Myth's End

In a land of Myth and a time of magic,
The destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of two young people,
Their names,
Merlin and Mira-Liana

After the five left the Isle of the Blessed, they found out Hunith had made a full recovery and would be fine. After a little while longer in Ealdor, she chose to stay in Camelot so she could watch over her children and watch their futures take place.

In the years that followed after Nimueh's death, much changed in Camelot. Merlin and Gwen married and following their union came the marriage of Mira-Liana and Arthur. The weddings were the celebrations of the century and many marveled at the unions. Ten years after the weddings, Uther passed away in his sleep and was mourned by many.

After Uther's death, Arthur and Mira-Liana were crowned the King and Queen of Camelot. Under their rule, the lands of Albion were united at last and a Golden Age fell upon Camelot. There was peace, prosperity and joy throughout the kingdom. No one of magic was persecuted any longer. Magic was restored to Camelot's walls. The Council of Magic was formed and Merlin was the High Warlock with Gwen and Gaius as his two advisors. Under his and Mira-Liana's direction, a peaceful Age of Magic came.

As Mira-Liana and Arthur ruled, it seemed everything fell into place. The Lady Morgana eventually found her own love, a powerful elf by the name of Frik, and married. She recognized her gifts as a Seer and was not persecuted for her powers. Mordred, the little druid boy they had once helped, eventually returned to Camelot, not to cause harm but to study under Gaius's medical teachings as he had gained a love for healing after Mira-Liana had healed him. The Royal Family was more than happy to have him back and Morgana looked to him as a son.

When people questioned Arthur's decision to marry a servant girl and allow magic back in the kingdom, he would just say, "Magic is neither good nor bad, but magic was what saved my life and gave me my Queen and my brother."

The sword, which was once made more powerful with the Great Dragon's help, was eventually retrieved from the lake by Arthur and given the name of Excalibur and with that sword, few ever dared to conquer Camelot.

The Great Dragon was never freed and remained in his prison for the remainder of his life for what he had done. Some say after he died, he took place in the stars so he could be truly free at last and watch over those with magic.

As for Gaius, the elderly physician who once used magic, he continued in his job for many years until he had to retire and lived peacefully in Camelot for the rest of his days.

And Merlin, Mira-Liana, Arthur and Gwen continued to watch over the people for eighty and five years, but no one—man or warlock—can live forever. Eventually, after all their children and grandchildren were grown, the four passed on, but their legend lived on.

For centuries, the people would speak of Royal Family and the Golden Age that was brought upon the lands. Some say they continue to live on in all of us in whatever magic there is in the world and always watch over the world just as they had while they lived.

The End