Never Before

A/N: I was bored so I decided to write this. It's my first one-shot so yay!

Never before have I cared about someone who wasn't on my squad before. At least, not like this, no, never like this. Sure, I've had a few flings, a slight romance here and there. Once I even considered hanging around a girl the day after. I considered, very briefly.

I'm not a romance guru by far; rather girls just dig the mystery that the mask brings. I've never understood it. I've offered on plenty of occasions to reveal my face to them, every one of them declined. I wouldn't have shown them anyway. She was different.

I didn't even get to offer before she demanded it. As soon as we entered my home, she demanded that the mask part from my face. I was so shocked, I almost removed the cloth. She came very close to seeing my face.

She was, and is, so different from the other girls, they don't want to see the man under the mask, keeping cool and wearing the mask, that's all they wanted. She didn't like the mask, too much illusion. She actually made me wonder why I wore it.

When I was young, I knew without a doubt. My dad's suicide was a disgrace, it was more shameful than I can describe. After Obito died, I didn't want people to see how much it hurt. After Uchiha, Sasuke left, shame again told me to hide under the mask. But when I'm with her, I don't know.

Never before had I wore the mask. I've wondered why people wanted to see under it. I've never thought much about my personal appearance. To be entirely honest, I don't think it's anything to get worked up about. A face is a face, nothing more, nothing less.

But she didn't care about why. She just wanted it gone. She's said so on several occasions. She's just so, different. I don't know.

I've shown my sharingan to a few people, never without reason though. Many female spies have tried to get the secrets of the sharingan out of me, none have. With her though, she doesn't care about it. She said so herself "Damn it, Hatake. Just show me the face."

I still remember the several "dates" we've had. They were the same each time. But she always made it seem new. Every word she spoke sounded like a foreign language. Maybe it's because of how she lies. Yes, that might be it, she lies just enough to make the statement false, but not enough to make it untrue. I've never heard someone talk like that, nor could I do it. Even if my life was on the line. Maybe for her life, though.

She doesn't like fluffy items. I've been with quite a few girls who would be happy with a stuffed bunny, and then a "bunny" activity. But not her. I gave her a stuffed rabbit once; she slammed the door on my face. The next day I found a stick with a rabbit's corpse on it in my bedroom. Along with it was a note, it said "Nice try, Hatake."

I was so shocked, I went to see her. As soon as she saw me though, I got another door slammed in my face. When I asked her why she kept calling my Hatake, she responded "You're the only one, so you're Hatake." through her window.

Maybe one day. Maybe one day, her response to that question will be "You're one of the only Hatake's, so to me you're Hatake. Call me Hatake though, and I'll knock you into next week."

Hatake, Anko. To some it may sound a little forced, but to me, it's angelic.

A/N Any good? I'd like to think so. I know it's a little short, but other than that I think it's pretty good. Thank you for reading.