Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 1: Dark Kingdom.
Episode 20: Ice and poison.

By Razor Knight
Last update: February 7, 2013
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He had to admit that, the more he knew about magic, the more he was amazed at what could be done with it. Terry stared at the three girls, not hiding his amusement. "The real question is, do you know how to use them?"

Emi, Aki and Maria were all standing around him, each with two energy swords, all made of different elements. Aki smiled and her flame sword grew longer for a few seconds "We've trained with some of the best swordsmen in the world."

"Well, I was trained by Kyo Hakko."

"Hakko, that's Sagitta's-" Maria stopped as she noticed the other two staring at her. "Oops."

"Hakko has a sister, Ryoko," Terry said. "I assume that's Sagitta."

"Prime Huntress Sagitta, head of the U.S. Hunters branch," Maria noted. "And from what I saw of her, much stronger than Hera and Nemea, the two leaders of the South America branch."

Emi noticed Terry was staring at Maria. "What's wrong?"

"I keep forgetting where she's from. Her Japanese is better than mine."

"I've been here since I was eight," Maria explained, "Mom said I had potential, and that I should be training under one of the three strongest Hunters."

"So, who is she, Hera or Nemea?"

"How did you know it was one of them?"

"I didn't, it was just an educated guess. But I do now."

"Where are your girlfriends?" Aki asked, then noticed Terry's face. "Uh, sorry, I didn't-"

Terry shook his head. "Nevermind, but I would really appreciate if you stop joking about that."

Aki nodded. "Anyhow, where are they?"

"Ami is helping Usagi study, and Rei's still busy helping her grandfather fix the shrine."

"And Kino?"

"No idea." Terry put his swords back in their place, and noticed the girls were looking around the room they were in, where his collection of weapons was. "Like what you see?"

"Yeah, there's enough stuff here to take over my country," Maria commented, then added. "Not that it would be a feat to boast about, anyhow." She stopped walking and examined a long knife. "This looks like a facon."

"It is," Terry said, knowing what she meant. A facon was a sort of long knife from South America. He had weapons from all around the world in that room. "I'm always looking to expand my collection, too."

"Most of these are melee weapons," Emi noticed. "Didn't you train for ranged combat?"

"I did, but my aim sucks," Terry admitted. "That's why I'm not using shuriken to kill youma."

"We saw you using some kind of smoke bombs before."

"That name's not too far from what they are. It's a mix of gases and other things. It could knock a normal human out in less than five seconds, and confuses Generals long enough for me to close in to attack."

"Neat, was that an invention of your father's company?"

"No, I invent stuff in my free time."

"You're kidding."

"My father's a robotics expert, my mother was second only to him. It's all genetics' fault, I guess."

"You know, you're not that bad a guy after all," Maria commented. "A bit crazy, but-"

"I have money, so I'm not crazy, just eccentric."

Yukiko had mixed feelings about how things had worked out for her. She had been able to see the Senshi a few times, but she still had no clue of who they could be. If they were like magical girls from manga, then they would all be friends, and usually live in the same neighbourhood. But this wasn't some fiction story, it was real life, and thus the same rules would not apply. Or would they?

She went through the data she had. They looked young, possibly in their teen years. They were mostly seen in Juuban, and the day the school had been attacked, they had appeared quite quickly. That could mean they were studying there. Still, that didn't give her a lot to work with.

"Maybe I'm looking at this wrong." Yes, there were some reports of several allies to the Senshi. Maybe she could track one of them, instead. Yes, that could work, and even if it didn't, it was worth a try. "Now let's see... Swords, gas bombs, a suit which seems to resist magic... And an airboard." Was he a mage, or just a normal guy with a lot of toys? "If those things are technological, then money and knowledge are both required to build them." Yukiko realized she knew someone who fit that pattern, however, she didn't think he would just admit to being Zero. "Seems like I'll have to plan this better."

Suddenly, she looked up and gasped. No, she had not imagined it, a white-haired woman had appeared out of nowhere, inside her bedroom, and was looking at her like a wolf looks at a sheep. She knew the kind of outfit she was wearing, the same she had seen some of the Senshi's enemies use. "Oh crap."

"You have something I want," Luminite said before zapping the girl.

Mako had been walking for a while, but she had no destination in mind. She had been a Senshi for a short time, but knew enough about what was happening to realize they were all biting more than they could chew. She suddenly realized she was quite close to a dojo she had heard about years ago, in her old school, and decided to give it a try. Her self-taught fighting style was good, but perhaps training in a dojo would help her improve.

As she reached the dojo, however, she sighed in defeat. It was closed, and looked like nobody had used it for months. That meant she would have to find another place to train. "Or maybe this will be a good place, after all," she mused as she realized something. Terry had said he would search for a place for them to train, but he didn't seem to be having a lot of luck with that. This place might be for sale, and would require only a bit of fixing before they could use it to train.

