Anko: That was fun.

Zaara: That was easy

Rin: it could have been less sloppy

Sera: I agree it was a little to sloppy

Killjoy: Yeah we could have done better.

Zaara: That was only the first fight. We still have a long way to go

Killjoy: Yay More blood.

Anko: Yummy.

Rin: come on guys let's prepare for round duce.

It's to late to change the Mizukage's name and bloodline.

Human speech

Human thought

Demon/Boss speech

Demon/boss thought.

(Inside the Tower)

Fugaku stood before the teams that had advanced and he had to admit he was a bit disappointed. Team 7, Team 8, team 10, team Gai, Team Kabuto, Team sound, Team Suna, Team Mist 1, and Team Mist 2. He looked at his children with a glare. They would be punished for failing in their mission, but for now he had a exam to run.

"Welcome one and all to this years Chunin Exam. Unfortunately I'm not one to mince words so I'll make this quick. You are the best of the best from your village. The Truth of the exams are that they are a replacement for war," said Fugaku.

"Everyone could figure that out themselves," thought Naruto looking at Fugaku.

"Currently we have to many people to move forward so we will have to thin the numbers," said Fugaku until a man appeared before them.

"Hokage-sama please allow me Hayate Gekko proctor of this exam to continue for you," said the sickly man.

'Very well," said Fugaku leaving the floor.

"As Hokage-sama said these exams are to test you. I won't bore you with the Details," said Gekko as a board appeared.

"If there is anyone who wishes to forfeit do it now," said Gekko.

Kabuto raised his hand and quickly left.

The board began to spin, before landing on two names at random.

Kin Tsuchi vs. Kiba Inuzuka.

"Will everyone who name is not present please leave the floor," said Gekko as everyone began to walk away.

(up with the mist teams)

Naruto leaned his arms on the rail before his eyes scanned the floor. He could easily see that this fight could go either way. Kin was petite, and looked like her aim was dead on. Kiba was slightly bulky as was his mutt Akamaru. He would try to subdue her with minimal force.

"What's on your Mind Naruto?" asked Haku walking closer to her leader and friend.

"This fight is going to be interesting," said Naruto

(back in the ring)

Gekko looked at the two opponents before dropping his hand and backing away.

Kiba got into a low stance with Akamaru backing him up, while Kin pulled out a few senbon needles. Kiba charged forward as kin throw her needles. Kin jumped backwards and put her hand into a ram seal. Kiba and Akamru both stopped and fell to the ground holding their ears.

"You like that Mutt. It's called symphony of hell. It's a normal Genjutsu, but it's a bitch when sound is addend to it," said Kin as Kiba and Akamaru fell to the ground out cold.

Gekko looked at Kiba and Akamaru and frowned. "Winner Kin Tsuchi," said Gekko as kin walked away

(with Mist teams)

"That was pathetic," said Kimimaro looking at the ring.

"It could have been worse he could have wet himself," said Karin laughing slightly.

(back in the ring)

The board lit up and the Next set of names appeared.

Rock Lee vs. Yoroi Akado

"Will you two please come down," said Gekko.

Both went down and faced each other.

"It will be an honor to face you," said Lee raising his left hand.

"Come on you little fool," said Yoroi holding out his hands.

"Begin," said Gekko.

Yoroi charged forward and throw out a mighty fist that Lee deflected with his left hand, before sweeping his feet from under him. Yoroi landed on his back, before he kicked himself back into a standing position. He grabbed Lee arm and allowed his hand to glow Blue, before chuckling.

"Now it's over you little fool. I can absorb chakra by mirly touching you," said Yoroi.

Lee smirked. He grabbed Yoroi's hand and broke it in three places. "Then it is a good thing I don't use chakra," said Lee, before he raised his right Fist and slammed it into Yoroi's face sending him flying into a wall.

Lee looked sheepish afterwards. "I am sorry. I was a little to youthful," said Lee.

(with Mist Teams)

"That's what he calls to youthful?" asked Delilah looking at the hole Yoroi left.

