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It was July 18th, 2008. The summer air was crisp and breezy. Alice, Bella, and Rosalie were sitting on the edge of Alice's mosaic tiled pool. All three girls were wearing huge bug-eye sunglasses and polka dot bikinis. Bella was slurping on a purple freeze-pop, while CL and Rosalie both had green ones.

"Your party's going to be ah-mazing!" Bella smacked the Popsicle juice oozing out of her mouth. She wore her deep chocolate hair in a high ponytail because of all the heat.

"Bella, duh, all my parties are ah-mazing! Where have you been?" Rosalie rolled her eyes and re-adjusted the hulking diamond promise ring on her ring finger; She shook her multicolored hair out and tucked her freshly cut side-sweep bangs behind her right ear.

"Yeah Bella, where have you been? You're so clueless sometimes." Alice twisted her new $2,500 charm bracelet her parents gave her for receiving acceptable grades.

Rosalie was having a huge sweet eighteen in just one week. The girls were just relaxing after giving out the 342 invitations to the party. It had been hectic; the other 660 people who weren't invited were trying to please the girls in any way to be on the list. They were even stalked by one kid. The girls even had a VIP list of twenty people, which made matters even worse.

In about five or so hours they all had to go to Rosalie's house and test around thirty different types of cake just so they'd have the right one. The week was going to be a long and hard one. Between hair appointments, dress rehearsals, spa treatments, and mani-pedi's. The girls needed a little break to just catch up and sit.

"Ehmahgawd! There he is!" Alice jumped out her chair causing her short pixie-like brunette hair to go wild. "Look, look, look!" She pointed next door to her new neighbors' house.

"Alice, what are you talking about?" Rosalie asked sliding her shades down to the tip of her narrow nose.

"My neighbor! I keep telling you guys he's hot! But every time I try and show you it's too late and he's gone!" Alice huffed and plopped down on the seat crossing her arms.

"No pouting Alli-son , it makes you look fat." Rosalie winked, but as soon as Alice was going to give her a snarky comeback the doorbell rang.

"I'll be back." Alice mumbled and heavily walked toward the sliding doors of her Tuscan style mini-mansion. "Ehmahgawd! You guys come here!"

Arriving at the door Rosalie and Bella saw a guy. He was their definition of hot; he had short hair, green-hazel eyes, nice muscles, straight pearly whites, and olivey. Bella dropped her jaw and tried to smooth her hair out, while Rosalie just smiled sweetly at him. She already had a boyfriend, plus he was wearing a shirt from Pac Sun totally fifth grade.

"This," Alice gestured her hands toward the boy, "Is Jasper. He's my new neighbor." Alice beamed and mouthed the word 'dibs' to her friends.

"Hi! My name's Bella and this is Rosalie." Bella was trying o flirt too hard. If she tried any harder she'd sound constipated.

"Hey." He waved. "Do all of you pretty ladies live here?" he spaced out for a second, confirming that Lauren definitely wasn't going for him.

"No, this is my house. They're just visiting. So, where're you from?" Alice laughed and led him into the house. She began walking towards the games room in the basement.

"I'm from Atlanta, but originally AL." he put his hands in his pockets.

"Where's AL?" Bella asked confusedly.

"Alabama smarty." Rosalie shoved Bella over into one of the plush couches. Jasper laughed and fell into the chair right in front of the fifty-two inch plasma screen TV.

"Uhm… that's kinda my seat…" Alice played with a stray sting on her swimsuit. Rosalie laughed to herself mentally 'Alice was so stupid'.

"Oh, sorry bout that." Jasper moved a seat over and Alice plopped down right in front of the TV. Bella pouted and sat on the opposite side of her.

"Hey, sorry to ruin the fun, but I have to meet and set up for the cake people at my house. So I'll see you two in three hours, and Jasper I'll see ya when I see ya." Rosalie blew a kiss and climbed up the stairs.

"She seems 'nice'." Jasper said looking through Alice's video game collection. "Oh my god! Your collection is awesome! Are you really into games like this?"

"Rosalie's nice when she wants, and yeah, but some of em' are my brothers." Alice shrugged.

"I like video games." Bella half mumbled.

"No you don't, every time I turn one on you beg me to do something else."

"Well, I changed my mind!" Bella jumped towards Alice like a psycho.

"Get out my face! Just cause there's a guy here doesn't mean you gotta show off! God Bella you're such a spaz!" Alice walked over to the mini fridge and pulled out a Fiji. "Want anything?" She giggled.

"Yeah have any Pepsi? And ladies, ladies, there's enough of me for the both of you." Jasper put his hands in the surrender and chuckled.

