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Chapter 5:

Kitty was working hard in the work shop. She made the plans for the jet and had started building it.

"I hope Alan is alright..." Kitty thought to herself as she stopped for a moment. Just then she heard one of the creepling make noise at her.

"...Alright alright you don't have to get so upset..." Kitty said angrily. She gave a small sigh and continued to work.

In Megakat City

Callie was driving her car. She had to meet up with a hotel manager, to talk about the schedule of the up coming event.

"...I didn't forget any paperwork's...I have to get back to Jake...I wonder if they found her..." Callie thought to herself. She slowly came up to the hotel.

The Next Day

Jake and Chance hadn't gotten any word from Kitty at all. Kitty's grandparents also hadn't gotten any word.

"..." Chance said as he paced back and forth in front of the phone. Jake looked into the room.

"...Chance buddy...Pacing back and forth in front of the phone isn't going to help fixing cars or help in finding Kitty..." Jake replied. Chance stopped and looked at Jake.

"...I know...But I can't just sit and do nothing..." Chance replied. Jake slowly walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulders.

"I know how you feel...But...It's..." Jake tried to put his words together but couldn't because he really felt the same. He didn't want to just do nothing but they had nothing to work with. Just then the phone rang. The two looked at the phone.

"..." The two said. Jake quickly went over to the desk and picked the phone up.

"Hello Jake Clawson speaking." Jake said when he put the receiver to his ear.

"Miss. Briggs." Jake said. Chance's ears twitch a bit when he heard her name.

"Yes...Yes...Okay we'll be waiting for you." Jake said as he hung the phone up. Chance walked over to him.

"What did she say?" Chance asked. Jake looked at him.

"She's coming this way." Jake replied.

"Really? Did she say anything else?" Chance asked. Jake shook his head.

"No she didn't..." Jake replied.

"I see..." Chance said. The two went towards the garage and tried to work on some of the cars to pass the time till Callie arrives.

Few Hours Later

They heard a car coming up as the two looked up. They saw that the car that drove in was Callie's car.

"Miss. Briggs!" The two said once she stopped the car and came out.

"Jake, Chance!" Callie said as she walked over towards them.

"Thank you for coming." Jake said. Callie shook her head.

"It was nothing. I was able to get some time." Callie replied.

"About Kitty..." Chance said. Callie looked at him.

"I asked around and no one has seen her...I've asked the police and the Enforcers to keep an eye out." Callie replied.

"I see...Thank you again for helping us." Jake said.

"I hope that you fine her." Callie said.

Five Weeks Later

Kitty gave a small yawn as she stretched. She looked at the newly finished jet.

"..." Kitty said. She finished building Dark Kat's jet she didn't know how well it'll fly. Just then she heard footsteps as she turned around she saw that it was Dark Kat.

"Hmmmm it looks marvelous." Dark Kat said.

"...Thank you...All it needs is to be tested..." Kitty said. Dark Kat looked at her coldly. Kitty became stiff.

"Oh don't worry it'll work perfectly won't it?" Dark Kat said.

"...Uhhh...Yes sir..." Kitty replied. Dark Kat gave a small smile.

"Good." Dark Kat said.

"...Sir..." Kitty said. Dark Kat's look changed.

"What is it?" Dark Kat said coldly. Kitty tried to summon courage.

"I...Was wondering if...I could go see my little brother sir..." Kitty said. Dark Kat's look never changed.

"Well you did a wonderful job. I guess I could give you one minute to see your little brother." Dark Kat replied. Kitty's look slight changed.

"One minute? Can't..." Kitty hesitated a bit. Dark Kat narrowed his eyes. Kitty saw this and then bowed.

"...Sorry sir...One minute is enough time..." Kitty said. Dark Kat gave a small smile.

"Good. I'll have someone to take you to where your little brother is." Dark Kat said. Kitty bowed.

Thank you sir..." Kitty replied. Kitty was taken to her room as she waited for her escort. Kitty stared at the wall. She hoped that Alan's alright and that Dark Kat kept his word in not hurting him. Just then there was a knock at the door. Kitty looked over towards it.

"Yes?" Kitty said.

"I hope you're ready." The voice from behind the door said. Kitty got up.

"...I'm ready..." Kitty replied.

"Good." The voice said as the door opened standing there was a slender black fur male kat. Kitty looked at him.

"I don't have all day." The male kat said.

"Sorry..." Kitty replied. Soon as she stepped out of the room the black male kat stopped her.

"First you need to ware this." The male kat said as he handed her a blind fold. She looked at him.

