Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 1: Dark Kingdom.
Episode 17: Shock trooper.

By Razor Knight
Last update: January 24, 2013
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The Senshi, not counting Rei, were meeting in Terry's house once again. Their school was being repaired, so they would have a few days off, but they knew youma would most likely attack again soon.

"I'm bored."

"So, you miss school?"

"Surprisingly, yes." Usagi looked at Ami, who was giving her a smile that was a sound effect away from a chuckle. "I think you're a bad influence for me."

"Hey, Terry, you followed those Demon Hunter girls a few days ago, didn't you?"

Terry nodded at Naru. "Yeah."

"So, you know who they are."

"I do."

"Why didn't you tell us?" Usagi asked.

"You will gain nothing from knowing, and they've actively avoided learning your true identities."

"Karin was attacked in your classroom, and the three of them got there before we did," Ami noted, "that could mean they're from our school, and possibly from your class."

"A good guess," Terry admitted.

"So, who are they?"

"I gain nothing from keeping the secret, either," Terry noted with a smile. "They're Makai and Hiyama from our group, and Diaz from Ami's group."

"Strange coincidence."

"We should-"

Terry interrupted Usagi. "They don't know who you girls are yet. Don't blindly trust those Hunters, Usagi."

"He's right," Rei said, "they've helped us, but we still don't know what their goal is."

"Our goal is the same as yours, to defeat any evil threatening this world."

Terry turned to see Calisto, or rather Diaz, standing right outside the room. "What the... How did you get in here?"

"Since you're always telling us about our tactical flaws, I'll return the favor. Technological alarm systems can be easily fooled by using the right spell."

"Wait, I thought you said they didn't know?" Usagi said, looking at Terry.

"We didn't know, but you are easy to identify, if one knows where to look. For example, we knew who Zero is, and he's usually seen with you girls... Also, those Mooncats can hide their 'marks' from normal humans and weak magical creatures, but we're not normal humans, nor weak magicians. It was quite easy to figure out who Moon and Nemesis were, even when we weren't actively looking for clues."

"So, what now?" Rei asked.

"Nothing has changed. I came here to confirm our guesses. We'll still help you fighting the youma." She turned to leave, but then looked back at the others. "Oh, and don't worry, if the roles were reversed, I think we would be suspicious of your group, too."

Terry stood up as the girl walked out of the room. "Hey!"


"What kind of spell did you use?"

"Teleport," The girl said, then vanished.

"Oh, that's cute," Terry muttered.

"Her accent was weird."

Ami looked at Usagi. "That's Diaz. She's from South America."

"Interesting," Terry said in the best Spanish he could manage. Which wasn't that good, admittedly.

"I wonder what she's doing in Japan?" Ami said in a much better Spanish than Terry.

"Oh, you also know Spanish?"

Ami nodded. "I have an easier time learning languages than most people, from what I've seen."

"We're in Japan, guys, speak Japanese," Usagi muttered.

"I agree," Mako said in a rather clumsy English.

Usagi stared at Mako in shock. "Not you too!"

"Pay more attention in class, Rabbit," Terry said.

"Are you going to help those kids?"

"Are you?"

"I asked first."

Hakko looked at the woman. "No, I'm not going to stay here for long. And they've got all the help they need right now."

"Yes, that's right. It's one reason why I didn't help them much."

The woman talking to Hakko was none other than Prime Huntress Sagitta, the leader of the United States branch of the Demon Hunters. A group which had offered Hakko a position, in the past, but he had rejected it. He was a wanderer, he had only agreed to train Zephyr's son because he saw a lot of potential in him.

"What about the other group, the one back home?"

"I'm not sure. I was thinking about returning to Japan, but I'm not sure I want to be dragged into that war."

"That's a wise move. You should leave this to those who can defeat the youma."

Hakko ignored the verbal jab. "A bunch of teenagers, a woman who's older than our civilization, and a few talking cats."

"That pretty much sums it up, yeah," Sagitta said, not surprised at all Hakko knew that much.

"Still, I will go to Tokyo. If fate wants me to fight, I will."

"I knew it. You're always looking for trouble, Kyo."

"Hmph. And you're the same, Ryoko."

"That's true, but at least I know when I'm out of my league."

Hakko laughed at that. "The only battles worth fighting are those which seem impossible to win."

"Good luck in Tokyo, brother. I may go there too, one of these days."

As Usagi walked in, she saw there were a few of her friends already there, and also two girls she wanted to speak to. "Hi."

Hiyama looked at her. "... Hi."

Makai frowned. "What are you up to, Tsukino?"

"Well, I thought that since we're working towards the same goal, then maybe..."

