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Alice awoke to the sound of her phone blaring. Groggily moaning, she checked the caller ID, Jasper... It took her a second to realize who the hell it was. Finally when it processed she jumped up and answered the phone.

"Jas!!" She squealed excitedly into the phone, sitting pin straight on her bed.

"Someone's a morning person." Jasper lazily said into the phone.

"No, just excited to hear from you! Sorry I had to leave you last night, but-"

"No it's okay, I understand. They actually visited me later last night..." he interrupted sounding tired.

"Oh...well I hope you got some rest." Alice looked out her window noticing her mom's car gone, indicating she went to work. Nice way to care for your daughter after her best friend was murdered in her arms last night mom Alice thought. Then took a huge gasp.

Rosalie was...dead.

"What's wrong Al?" Jasper whispered into the phone.

"Nothing...I just remembered what happened..." she flopped down on her bed and silently sighed, not to worry Jasper more than needed.

"Here, Alice, I'll be over there in like one minute so we can talk in person." there was rustling on the other end.

"Wait, it's okay. Hey, aren't you still in the hospital?"

"Too late." Alice's doorbell rang and she jumped.

"Christ Jasper! Give me a chance to put some clothes and wash my face!" Alice shrieked into the phone digging through her drawers.

"Alice, come on, I've lived in a hotel room with you for a few months, it won't bother me."

"Jas, you realize that I woke up wayyy earlier than you for a reason right?"

"Well, if you don't come down here right. now. I'll leave, and hang up, and not talk to you for the rest of the day."

"Fine." Alice whined and trudged out of her room and down all three flight of stairs. Jasper chuckled into the phone and hung up.

Alice shortly reached the door and opened it to see Jasper leaning against the door frame with a toothpick waggling in his mouth. She could've forgotten everything bad right then, just because of how sexy he looked. She perked up just a little and Jasper noticed the change grinning.

"Are you gonna let the cripple in, or just stare at me until I pass out?" Alice moved aside and let him walk into her house.

"That reminds me, aren't you still supposed to be in the hospital?"

"Kind of, but I had to get out. I hate hospitals...they aren't relax enough.." Jasper was staring at Alice's baby picture hanging in the foyer.

"So, instead of being able to live, you'd rather be 'relaxed'" Alice grabbed his hand and quickly led him away from the photo.

"Yes, and might I add ; you look amazing."

"If you're trying to change the subject don't talk about my looks right now. I look like shit." Jasper chuckled as she led him upstairs towards her bedroom.

"You know, I've never gotten a grand tour of your house."

"Well, you'll get one. Once I change really quick." They had reached Alice's massive room. She sat him on the bed, and went rummaging through her closet for something to wear.

"You're room's huge. It's like...The size of my fucking living room. Why do you need all this space?" Jasper was now walking around Alice's room looking at random things.

"I have a lot of stuff. And I usually had people over, I need the room." Alice shouted from somewhere deep in her closet. Jasper walked over and leaned in the doorway. It was the size of a grand hallway or something. But it was chock full of clothes. And shoes, God there were more shoes in it than clothes. It looked as if you couldn't put one more thing in it or it'd make the whole house explode.

"Jesus Alice! Do you need all these clothes?!?" Jasper's mouth opened then closed again quietly as his eyes bulged out their sockets.

"Well actually yes. I have it perfectly organized ; near the front is clothes that are in season, the middle are clothes that are either in nor out, towards the back is out of season things I need to sell, behind that are things I've never worn that are in season, right there are things I've never worn that were gifts, on the very back on the left wall are clothes that I think will be in season soon, and lastly in the very back on the right are my own designs." Alice smiled proudly and exited the closet with an armful of clothes.

"Your designs huh?" Jasper began walking towards the back of the closet before Alice was in front of him.

"My eyes only." She easily turned him around and herded him out the door shutting and locking it behind her.

"You even lock your closet?" Jasper sat lazily in her computer chair and drummed lightly on the desk.

"I have to, someone's always gonna be after my shit." Alice smiled and undressed herself down to her underwear before putting on her outfit.

"I'll always be after your shit."

"Put your tongue back in your mouth Romeo." Alice smiled and kissed Jasper's cheek. "Come on, I'm starved." she grabbed his hand and lead him back down the stairs into the kitchen.


