Sumire Shouda, boss of the Los Angeles chapter of PSD, Inc., a top quality personal security provider, walked into her office and closed the door. She noticed a large red envelope on her desk. She had just gotten off one of the worst assignments of her life. Her client was such a flippin' pig, but that hadn't stopped her from doing her job. No sir. He was all safe and sound, threat diminished, free to go about his piggish business. Geez.

Oh well, time for the next assignment. She opened the envelope and pulled out the papers: a letter from her boss at headquarters, headshots, and some information on the new clients.


Get your girls together, I've got a high profile assignment for you. There is a popular band called Flames Arise that is in need of some covert PSD, personal security detail. We need one girl per band member. I included their pictures and some information for you to get up to date.

Are you ready for the twist? No one can know that your team is security for them; there is a possible breach in their current security, and there is some crazy bastard threatening them. Have your team pose as friends, girlfriends, assistants, tutors, whatever you like, but do not, I repeat, do not let it out that they are protecting the band. You will be known to the family and to their current head of security, "Koko". Your team is as follows:

Sumire Shouda – Head of team. You are the leader on this one, don't let me down. You have proven to be an exemplary bodyguard and I have total faith in your performance as the boss of the LA chapter of PSD, Inc. Set up the team with the band's family, make sure everyone in the family knows what to expect. Keep in contact with your team and lead them through this assignment. This will definitely mean a promotion for you if all goes well.

Misaki Harada – 23 year old operator, ex-private investigator. She's good at solving mysteries; we know that. Hopefully, the training she has undergone at your site means she will be just as good at being a personal security guard. We need to put our best foot forward on this one, Sumire. I think she is one of them.

Hotaru Imai – 19 year old operator. I know she's grown up around your site. She's one of our best, and I know she'll do us both proud. Make sure she doesn't get any of the wrong kind of publicity, and by that I mean don't let her get baka gun in public, okay? Remember, covert.

Last, but not least, happy early birthday, Shouda. You owe me…

Mikan Sakura – 18 year old operator. I got her tests pushed through so she is now under your command. I know she has unofficially been there as long as Imai and I know she can do the job. Keep your eye on her; I'm sure she'll want more assignments after this.

I don't know how long your team will be on this mission, Shouda. But I want them on this family like white on rice until further notice. They are on a break from touring right now, but when they go back on tour, your team goes back on tour. If they go on vacation, your team goes on vacation. If they shoot a movie on location, your team will be on that location. I want them staying with the boys twenty-four seven, staying in the Band home, and staying in the boys' rooms on the road…that close. There is a sick son of a bitch out there, and I don't want the members of this family to have any worries over it. Whatever you decide the stories are for your operators, make sure they rehearse them and stick to them…they'll be in the public eye a lot and I don't want any slip-ups.

Good luck,
Peter C. Ramos
PSD, Inc.

Sumire let out a sigh. Thank god she got Mikan. She needed her on the team. She flipped through the photos and the information. Geez, these threats were just plain bad. She didn't blame the family for wanting some extra security.

Better head in this afternoon. After putting together packets of information for her operators, Sumire walked out of her office.

"Pack your bags, girls. You're moving today."

Three heads whipped up toward her, but one slumped back down in disappointment upon hearing the news. At least she could make someone's day today. She walked to the desks set up in the main office and put one packet down in front of Misaki. She walked further and placed the second one in front of Hotaru. Then she turned to Hotaru's cousin, Mikan Sakura.

"Mikan, I'm sorry."

Mikan frowned at her cousin and began to stand. Sumire handed her the third packet. "I'm sorry that your first mission will be long term."

Mikan broke out into a grin.


Mikan had finished packing her bags and was waiting for Hotaru and Misaki to finish so that they could all go get Sumire and head over to meet the Flames Arise family. She was dressed in a pair of boot cut jeans, an off-the-shoulder black Victoria's Secret "What is Sexy?" shirt, and a charcoal grey channel sweater shirt since it was still chilly outside. She slipped on her bright red high heeled boots as she flipped through her information packet. She had already looked through the information provided. Twice. But she wanted to be absolutely sure that she had all the important facts stored in her head. And it didn't hurt that she got to see the pictures of her clients once more.