However, something caused her to steer her mind off that subject. A flash of light, two blocks away from where she was. She could bet her powers on it being one of those youma freaks. As she walked to the source, she saw a large, cyan-furred creature break out of a building, with Luminite right behind it. "I hate to be right, sometimes," Mako muttered. She hid behind a car and summoned her communicator. "Jupiter here. I'm seeing Luminite with a huge, furry cyan ape. It's either her boyfriend, or she found another Rainbow Youma."

"We're quite far from there right now," Usagi's voice said from the artifact.

"We'll be there as soon as we can," Ami added.

"Same here," Rei said.

Luna's face appeared on the comm. "Terry's at his mansion with the three Huntresses. I'll tell them about it."

"You should give him a communicator," Usagi noted.

"Those are only for Sen-"

"He's our ally, our friend, and we should be able to contact him in an emergency just like we contact each other. If you can give him one, please do."

"Fine, I'll do that," Luna said.

Mako checked the situation. The youma was wrecking cars, while Luminite just waited. They should have left while they could. "Jupiter Planet Power!"

Terry saw Samuel walking in, followed by a certain black cat, and smiled. "Is that your new pet?"

Samuel rolled his eyes at the teenager. "She told me she needed to speak with you. I assume it has to do with your part-time job."

Luna saw the man go and was mildly amused by his reaction thus far. "He didn't even blink when I spoke to him."

"My girlfriend moved things with her mind, and my father built all kind of strange machines in our basement. I don't think a talking cat would look strange to him."

Luna shrugged. "Anyhow, I came here for two things. First off, a new Rainbow Youma appeared, Jupiter is along against it. And second..." She jumped up and did a backflip in the air, and a small, black communicator appeared floating there.

"Wow, how did you do that?" Terry asked, staring at the floating artifact.

"Dimensional storage," Emi guessed.

"That's right. Terry, that's yours. I wasn't sure about giving you one, but Usagi made a lot of good points when I told her that."

"She has her moments," Terry mused, looking at the artifact. "Hmm... Interesting piece of technology."

"Dissect it later, Mako needs help," Luna said with a frown.

"I know, kitty. Fortunately, I have three human taxis here."

"Human taxis?" Aki growled at him. "Don't make me zap you."

"Right. Someone other than Makai could take me there, then?"

Maria smiled. "I'll do it."

Jupiter had tried her favorite approach for this fight, but the large creature didn't only shrug her punches off, it also had shown her it was strong enough to send her flying away. So, it was time to try a different method. "Supreme Thunder!"

The youma didn't seem to notice the blast. It had apparently grown bored of her, since it started smashing a car down.

Luminite shook her head. "Not the smartest of the bunch. Yajinko, take care of that Senshi." The creature growled at her, and she frowned. "I don't care if you think she's too weak. Go get her."

Too weak? Jupiter was about ready to give that ugly creature a lesson... But first she had to take care of the Rainbow Youma. "Supreme Thunder Dragon!"

This time, the youma was knocked down to the ground, and stood up with a loud growl. The good thing was, it now considered Jupiter worth fighting. The bad thing was, Jupiter was almost out of energy.

"Dark Core!"

Jupiter smiled. "Good, I was starting to think I would get all the fun."

"Moon Tiara Flight!"

Luminite staggered up after the tiara hit both her and the youma a few times. "Damn it, not again."

Moon looked at the new youma. "What is that thing?"

"A Yeti," Mercury explained. Which meant her attacks would be most likely useless against it. She noticed Moon reaching for her tiara again and gasped. "Moon, wait!"

"Haven't you noticed?" Moon asked, surprised. "The more I use these attacks, the less they tire me."

Mercury was quite surprised. Not so much about Moon figuring that out, but about not having figured it out before she did. "I... Yes, you're right."

"Fire Soul Bird!"



"Flame Whip!"

The rest of the group was there, and Zero noticed Mars' bird was doing quite a bit of damage. Still... "Say boom."

Jupiter stared at the scene in awe. Whatever was inside those spheres Zero threw was, apparently, very explosive, and as soon as the gas was released and took the heat from Mars' fire bird, it exploded rather violently. Even though the fire construct was gone, the Yeti and Luminite were both down for the count.

"We did it."

Jupiter smiled at Moon's words, but frowned. "Unfortunately, they got the shard."

The Yeti had turned back to normal, and Moon walked to the victim. "Wow, it's Hokuge."

Yukiko staggered up right then, staring suspiciously at Moon. "How do you know my name?"

"We Senshi know everything," Moon said. Hey, it had worked in the past.

"That's your excuse," Yukiko muttered. "I've wanted to meet you guys for a while."

