Proceed With Caution

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The creature was a little larger then her size. Glistening metal covered its body and a tiny black star occupied its forehead. It had a deathly stance.


And this one was a level 3. Very tough to kill, and it knew it too.

"Hey Exorcist, you're going to need some help if your going to catch me!"

She stood a good distance away from it, her fists shaking with anger and adrenaline. She refused to call it any gender. It wasn't human. It was just a heartless demon, created to kill. She just wanted it to die. She clenched her fists, her right hand gripping the metallic sword handle. She stood tall, her eyes burning with intensity. She smirked at the creature's stupidity.

"Who says I'm an Exorcist?" She let out a low maniac laugh. "This will be fun," she said only to herself. Without giving the akuma time to remark, she sprinted towards it, dragging her sword on the ground creating fiery sparks. When she was directly below it, she leapt up towards it with her sword ready strike.

The akuma was fast as well, and darted across the night sky. Mad Rin took off after the demon, bouncing off the tall buildings to keep her at the same height. They both continued to shoot through the dark, with only the city lights to guide them. The akuma landed onto one of the building roofs and took toward the full moon. He was making a run for it. Mad Rin growled in hatred and she sped up, hoping to catch it before it completely made it through the portal. The moon seemed to open up a crack, a slither of glowing blackness. She could hear the demon chuckling with delight.

"No!" she yelled in frustration.

"Until next time, Exorcist!" the creature exulted as it leaped for the black crevice.

She had no time to think it though. Rin grabbed her sword, aimed it like a spear, and shot it through the air. She watched in triumph as the sword struck it square in the back. The thing cried out in agony making Rin's grin widen.

The akuma stumbled forward and fell into the crack as it slowly closed up behind it. Mad Rin let out a ragged sigh. Nothing was ever easy. Now she didn't have her sword but that didn't matter to her. She rarely used swords, but that time, embedded in the sword, was Innocence. The only thing she could defeat it with. She also had bits of Innocence crystals grounded in her gloves. But since she wasn't an Exorcist, the Innocence was very weak. It made her mad to know how worthless she was to the Order. She was mainly used as a pawn, just to wear the creature down before the others would show up. Only one move of hers could overtake such a creature and she had no strength now. She brushed those thoughts aside and thought of what would become of the akuma now that it was pierced. It would be back. A simple attack like that wouldn't leave a scratch. If she were an Exorcist, she would show that thing what she could really do. She stared up at the moon, its center full once again.

"Coward," she breathed toward the moon's pale face.