She was thrilled at becoming a member of PSD and even more thrilled to be on her first mission. There was no way she was going to mess this up, especially just because of her clients happening to be incredibly cute. She was just going to have to put a lid on the hoard of butterflies that were doing acrobatic moves in her stomach. They were probably just photogenic guys, anyway. People rarely look the same in person. They were probably homely looking guys in real life.

She had also looked through the catalogued threats that were in the packet. Some people were frickin' sick. Somehow this guy, or girl, had been getting into their hotel rooms, dressing rooms, just plain in places that no one should be able to get into, and leaving explicit, and threatening messages for Natsume, Ruka, and Tsubasa. Luckily, he or she had yet to get into their house, but they didn't want to take any chances. Apparently, Koko had suggested the added security, and that it be undercover so that whoever was leaving these threats wouldn't get suspicious and upset enough to act while the boys were actually in the rooms.

Well, it didn't matter anymore. Mikan was not going to let anythinghappen to her first clients. In fact, she was kind of excited that she got to be undercover, which was not the usual modus operandi for PSD operators. It would be a challenge to hide her firearms, but she was looking forward to proving herself to the team, to Sumire, and to headquarters.

She heard footsteps on the stairs and stood up to gather her bags. "Ready to go, Mikan?" Hotaru asked, arriving on the first floor of the house they shared with Misaki.

"Let's move out," Mikan said.


Sumire drove the car over to the Band household. "Okay, girls. I want you to get a feel for how secure the house is right now. I want you to split up and get in, any way that you can. I'm going to go introduce myself, the conventional way. When we get in, Mikan, be prepared for them to not believe that you'll be able to handle it. If I give you a signal, disarm your charge as a demonstration," Sumire said, laying out the plan.

"Who are we getting?" Misaki asked.

"I want you on Tsubasa, Misaki. Imai, I want you covering Ruka. Mikan, you've got Natsume. Remember, this is a covert op, so we're going to come up with stories to give everyone outside of the family. I want to feel them out before we decide who you are to them, though. Any questions?" Sumire asked.

Three heads shook. "Alright, move out. Go through the back; windows, doors, anything you find that you can get in. We want to find it all and then tighten up the security."

Mikan opened her door and quietly slid out. She watched Sumire walk up to the front door as Misaki, Hotaru, and her snuck to the back of the house. Misaki jumped up on the wooden fence, using the support beam to help her vault over it into the yard. "Well, we know it won't keep people out from the height, but you guys check the lock anyway," she said from the other side.

Hotaru tried opening the gate the conventional way, and surprise, surprise it opened. The three girls split and began trying different doors and windows. There was a deck with no less than three doors to the inside. There were at least fifteen windows across the back. There was a garden lattice going up the side of the house next to one of the balconies. There were three balconies, evenly spaced across the back of the house with French doors and windows on each. Mikan decided she had better check at least the first one, knowing they probably went into the bedrooms. She grabbed the lattice, checking to make sure it would hold her, then began climbing up.

She heard windows being checked by Hotaru and Misaki. "I'm in," Hotaru whispered.

She nodded, confirming that she heard her sister. By the time she got to the balcony, she heard Misaki whisper, "I've got one." She nodded again and turned to the doors.

The door was unlocked. And, I'm in. She walked into the room and balked at all the guitars she saw. Wow. There were at least ten different guitars, a high tech keyboard, and a drum set sitting in one corner of the room. There was a king sized bed with the covers rumpled and twisted, and a leather couch facing a big screen TV. There was a pair of boxers and a white undershirt tossed on the floor at the foot of the bed, making her smirk to herself. Nice place, why didn't I go into music?

She went out into the hall and made her way down the stairs and into the living room, where everyone was gathered. Definitely not just photogenic ,she thought. These were some of the best looking guys she had ever seen. She glanced around the room and saw her cousin and Misaki standing with their charges. She looked at Sumire, who gave her an approving look, and walked over to her charge. Good god, he looked even better close up.

