A/N: So a few days ago, I came across what has to be one of the most fabulous Sweenett fics ever written. And as I was reading, an idea to write a poem based upon that fic, made its way into my mind. Well, lo and behold, this little number was born! I just hope, that it can level up to the beauty of which DojoGhost (seriously, GO READ HER STUFF NOW) has created.

"We Who Are About To Die", of the same name of the original fic, is a poem told from Sweeney Todd's perspective as he is fighting alongside his fellow comrades in the Civil War, the time at which the original story takes place. It is basically a summation of his thoughts, his regrets, and his growing fondness of Mrs. Lovett, typically behind the scenes after he trades his razors in for a rifle in the Confederate army.

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We Who Are About to Die

The bayonet is upon my shoulders,

The final preparations are being made,

My mates say they're with me, through and through,

Yet here we all are in this big charade.


It's parading marches and bloodshed,

For us, a daily, mundane routine,

An endless array of fighting and war,

Only death lies at the bottom of this ravine.


I sometimes wonder, "Dear God, why did I leave?"

And then I ponder, "Oh yes, it was she."

Never thought such a woman to steal this heart,

And claim it only to tear it apart.


Deceit was her game, one she played well.

Till her plans fell to spoils, what a pity to tell,

For my feet took me elsewhere, when learning the truth,

It was sad, yes, on her part, but to me, far uncouth.


Her love was in vain, but she'd sigh with contempt,

For it was me, that she was never meant.

And time and time, I hid my true colors,

Behind this armor, across foreign borders.


To the sails of foreign land, anew,

To the place where war was bold and true,

To the men that claimed me for their own,

And thus, a cadet was finally born.


This soldier begged for death to come,

To take him below, where he could not run,

To the inferno in which he served so well,

And make happy all whom he befell.


"Let's get a move on, lads, the bombs are starting!"

Shouted John, a fellow, whose voice was crackling.

And though there was courage upon his features,

In his eyes, was fear, of the darkest creatures.


I knew him too well, not to realize what he felt,

Afraid, as am I, till I saw him, and knelt.

His eyes shot up high, his pulse far too low,

I knew for this fellow, had nowhere else to go.


I lost one dear "friend", one after the other,

Dear God, could it be, fallen…another?

Into the dirt, where his body remains cold,

For no one shall notice, while his corpse ages old.


And as I run, and I sweat, and I hide for cover,

I think "Why have I chosen this war over a lover?

A lover, sure, liar is more like it you see,

What I wonder more, is why chose lies over me?"


She could have spoken true, could have shown me the hurt,

Maybe then, I could have changed, even when things seemed worst.

"No," she sadly thought, for she knew me too well,

Too well in fact, she knew that I fell.


Would have fallen too hard, to ever try to regain,

Whatever I felt I lost, even she wouldn't retain.

For there could not be pity, for a soul such as this,

Only hurt, only death, unjust trouble from her kiss.


And as the blasts continue on, behind my fellows and I,

And the gunpowder flies, far up towards the sky,

I think only of her, and our solemn, sad goodbye,

Till I urge men towards the fire, the We who are about to die.

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