"Oh shut up, you're house can't look that bad compared to mine." Alice scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Well, I guess not. But still, your house is pretty fucking amazing. You owe me a tour, as soon as you finish eating."

"I'll give you a tour while I'm eating if you want to see so bad." Alice grabbed a breakfast Hotpocket out the freezer and stuck it in the microwave. When the microwave beeped, she carefully took it out and began the grand tour.

She lead Jasper to the front of the house. "I'll start from the front, work my way back, and then up. Finishing up with outside. MTV Cribs style" Jasper nodded.

"This is the foyer, where uh, people come in and greet and shit." she walked a little down the hall to the next room. "This is the parlor, like a living room, but only for sitting. Plus no one really comes in here cause my mom's petty about this room and only uses it when important people stop by." Jasper chuckled at the extremely light and creme room. Alice took a bite of her Hotpocket and led him across the hall.

"This is the sophisticated entertainment room, where we entertain more...mature guests, like for expensive parties and stuff. I think it's pointless, but my mom lives to impress everyone." The room was extremely spacious with black walls, white carpet, and black furniture. There was a Grand Piano, violin, and harp in the corner too.

"You play any of them?" Jasper asked

"All of them, my mom forced me to, but hey. They come in handy some days." Alice winked and led him down the hall a little more. "This here is the meditation room, facing east so my mom can do yoga and meditate while the sun rises. It's actually pretty peaceful when I do come down here." there wasn't much to the room, but it was painted very warm and calming with hardwood floors and plenty of sitting pillows. Leading him out the room and past the staircase Alice jabbed a finger towards a doorway.

"There's the kitchen. In case you didn't know." Jasper laughed as Alice threw the last bits of her breakfast in her mouth. In the very back of the house was an extremely large room with windows all around it.

"Here's the sun room."

"Sun room?" Jasper asked. The walls were a light green, and the floor looked bamboo, there were ceiling fans everywhere, and painted pictures of plants on all the walls, not to mention all the homemade looking furniture and cushions everywhere.

"I don't know. I like reading in here during the summer and fall." Jasper nodded his head and Alice led him to a room across the hall that somehow was connected the kitchen.

"The formal dining room, for holidays and stuff." Alice then led him upstairs to the second floor. There were only four doors on the floor and each was widely spread apart.

"What's up with the four doors?" Jasper asked with an arched eyebrow.

"My mom's room, bathroom, and the guest rooms are on this floor. They're all like massive though." Alice shrugged. "And now that you know what's up here we can go to the third floor." she smiled.

The third floor only had three doors to it, which was also really weird. "This is my floor, or pretty much my floor. This is where my room, and the last guest room and bathroom are. Since we rarely ever have guests though, this is my area. Now a quick tour of the basement and outside and I think we can actually do something serious." Alice led the way back down all the stairs and to the basement door. Jasper was softly whistling behind her with his hands in his pockets.

"This is the game room, where I spend majority of the time. The only other thing down here is the office, so not much to see."

"You're getting lazier at this..."

"This isn't MTV Cribs, so I don't have to go into detail." They were walking out the sliding doors and were standing on the deck.

"This is my pool and jacuzzi. All the way down there is the gazebo and tennis court." Alice walked down the stairs and followed a walkway which was hidden in the woods. They walked up to a small cottage looking house. "This is the steam room, gym, and kind of guest house."

"How can it be a kind of guest house?" Jasper asked peering through the little windows.

"There's a bed in there, but no one really wants to sleep somewhere that smells like sweat. Actually, it doesn't even smell like sweat since we haven't used the place in three years..." Alice trailed off, leading the way down the path a little more. They reached a small opening surround by trees, with little hanging lights hung in them.

"What's this?"

"This Jasper, is where we hold the more formal outdoor parties. Though it's a great place to look at stars during the night." Alice winked at Jasper and took his hand.

"Are you implying that we look at stars? Cause if so, I'm up." Jasper smiled, kissing her cheek.

"Maybe I am, now that you've seen my crib, you ain't gotta go home. But you gotta get the hell outta here!" Alice laughed and started running back towards the main house. When she walked in the home phone was ringing so she answered it.


"Alice? This is Rosalie's mom, can you please just...come by and...well, me and her father have decided to let you have a few of her things to remember her by. Can you just stop by soon?" Mrs. Hale sounded like she'd been crying for years. Reality once again set in on Alice. She once again remembered her best friend had just been murdered, and here she was running around having a good ol' time with her boyfriend. Some friend she was.

