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In Modern group vs. group combat The ANBU…

The ANBU Captain is shown impaling the Drow Leader through the back


The Deepground Sniper snipes the last of the Krimzon Guard

Saika Renegades…

The Saika Renegade is shown shooting the East India Trade Company soldier

And The Yuuzhan Vong…

The Yuuzhan leader impales the Millennium captain with a Plasma Eel and detonates it.

All proved victorious in the field of combat. But the question remains.


To find out, our world-class fighters are testing history's most lethal weapons. Using twenty-first century science, we'll see what happens when the two warriors go toe-to-toe.

No rules, no safety, no mercy. It's a duel to the death to decide who is…

The Deadliest Warrior

The setting changes to the fight club and we see three men enter the place.

"Ah, good to be back." Geoff Desmoulin says a smile on his face.

"You guys ready to get started?" Max Geiger the computer expert asks.

"Once I get my gloves and equipment I'm ready for anything." Dr. Armand Dorian says as well.

The group set up things and begin discussing past fights.

"I think it's time to see who is our best of the best. We've had a lot of fights happen but lets see who truly is our Deadliest Warrior." Geoff says to the others

"Sounds fine to me." Max says to him. "What do you want to do first? Single or Group battle?"

"Let's start with group." Dr. Dorian says and picking up a remote presses a button and scenes from the past battles are shown.

In previous battles are victors where, The Saika Renegades The Sengoku Era's gun toting mercenaries who triumphed over the EITC. The ANBU Konoha's master assassins who slew the Drow Elves. The Yuuzhan Vong Savage war extremists who sent Millennium to their graves. And Deepground The secret branch of Shinra that put out the Krimzon Guard.

"Okay let's see here." Geoff says as a picture of the four where on the screen. "The ANBU is a no brainer here. He only has the explosive tag as any sort of modern weapon and is more subject to face people from his own place instead of those with guns." He says and hit's the Button and the ANBU is removed from the screen.

"What about Deepground?" Max says to them. "He's got fine firearms and weapons. A Rocket Launcher, plus the Sniper Rifle. I think he's a clear choice." He says and the others agree.

"Right and that leaves with the Yuuzhan Vong and the Saika Renegades. The Yuuzhan Vong possess weaponry that is out of this world. While The Saikas although they have good firearms and weapons for their time they just wouldn't matchup to either group." Dr. Dorian says and hit's a button that removes the Renegades and leaves the other two on it.

"Than it's decided. Yuuzhan Vong vs. Deepground."

To decide who is the best group fighter it will be Deepground, The hidden force bred beneath Midgar that sought the destruction of the planet.

DeepGround stats

Height: 6'0

Weight: 145 Ilbs

Weight of Gear: 21 Ilbs

Armor: None

Versus the Yuuzhan Vong, battle hardened extremists who in a brutal conquest brought The Republic to its knees.

Yuuzhan Vong stats

Height: 5'9

Weight: 200

Weight of Gear: 20

Armor: Crab plate

To represent the two squads, two people are brought back to test out the weapons. One is a man cloaked in red with black hair while the other representing his species.

For The Yuuzhan Vong Tsavong Lah shall once again represent the warriors while Vincent Valentine is here to show off Deepground's feared tactics.

"The Yuuzhan Vong shall emerge victorious simply due to that we have beaten everyone else who faced us." Tsavong Lah says confident. "We would regard this Deepground the same way we would regard a fly."

"Deepground isn't some thrown together group." Vincent Valentine says. "They where breed together, raised, trained, killed together into a force that shows no mercy. The Yuuzhan Vong are overestimating themselves."

In a five on five battle each groups brings in a deadly arsenal.

The Yuuzhan Vong spread havoc on the battlefield with

Plasma Eel

Razor Bug


And Blast Bug

Deepground shall answer fire with

DG-42 Assault Rifle

Rocket Launcher


And The DG-12 Sniper Rifle

But first we must know the Warriors behind the weapons.

The Yuuzhan Vong where a race of war extremists who only had one goal. Conquest of the Galaxy

"We know everything about war and embrace it." Tsavong says. "To us, we loathe the idea of peace. If one of us came upon a hundred enemies, he would gladly charge right into the fray."

The Yuuzhan Vong quickly began a conquest. Using weapons and tools from their own home planet and worlds they conquered the Galaxy.

"We fight, for glory, for carnage, for the Gods." He says beaming with pride. "What do they fight for? The Yuuzhan Vong left trillions of lives dead in the dirt and the same thing will happen to these Humans as well."

However, DeepGround is not a force to go down without a fight.

After the fall of Shinra, The hidden section of SOLDIERS known as DeepGround emerged from the ruins of Midgar.

