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Warnings: Slash HP/BZ

Authors Note: This just hit me one day at work and I thought it was a cute little thing. Thank you Cyhyr darling for betaing. Even if your memory of Harry Potter characters is lacking, you are still a wonderful beta.

Blaise Knows

Blaise knows Harry better than anyone else.

He knows little things, like Harry hates potatoes, but loves broccoli.

Harry can't stand the color red because it reminds him of blood.

Harry has a soft spot for cats and always takes time to play with them and give them a treat.

Harry hates vanilla, but can never get enough of chocolate.

Harry loves the rain because the sound soothes him and makes him relax.

Harry is an early riser. He'll wake up to see the sunrise, even if he went to bed only a few hours ago.

Harry's favorite class is actually potions. Didn't you ever wonder how he managed to ruin all his potions without hurting anyone? If Harry was truly helpless at potions he'd be melting cauldrons and making explosions to best Neville. Instead, Harry's nearly flawless knowledge of potions and their components allowed him to cause flashy, but harmless disasters of even the simplest potions.

Harry can't stand being forced to do something. Make a suggestion, and Harry will willingly do it, but telling him he must do something is the fastest way to put his back up.

Blaise knows personal things like how Harry always bites his lip when he's concentrating.

When upset or angry Harry's eyes darken several shades and his left hand will start to twitch. When Harry is lying or hiding something his face will always go carefully neutral.

He knows that Harry has a bad habit of chewing on his quill when he is bored in class.

He knows that Harry is gay and in love.

Blaise knows other things too.

Like how Harry's relatives neglect him and sometimes smack him around.

He knows that after Sirius died Harry tried to commit suicide three times.

He knows that Harry was almost a Slytherin, and that Harry really is a Slytherin at heart.

He knows that Harry doesn't really like Ron and Hermione all that much anymore. Ever since the two got together, Harry has become a third wheel and has been left out. Now he mostly avoids them and gets annoyed when they don't know why.

Blaise knows that Harry wants nothing more than to destroy Voldemort and that he has trained relentlessly so that when he finally gets the chance to face the bastard, he will kill him once and for all.

It's because Blaise knows all of this that he isn't surprised to find Harry often standing by windows, or even outside, when it's raining.

He isn't surprised when Harry flips out on Granger one evening because she was badgering him about eating dessert (an ice cream sundae with chocolate-brownie ice cream and hot fudge) before he ate his baked potato that came with his steak and kidney pie dinner.

He wasn't surprised when, after Snape accused Harry of being unable to make any of the NEWT level potions correctly; Harry brewed an Amortentia potion so strong that even Snape was drawn to it.

He isn't surprised when Harry manages to blackmail Draco Malfoy into becoming a spy for the Order.

He isn't surprised when Harry defeats Voldemort.

He isn't even surprised when Harry kisses him and asks him to accompany him to Hogsmede.