Natsume watched as the third girl walked down the stairs into the living room. How in the hell were they getting in? And how in the hell did she come from upstairs? It didn't matter that she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, he was a bit thrown off by all these ladies sneaking around in his house. It didn't matter, right. More like it shouldn't matter that she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. She walked over to him and he tensed up. She gave him a cute little smile that he couldn't help returning. She was supposed to protect him? How in the world could someone that small and innocent looking protect him and his band mates? He bet he could lift her with one arm.

"So, as you can see, we may need to tighten up the security of your home as a precautionary measure," Sumire said to Mr. and Mrs. Hyuuga. The six occupants of the house looked back and forth between the four operators with open mouths.

"Yes, we will definitely need to do that," Mr. Hyuuga said quietly. He looked at each operator again. He looked back at Sumire with worry in his eyes. "Don't take this the wrong way, but you all look kind of…small. Are you sure your employees can protect my boys?" Small. Hell, they were downright petite. In fact, Natsume knew he could wrap the one standing next to him up into a little ball small enough to fit in his lap. Small, Tch.

Sumire smiled at Mr. Hyuuga and glanced at her team. "Girls?"

Immediately, Misaki, Hotaru, and Mikan sprang into action. Misaki turned Tsubasa around, pulling his arms up behind him, and pushed him gently, but firmly, against the wall. She secured his arms behind him by locking her arm through them and pressed herself tightly against his back. He was rendered immobile.

Hotaru grabbed Ruka's arms and pulled them behind his back before wrapping one leg around his legs and putting him on the floor. She slowed him enough with his arms that he didn't get hurt on his way down. She kneeled on his back. He was rendered immobile.

Mikan faced Natsume, wrapped her leg around his and pushed him back against the arm of the couch until he fell backward onto it. Leaving her leg wrapped around his, she pulled her other leg up to kneel on his torso, weighing him down. She then grabbed his hands and held them above his head with one of her hands. Because of the angle and her position, he wouldn't be able to lift her off very easily. With her last hand she made a 'v' on Nick's neck. "Don't move," she whispered, looking in his eyes with a grin. He looked at her with awe. Move? He wasn't moving. Having her legs wrapped around him was enough to make him think. About sex. Not that he would act on it, but a guy could think. Especially an eighteen year old guy that was underneath the most gorgeous woman on earth. He was rendered immobile, and that was a damned disconcerting thought, given her size.

"As you can see, Mr. Hyuuga, my team is more than capable of disarming people that are bigger than them. Of course, they can use a lot more force with any threatening people," she said with a smile. "Okay, girls. You can let them go."

Mikan slid off Natsume's chest and held out her hand to help him get up. He grabbed it after a slight hesitation, and stood up while looking at her with wide eyes. "Sorry about that," she said to him, quietly. He was looking like a deer caught in headlights. Shit.

Tsubasa was standing next to Misaki, looking at his dad with a questioning look. Ruka was standing up with the help of Hotaru, smiling appreciatively at her. Why Mikan couldn't get the client that thought what they did was cool, she didn't know.

"Oh, okay then," Mr. Hyuuga said. Sumire gave Mr. and Mrs. Hyuuga a winning smile.

"Don't worry, my girls didn't hurt them. We find that a small demonstration is in order for most of our clients. A lot of people think that we can't offer good protection because we're girls. I assure you, your family is in the best hands available. If they need to, they can take men down. And they stay down." She glanced at her operators with pride before continuing. "I would like to discuss the specifics with you both, but before we do that, let me introduce everyone. My name is Sumire Shouda. I will be in charge of this assignment from our base here in Tokyo. This is Misaki Harada, she will be covering Tsubasa. Hotaru Imai will be covering Ruka. And Mikan Sakura will be covering Natsume," Sumire told them. "They'll be with your boys twenty-four seven until the threat is terminated or you no longer require our services." She then led Mr. and Mrs. Hyuuga into their office so that they could discuss everything.

"That was awesome!" Youchi said. Natsume had to chuckle at his younger brother's enthusiasm at seeing him, Ruka, and Tsubasa get tackled. "Can I go upstairs now?" he asked Tsubasa.

"Sure, Youchi. Go on. We'll be up later," Tsubasa said.


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