"You thought you could befriend us as easily as you did with your Senshi friends," Makai guessed. "Don't be mistaken, Tsukino. We will help you against youma, but we're not here to be your friends."


"Usagi, let them be."

She saw Naru was walking to them, and sighed. "But I only..."

"If helping us is all they want to do, then I don't mind," Naru said.

"Still, why can't we be friends?"

Makai looked around, and saw the few students inside the room were Senshi. "Okay, I'll be blunt. We've been training to use magic since we were kids. We prepared for our whole lives to fight evil, but a Demon Hunter hardly ever sees a monster or two in their lifetime. Now there's a whole race of evil creatures out there, trying to take over the world, and we have to leave most of the fighting to a bunch of overpowered newbies."


Makai looked at Hiyama and then stood up. "If you want to be best pals with them, Emi, go ahead. But don't count me in."

Hiyama saw her friend walking out of the classroom. "Wait!"

"I'll wait for the teacher out here, if you don't mind."

Hiyama sighed in defeat. "Sorry about that, Aki is not one to easily trust others."

Usagi shook her head. "She... She may be right. I... None of us train our magic, so we may be newbies, but we didn't choose this. I thought maybe we could be friends, since we're fighting against a common enemy."

Emi smiled at her. "Aki doesn't speak for the three of us. We don't know you and your friends enough, but I, for one, am willing to change that."

Terry had listened to the whole mess, but decided to speak his mind. "I'll have to agree with Makai in something, the Senshi are newbies. But they weren't given a choice, they were born with those powers, even though they needed a talking cat to tell them how to use them."

Aki walked back inside after hearing that. "I suppose you're right. None of us chose to be magicians, that's something we have in common."

"Sometimes it takes an outsider's point of view," Terry said with a smile. "So, instead of glaring at them for being newbies, why don't you girls help them?"

"We are helping you already, aren't we?" Aki asked.

Terry was about to answer, but then saw some classmates walking in. "We'll talk about that later. I think you know where to find us."

Usagi looked at Terry, wondering just what he meant by 'helping them.'

Several hours later, the Senshi were all waiting inside the mansion. "Are you sure they will show up?" Rei asked.

"Curiosity killed the mage," Terry said with a smile.

And coincidentially, a second later, the three Demon Huntresses appeared in the room. "Guess we did know where to find you," Emi commented.

"Welcome to my humble abode."

Maria looked at Terry. "Humble? This room is bigger than my dad's house."

"So, about what you said earlier..." Emi started.

"It's simple. The Senshi need training in combat and magic, but I can only teach them the basics of combat."

"You can teach them how to fight? I doubt it," Aki said.

Terry smiled at her, which made his next move rather hard to predict for everyone. One second he was standing there, smiling, the next he was standing right in front of Aki, his fist milimeters away from her face. "If you can't dodge something like this, then I guess you also need a bit of training."

Aki heard Maria's chuckle and turned to glare at her for a second, then turned back to look at Terry. "I suppose you're better than we thought at melee. Makes up for your lack of magic."

"See, that's something else I was thinking about. I am quite a newbie when it comes to fighting creatures who shoot energy beams off their hands. You can, in a way, teach me how to fight against them, without any magic."

"So, you want girls other than me kicking you around, huh?" Mako commented.

Maria looked at the Senshi in turns. "I suppose we could do it, but we'll have to tell our boss first. We have yet to tell her that we accidentally found out who you were."

"Incidentally, you mean," Terry said with a grin.

"That, too."

Aki looked at Usagi. "From what we've gathered, you're the strongest of your group. I'd love to see if I can block your strongest attack."

Terry nodded. "Okay, then we should go outside, there's plenty of room out there."

Usagi, or rather Sailor Moon, looked at Aki. "So, are you going to transform?"

"Huh? Oh, I thought you guys would guess this," Aki said, reaching out her hand. A ball of fire appeared hovering over it. "We don't need to 'transform' like Senshi do to use our magic."

"That gives them an advantage over us in combat," Ami said, "They can create a distraction without giving out their identities."

Moon still wasn't sure about Aki's idea. "Are you sure you can block my attack?"

"No, but that's why Emi and Maria are here."

Maria nodded. "We'll heal her if she fails, don't worry."

Moon nodded, but a part of her was not eager to do it. "Right then, here goes. Moon Tiara Flight!"

The tiara flew towards Aki, but bounced on an invisible barrier. It turned and attacked again, but it was repelled again. Aki frowned as the tiara returned to Moon's hands. "Wait, you hit more targets when you first used it..."

"I see no reason to keep trying. You already saw you can block not once, but twice. I could keep trying to hit you until you run out of energy, but that would only hurt you."