"Like the rest, DeepGround where warriors who had used Mako to strengthen themselves. They where breed and trained for one purpose and will give their life to see it fulfilled." Vincent says.

Under the command of Weiss The Immaculate, DeepGround began their insane quest to awaken the Weapon known as Omega in order to recreate the world.

"They sought to kill all life and begin the world anew even though it wasn't time for the World to be reborn. They where often one step ahead of the WRO in their plans with their spies and network. It took everything we had to stop them. DeepGround prizes strategy and intellect, that's how their plan nearly worked. That is the reason they'll win."

Both sides are confident. But what about our experts?

"I'm going with The Yuuzhan Vong this time." Geoff says to the camera. "I think their weapons and unpredictably will once again make them victorious."

"I am going with DeepGround. Like the Yuuzhan they are trained for one goal in mind. However, unlike Millennium before their weapons are a bit more advanced and the resources they have make them a keen threat to all." Max says going with them.

With the sides picked it's time to begin testing and see who has the edge

In Medium Range The Soldier Blade went up against The Amphistaff

The group are shown in front of a scene reviewing past data. "Alright, Tsavong you Amphistaff is the most unique of weapons as its actually four in one." Geoff says to the group. "Vincent, the only way to make this fair is to see if the SOLDIER blade can go through the Yuuzhan Armor."

Vincent taking the sword in hand stands in front of a Gel Torso covered with the crab like armor. When given the command he swungs the blade and hits it. And bringing it back he thrusts it and slashes it once more.

The damage is less than impressive.

"Okay, what I'm getting here is that you weren't able to penetrate through." Dr. Dorian says as the Armor showed no signs of serious damage. "You may stun him with a thrust attack but other than that, it's not going to do much damage to him."

Tsavong smirks amused. "With a weapon like that you'd be asking for death. Not even Lightsabers can go through our armor."

The group is then shown talking.

"The Edge for Short Range goes to the Amphistaff and we didn't even need to test it this time. It's more adaptable and plus it can kill while the SOLDIER just can't match up to it." Geoff says to them.

"Agreed, even if it could go through the Yuuzhan Armor, the Amphistaff has more uses than it and can even be used as a gun." Max says nodding his head.

In Short Range The Amphistaff gets the edge.

Edge Yuuzhan Vong

"Alright now then for Medium Range it's Razor Bug vs. The Assault Rifle." Max says to them. "While The Razor Bug is nice and an unpredictable weapon, you only got one of them to use." He says to them.

"If so, than you be gunned down before you even throw it." Vincent says coolly. "The Assault Rifle was the Bane of many WRO agents."

"True, you do have a better weapon than us but it matters little on the battlefield." Tsavong says sneering at the gun in disgust.

"So in Medium Range The Assault Rifle is the choice, once you throw the Razor Bug it's gone. With The Rifle you have a lot more ammo." Dr. Dorian says to them.

"Agreed, Edge to the DG-42 Assault Rifle." Geoff says nodding his head.

In Medium Range The DG-42 gets the edge.

Edge DeepGround

In Explosive weapons, The Plasma Eel was matchup against the Rocket Launcher.

The group are shown reviewing past data and witnessing the explosions dealt by both.

"In this one I'm stumped. Both of them have the same explosion power and radius." Geoff says to them.

"DeepGround has the advantage over range," Vincent points out. "They can nail you from afar with it, further than you can toss that Eel."

"Yours is too heavy," Tsavong argues. "By the time you've managed to hoist that thing up and aim, I'd already on you and tearing your head off. We may lack distance, but we can do it in a flick of a second with our Plasma Eels."

Geoff, Max, and Dorian are shown talking about who gets the edge.

"This is a tough one to me, on the one hand you have great range with the Rocket Launcher, on the other hand it's heavy and clunky and could be a burden which gives The Plasma Eel a chance." Geoff says to them.

"Both do have great explosion power and we saw with the Panzerfaust that the armor can't stand up to a weapon like that or the Rocket Launcher. I'm going to have to say, it's even." Max says

"I'm going to have to agree with Max on this." Dr. Dorian points in. "Both weapons are great but they each lack something that would give them the edge over the other. For that, it's a draw."

In Explosive Weapons, The Plasma Eel and Rocket Launcher reach a stalemate

Edge Even

Finally in Long Range we reviewed DeepGround's most revered and feared weapon against a most unexpected weapon used by The Yuuzhan Vong.

The group are then overlooking past videos showing the DG-12 Sniper Rifle and the Blast Bug.

"Okay, we got a Long Distance gun against what is essential a Hidden Bomb." Max says to the group. "The Sniper Rifle had great distance but so does The Blast Bug as it only needs to sense one trace of body heat to go after its target."