"Great, a fangirl," Jupiter said.

Moon sighed. "You'll have to excuse Jupiter, we're all tired from this battle."

"I've heard a lot of things about you. That you help those monsters, that this is all fake... But now I know the truth. You saved me after I was attacked by that evil woman. I just wish I could meet you, your real selves, but I suppose that's not possible."

"You suppose right," Zero said, "we must keep our identities secret, not just for us. Those creatures could attack our families."

"I understand."

"Someday, we may be able to tell the world who we are," Moon said, "but-"

"Oh isn't this nice? It was right under our noses!"

Moon turned to glare at Nephrite. "I was wondering where you were."

"Searching for the last carrier. But when I was heading to where he was, he somehow vanished... And I sensed him here, where the other carrier would be." Nephrite was staring at Zero. "To think that the strongest Rainbow Youma would be here, I really didn't expect that."

Zero realized what the guy meant. "Damn, it's in me?"

Nephrite smiled and phased right behind Zero, who wasn't expecting that. However, someone else had guessed Nephrite's intent. "Shabon Spray Freezing!"

Zero looked at Mercury. "Thanks."

Nephrite looked at the Senshi and smiled. They were all looking at him, waiting for his next move, but he didn't need to move a muscle.

Moon heard a gasp, and saw Zero fall down to the ground. "Luminite."

Mercury saw a violet shard float up from Zero's body, and grabbed it. "Sorry, but you're not getting this one."

Nemesis glared at the two Generals. "I'm really sick of this, you guys turn innocents into monsters, and force us to fight them. Even if it's you, Nephrite, I will not forgive you. Nemesis Shadow..." Nemesis' hands were wrapped in darkness, and she hit the ground with them. "Core!"

A large ball of dark energy shot forwards, inches above the ground, and hit Luminite, then corrected its course and hit Nephrite. The two Generals were still conscious, but they both knew they were lucky to be alive after that. "Damn you, Nemesis," Luminite snapped.

"It's pointless, we don't need to fight them," Nephrite said.

"True," Luminite agreed before they both fell unconscious.

"Hey, what the hell is that?"

Moon realized two things. One, that Yukiko was still there. And two, that Zero had transformed into a huge violet-scaled dragon. "Zero, no..."

"Girl, it's dangerous to be here. Leave!"

"But..." Yukiko started as Mars walked to her.

"That thing could kill you in one shot, so please get out of the area," Moon explained.

Yukiko nodded. "I understand. Good luck!"

Mars saw Yukiko dashing away, and turned to Moon. "Wait, where are the sidekicks?"

"Stop calling us that," Calisto snapped as the trio appeared near them. "We were talking to our bosses, and there's good news, reinforcements are on their way."

"We may need help," Mercury admitted, "even a few more Demon Hunters would-"

The dragon was seemingly not too fond of waiting, as it screeched, opening its mouth to attack. The Senshi were expecting fire to come out of its mouth, but instead, a thick, green mist shot out, covering the area.

Mars fell to one knee, and saw the others were also affected by it. "What is this?" she managed to ask between coughs.

"This gas is poisonous, we have to move before..." Mercury stopped as she realized something. Everyone else was down, and they were obviously in pain. Moon was the only other Senshi still standing. "... Oh no, it's already too late."

"Don't say that!" Moon said. "We can save them!"

"But we can't hurt him. Zero... Terry is in there!"

Moon looked at her friend. She could guess what was going on. "We may have to hurt him to bring him back. If we don't defeat this creature, we won't be able to save everyone... Are you okay with that? Don't you have something you want to tell him?"

Mercury's eyes widened. What was Moon talking about, something she wanted to tell him? That was... No, she couldn't lie to herself, even if she still couldn't tell him. "I suppose you're right. Shabon Spray Freezing!"

The attack hit the dragon, but it didn't seem too affected by it. Moon looked at it. It wasn't attacking them, even though the poison mist was slowly vanishing. Why was that? She realized something, the dragon was looking at Mercury. Maybe Terry was still somewhat in control? She decided to figure that out later. "Here goes nothing. Moon Tiara Flight!"

The dragon was knocked down after a dozen hits. Mercury smiled, but saw Moon was lying on the ground. "Are you okay?"

"Something I just learnt, don't try to force your attacks out when you know you're out of energy," Moon said and winced.

Moon had weakened it, and Mercury knew her friends were already staggering up, but she also doubted any of them had energy to shoot again. "I'm better at thinking than fighting, but I still won't give up. Shabon Spray Freezing!" The attack hit the dragon, who was trying to stand up, and knocked it down again. However, it didn't stay down, and Mercury sighed. "Still not enough..."

"Then leave it to us."

Mercury turned and saw three figures standing on a nearby rooftop. "Who are you?"

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