"But..." Kitty stopped when she saw the dangerous look on the figure's face. She figured that Dark Kat didn't want her to know where the hid out was and also didn't want her to call for help and have the other people know.

"..." Kitty said slowly putting the blind fold over her eyes. The figure then grabbed her and led her.

Few Hours Later

Kitty was stopped as the figure took the blind fold off her. Kitty blinked a few times she noticed the hospital in front of her.

"Remember you have one minute." The figure said. Kitty looked over towards him.

"I know..." Kitty replied. Kitty looked over to the hospital. She quickly made her way in.

"Long time no see. Is everything okay?" Harley asked. Kitty tensed up a bit.

"Yes everything is fine..." Kitty replied.

"Oh yeah two guys came Jake, and Chance." Harley said. Kitty's expression changed.

"Really!?" Kitty asked.

"Yes." Harley replied.

"I see..." Kitty replied.

"You should get going." Harley said. Kitty nodded her head. Kitty went to the elevator and quickly got on and pressed the button for the sixth floor. The elevator slowly made its way up. Kitty watched the numbers change as it changed to the number six. The elevator stopped as the doors opened. Kitty quickly got off and made her way to Alan's room. Once she got there she took a deep breath and knocked on the door jamb.

"Yes!?" A familiar voice said. Kitty was very glad that Alan was alright. She quickly walked in and smiled.

"Alan how are you feeling?" Kitty asked as she went up to the bed.

"Sis where have you been!?" Alan said with an angry tone of voice.

"I'm sorry...A lot of things happened. I've got a new job just outside of town...I forgot to tell you." Kitty replied.

"!? New job!? What about..." Alan was cut off.

"I know I didn't get a chance to tell them...The new job came quickly and I didn't have time to explain." Kitty replied Alan looked at her.

"..." Alan said looking down. Kitty put a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm really sorry so don't worry. I don't know when I'll be able to come...The new job won't allow me to come out early like the one I had. Don't worry." Kitty said. Alan nodded his head.

"Okay..." Alan said. Kitty smiled.

"Good. Sorry but I have to go..." Kitty said. Alan looked at her.

"Okay...Come back soon." Alan said.

"I'll try." Kitty replied. She slowly drew her hand away. She slowly walked out of the room.

"..." Kitty said as she slowly made her way to the elevator. She stopped and looked over her shoulder.

"...Alan...Sorry..." Kitty thought to herself. Kitty looked away and pressed the button for the elevator. She waited for the elevator that'll take her down. The elevator on the left opened. Kitty got on it and pressed the button for the lobby.

To Jake And Chance Are

The two continued to search for Kitty without any luck.

"Jake buddy...Do you think we should file a missing person?" Chance asked while driving the truck and the broken car they were towing to the garage. Jake looked over to him.

"...I guess we should...But that's when we get no word about her..."Jake replied. Chance nodded his head.

"Alright." Chance said. It wasn't long until they reached the garage. They put the broken down car into the work station. They started working on the car.

Few Hours Later

The two had worked on the car for a while. They pretty much fixed it they had to do a few things but that could be done tomorrow. Jake looked towards Chance.

"Why don't we go see Alan?" Jake said. Chance looked up and looked over towards Jake and nodded his head.

"Yeah I'm for it." Chance replied. The two cleaned up and locked the garage. They made their way to the hospital.

To Where Kitty Is

Kitty was blindfolded once again and was lead to the car. Once they got into the car, it drove off. Kitty tried to figure out which way they were going but it was no us. She couldn't tell.

"..." Kitty thought. She was going to be put into that room and then put back to work.

To Where Jake And Chance Are

The two came up to the hospital. Parking the car they walked over toward the entrance of the hospital. Walking towards where Harley was. Harley looked at the two.

"How can I help you?" Harley asked.

"We're here to see Alan McGowan." Chance replied. Harley looked at the two.

"Okay..." Harley said. The two thanked him as they went towards the elevators. They pressed the up button and waited. Once the elevator arrived the doors opened, the two walked on to the elevator. Jake pressed the button for the sixth floor. The tow waited.

"Do you think Alan's alright?" Chance said.

"I don't know...He didn't look too well the last time we saw him..." Jake replied. The elevator stopped and the doors opened. The two got out of the elevator and made their way to Alan's room. They weren't sure if Kitty had come to see him. They slowly reached the room and knocked on the door frame.

"Come in." Male voice said. The two walked in Alan looked at them.

"Chance, Jake!" Alan said the two sensed that something happened.

"How you feeling?" Jake asked.

"I'm doing better. My sis came by." Alan replied. The two's look changed when the heard this.

