Hello everyone and welcome to another battle of Deadliest Warrior. This is now going to be a chapter by chapter format with each chapter being a different fight. For the First battle I have decided to put the winners of the two previous fights against one another. In a near reflection of each other and their styles, the Drow Elf faces off against the ANBU to see who is the greater warrior. Also this one will be a five on five battle this time.

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Like before we see a figure, he has white hair and ebony skin and is wearing armor as well as a sword strapped to his side and is carrying a hand crossbow.

Narrator: Drow Elf, feared and skillful warrior of the Underdark and servant of Lloth.

A group of Drow is shown hiding in secret and then leaping out and ambushing a group of unsuspecting Gnomes.

The second figure wears a mask to cover his face and has a sword strapped to his back within distance he also has a pair of kama and kunai on his belt.

Narrator: ANBU, assassin and merciless hunter of criminals.

A pair of ANBU shown working together take down their targets with ease and kill them.

Narrator: Who…is…Deadliest?

The adversaries are then shown facing one another in a five on five battle. The Leader of the Drow group clashes steel with The ANBU leader.

Narrator: Time and Space have been warped together to bring you matchups featuring the greatest warriors from different worlds of Anime, Gaming, and Literature. Only one will win in a duel to the death to determine who is the…

Deadliest Warrior

The scene changes once again back to the fight club where we see familiar faces from past battles looking over their gear.

Narrator: At the fight club, we have gathered a team of doctors, scientists, computer experts and weapon specialists to decide who would win today's match between a Drow Elf…

Drow Elf stats

Height: 5'5

Weight: 135 Ilbs

Weight of Gear: 20 Ilbs:

Homeland: Menzoberransan

Narrator: Against an ANBU

ANBU stats

Height: 5'6

Weight: 140 Ilbs:

Weight of Gear: 25 pounds

Style of Fighting: Ninjutsu

We see the specialists for each warrior, returning for the ANBU are Yamato and Sai whilst the Drow are once again represented by Kimmuriel Oblodra and Jarlaxle.

Narrator: Each side is confident they will be victorious.

"The ANBU like the Fire Bender before them has no idea what they are getting into, they defeated an Uruk but there's a big difference between fighting a savage orc and a cunning drow." Says Kimmuriel. "Plus, we brought a little something extra for one of our weapons today." He holds out a bolt for the hand crossbow but it is tipped with poison.

"An ANBU would be cannon fodder in the world of the Drow. They may be skilled but are just a selective few. The weakest Drow is capable of defending himself against his foes as he never stops training himself." Jarlaxle said as well.

But The ANBU are not intimidated.

"I think these Drow have exaggerated how powerful they are, it doesn't matter how long you are able to live wither it be fifty years or five hundred years, someone can still kill you no matter how young or old you are. We ANBU are trained to be emotionless assassin's to not let anything cloud our heads and stay focused on the target." Yamato responds speaking for his team.

Narrator: Our experts are divided as well.

"I think the Drow will win due to the fact he is a warrior 24/7, there's no rest for him as he is always on alert." Says Geoff Desmoulins a biomedical scientist and high speed camera operator
"The ANBU will take this due to the fact that in the battle in the Uruk-hai the explosive tag gave them the victory, I think it will do the same against these dark elves." Says Max Geiger an Computer Expert who runs the super computer that will analyze the data

Narrator: But since talk is cheap our experts begin the testing, pitting four Drow Weapons against Five ANBU weapons.

Drow weapons:

Long Sword

Long Knife

Hand Crossbow with poison tipped bolts


The Drow is also wearing armor, chain mail to cover his chest and arms

ANBU weapons





Explosive Tag.

Narrator: For close range, The Drow went first with the Long Sword

Jarlaxle wielding the blade stabs it into a gel dummy's chest and then pulls it out and slashes it into it's throat area in a beheading motion. When examined by the wounds specialist Dr. Armand Dorian it was shown to have suffered severe damage to the rib and neck area nearly cutting off the Gel dummy's head. A blow like that is easily a killing blow. Jarlaxle then is shown using it on a dead pig and cuts through it with little difficulty.

Narrator: The ANBU then use their own, the Ninjato.

Yamato stands in front of his target and in a series of blinding attacks slices his way into the gel dummy, when examined and shown on Max Geiger's computer he has delivered over five different killing blows and another one that would appear due to internal bleeding

The Drow however are not convinced and say their chain mail will protect them. To test this out a pig wearing chain mail like they would is brought up and Yamato goes at it again. However despite it's razor sharpness the chain mail which is used to deflect slashing weapons easily manages to deflect with only a few rings broken.

Narrator: Due to it's ineffectiveness against Chain mail the Ninjato loses to the Long Sword.

Edge: Drow

Narrator: Next we tested out mid range weapons, The Drow's Long Knife and The ANBU's Kama.

Kimmuriel wielding the sharp knives stabs one into the head of a target and then slices it's throat with another. On examination by Dr. Dorian the knife managed to go into the skull near the brain area and the throat is badly damaged and the target would soon die as well. Kimmuriel than shows it's versatility by throwing four knives into targets and sticking into them in the chest and lung areas.