"I think you underestimate DeepGround's firearms." Vincent says to Tsavong who growls at him. He hoists the Rifle up and points at the scope. "This will take down anyone from nearly a thousand feet. I've seen bombs before but I'd prefer to trust my life with this than with that." He says pointing at the Blast Bug.

"You humans rely too much on technology, The Blast Bug once it detects body heat will go after you and won't stop until it reaches its target, so even if you do shot me with that thing, you'll be dead within seconds afterwards." Tsavong counters.

So who has the edge in Long Range

"DG-12 vs. Blast Bug?" Geoff says and shakes his head. "I'm reminded just how dangerous DeepGround truly is after seeing that in action. The Blast Bug is nice but it's capabilities pale in comparison to that."

"Agreed, Edge to the Sniper Rifle." Max says as well.

In Long Range The DG-12 Sniper Rifle takes it.

Edge DeepGround

After all the tests and examinations, we are minutes away from deciding who is the Deadliest Warrior. But first there is an factor that must be taken in, An X-Factor that both Warriors have.

For DeepGround their X-Factor is their training and mindset for one goal

"DeepGround where trained ruthlessly and efficiently to obtain their goal." Vincent says. "They just wouldn't stop. You kill twenty of them and twenty more would take their place. They where that determined to obtain their goal and awaken Omega and recreate the World. They had it driven into their heads beneath Midgar what they had to do to succeed and would give his or her life for that cause. When you're facing a organization that's that determined to succeed no matter the cost, you're in for the fight of your life."

For The Yuuzhan Vong, Their X-Factor is their wars and conquest in the name of the Gods.

"What do people fight for?" Tsavong asks. "Food, Money, Spice? A Yuuzhan fights for one thing and only one thing. Battle and glory to the Gods. Every battle we make and conquest we do we do it in the name of the gods. If we lose an eye or a limb we're not cast out by our brethren like the so called superior species, we are treated as demigods who gave sacrifices to our conquest. We view war in all its glory as we conquered planet after planet. Nothing could stop us, not droids, not battleships, not even Jedi."

It is now time to determine once and for all, Yuuzhan Vong or DeepGround? Who is the Deadliest Warrior?

Max has input all the data into the Super Computer and hit's a key, starting it up.

The Battle…

A group of Yuuzhan Vong warriors are shown dragging A Deepground Captain to a location. Setting him up the leader of the group slugs him hard in the face. They where in a swamp like area. They had found and captured the soldier unaware of who he was or what he was doing here.

The Leader commanded the Deepground to speak but he didn't respond. Ordering him in his tongue to answer and growing more and more frustrated at his refusal to speak.

Not far away a squad of DeepGround soldiers crept up on the group that was unaware they where behind them from a distance. Seeing what was going on one man signals to his comrade to aim his Sniper Rifle and wait for the signal.

The Leader continues interrogating the man but gets no info. One of the others hoists his Amphistaff up and threatens to stab him with it if he didn't talk.

The Captain responded by spitting at him which only made him madder.

DeepGround 5 Yuuzhan Vong 5

He got ready to ran him through with it when…


A shot went through the air and hit him directly in the head killing him instantly and dropping his weapon as he had been sniped from afar by The DeepGround Sniper.

The others looked around in confusion at what just happened and in that moment The Captain hit one in the side and ran off.

DeepGround 5 Yuuzhan Vong 4

The Yuuzhan roared and chased after him but a hail of bullets being fired at him halted their advance. The weary Captain saw his comrades and one of them tossed him a Assault Rifle which he catches reunited with his comrades.

The Yuuzhan take cover and one of them reaches towards his belt and pulls out a bug. Grinning he chucks it at a rifle wielding soldier.

The Deepground Soldier feels a pain in his arm and looks and sees a bug with sharp teeth gnawing at his arm. The Razor Bug had pierced through the clothing and was tearing into the flesh. He called out and tried to pry it off.

The Deepground soldiers not understanding what was happening to him suddenly are attacked by two Yuuzhan wielding their Amphistaffs. One DeepGround Soldier slashes at him with a Blade but is blocked and then stabbed in the chest by it killing him.

The DeepGround soldiers and their Captain flee but the one trying to pull off the Bug was too occupied and unaware of the danger.

He looks up and sees a Stream of Acid coming at him hitting him directly in the face searing through his helmet. He screams and falls down clutching his face.

The next thing he knew was a sharp pain in his abdomen as well as a twisting jerk as his life was ended.

DeepGround 3 Yuuzhan Vong 4

Taking pursuit after the DeepGround forces a shot rang out and another Yuuzhan fell down with a hole in his head.

