A/N: Obito is my hero, and he's just so sweet. So I can at least hope that he got the girl after sacrificing himself for her. Review!!

Rin lay the flowers down in front of the headstone with the utmost care.

"Hi Obito," she sighed, sitting down. "Are you listening to me?"

She could almost imagine him nodding solemnly at her, his familiar grin plastered on his face.

"I hope you are," Rin said. "Anyway, I just came here to talk, as weird as that may seem. I know you can't really answer, but it just gives me a sort of peace inside."

An image of Obito giving her a confused look popped into her brain, making her giggle.

"And you could always make me laugh," she admitted.

She remembered how she had wondered about why he was so enthusiastic about everything, even when other people thought it was ridiculous. In response he had just declared that he didn't care about what other people thought and that was just the way he was.

"So I've realized something lately," Rin went on, her voice softer now. "And I'm almost too ashamed to tell you, but if I didn't tell you, I would be even more ashamed."

To help boost her courage, she just closed her eyes and pictured him telling her that she could tell him anything and that he would always listen to her.

"Here goes nothing," she muttered.

Rin froze for a second, partly thinking about how ridiculous it was to confess to a dead person and partly wondering if he would be able to reply.

"Obito, I love you."

The words had tumbled out of her mouth awkwardly, but she felt relief wash over her. She had finally done it.

"Should that have been in the past tense?" Rin mused. "But that would imply that I stopped loving you. And that is something I did not do. So, aren't you going to answer me Obito? Kakashi told me that you said you loved me. Are you really not going to take this chance to tell me yourself?"

She sat in silence for a few moments, almost expecting a vibrant proclamation of his love for her in return. When that didn't happen, she got up.

"I'll come visit you again tomorrow," Rin promised. "We can talk more then."

As she walked away, the wind picked up, and with it came the flowers that Rin had brought for Obito.

"That's just like you Obito," she smiled. "Giving me my flowers like they were originally your present."

The wind stopped blowing as if it were doubting its decision. Rin felt tears rolling down her cheeks.

"But don't worry," she assured him, putting the flowers back in their rightful place. "I love them anyway."