But Sai answers' back with the Kama and tears off pieces of dead cow flesh from his target and to show his aim throws and sticks them into them. He then shows to Geoff Desmoulin and demonstrates how a ninja could use them to disarm a foe and separate his weapons showing that it is more than just a killing weapon.

Narrator: Due to it's more uses The Kama gets the edge.


Narrator: Next the ANBU fired first with their shuriken and kunai.

Yamato and Sai each holding one throw them lightning fast at a target hitting their targets including one in the eyes. When shown on the computer it shows it took less than half a second for them to throw and hit them as the accuracy is precise. But when tested against chain mail although they managed to hit the chest areas there was no signs of major damage.

Narrator: And The Drow fired back with the Hand Crossbow.

Jarlaxle fires a regular shot at a target and hits it in the stomach. He then takes one tipped with poison and shots the gel dummy in the arm. When asked by Geoff why he shot him in the arm he mentioned for them to examined it and when they looked at the dummy it was shown to have poison going throughout his body and sapping his strength immediately, within a few minutes a victim who is shot no matter what body part is hit would be unable to lift a finger and be helpless.

Narrator: Due to its poison, the hand crossbow gets the edge.

Edge: Drow

Narrator: Finally for special weapons the drow brought out their mace.

Kimmuriel slams his mace into his target's head and does damage to it. When looked at by Dr. Dorian the victim would suffer an concussion at the very least and suffer neck and spinal injury as well if hit in the back of the neck.

Narrator: And The ANBU used the explosive tag

The setting is outside with three dead pigs being held up by ropes, two of them are bare while the third one is wearing chain mail. An explosive tag is set in the middle of them and it is lit and after a few tense seconds goes off creating a cloud of smoke. When the smoke is revealed all three pigs have been damaged, the one wearing the chain mail has taken injury as well as the chain mail didn't protect it. When examined it shows that it's stomach took the most damage.

Narrator: The Explosive Tag due to its power takes the edge.


Back at the fight club all of the specialists have gathered around the super computer.

Narrator: The testing is done and the results have been put into the computer. For the first time, this will be a five on five battle to the finish instead of the previous one on one match ups. To make sure that a fluke hit doesn't decide the outcome, the battle will be simulated one thousand times.

It is a battle of unique styles, Cunning…

The Drow are shown lying in wait and then when the right moment comes slaughters a group of unsuspecting goblins.

vs. Stealth

A group of ANBU leap across the rooftops going past unsuspecting guardsmen on their pursuit.


A Drow fires his hand crossbow at another poisoning him and draining his strength.

Vs Precision

An unsuspecting guard is stabbed several in the times in the back and collapses with Kunai and Shuriken sticking out of his back thrown by two ANBU

It is a fight to the finish…to determine who is the Deadliest Warrior

Max hit's a key on the computer and the battle begins.

The setting unlike the previous meadow areas this time is at a hotel building. On the rooftop we see five ANBU, one of them the leader of the group is giving directions for the group as they open a window and climb in quietly without making a sound.

Inside the hotel we see five Drow on high alert. The Leader mentions for the others to be silent as they make their way through. Each one has a hand near his weapon as they search the hotel.

Seeing nothing they come to the lobby of it when suddenly a shuriken flies into the room and sticks into a wall near one of the Drow's head. The Drow draw their weapons as in a flash of smoke The Five ANBU appear in front of them. The two groups have their weapons out as neither make the first move.

One of the ANBU starts to reach towards his pocket secretly for a weapon. But two of the Drow sees it happening and fire their hand crossbows hitting him in the chest killing him. The ANBU before he dies throws a kunai which misses. The groups then go into action.

The ANBU split up each going in four different directions, The Drow Leader mentions for them to go after him with two going after one. One ANBU races up the stairs with a Drow after him, drawing his Ninjato he slashes at him he brings his Long Sword up to deflect. The ANBU has the advantage due to being up higher as the two fight their way up the stairs trading attacks. They continue their fight going past the stairs to the second floor and engage in a test of strength pitting steel against steel. The Drow tries to rush him into a door but the ANBU fights back and out powers him and forces him back to a wooden rail, attempting to toss him off the floor. The rail breaks but the Drow grabs him and pulls him down with him the two crashing on the counter smashing it to pieces.

Each both hurt The ANBU is the first to recover and before the Drow could recover the ANBU stabs him in the skull with a kunai killing him. But before he could celebrate he is stabbed from behind by the Leader of The group of Drow making his victory a short lived one.

Drow 4 ANBU 3

The ANBU being pursued by two Drow turns around and pulls out his Kama. One Drow wielding a Mace charges him and attacks him. The ANBU twirls his weapons expertly and disarms him. He then launches them at him, The Drow knowing he couldn't survive that grabs his companion and places him in front of him as a shield. The blades stab into him in his chest and throat area killing him.

