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Trolelote: A Mexican snack that consist of boiled corn grains on a cup with hot pepper, cheese, lemon, salt, butter and mayo (although condiments can be picked by consumer).

Charro: A Mexican version of a cowboy.

Independence Day Parade: Parade to celebrate Mexican Independence day in September 16

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Confiar. Trust.


Undisclosed Location, Meeting Room. 2100 Hours

"The meeting will now begin." A woman in a dark cloak stood in the middle of the room as she spoke. "Sisters and brothers, as you are aware, it has been three months since the…incident happened in Winay Marka."

"Is this why you have called this meeting?" A man asked as he stood up sounding annoyed, "There are more important things I need to do than worry about that girl."

"Well, this is important enough since it concerns all of us," she spoke as she motioned for him to sit. "The primary council has discussed this and we have decided to capture her."

"Capture her? But why?" A woman asked startled. Many others also joined in the confusion.

"The council has realized that in the long run, the girl could become a danger to our kind, and it will be better to take her under our control." The leader of the meeting spoke and was answered with surprised gasps and uneasiness that spread through the room.

"But isn't she protected by that bounty hunter?" somebody asked.

The woman smiled, "We will take care of it all."


Monterrey, Mexico. 0900 Hours

Ellis opened her eyes to find a pair of crystal blue eyes hovering above her. "Hey." She said as she smiled softly trying to wake up. "Hey there." Nadie answered as she lowered herself to kiss her, "We have to go…"

"Already?" Ellis asked with a frown. "Si." Nadie answered as she stood up and walked towards the bathroom. "Come on, let's take a shower," she called.

Ellis smiled, "Yea, after last night…. we need one."

"Shut Up Ellis!" Nadie called from the bathroom, and Ellis did not need to see her to know she was blushing.


Tampico, Mexico. 2000 Hours

"Thank you." Ellis said as she waved at the hotel receptionist. "So where are we going now Nadie?" Ellis asked as they walked towards their jeep.

"I was thinking Tamaulipas? I know an awesome city there. It's a port called Tampico. There's a beach there, I bet you're gonna love it." Nadie answered as she started the jeep and drove off.

"A beach? That sounds fun!" Ellis said as she raised her arms up in excitement. "Hahaha! Sounds good then. Tampico it is." Nadie said with laughter.

It was already dark when Nadie and Ellis arrived at the city. "Ellis…Ellis, wake up!" Nadie said as she shook the girl awake. Ellis had fallen asleep on her shoulder during the trip. "Wow!" Ellis exclaimed as she looked around. They were surrounded by bright lights and sounds that were new to Ellis. "This is amazing!" "We are in Plaza de la Libertad, which is Liberty plaza," Nadie explained as she took hold of Ellis' hand. "This way!"

The girls walked around the large crowd that was gathered beside the street as a parade went through. "What is that?" Ellis asked with child-like amazement. "It's the independence day parade today, and in all major cities big parades are held." Nadie said as she found her way to the front with Ellis. "Look!" Nadie pointed at the horses that carried Charros in them and women danced folkloric music in front of them keeping up the pace of the bands. "What are they?" Ellis asked, never having seen such spectacle.

"Those up there are like cowboys, and the women are dancing the music traditional to this region." Nadie replied. A man carrying a stall with food stopped near them. "Come, let's go buy something," Nadie said as she pulled Ellis and bought her a trolelote. "Ummm….This is yummy!" Ellis said as she ate. "I know right?" Nadie replied as she too ate her treat.

Nadie and Ellis continued to watch the parade until It finished and people started to leave. "That was amazing Nadie. Thank you for bringing me." Ellis said as she walked hand in hand with Nadie.

"No problem." Nadie replied with a smile. "Hey, I got an idea, wanna go to the beach?" Nadie asked as they buckled up in the jeep.

"Yes sir!" Ellis said as she beamed a smile.


"We have a lock on them." A voice said onto a wireless receiver.

"Proceed As Directed," was the reply.


"Nadie…" Ellis said softly as she held Nadie's hand tightly, "This is…."

"Beautiful, like you," Nadie answered as she looked onto Ellis eyes.

Ellis smiled and pulled Nadie into a soft, luscious kiss under the moon-light as they stood over the sand. They pulled back and sat on the warm sand and looked at the moon as it reflected on the sea. "Ellis…" Ellis turned to look at Nadie who was looking directly at her with a look on her face she had never seen before. "Yes?" she asked,

"I…I've been wanting to tell you this, but I didn't want to tell you until I was sure you felt the same way for me, and I wasn't just some game or anything like that…" Ellis looked confusedly at Nadie, "What is it Nadie?" she asked with worry.

"I…I…I lov-" Nadie stopped with a grunt when she felt a sharp pain on her neck and fell on Elli's lap.

"Nadie! Nadie!" Ellis shook Nadie as she panicked not knowing what had happened. She looked around without luck. "Nadie!" Ellis tried to summon her power to try to wake her up, since when she started being with Nadie she had been able to control her power more willfully. "Nadie!" Ellis said as she too felt a sharp pain on the back of her neck. "Nadie…" she said as she fell down on the sand beside the girl.


"Ugh…" Nadie woke up feeling a headache. "What…what happened?" Nadie looked around and realization struck her. "Ellis? Ellis! Where are you? Nadie looked around the dark beach and remembered what happened. 'What was that pain on my neck? A tranquilizer? And where is Ellis?' Thoughts raced through the girl's mind as she looked around. It couldn't have been more than a few hours, since it was still dark and she couldn't hear anything besides the sounds of the night around her.

"Ellis!" Nadie screamed into the night as she collapsed in the floor with tears flowing down her face. Someone had attacked them and had taken Ellis. 'I will find you Ellis. I swear on my life. I will find you.'


Undisclosed Location, Holding Cells. 0300 Hours

"Where is she?" a woman asked as she walked through a dark hallway. "At the last block," a man who stood on the side answered, opening a door for her.

She walked down the hallway onto the last cell. A blonde haired girl laid curled on the cold floor as she sobbed, ignoring the bunk bed that was provided for her.

"Welcome home, Ellis." the woman said as she entered the cell. Ellis did not even look up as she continued to repeat a name between sobs. "Nadie…Nadie…Nadie"

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