Author's Note:

I have recently completed Full Moon Rising, the sequel to Harvest Moon. At the request of a multitude of readers, I've gone through and edited Harvest Moon and developed it into a PDF. The PDF includes the scenes from the outtake stories in order (within the Harvest Moon story).

Please accept my apologies for using an update to notify the readers of this, but I didn't know of another way.

If you would like a copy of the PDF, please contact me at:

Content1akaapril at




Also, I will be working on the PDF of Full Moon Rising over the next few weeks and will have it available soon.

FYI, Full Moon Rising has been nominated over at TwiFanFictionrecs as one of the top ten favorite completed story for September 2013. Please go over and give it (or another of your favorite stories) a vote. Use the title and then add the dotcom

Sincerely, April