"He is one to watch. He skill is astounding," said Guren looking at Lee

(back in the ring)

The next fight pairing had been decided and everyone wanted to see this Fight

Gaara of the Sand vs. Sai

Both combatants appeared in the ring preparing to do battle. Gekko raised his arm and dropped it. Gaara uncorked his gourd and Sai drew his sword. Sai charged at Gaara and slashed at him. Everyone assumed that Gaara would but cut in two as he made no effort to block the attack. They were however shocked when a wall of sand appeared before Gaara and stopped Sai's sword. Before Sai had a chance to back up a large fist made of sand slammed into Sai and sent him flying backwards.

Sai slammed into a wall leaving a large dent in it. Sai crawled out the wall and coughed up blood. It didn't help that he was badly cut and one of his lower ribs was broken. Sai looked at Gaara before taking out a container of ink.

"ink style: Ink flush Jutsu," said Sai pouring ink into the ground and allowing it to absorb into the ground.

Gaara had grown impatience and flung 10 sand Shuriken's at Sai. Sai cut the shurikens into pieces before charging at Gaara again. Gaara held out his hand making a bladed sand staff appear in his hands. Gaara allowed the sand to block Sai's attack, before attacking Sai. Gaara was able to stab Sai in his stomach making him cough up blood. Sai grabbed the pike, before spikes slammed into his hand Sai screamed in pain, before he cut the sand pike in half and jumping back. Sai brakes the ends off, before sealing the cuts with a medical ink he created.

Sai then allowed large Ink snakes around Gaara restraining him.

Gaara looked at the snakes and chuckled. "You think these are going to restrain me for long?" asked Gaara.

Sai smirked at Gaara. "They don't have to sand-san. Ink style: Super Beasts Imitation Picture!" yelled Sai unleashing his scroll and allowing twenty loin like painting to rush at Gaara. Just as they were about to hit Gaara they stopped.

Sai's eyes widened as he clutched his chest right where his heart was. The snakes binding Gaara faded.

"It's about time. You see I may have the ultimate defense that is always active, but I also have the ultimate offense. If my sand gets in your wounds I can manipulate it to bind you, attack your inner organs or cut you up," said Gaara as large claw like gauntlets appear on hands

Gaara slowly approaches Sai and Began to lay into him with massive punches and deadly strikes. And all Sai can do is yell in pain at the attacks.

(in the Mist stands)

Delilah for all her years as a Kunoichi had never seen such brutality, even during the last war. Guren had just thrown up. Kimimaro was clutching his fist in what appeared to be fear. Haku and Karin held each other as not to see the torment that Sai was undergoing, but Naruto and Fuu had the worst reactions. Naruto was restraining Fuu by whispering into her ear. Even though both smelled of blood lust they held back.

(Back in the ring)

Gaara got off of Sai panting hard, face covered in blood and even a few tears in his eyes. Not of anguish, but of joy. He was happy about the things he had done to Sai. Gaara held out his hand and the sand wrapped around Sai leaving his face and Heart uncovered.

(In the stands)

Temari backed away from the edge of the ring as did Kunkuro. They both knew that Gaara only reserved this for his most hated opponents.

"Temari…," said Kunkuro with fear in his voice.

"Don't… I know," said Temari clenching her eyes shut.

(Back in the Ring)

Gaara then allowed sand to form in his hands. It formed into a spear that looked like a spear of sand. Gaara smiled, before he flow forwards and slammed the spear into Sai so that it hit both his heart and face, leaving no room to argue that Sai was dead. Gaara then crushed Sai's body leaving nothing but blood to drip to the floor.

"Winner. Gaara of the sand," said Gekko.

"NOW!" yelled Naruto as he and Fuu vanished before appearing next to Gaara.

Fuu grabbed Gaara in a Full nelson Naruto appeared before Gaara with all of his fingers glowing.

"FIVE pronged Seal!" yelled Naruto Slamming his fingers into Gaara's stomach.

Gaara screamed before he fell over asleep.

Temari jumped down and looked fearful. "WHAT DID YOU FOOLS DO! Now that Gaara is asleep his demon will take over," said Temari shaking.

"Not true. I made a temporary seal that will stop that. I will have to remake the seal with some help," said Naruto.

