A/N: Hi everyone! This story was written post-Omnivore, but before the season finale. It was originally posted on the Criminal Minds message boards. After many friends there told me about this site, I decided to finally publish it here. I hope you enjoy! Reviews are always welcome!!! If you like it…great! If you don't, please feel free to tell me why!

Any time an agent pulls his gun, life hangs in the balance. On a good night, they can bring their subjects in without firing a shot. Unfortunately, it's not always that simple. Sometimes a shot is necessary. And rarely the situation turns into an all out firefight. This was one of those times. The team was split. The shots came from everywhere. They could hear each other, but there was too much chaos around them to keep an eye on one another among the buildings that made up Industrial Park. Finally, after only a few moments, which felt like hours, the shooting stopped. As the smoke cleared, Agent Rossi assessed the damage. Two men were down a few feet in front of him. He could see two more down across the park. The local police canvassed the scene to make sure their nightmare was actually over.

"Everybody alright?" called Rossi into his com-link.

"We're okay," answered Morgan with Prentiss.

"We're, good. We're coming back your way." called back JJ and Reid.

Everyone sounded out of breath, but safe and unharmed. Rossi impatiently waited for one more call.


"Hotch?" he called.


"Hotch, can you hear me?" The panic started to creep in his voice.



"Rossi, what's going on?" Morgan asked as he and Prentiss arrived at his location, a very uneasy look on his face. Rossi shook his head and pulled out his cell phone.

"Garcia! It's Rossi." Her face dropped as she heard the panic in his voice. He hadn't sounded this panicked since the explosion in New York City. "Find Hotch!"

"Ok! I'm on it!" Garcia, in her computer filled office at Quantico, began working her magic (as she liked to call it) and located Hotch's cell phone signal.

"I've got your cell signal and his. He's about 100 feet west of you. What's happening?…Guys?…What's going on!?"

He didn't answer. Rossi, Morgan and Prentiss sprinted to his location. JJ and Reid were not far behind. At the sight of their team racing toward something unknown to them, they took off at a run. Morgan got there first. He turned the corner slowly. He couldn't believe the sight.

There was blood on the corner of the building and on the pavement. It trailed away a very short distance and then disappeared. Next to the blood, there was a white cloth reeking of some sort of chemical. Propped up next to the wall was Hotch's vest. His gun and cell phone lay on top of the vest. And next to those, very prominently displayed for the team to find, was Morgan's badge.

"No, no, no," Morgan uttered. "NO!"

The team looked at each other frantically.

Foyet was back. And Hotch was gone.