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Chapter 6:

Miss. Briggs worked hard in helping Mayor Manx while looking for any information to help Jake and Chance. Jake and Chance were working. It seemed odd at the moment.

"Do..." Before Jake could continue the alarm went off. Chance went to the phone near the alarm.

"T-Bone here what's the problem?" T-Bone asked.

"It's Dark Kat! He's robbing a Uranium plant!" Miss. Briggs replied.

"We'll be right over!" T-Bone replied. T-Bone hung the phone. The two quickly changed and got into their jet and flew into the sky.

"Razor earlier what were you going to say?" T-Bone asked.

"I was going to say that you think Miss. Briggs would be able to find the information we need...I mean look how long it took us to get good news..." Razor replied. T-Bone stayed quiet for a while.

"I don't know to be honest. I hope she could find something. We can only hope at this point..." T-Bone said. Razor slowly nodded his head.

"You're right." Razor replied. The two stayed quiet as the Turbo Kat made it to the Uranium plant. The creeplings were bringing into the jet many Uranium bars. The Turbo Kat launched an attack Dark Kat also attacked back. The creeplings hurried into the jet. It took off. The Turbo Kat quickly went after it.

"Man did Dark Kat jet get faster or what?" T-Bone said.

"I don't know but it's hard to get a lock on them." Razor replied. The Turbo Kat continued to follow but the jet that Dark Kat was using was a lot faster. The jet then disappeared.

"!?Where did it go!?" Razor said just then Razor found them.

"T-Bone watch out their behind us!" Razor yelled out. T-Bone tried to maneuver the jet, Dark Kat's jet fired at them as T-Bone tried to get the Turbo Kat out of the way but the Turbo Kat was hit as it started heading towards the ground.

"T-Bone!" Razor yelled. T-Bone bit his lower lip.

"Come On girl don't fail me now!" T-Bone said as he tried to get the Turbo Kat steady. Dark Kat's jet left, T-Bone managed to safely land the Turbo Kat on the ground.

"Man this bites!" T-Bone yelled out. The two got out to see the damages.

"!?" Razor and T-Bone said. The entire right wing was gone.

"...We have to fix the Turbo Kat soon..." Razor said. T-Bone clenched his fist.

"Dark Kat's going to pay!" T-Bone said angrily.

At Dark Kat's Hideout

Kitty had stopped to wipe the sweat off her brow, she then heart footsteps. She looked over to where the footsteps came from. Walking into the room was Dark Kat wit a smile on his face.

"?" Kitty wondered what he was happy about then she figured that it must of been the jet she made for him.

"..." Kitty said as Dark Kat walked up to her.

"The jet you made for me was wonderful." Dark Kat said.

"...The...Swat Kats..." Kitty wasn't sure how to ask, Dark Kat's looked slightly changed.

"They won't be bothering anyone for a while but they'll be back. But next time they won't be lucky." Dark Kat said. Kitty was glad to hear that the Swat Kats are alright but she wasn't happy to hear the last part of Dark Kat's sentence.

"Anyway how is the new project going my dear?" Dark Kat asked.

"...It's going smoothly...I need some more tools and materials..." Kitty replied. Dark Kat's look changed you could see that he wasn't very happy to hear what she said.

"What do you men you need more tools and material. You should have enough." Dark Kat said a bit angrily.

"...A lot...Of the materials...Went into making the jet...We...Need more and some of the tools...Aren't really...Perfect for the job..." Kitty replied.

"Well then it seems we'll need to get the supplies but don't think of seeing your little brother anytime soon. If something like this happens again..." Dark Kat was cut off by Kitty.

"Don't worry sir...It won't..." Kitty replied. Dark Kat smiled.

"Good you can get back to work." Dark Kat said. Kitty nodded her head and went back to work.

To Where T-Bone And Razor Are

The two managed to get the Turbo Kat back to their hideout.

"The Turbo Kat's going to take a month before she can fly..." Razor said.

"A month!? We need her up and running soon!" T-Bone said a bit angrily.

"I know buddy...But the damages is pretty bad and we don't have too much material that we can use to fix her with..." Razor said. T-Bone looked towards the side you can tell he was still angry.

"...Is there anything we can use for the time being?" T-Bone asked.

"Well there's the Hover Kat or the Thunder Truck. I do have the Cyclotron." Razor replied. T-Bone thought for a moment. They wouldn't get things done like they would with the Turbo Kat but they had nothing else.

"Well I guess we'll have to use the Thunder Truck and the Cyclotron then...Thought it's not the same..." T-Bone said.

"I know but till we can get the Turbo Kat fixed we have no choice." Razor replied. T-Bone nodded his head. The two quickly changed into their other clothes.

To Where Kitty Is

Kitty was working hard. She stopped to wipe sweat off her brow. Just then she saw a young female kat walking towards her. Kitty gave a few blinks. The girl came up to Kitty.

"Are you Kitty?" The girl asked. Kitty nodded her head quickly.

"I am...You are?" Kitty asked.

"I'm Brina Clearwater..." Brina replied.

"Nice to meet you Brina..." Kitty replied.

"I'm here to see if you could put in the computer works...Into the robot..." Brina said. Kitty looked at Brina. She then remembered what she was told.

"...Sure...But..." Kitty looked around and then she got closer to Brina.

"Where you brought here against your will?" Kitty asked. Brina looked at her.

"..." Brina didn't reply.

"Sorry...But I can't tell you anything...Anyways please don't ask again..." Brina said. Kitty was hurt at what she said. Why wouldn't se want to tell her?