Temari visibly calmed down as Gaara was carried away.

The names randomized again until that stopped

Temari of the sand vs. Shino Aburame

Naruto and Fuu left the ring and Shino jumped into the ring ready for battle.

Gekko looked at the two as they both prepared for the other He dropped his hand and Shino unleashed a tidal wave of insects at Temari. Temari smirked, before she brought her fan down.

"Wind style: Scythe Weasel," said Temari releases some heavy air currents that collided together to create many vacuums pockets to slash her targets.

The wind pockets hit the wave of bugs slamming them all into the wall killing them Shino looked at his bugs and nodded.

"I forfeit the match. I realize that I can't win against Temari-san here," said Shino leaving the ring.

Winner Temari," said Gekko as the board began to spin again

When the board stopped it was a astounding match up.

Sasuke Uchiha vs. Zaku

Sasuke walked down to the arena and prepared to fight Zaku a foolish boy from the sound village. Sasuke held his neck in pain. After what had transpired in the forest of death he had been holding back he had relayed on Taijutsu

Gekko looked between the two and dropped his hand.

Sasuke charged forward and throw a punch at Zaku. Zaku flipped to the side and throw a kick at Sasuke. Sasuke blocked the kick, before jumping backwards and shot though hand signs for a fire ball. Sasuke launched the fireball at Zaku, but Zaku held up his hand and blow it out like a candle. Sasuke was stunned, before Zaku laughed.

"You like it? Its my air cutters. With them I can unleash air waves of massive power," said Zaku.

Sasuke laughed. "I see. Then I guess I can stop holding back," said Sasuke as black marking began to spread over his body.

(with the mist team)

Karin frowned. "Naruto-nii is that what I think it is?" asked Karin reaching up to her own neck.

Naruto nodded. "Hai. It's the cursed Seal of Hevan," said Naruto

(back in the Ring)

Sasuke laughed as he looked at Zaku with his blood red Sharingan and two tomes. Zaku felt a very real chill creep up his spine as he looked at the demonic Uchiha who was unleashing some powerful dark chakra.

"What's the matter? Afraid?" asked Sasuke from behind Zaku.

Zaku's eyes before he jumped away and ran though hand signs. "That's it I'll Blow you away Uchiha scum! Extreme Decapitating Air Waves!" yelled Zaku unleashing a massive Wave of cutting winds.

(in the stands)

Naruto jumped n front of his team and ran though hand signs. "Damn fool! Trying to kill us all. "Earth Style: Stone Wall Jutsu!" yelled Naruto raining a massive Wall from the ground and blocking the attack.

Delilah wiped her brow felling the sweaty running down her brow. "That was close," said Delilah as the wall crumbled after the Jutsu.

(back in the ring)

Zaku looked at where Sasuke stood and grinned. "Ha. Blow him away!" yelled Zaku.

"You talking about me!" said Sasuke from behind him and grabbing his arms and pulling on them hard.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" yelled Zaku.

"I noticed that your rather proud of these arms of your. "SO let me take them away from you," said Sasuke pulling his arms from his sockets.

Fugaku stood up and looked at Sasuke. "Finish Him," said Fuguku.

Sasuke grinned at his father. "With pleasure. "Fire style: Fire Ball Jutsu," said Sasuke launching his most powerful fireball at Zaku.

The ball hit Zaku and began to burn his body. Zaku screamed in pain as all the air in his body was used to slowly kill him. Sasuke looked on as Zaku burned. Sasuke laughed before he looked at Naruto.

Sasuke pointed to Naruto. "Your next," said Sasuke.

"And Looking forward to our fight," said Naruto

Sasuke returned to his team and the board began to spin again until it stopped.

Tokiko Uchiha vs. Kimimaro Kaguya

Kimimaro jumped into the ring as Tokiko teleported to the ring. Kimimaro removed his Kimono top and allowed two bone sword to appear in both his hands. Tokiko activated her Sharingan and got into the Uchiha fighting style that was made by Madara Uchiha

Hayate looked at both of them and dropped his hand.