"Are you still there sweetie?" Alice cleared her throat.

"Yeah, I'll be over soon Mrs. Hale." her voice was barely over a whisper and she hung up the phone.

"What happened?" Jasper asked touching her shoulder concerned.

"You have to go home, I have something to take care of..." Alice choked grabbing her car keys.

"Are you sure? I can go with you wherever you're-"

"Jasper, just leave. I'll be back later." Alice was starting to cry and put on her over sized sunglasses heading out the door.


Jasper left and walked back next door to his house. Alice sat in her car an began slowly driving to the Hale's house. It wasn't a very long drive, but Alice didn't want to let it be etched in her head that her friend since like forever had died and would never be back. The house sat on top of a hill looking gloomy, which was odd because it was actually a sunny autumn day outside. Alice pulled up the long driveway and prepared herself for the worst. She got out the car and knocked on the large front door, squaring her shoulders.

Not long after Mrs. Hale was standing there, in sweats with puffy red eyes, and no make up on. Alice crumbled and somehow she was now hugging Mrs. Hale crying along with her.

They remained like that for what seemed like hours, until Alice just couldn't produce anymore tears. She pulled back and just kind of stared at Mrs. Hale, who was a usually well put together woman of power.

"I'm so sorry Alice." Mrs. Hale whispered, walking to the kitchen.

"It's not your fault." Alice tried to smile for reassurance, knowing full well that it definitely wasn't Mrs. Hale's fault. They both sat down at the breakfast table across from each other.

"Why her? What made her deserve this, my little girl." Mrs. Hale shook her head.

"No one deserves it, especially not Rosalie..." Alice whispered.

"Then why? And why would her friend kill her? Alice, I'm sure you know."

"Well...Mrs. Hale, I have something to tell you..." Alice didn't want to really tell anyone except the police about this, but Mrs. Hale kind of needed to know from her mouth. The look in her eyes was so, detached and sad. Her one and only child had just died, of being murdered. Alice couldn't imagine the world of hurt that she was going through.

"Bella didn't mean to kill Rosalie...it was an accident...what happened was, Rosalie had texted me earlier that day to invite me to a party. I came back, well because, I hadn't talked to her in months and she actually wanted to hang out with me. She told me it was at the old warehouse near the river and I went, though I felt suspicious."

"Rosalie never told me about any party..." Mrs. Hale looked confused.

"I guess not. Anyways, I got there and was fooled, the only people there were Rosalie and Bella. Rose told be to sit down so we could talk, and I did. She was telling me how much I ruined her life, and how I always stole her light and stuff like that. I just sat there and listened. When she finished, she pulled out a knife and attacked me. She told me I needed to die, because if I did, her life would be perfect. I tried to hold her off, and eventually I did get the knife out of her hands..." Mrs. Hale was clutching her throat, eyes wide, hearing exactly how her precious daughter had died.

"No," she gasped.

"Bella grabbed the knife though. She started walking towards Rosalie and I, with an evil look in her eyes. She aimed the knife at me, but when she lunged towards me she closed her eyes, and missed. She had got Rosalie right in the heart...." Alice was crying again, having another flashback.

"No!" Mrs. Hale screamed and threw her head on the table, prying her hands through her blond hair. Alice stood up and walked behind Mrs. Hale, patting and rubbing her back. She just kept say no, over and over again until she started humming 'Mary had a little lamb' softly. Finally, she sat up and tried to compose herself.

"I'm so sorry Alice, I didn't know. I'm happy you're still alive, but... Why did you all have to be victims?" Mrs. Hale shook her head and poured herself a glass of water.

"I don't know Mrs. Hale, I'm sorry..." Alice stood there looking out the window at the sunny day outside.

"Come upstairs...pick out what you want, please, you deserve it." Mrs. Hale led Alice up the all too familiar stairs towards Rosalie's room...or what use to be her room. The door was closed, but there was sunlight leaking out the bottom of the door. Alice opened the door and walked in.

"I'll leave you alone for a second." Mrs. Hale said softly, closing the door behind her.

Standing alone in familiar room, Alice was hit with a million memories. She found herself curled into a small ball, laying on Rosalie's soft plush carpet. Crying.


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