"You know what? Alice quit acting like you're Ms. Perfect! I hope you'll be normal by tonight, I'm leaving!" Bella stormed out as Alice threw Jasper his Pepsi.

"Go ahead, see ya." Alice yelled when Bella slammed the door. "Sorry about them…" Alice shrugged.

"Well, who knew I'd start so much drama my first day here. But there's a bright side."

"What's so bright about it? We weren't wrestling in mud." Alice munched on some Dorritos.

"It'd be nice if you did. But that's not where I'm getting at, now there's only one cute girl in a bikini to focus my attention on." He winked. Alice's ears turned bright red, and the talk began.

a few short hours later....


Rosalie was sitting at her dining room table waiting for her friends. There were exactly thirty-two different types of cake in front of her. 'So many

calories' she thought. The doorbell rang and she let Bella and Alice in.

"So how was Jasper?" Rosalie re-arranged the rose in the hall from shortest to tallest.

"It would've been fun, it Alice wasn't trying to act all prissy and perfect." Bella rolled her eyes.

"First of all I was being myself unlike some people and second of all I'm all I'm not the one throwing myself at him." Alice started fidgeting with her pearl choker.

"I was not throwing myself at him!"

"Bella, you don't like video games! And all of us saw you get sad and pout when you couldn't sit by him! You're fooling nobody!" Rosalie rolled her eyes. Bella was so clueless sometimes.

"Girls, stop it. For one Bella, Alice did call dibs, plus she saw him first. AND second Alice stop being so hard on Bella, you know she doesn't get as much guy attention as us." Alice beamed all thirty-two of her pearly whites. While Bella glowered at them. Rosalie smirked, 'mission accomplished'.

"Now since that's over, let's try some cake!" The girls spent the next hour and a half trying cake after cake until they chose the French vanilla cake with hot pink chocolate icing.

"I'm stuffed!" Alice sighed and fell on Roaslie's king sized four-post bed.

"I'm surprised, usually you're up for more." Rosalie scoffed sitting on the edge of the bed smoothing out all the wrinkles.

"Yeah Alice you did hoard most of it. I'm surprised you could taste any of them." Bella instigated.

"Bella, shut. Up." Rosalie clenched her jaw, and she only did that when she was stressed or planning something.

Over the next few days the girls were doing things that had to do with the party. Though anytime Alice had free time she spent it with Jasper. Soon Alice began acting weird and detached. She always had snaky comments to Rosalie and Bella. About two days before the party the girls were hanging out at Belissimo's Grotto only the greatest casual restaurant in Forks, Washington.

"How'd you get reservations here?" Bella asked looking through her new hobo Prada bag.

"My dad knows the owner or something like that. Hey, where's Alice?" Rosalie looked at her Eternity phone and then toward the entrance.

"I don't know. Text her? She's been with Jasper all week so idk…" bella tossed her side ponytail around and chewed on her bottom lip.

"Ugh! What is up with her? She like always hangs with Jasper whenever she's not doing party stuff. There's only two days 'til my party. You'd think she'd be sucking up to me and kissing my feet." Rosalie rolled her eyes and began texting frantically on her phone.

Where are u? we're waiting!

You got 10 min.


Almost two seconds later she got a reply:

SORRY! My moms acting crazy.

B there in 5.


Rosalie sighed and texted back a lazy reply:

Alice you'll

Be the death of me.


She smiled a little as she sent the message. Alice was the greatest friend ever…before Jasper came into town, or before she started being a super star, whichever she was still a great friend.

Unless you kill me first!


Just then Alice sat down at the table and winked at Rosalie. Bella sighed loudly and took a sip of water. "You're always late." she stated.

"Mind your beeswax."

"This is my 'bees-wax'. You're messing up Rosalie's party. Plus I'm you're friend, I should know your problems."Alice sighed and chugged half her glass of water.

"Bella, shut up. You act like this is your party. When you have a sweet eighteen I'll make sure not to be late, but until then hush. Plus If I knew all your problems I'd know about little-dog syndrome, but let's not start there." Alice repositioned her small body in her chair. She looked just mad; in about three seconds she'd probably hurl herself across the table at Bella. Rosalie smirked a little and sipped on her tea.

"Girls shut it." Alice and Bella glared at each other, Alice's hands balled into tiny little fists. "Bella, lay off a bit. It's my problem and I've already got it solved. Now you two behave, and lets get down to business." Rosalie went into crucial details about her grand entrance and the girls began to forget about the argument they just had. By the time the party came around no one had seen or heard from Alice, or Jasper for that matter.


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