1Zaara: I feel like the life of the party.

Killjoy: should be fun.

Sera: Really? What did you boys do this time?

Tom: Invited two new members abord the Crew.

Sera: Who are they?

Zaara: Rin

Killjoy: and Anko

Sera nodded :It will be nice to have other girls around here for a change.


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Human speech

Human thought

Demon/Boss speech

Demon/boss thought.


(Konoha 4 years after the Kyuubi attack)

In the small park of Konoha a young woman of 23 sat on a bench and watched her two children play. The woman stood at 5'5", long red hair, that stopped at her lower back, bright green eyes, a wide smile and a sexy body. She wore and orange shirt, a black vest, black pants, and a pair of Shinobi boots. On her side was a katana with a red hilt.

The children she watched was a set of twins. A boy and a girl. The girl had long red hair, like her own, but she wore glasses, had green eyes, and long red hair with a few blonde strains, wearing a green shirt and blue pants. The boy was almost a carbon copy of his father, but his face resembled her more in shape, he even had her nose and three whisker like marks on each cheek. He had wild blonde hair, with a few strikes of red here and there, bright blue eyes and a smile as wide as hers. He had on a white shirt, blue shorts. They were her whole world.

The boy laughed as the girl chased him. "Catch me if you Can Karin-nee-chan!" yelled the boy jumping out of reach of the girl.

The girl laughed as she tackled him to the ground. "I got you Naruto-nii-chan," said Karin as they both laughed loudly.

Kushina smiled at them. She got up and walked over to them. They both smiled at her, before they ran over and gave her a hug. She laughed as they did this.

"Sounds like the squirts are having a good time today," came a strong voice.

The three turned around to find a tall brown haired man who looked to be in his late 30's, with a Chunin vest, black short sleeve shirt, black pants. And his Headband wrapped around his arm.

"Uncle Nawaki!" yelled the two kids as they both charged and gave him a hug.

"Hey guys. How's it going?" asked Nawaki.

"Fine Uncle," said the two kids as Nawaki went up in smoke making the twins stare at where he just was.

"Looking for me?" asked Nawaki appearing behind them and making them clap.

"Nawaki you know better then to tease the kids with Jutsu that they can't learn yet," said Kushina mock frowning at him making the kids laugh.

Nawaki grinned and rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry Kushina-chan," said Nawaki.

Kushina smiled at her friend. "it's alright. Anyway will see you later tonight. Remember it's the twins 4th birthday," said Kushina.

Nawaki smiled. "Alright. I'll tell my sister and brother in law. Until then ja ne," said Nawaki vanishing.

Kushina turned to the kids and began to lead them out of the park and into the village, making sure that they stayed by her side. A rule of hers was that if they ever went into town they had to stay by hers or the others side. There were only a hand full of people in the whole village she trusted. Many resented the children for being born on the day of the attack. Even though Minato and her planned to take their biggest secret to the grave with them. The fact that Naruto had the Kyubi sealed inside him. That was the one thing she cursed Minato for.

She was brought out of her thoughts by Karin shaking her shirt. "What is it baby?" asked Kushina.

"Kaa-san, Nii-san got separated in the crowd!" said Karin worried for her brother.

Kushina's eyes widened, before she lifted her daughter on her back and jumped into the air.

(With Naruto)

Naruto gulped. He had gotten separated from his mother. The worst thing that could happen to any young child. He looked around and soon realized that he was in an ally. He was about to leave when the entrance to the ally was blocked by 9 men. All smelled strongly of Sake.

"Lookey here boys, we found the Kyubi brat," said the man in the middle hiccupping.

"To bad it couldn't have been the other one. I would have had fun breaking her," said another man.

Naruto glared at them. "You won't hurt my sister!" yelled Naruto charging the man, only to get slugged hard in the face and sent into a wall.

The men walked forward and began to kick him and beat him with stones.

"Fire style: Phoenix flower Jutsu!" yelled a familiar voice.

The men yelled and fell down onto the ground with burn marks on their bodies. Naruto opened his eyes and gave a sigh of relief it was Rin. Rin was 15 years old and stood at 5'4", short brown hair, purple marks on both her cheeks, brown eyes, C-cup breasts, long slender legs, wearing a blue shirt, black shorts, and shin obi sandals.

"Rin-chan," said Naruto as he was picked up by her. Rin was always Naruto's favorite baby sitter, while his sister liked Anko better.

Rin smiled at Naruto before kissing his forehead making him blush. "How are you doing Naruto-chan?" asked Rin.

"Good Rin-chan," said Naruto as Kushina appeared.

Naru-chan. My god. Look at you! What did those bastards do to you?" asked Kushina.

"They called me Kyubi and killer," said Naruto.

Kushina's eyes widened,. Before they narrowed. "Rin take the kids to the house," said Kushina hading Karin over.

"UH Somebody is in trouble!" said Karin in a teasing manner.

Kushina smiled, but Rin could see the cruel underlining to it. "Your right Kar-chan. Somebody is in trouble," said Kushina vanishing.

(Konoha Council Chambers)

The Council was in attendance for it's weekly meeting. Tsunade wasn't to happy about it. Some how her clan had lost some of it's power after the 4th died. Everyone knew that the Hokage's had a relationship on some level, be it student and teacher or family wise. Tsunade held the seat of her clan as well as a seat as a Sannin for the village.