"She did?!" Chance asked Alan nodded his head.

"She did. She said that she found a new job..." Alan replied.

"Did she say what her new job is?" Jake asked. Alan shook his head.

"She didn't, she said she didn't have time to tell anyone because they wanted her. So that's why we didn't hear from her...She also said that she might not be able to visit often..." Alan replied. The two had a concern look. They wondered who she was working for and why they didn't allow her time to explain what was going on.

"I see thanks for letting us know we'll try to find a way to get in contact with your sister." Jake said. Alan nodded his head.

"Okay and thank you." Alan replied.

"It's nothing. We're just glad to see you're doing better and that you got contact with you sister." Chance said. The two stayed a bit longer then usual. Once everything was exchanged the two left the room.

"Who could of employed Kitty?" Chance said. Jake shook his head.

"I don't know but I don't like it one bit." Jake replied. Chance nodded his head in agreement.

"I don't like it either." Chance said.

To Where Kitty Is

The car started to slow down as they slowly came to the hid out.

"Great I couldn't figure out anything..." Kitty thought to herself. The car slowly came to a stop. The humming of the engine died. The figure got out of the car and walked over to Kitty's door. They opened it and grabbed her.

"Now it's time to go back to work on you next project." The figure said.

"!" Kitty said she was being put to work already? The figure lead her to the work shop. Once they reached the room the blindfold came off.

"!?" Kitty said when she saw the room. The creeplings were ready and on the table were blueprints.

"Go on." The figure said. Kitty nervously looked at the figure and then to the table, making her way to it slowly.

"!?" Kitty saw that the blueprints were of robots.

"Dark Kat wants me to make robots!?" Kitty said as she looked over to the figure. The figure looked at her.

"But I can't..." Kitty was stopped.

"We have another unique person that'll help out. They'll do the computer stuff and programming all you have to do is make the body and put the parts in." The figure replied.

"?" Kitty wasn't sure she heard right. They had someone else here like her? Here against their will? She continued to look at the figure.

"I see...When will I see them?" Kitty asked.

"When they're done with the computer stuff and finished with some of the programming." The figure replied.

"...Okay." Kitty said. The figure nodded their head.

"Now you should start working now." The figure said. Kitty looked back at the blueprints.

"...Fine...I'll start..." Kitty replied as she looked at the figure. They smiled an evil smile.

"Good I'll let Dark Kat know." The figure said as they left. Kitty looked at the blueprints and started making the bodies of the robot.

To Where Jake And Chance Are

They slowly made it back to their home/garage. The truck slowly came to a stop inside the garage. The two got out.

"I'll let Miss. Briggs know about Kitty." Chance said. Jake looked over to Chance and nodded his head.

"Alright. I'll be in a little later." Jake replied as Chance nodded his head.

"Okay." Chance replied. Chance went inside the main building as Jake went to the secret area of the garage.

"..." Jake said while he made his way into the Swat Kat's layer. Chance had picked up the phone and dialed Callie's number. Chance waited for her to pick up the phone.

"...I hope she's there..." Chance thought to himself. Just then he heard a voice.

"Yes this is Callie Briggs." Callie said.

"Miss. Briggs. It's me Chance." Chance said.

"Chance what's wrong?" Callie asked.

"I called to tell you that we got some information about Kitty." Chance replied.

"Really! Is she okay?" Callie asked.

"She's okay but...She has a new employer and because of them she didn't get a chance to explain anything." Chance replied.

"...That's horrible. Did you find out who or where she is?" Callie asked.

"No...She didn't say who had employed her or where she is..." Chance replied.

"...I see...I'll see if I can't find out something about this employer." Callie said.

"Thanks a lot. I'll let you know if we get any more information." Chance replied.

"Alright I'll talk to you later." Callie said.

"Okay." Chance said as he hanged the phone up. When he was done Jake came in.

"Were you able to get a hold of Miss. Briggs?" Jake asked. Chance looked over in Jake's direction and nodded his head.

"I did. She said she'll look into the people who employed her." Chance replied.

"That's good." Jake replied.

"So what were you doing?" Chance asked. Jake gave a few blinks.

"Me...I was hoping to find something about Kitty using out computer...But I couldn't find anything. I couldn't even track her with the computer." Jake replied. Chance's expression changed when he hear what his buddy said. It was hard enough on them but Alan was the one who's probably having a harder time.

"All I can say is that we need to find who this person is and demand them to give Kitty back." Chance said. Jake looked over to him and nodded his head.

"I agree." Jake replied.

To Be Continued