The Drow discards his shield and pulls out a knife from the sleeve of his shirt. He throws it and hits him in the shoulder and The ANBU runs away. Drawing his sword the Drow gives chase as he pursues him down a flight of stairs leading to a basement. Losing track of him the Drow looks around and out of the corner of his eye running past a doorway his target. Grinning he charges into the room but to his surprise doesn't see a thing. Suddenly The ANBU who was hanging on the ceiling drops down behind him and exit's the room closing the door. The Drow goes to chase after him but then smells fire. He looks down and he saw in horror two lit explosive tags about to go off.

The ANBU hearing the explosion turns around and heads back up the stairs knowing he is dead.

Drow 2 ANBU 3

A lone ANBU is seen facing off against the Drow Leader. He throws a kunai at him which he deflects with his mace. The ANBU goes for some shuriken but the Drow is faster and hits him in the head with his mace and then sticks a knife into his heart. Spatting at the body and retrieving his knife he exit's the room hearing sounds of battle.

Drow 2 ANBU 2

The ANBU leader dodges the fired bolts of a enemy Drow and gets out his Ninjato. He slashes at him but the chain mail manages to absorb most of the damage. He then goes for his unprotected head but the Drow ducks and swings his mace which he avoids. He goes to hit him again but the leader avoids and throws a shuriken hitting him in the arm. The remaining ANBU runs up from the stairs leading to the basement and sees his leader in trouble goes to aid him. But as he goes to help him he is cut off by the Drow leader appearing in front of him, he brings his Ninjato up but due to the wound he received earlier is unable to hold him off to long and The Drow leader plunges his long sword into his heart.

Seeing the last enemy occupied he gets out his hand crossbow and aims and fires his last poisoned bolt at him. The ANBU Leader hears the clicking sound and on pure instinct moves aside and puts the Drow he was facing in front of him who gets it in the side of the neck and poisoning him. Seeing the Drow leader he runs off heading to a different room. The Drow Leader paces after him and seeing his only companion squirming in pain he glares at him and kills him himself and takes his hand crossbow since he had ran out of bolts.

Drow 1 ANBU 1

The ANBU leader running through a room by stops when he hears the Drow Leader calling at him. He gets his Ninjato out and the two go into a flurry of attacks with neither gaining the advantage over the other.

The ANBU lights his explosive tag and throws it but the Drow moves out of the way avoiding it as it destroys a sofa. He gets out a knife and going low cuts him in the leg making the ANBU curse in pain. The ANBU returns the favor by cutting him in the arm with a kunai drawing a line of blood on his arm. The Drow hisses in pain but says nothing as he thrusts his long sword at him. The ANBU narrowly dodges as he is limping as his leg was injured. The ANBU leader slashes at him with his ninjato but it is easily deflected by the Drow Leader. The Drow hits him in the head with his mace stunning him but the ANBU manages to recover before he could be killed.

Knowing he can't win like this he starts to run away but is slower due to his wounded leg. The Drow walks after him confident that victory was his, he draws out his long sword as they are nearing a dead end he charges after him and thrusts his sword preparing to kill him.

But he only hit wood instead.

Before he could be killed The ANBU got a last second burst of energy and using his speed and agility managed to run up the wall before he could be killed and did a back flip putting him behind the surprised Drow. Before he could react The ANBU Leader stabbed him in the back with his Ninjato penetrating his chain mail and going into his heart. The Drow Leader tries to let out a scream of denial but is unable too as he falls to the floor on his back dead.

The ANBU Leader sheathes his weapon and bows in respect to his fallen foe before limping out of the room.

Winner: ANBU

Narrator: The ANBU defeated ANBU won with 542 kills. The Explosive tag like before managed to let it obtain a victory with over three hundred kills the most kills for a weapon so far

ANBU kills 542

Ninjato: 68

Kama: 125

Shuriken: 21

Kunai: 16

Explosive tag: 312

Narrator: The Drow wasn't far behind with 458 kills, despite their prowess skill individuality, the Drow are unaccustomed to fighting in groups. A lack of teamwork plus the chain mail's ineffectiveness against Explosive tags spelled their defeat.

Drow kills 458

Long Sword: 247

Long Knife: 47

Hand Crossbow: 106

Mace: 58

Back at the fight club we hear from our specialists.

"The ANBU won cause unlike the Drow they can work together, most Drow don't work together as they don't trust anyone including their own kin. Maybe if it was one on one they would've won but in a group battle the ANBU would win hands down." Said Max Geiger.

"I was a bit surprised actually, I thought for sure the Drow would win. But unfortunately for them they are not good team players." Says Geoff Desmoulin.

We then see a disappointed Jarlaxle and Kimmuriel. "Perhaps it is time for the Drow to understand the value of working together." Said Jarlaxle able to handle the bitter loss

We then see Yamato and Sai. "The Drow are worthy adversaries but only an ANBU could possibly defeat another ANBU, so Drow Elves there is no shame in losing to the greatest warriors of all time." Said Yamato.

We then see the Five ANBU standing next to one another on top of a building. Simultaneously each one leaps off the building disappearing as quickly as they had appeared.

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