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As her hands slid the silk scarf down over his eyes he caught a glimpse of her biting her lip, the biting down on the full lush red lips that he could hardly wait to feel kiss him. Soon it was all darkness, the silk rubbing his skin, images of her in silk and lace filled his mind and he smirked.

'Dirty mind.' He heard her say as she ran a hand down his face and he smelt her perfume. 'May have to get punishment for that.'

He felt her lean in, her breath tickling his ear, her scent filling his nose, his mind going insane, her hair brushing the side of his face. 'Happy Lover's Day Agent Morgan.' She whispered seductively and she nibbled his ear, he growled perfectly at the attention, unadulterated attention on him. 'Open up.' She said as she ran a strawberry over his lips. 'It's the easy way to make love.' He bit down and took in the juicy fruit.

'Tastes good.'

'Shh.' She said putting a finger to his lips. 'No need for words.' She watched him smile and she couldn't help but smile too, she leant on him again, her lips taking his, her hands straying on a new adventure, when the treasure was found she felt him let out a breath in ecstasy, pure enjoyment exuding him now. She then let her tongue dance with his in a deliberate prolonged kiss, the tingles of electricity growing with each and every catch and release. She released herself from both his counterparts and circled him a nail tracing his skin as she went. She released his hands from their loose bindings and he took the freedom as she straddled his lap and shifted the blindfold down so it surrounded his neck. He looked at her a glint in his eyes and just stood, kissing her as he went and carried her into the bedroom, he sat on the bed and the lust grew. Now unleashed yearnings of a day's long separation settled in.

With breathy departures in their kiss they looked at one another. 'You're gonna be the death of me.'

'Hmm what a way to go though eh?' She teased.

'I go you go.'

'Couldn't think of anything better if I planned it myself.' He pulled her close and let their bodies do what came natural to them. After multiple groans, screams of names, gasps of ecstasy they settled next to one another, completely breathless, completely entwined.

'So what's tomorrow handsome?'

'I was thinking Derek Morgan must make love to Penelope Garcia Saturday.'

She giggled slightly. 'Hmm I like it, I like it lots.'

'Well the romance never dies.' He said and started a brand new crusade to end Happy Lover's Day.