Tsunade looked up as The Clan Council began to argue with the civilians. Tsunade was about to step in when the doors of the room flew open and two ANBU hit the ground. The Shinobi in the room prepared to drew blood when they realized that it was Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze and she was pissed off.

"Namikaze-sama what can we do for you?' asked Fugaku eyeing her. He had been trying to get one of her children married to either Sasuke or Tokiko, but so far it have proved in vain.

"My son was attacked by civilians today. This isn't the first time they tired either and it's gettin on my last nerve," said Kushina her hand on her katana.

A civilian smirked at her. "Good. Maybe the little Demon will learn his place after this. Maybe you'll finally give him up and come to a more suitable husband. Maybe my son," said the Civilian.

Kushina unsheathed her sword. "I'm going to ask this once. Leave my son alone," said Kushina.

"And if not?" asked the Civilian making her smile a little too sweetly.

Kushina vanished, before she appeared behind the civilian with her sword to his throat and slashing it open. The civilian fell dead, before she moved around killing them all. She soon stopped and everyone was looking at her in shock. They now remembered that she was the Red Death. Kushina appeared in the center of the room with blood dripping from her katana. She looked at the remaining members of the Council and sighed.

"I'll be taking my children from this village," said Kushina.

Danzo stood up. "You can't take them away! They are the legacy of the fourth!" yelled Danzo.

Kushina looked at him. "As long as fools like you live then they will never be safe. I will leave Konoha with my kids. I will remain an ally of this village and nothing more," said Kushina.

Sarutobi nodded. "I understand what you are saying Kushina. I wish you the best in your journey," said Sarutobi.

Tsunade looked at her friend. "Kushina are you sure about this. What about the kids?" asked Tsunade.

Kushina smiled at her friend. "They'll grow like they should. As children," said Kushina.

Tsunade stood up. "I Tsunade Senju of the Sannin hereby declare that my clan shall follow the Uzumaki clan," said Tsunade making many stare at her.

"Bust Tsunade-sama…," started Tsume

"No buts. Those kids are my god children and I'll be damned if I leave them," said Tsunade.

"Very well then," said Sarutobi. As long as they remained Allies of Konoha he would have no reason to hunt them down.

Tsunade and Kushina left to inform their families.

(Namikaze home)

Dan looked at the two of them like they were insane. Dan stood at 5'9", long blue hair, brown eyes, wearing a white jacket, black pants, and blue Sandals. Nawaki was sitting next to him. Anko, Shizune, and Rin looked at the two older women. Anko was 13, stood at 5'3", long purple hair, pulled up in a wild ponytail, still developing b-cup breasts, wearing a brown shirt, white shorts, and sandals. Shizune was 14 stood at 5'5", short black hair that she inherited from her great grandfather, slender body, C-cup breasts, wearing a black battle kimono.

"What the hell were you two thinking!? We've had to put up with a lot of crap from the Council for taking in Rin and Anko, but this is insane," said Dan.

Anko and Rin had both been taken into the Uzumaki and Senju Clans as Vassals, giving them clan status, but that didn't go over well with the head bastards. Dan cared for them like they were his kids, but the Council just gave him a headache.

"We have to leave Bro. Sooner or later the Council is going to get a lucky shot at Naruto or find a loophole that lets them kill him or turn him into a slave," said Nawaki frowning.

Him and the council had some bad blood that went back to his Genin days. He had failed to kill an assassin, but had stopped the assassin from completing the mission, by taking his arm off. Nawaki had been stabbed and nearly lost his life. If it wasn't for the fact Tsunade and Dan were on that very mission as well he would have died.

Rin leaned back and crossed her legs. "Come on it won't be that bad," said Rin.

"Come on Tou-san," said Shizune.

"Alright. Pack everything into scrolls. We'll be leaving soon," said Dan making the girls smile.

(2 days later)

Tsunade and Kushina had emptied the clans vaults as well as their accounts. Kushina had also taken the inheritance that her kids were to receive when they turned 16 and became Genins of Konoha. That wasn't happening now. Dan and Nawaki had emptied the clan Libraries taking extra care not to miss anything. Nawaki had even gone to the Council and taken the secrets of his clans skills away.

The girls had spent all their time with Naruto and Karin keeping them company while applying for dismal from all Ninja Duties. Their request came though and they throw away their headbands. Naruto and Karin were confused, by what the adults were doing but shrugged it off after all adults are wired like that.

Naruto was on Dan's shoulders while Karin was on Tsunade's. "Aunty Tsunade where are we going?" asked Naruto looking at Tsunade.

"Some place amazing," said Tsunade.

"Will you tell us?" asked Karin.

The girls laughed while Nawaki and Dan smirked.

"It's a surprise," said Kushina smirking at her kids.

The twins pouted. "I hate suspires," they said in tandem making the others Laugh.


Killjoy: welcome abord.

Anko: glad to be her Killjoy.

Rin: Where's my room at?

Zaara: You girls share quarters. Mine and Killjoy's is right across the hall from yours

Killjoy: if you need anything just ask.

Rin: What are our Duties.

Zaara: (Takes out Sake and makes Rin grin) Killjoy and I handle maintenance on most of the ship. But I's a big ship.

Killjoy: we will be having a party tonight and will tell you your job tomarrow ok?

Anko: but should we know now?

Rin: Who cares? Right now I just want to party!

Killjoy: thats the spirt.

Zaara: Lets have some fun