Aki blinked at that, then shook her head. "I see, I suppose there's no need to be reckless."


Moon turned to the side and stared at Maria. "What was that for?"

Maria looked at her in shock. "You didn't even feel the hit, did you?"

Aki chuckled. "No surprise there, it's obvious they will barely notice an attack that weak."

Ami suddenly reached her hand forwards, her communicator appearing in it. "Luna?"

"The youma showed up again. Are the others with you?"

"Yes. Where are they attacking, Luna?"

"Near the military base, you know, where we first met Kino. The youma are targeting Saiko Rakurai."

"That's bad," Moon said looking at her own communicator. "Did they get the crystal yet?"

Luna shook her head. "That soldier girl is tougher than I thought."

"We'll be there as soon as we can," Moon said.

Emi, or rather Mira, smiled as the Senshi put their communicators away. "We can be there in a second."

"Teleportation?" Terry said. "Can you take passengers?"

"On our own, we can't. But if we three combine our spells, then it will work."

"We need to go there as soon as we can," Moon said. "Guys, change for the fight."

"She's acting like a leader," Rei said, "that's a bad omen."

The three Demon Hunters waited until the others were ready, then nodded. "Let's go," Mira said.

"Teleport," Calisto said.

"Teleport," Circe repeated.

"Spell fusion, Mass Teleport!"

Moon blinked and looked around. "That was awesome."

"There they are!" Mercury said pointing down the block.

Normally, Nephrite would have been gloating about how the next youma would destroy the Senshi for sure, and preparing to fight them. But it was hard to do either when a crazy woman kept on shooting at you with an assault rifle. "How annoying..."

"Stop it right there!"

"Sorry, can't do that right now," Nephrite commented while dodging another volley of bullets.

"I guess normal weapons can hurt them," Mercury said, "otherwise they wouldn't be dodging."

Saiko laughed. "I bet you thought you could just knock me out like any other victim, freak! But I'm not that easy to beat!"

"Wait, where's Luminite?" Jupiter asked.

As if on cue, Luminite appeared right behind Saiko. Her target was apparently expecting that, since she pulled a handgun off her belt as she turned around, shooting at her.

Luminite flinched as the bullet hit her arm. "That actually did sting a bit."

Saiko smiled, but then gasped in shock. Luminite's surprise attack had only been a distraction, she realized as she felt the blast, then fell to the ground, a yellow crystal shard floating out of her body.

"Good, let's get..." Luminite started, reaching for the crystal, but a rose came flying by, slicing her arm. "Damn, not you again!" As she turned to glare at the tuxedo-wearing man, she noticed he was closer than she expected.

"I see he knows how to treat a lady," Zero joked as Tuxedo knocked Luminite away with a flying kick.

"I do, but she's no lady," Tuxedo Kamen commented, then grabbed the crystal. "Good, got one."

Nephrite had been about to attack him, but Nemesis stood in front of him. "Nadia, move."

"I already told you, Nadia is dead. And so is Neir."

Moon looked at Tuxedo Kamen. "Hey, can you give us that thing?"

"Sorry, I need these for something."


A snarl interrupted Moon's question, and she turned to see Saiko had turned into a youma. A large, yellow, feline youma whose fur was crackling with lightning.

Zero couldn't help but smile as he thought about what the youma looked like. "Is she a Thundercat now?"

Mercury blinked at that, then shook her head. "I don't have data on this creature, but it's surely going to use electricity to attack."

Luminite was standing on top of a car, and laughed as the creature glared at the Senshi. "Raiyuu, it's time for some shock therapy!"

The Senshi all dove out of the way as a large ball of lighting shot from Raiyuu's mouth, wrecking a parked truck. Jupiter noticed something and looked around. "Wait, where are..."




Moon saw the creature turning to growl at the three Huntresses, and also, she noticed Tuxedo Kamen was gone. But she couldn't worry about that right now. "Guys, leave that thing to me. Moon Tiara Flight!"

The attack hit once, but the Raiyuu was fast, and dodged the second swipe. It then snarled and shot a bolt of lightning straight at Moon, knocking her out.


Raiyuu growled as it noticed Jupiter running towards it, and shot another bolt. Jupiter, however, took it without flinching, jumping above the huge feline's head, and delivering a strong drop kick. "This is for hurting my friend!" she snapped.

"Won't you help your friends?"

Nemesis looked at Nephrite. "I would rather keep you in check."

Nephrite smiled as he saw Luminite slowly approaching Nemesis from behind. "If you say so."

Nemesis smiled back, just as Luminite charged for an energy blast. "You know, you youma are quite easy to fool," she noted, then dropped down to the ground just as Luminite shot. The blast hit Nephrite, and Nemesis leapt up before Luminite could figure out what had happened. "Dark Core!"

