaking his head "well you'll be earning your pay killing this psycho…if you can kill her."

"I reiterate my beginning point about you using a smoke grenade. I would've sniped her eventually"

"No, you wouldn't. You saw yourself, not even sniper bullets can hit her." Liberi explained "this psycho isn't only a SPARTAN-II…she's a Rokushiku user like Nukid. Frankly the only one who could probably take her on is Ranger24."

"Well then, it's a good thing that's not how us two old soldiers fight, now isn't it?" the man stated.

"Oh? Let me guess; you've got a plan?"

"Bits and pieces in my head, nothing concrete quite yet, but I work well under pressure. It doesn't matter how strong she is, there's a kink in every armour we old soldiers just love to exploit."

"Bits and pieces huh…" Liberi laughed dryly. Despite the sarcasm though, it was clear to see the old mercenary had newfound hope of not only surviving, but defeating this monstrously powerful opponent. He slowly stood up, and faced towards the street.

"Let's get to work then, Tal Ordo."

The body of Vongola IX felt soft and defenceless in Nukid's tightening grip.

He had lifted the frail old Timoteo with his bare hands by the throat, the old man gasped for breath under his grip, but Nukid seemed to unconsciously tighten his grip on his neck. Nukid looked up at him with pure rage, he wasn't thinking about what he was doing. The comments he had made about himself, and more accurately, about his failures, had sent him into this uncontrollable rage.

Slowly, Timoteo lifted his head to look down at Nukid, and he smiled at his expression. Weakly, Vongola IX whispered.

"That's it…that's the face…of a man…who has killed hundreds…without mercy."

Just then, a vision flash past his eyes. Or more accurately, a memory.

"You… you may look at me with disgust and contempt, but the second you truly lose your cool…" Oldkid let out another cackle "…you've become a mad beast like me!"

"Sh-Shut up!"

"Don't deny it! You spent so many years training on how to kill, killing is all you know, just like me!" Oldkid stated.

His word echoed in Nukids head

Killing is all I know….

"The madness and desire to kill that fuels me lives inside you too!"

Lives inside me too…..

"Killing is what you're good at, killing is your only true talent! Don't you get it? The reason you can't beat me is because you're subconsciously holding back!"

Holding back…..

"When Maria died, you lost it and killed hundreds of soldiers! But don't you see Nukid…." Oldkid said, pointing to himself "…THAT FIT OF RAGE GAVE BIRTH TO ME! I was BORN on that night! I AM your inner madness incarnated!"

My madness…incarnated…

Nukid released his grip of Vongola IX, and almost in unison, the two fell to the floor. Nukid felt his hands rub his face hysterically, his entire body shaking violently. The thought of what Oldkid had said, and what he had just done, created a cold, hard fact that admitting made him feel utterly terrified and frightened of himself.

It was laughable how long it took Nukid to comprehend this.

Oldkid was a Darkside of pure madness and killing desire.

And that said madness had come from Nukid himself.

Slowly, Vongola IX got back onto his feet. Despite nearly being choked to death, he was incredibly calm, and did not seem to hurt. Patting off dirt from where he had fallen, he stalked up to Nukid, and knelt beside the shaking assassin, patting him on one shoulder.

"You killed many people in the name of justice…but in the end that justice betrayed you." Timoteo said softly "this left you in the emotional wreck you've become. You're afraid of your own strength and your bottled up rage, so you subconsciously hold yourself back. But I hate to see such raw talent be lost, certainly when he a part of my family."

Just then, Vongola IX reached into his suit and took out a single white envelope, the Vongola seal stamped in the middle. Slowly, he held out the letter for Nukid to take.

"It's addressed to you, Matt. It's from Reborn."