Kimimaro charged at Tokiko and did a downwards slash. Tokiko pulled out a kunai and blocked the first bone sword, but only had a second to move out the way of the second as it sliched into her neck slightly Tokiko jumped back and grabbed her neck and felt the blood flowing.

She wiped the blood away from her throat. "Nice. If that had been a bit further in I would be dead," said Tokiko looking at Kimimaro.

"My appologies. I meant it to go though your throat," said Kimimaro standing up

"We'd better stop playing games if we wan't to be done with thsi fight soon," said Tokiko taking some blood and licking it off her index finger

(in the stands)

Fugaku looked at his daughter and glared at her. "Tokiko I know I taught you better then that! Make this fool pay!" yelled Fugaku making Naruto laugh. "What is so damn funny Boy!"

Naruto wiped a tear from his eye and looked at Fugaku"Sorry. It's just that Kimimaro is the most ruthless Genin out of the six of us and he has no qualms about killing even a member of the Uchiha clan," said Naruto making Fugaku glare at him.

(back in the ring)

Tokiko was starting to have a hard time with this boy. He moved like lightning and it was only thanks to her Sharingan was she able to to keep up with him, but only just. She jumped up onto the statue and glared daggers at him.

Tokiko then starting to run though hand signs. "Water style: Water Sword Jutsu!" yelled Tokiko making a 3 foot sword appear in her hand

Tokiko flow from the statue and slashed at Kimimaro Kimimaro crossed his swords and stopped the attack, but caught a kick to the mid section making his slide back.

Kimimao glared at her. She was tough and that damn Shargingan was irritating him. Kimimaro dropped his swords and ran though hand signs

"Earth style: Bedrock coffin!" yelled Kimimaro slamming his hand into the ground.

To large slabs of earth jumped out from where Tokiko was and slammed into where she was. Tokiko jumped over the attack and started a chain of hand signs as did Kimimaro

"Fire style: Fire ball Jutsu!" yelled Tokiko landing on the ground.

"Earth style: Earth wall Jutsu!" yelled Kimimaro making a 10 by 10 wall appear blocking the attack.

Tokiko landed on the ground and charged forward. She quickly ran though another set of hand signs before jumping over the wall with a sideways flip and aimed at Kimimaro.

"Fire style Flame thrower Jutsu!" yelled Tokiko.

"Earth style: Head hunter Jutsu!" yelled Kimimaro as he submerged himself under the ground.

Tokiko landed and was on guard for anything that might happen.

(With Fugaku)

Fugaku had a smirk on his face. He knew that the second the boy revealed himself the fight was over. An ANBU agent appeared next to Fugaku in a bow.

Fugaku looked at him. "What is it? Can't you see that I'm busy?" asked Fugaku.

"I know Hokage-sama, but it's an emergency. Itachi is missing and all the guards in the special prison are dead," said the ANBU

Fugaku turned around in Rage and activated hi Sharingan. "WHAT DID YOU SAY!" yelled Fugaku killing the ANBU with a kunai.

Tokiko was startled by her father yelling that she lost concentration and left herself open to attack. Kimimaro appeared behind her and stabbed her right though her right shoulder, before he removed the sword and quickly slashed her up leaving many bleeding scars on her body, before she fell on the ground unconscious.

"Winner Kimimaro Kaguya.

Fugaku was so pissed off He released a flood of KI. "AHHHHHHH! Damn you Mist nins!" yelled Fugaku.

Naruto grinned at Fugaku. "We're not though yet Hokage-sama. Only one of us have gone so far and wwe still got five to go and Kimimaro is only the third most powerful member of this little group," thought Naruto.

Killjoy: That was a piss poor attack.

Zaara: Put a sock in it Killjoy: We have to head back out and take them out.

Rin: Anybody got a plan?

Anko: Go and remove heads and balls?

Sara: I have one slightly better. Killjoy, Zaara, and Tom board the ship and place 3 bombs in LS, The Engine, and the bridge.

Killjoy and Zaara: Dibs on bridge.

Zaara: (with Tick) Back off dick weed. I'm flying in

Killjoy: (pulling eyelid down)

Tom: Only one way to settle this….