"Damn you, Nemesis," Luminite snapped.

"Thanks for knocking Nephrite out for me, guess you're not so useless after all."

"Shabon Spray!"

Nemesis decided to risk looking at the other part of the battle, and saw things weren't quite working. The three Huntresses were lying on the ground, and the other Senshi didn't look much better. Zero was trying his best to fight Raiyuu, but it moved too fast for him.

"Fire Soul Bird!" The fire construct tackled the youma, knocking it back, but it vanished before attacking again. "I'm out of power."

Nemesis was about to try her luck, but noticed Nephrite and Luminite were staggering up. "Can't you two just stay down?"

Mercury looked around. Moon was still out, as were their three allies, Jupiter and Zero were both trying to fight the creature (and trying was the key word,) and Mars didn't look like she could shoot anything. Usagi was right, they really needed to improve... But she thought she knew how they could beat this one youma. "Zero, Jupiter, get back!"

"We got this!" Jupiter shouted.

"Trust me on this one," Mercury said as her visor appeared in front of her eyes.

Zero looked at his watch and smiled. "Okay, do it."

Jupiter guessed what they meant. "Water and electricity don't get along..."

Mercury glared at the large feline. "Exactly what I was thinking. Shabon Spray..." She went through the motions of her normal technique, but instead of shooting her normal bubbles, she held on her attack for a bit longer, and the water bubble started shining. "... Freezing!" She tossed the bubble out, and it hit the creature, knocking it back and causing it to screech in pain. The usual mist fell over the area, but it was colder and thicker than before. Mercury smiled as she fell on her knees, but then saw the creature wasn't down yet. "No..."

"Don't worry, we'll get it. Dew!"



The three attacks hit the creature from the side, knocking it down, and it reverted to Saiko.

"Awesome, we finally beat one," Calisto said.

"We just finished it," Mira noted.

The two Generals floated towards the group, but they decided against fighting all the Senshi and their allies. Luminite just did the usual and got Raiyuu's soul, then they vanished.

Zero smiled at Mercury. "That attack was quite good. Almost up to the power of Mars' one."

Mercury stood up. "The improved fog doesn't only block vision, it can also block magic scanning. Maybe it will work against the Generals now."

"Good to hear," Moon said. She was sitting on the ground near them, she had seen Mercury's attack, but was still quite tired. "And thanks, girls, you really helped this time."

"No problem. Feels good to actually beat one of those things, even if we had a lot of help from you."

"Great, now I'm the only sidekick who hasn't killed anything."

Calisto frowned and a ball of darkness appeared in her hand. "Who are you calling a sidekick?"

Zero smiled. "Stop bluffing, you can barely stand."

Calisto shook her head and her 'attack' vanished. "Jerk."

"Yeah, he has his moments," Moon agreed.

Saiko stood up and looked around. "Damn it, did I do all that?"

"Well, we all did," Jupiter noted, "you turned into a large electric cat, wasn't easy to get you back to normal."

"Crap, sorry if I hurt any of you, guys."

"You weren't yourself," Moon said dismissively, finally standing up.

"I'll agree with what Moon said before," Mercury said, "we do need training. We can't just keep on getting lucky and powering up like that, can we?"

"True," Jupiter said. "We need a secret base!"

Saiko smiled at that. "And a bunch of giant robots?"

"Go Go Sailor Senshi..." Zero muttered, causing the Senshi to glare at him for a second. "No sense of humor."

"You guys are weird," Saiko said. "You look pretty beaten up, though. Need me to get you to a hospital?"

"No, we heal faster than normal humans," Mercury said, "thanks for the offer, though."

"No ulterior motives there, right?" Zero said with a frown.

"I wouldn't need that cheap a trick to know who you are," Saiko retorted, "I have my guesses, specially about you, but... Let's say I won't try to find out if I'm right, at least for the time being."

Zero saw Saiko walk away and shook his head. "Shit, does she really know, or was she bluffing?"

"You need to find another rich teenage guy and bring him to Japan, maybe that'll confuse her," Jupiter said with a wink.

"Okay, we'll help you train some other day," Circe said, quite sure the Senshi would otherwise keep up their silly antics forever. "Let's go, girls."

Mars watched them leave, then looked around. "We should leave too."

As the Senshi left the area, Yukiko Hokuge walked out from around a corner. "Guess that girl was right, walking around the city works. Now if I could find a way to talk to them when no giant mutated freak is around, that would be awesome."

A/N: There's a completely awesome reason for choosing an electric youma as Saiko's 'inner youma.'

Okay, not really. It's just another dumb pun. Rakurai means literally "thunderbolt."

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