From afar The DeepGround Sniper nodded his head as they scattered.

DeepGround 3 Yuuzhan Vong 3

The Captain and a female DeepGround Soldier see from afar the vehicle they had come in. If they got to that, they could take the Yuuzhan by surprise with it. Mentioning to his comrade they made their way hastily keeping an eye out for any enemies.

A roar was heard from behind and they turned and saw a very ANGRY Yuuzhan march out of the woods. Hoisting their rifles they fire at him. The Yuuzhan ducks behind a rock and growling reaches towards an Eel like creature on his belt. The Eel turned itself into a Spear like object and he threw it at them.

The DeepGround soldiers pull back a bit as the Spear lands a few feet from them. They see it glowing suddenly and The Captain realizes it's actually a bomb about to go off and shouts to retreat.


The explosion went off and the two where knocked off their feet and to the ground. The Captain winces having just escaped the radius of the blast but couldn't avoid the aftershock. He looked at his comrade and saw she wasn't moving. She had been caught in it and the force of the explosion and impact had killed her

DeepGround 2 Yuuzhan Vong 3

Taking his Rifle from her he picks himself up and fires at the Yuuzhan Vong. The beastly warrior looking out to see if they was both dead didn't expect to see a Survivor and was meet with a hail of Bullets. The Bullets go through his armor's weak points hitting the chest and heart area of him. He staggers to stand up but is littered with more bullets including one in the neck killing him.

DeepGround 2 Yuuzhan Vong 2

The Yuuzhan Leader and another Warrior with Amphistaffs in hand where looking around for the DeepGround soldiers when a shot fires out and narrowly misses the Leader's head. They instantly duck behind a pair of trees for protection.

The Leader looks out and faintly he can see far away in a tree The DeepGround Sniper aiming with his DG-12 Sniper Rifle. Growling at his tactics he mentions to the other who nods knowing what to do.

Pulling out what looked like a small bug he then reached out and threw it and instantly it went off in search of body heat.

A few moments passed and their was a small explosion which made them grin. Getting out from the trees they headed on. They passed through and saw a body and The Leader made extra sure to step on the body of the dead Sniper.

DeepGround 1 Yuuzhan Vong 2

The DeepGround Captain had reached the vehicle and grinned at having reached it. He picked up a Radio to communicate from it and then saw a Rocket Launcher there. Putting the Radio away a plan was devising in his head as he reached for the heavy weapon.

The Yuuzhan Warriors not far away saw the vehicle and ran towards it. They inspected it but couldn't find anything of use in it. The leader looked around wanting to know where the last one was.

A voice was heard and they whipped around and their eyes widened when they saw The DeepGround Captain a distance away.

And hoisted on his shoulder was The Rocket Launcher…

He pulled the trigger and let it loose soaring right at them and the Vehicle.


The area became a great fireball as the Vehicle and Yuuzhan Vong where sent sky high as flames leaped into the air from the explosion.

The DeepGround Captain overlooked The Carnage that the fight had spewed and hoisted a fist into the air.

"HAIL WEISS!" He shouted victorious and the Lone Survivor.

Winner DeepGround

After the Course of One Thousand Battles, DeepGround Emerged Victorious and proven to be our Deadliest Group Warrior with five hundred and thirty nine kills. Their best weapon once again was their DG-12 Sniper Rifle

DeepGround Kills

DG-42 Assault Rifle: 109

Rocket Launcher: 110

DG-12 Sniper Rifle: 310

SOLDIER Blade: 10

Total: 539

The Yuuzhan Vong only scored 461 kills. Their best weapon was their Plasma Eel Despite their ferocity and bloodlust, they fell short.

Yuuzhan Vong Kills

Plasma Eel: 201

Razor Bug: 56

Blast Bug: 100

Amphistaff: 104

Total: 461

At the Fight Club we hear from the experts.

"I think DeepGround won and claimed the title of Deadliest Group Warrior was because of their strategy and intelligence." Dr. Dorian says. "Whilst with the Yuuzhan Vong although skilled in battle are more concerned with wrecking destruction.

"DeepGround won once again because of their Sniper Rifle. With a weapon like that on your side, the battle's yours for the taking." Geoff Desmoulin says as well.

"The Yuuzhan Vong brought down the Republic." Tsavong says disbelief on his face at the results. "That computer's probably made from Shinra."

"I had little doubt," Vincent Valentine says his arms folded across his chest. "There is a clear reason why they won and are in fact The Deadliest Warrior."

DeepGround Soldiers are shown aiming with their Assault Rifles, prepared to fire at the screen.

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