"Alright...Well...Where's the computer stuff at?" Kitty asked.

"...There're being brought over." Brina replied.

"I see...Well I need to continue working on the body...So tell me when the computer stuff is here." Kitty said. Brina nodded her head. Kitty went back to work. It wasn't long until the items came. Brina walked over to Kitty.

"Ummmm...Kitty..." Brina said. Kitty gave a few blinks as she looked at her.

"Yes?" Kitty said.

"The stuff is here." Brina replied. Kitty looked towards the left and saw the creeplings pushing a cart with the computer stuff. Kitty nodded her head. The cart was brought to the work table.

"Okay...I'll start putting them in..." Kitty said.

"Right." Brina replied. Kitty carefully put the computer parts into the body.

"I'm done." Kitty said as she looked at Brina. Brina nodded her head.

"Alright." Brina said. She brought out a laptop and started doing something. Kitty gave a few blinks and watched Brina. While she was typing things small sounds could be heard from the machine inside the body. Kitty's eyes went towards the robot.

"?" Kitty watched as the robot slowly moved it's body. Kitty continued to watch it as it sat up.

"Seems like it's moving smoothly..." Brina said Kitty looked at her.

"Did...Dark Kat say what he was going to use this robot for?" Kitty asked. Brina looked at her.

"...No he didn't...All he said to me was to make the computer program and parts." Brina replied.

"I see..." Kitty replied. The robot stopped as smoke started coming out of it. Brina quickly stopped the machine Kitty quickly brought some thing to stop the small fire.

"I have to fix the circuit and get a new board..." Brina said to herself.

"Go back to the lab now...Get the extra stuff we don't want to be behind...With this project." Brina said. The creeplings walked off.

"Does that happen a lot?" Kitty asked. Brina looked at her.

"Not usually...Seems like there was too much stress on the circuits...Might have to do more test before being able to find the right flow of energy." Brina replied.

"Kind of like a car..." Kitty said under her breath.

"You like cars?" Brina asked.

"Well you could say that. When I was young my parents past away in an accident...My grandparents took me and my little bother...To help out I studied very hard and became an engineer." Kitty replied. Brina's look slightly changed.

"Sorry to hear about your parents..." Brina said Kitty just looked t her. Just then the creeplings came back. Brina took the stuffs from them and went towards the robot and took out the parts from within and started working with the parts. Kitty watched her for a bit.

"I better get back in working on the body..." Kitty thought to herself. She didn't want Dark Kat down her back. She gave a small sigh and went back to work. It wasn't long till Brina came next to Kitty.

"I'm going to test the robot again." Brina said, Kitty looked at her and then to the robot. She looked at the robot for a while and then she looked back at Brina.

"Okay." Kitty replied. Kitty went over towards the robot. Brina turned on the machine. Then she put in some commands. The robot started moving as it sat up again. The robot slowly got up but ten it stopped smoke started coming out of it again.

"Great..." Brina said under her breath. Kitty looked at Brina.

"...Seems like I have to start over again..." Brina said with a sigh.

"Brina..." Kitty said. Brina looked at her.

"Yes?" Brina said.

"Do you think the wires are bad?" Kitty asked. Brina continued to look at her.

"Hmmmmm who knows...But I don't believe that Dark Kat would get bad wires..." Brina replied. Kitty thought about what she said.

"...I guess your right..." Kitty said. Brina nodded her head.

"Well I'm going to work on the programming and the circuitry again." Brina said. Kitty nodded her head.

"Alright." Kitty replied. Brina went back to work. Kitty looked at the robot.

"..." Kitty said. She wished that some how she would be saved from Dark Kat by the Swat Kats but at that moment she felt that wouldn't happen. Why would it? The Swat Kats didn't know her and they have a city to save.

"..." Kitty gave a small sigh as she went back into working on the robot. Just as she was working Kitty was stopped by a few creeplings.

"...Tell Dark Kat...Thank you..." Kitty said when she saw the metals and tools that they brought over. Kitty then started working on the robot using the new tools and metal. The two worked for a while now they stopped when they heard footsteps come into the room.

"How are things gong?" Dark Kat asked. The two looked in his direction.

"...There's still some kinks to work out...But it should be done soon..." Brina replied. Dark Kat's look slightly changed.

"I hope that it will be in perfect working condition, but the time I come back to see you two." Dark Kat said. Kitty was about to say something when Brina stopped her.

"Don't worry Dark Kat sir...It'll be in working condition." Brina replied. Dark Kat gave a small smile.

"Good I'll see you ladies later." Dark Kat said as he left the two. Kitty quickly looked at Brina.

"Are you sure you should of said that?" Kitty asked Brina looked at her.

"Think about it if I didn't say it. Anyways...He'll probably won't come around anytime soon. Till then we have to work hard..." Brina replied. Kitty closed her eyes and gave a sigh.

"Alright..." Kitty said as the two continued to work.

To Where Callie Briggs Is

She's been calling different places and companies but no one had employed Kitty.

"Who could of employed her?" Callie thought as she continued to call.

To Where Chance And Jake Are

The two were working hard in fixing the Turbo Kat.

"Man I can't believe how bad the damages are..." Chance said.

"I know...It seems like Dark Kat found someone or something to give his weapons more punch to them..." Jake said.

"I know what you mean..." Chance replied. The two continued to work on the Turbo Kat but it'll be a long time before it'll be in working condition.

To Be Continued