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Story Name: Black ivory [One shot]

Summery: Ichigo learns about what Byakuya wants from him.....YAY!!!!!!

[Third person]

Ichigo sighed not wanting to head to the 6th division for training, he never wanted to do this, but Soutaicho himself told Ichigo that he needed to train on control or something that he wasn't liking. He was angered by this, saying he was reckless and a loose cannon....well he gave them the reckless part, but the loose cannon was out of hand. Sighing once more as he arrived at the main office of the 6th division where he was supposed to meet the 6th taicho himself, Kuchiki Byakuya, but he didn't since his retsu....then again he sucked at reading it so it would be a heart attack waiting to happen if he did know it at this time. He waited outside. And waited. And waited. And wait. Hours passed and Byakuya was no where to be seen and Ichigo was pissed. Many times did he thought that Byakuya was coming around the corner, but it only turned out to either a seat in the 6th division or Renji....though Renji didn't seem to take notice in Ichigo at the time due to the huge ass stack of papers he was carrying to the office. Ichigo opened the door for him to be kind, that was when Renji noticed him then nodded and went inside, the door slide closed behind him by Renji's foot.

It was late by the time Ichigo just decided to just give up for the day and went off to find Rukia or anyone who wanted to do something. Shunpoing over rooftops he found himself at the 11th division and just as Ikkaku and Yumichika were heading out to get something, by the noise out back it would be Sake.

"Ichigo" Ikkaku said greeting. Ichigo nodded in response then looked around feeling something that felt familiar. Turning his head he saw a flash of pink then saw Byakuya looming nearby, staring at him.

"Kuchiki-Taicho" Ichigo heard Yumichika and Ikkaku say, he heard their clothes ruffle when they bowed. Not much was done when Ichigo suddenly felt something wrap around him and he was in a room away from the destination he was just moments ago. He looked up and saw Byakuya looking down at him.

"Kurosaki" He said and tugged at the thing that was around him, it releasing him so he saw a flash of white then nothing. He wondered where he was a looked at the crack that was in the door, noting the pond that was shining in the moonlight, he saw that he was at the Kuchiki estate. Puzzled he looked up at Byakuya and saw a hint of something in the dark eyes of the stoic man.


I don't know what it is about Kurosaki. He's disrespectful, reckless, which is what got him under my care in the first place, and a few other things that make him, him. He may not all be bad, but he still has a few rough edges....though for some reason attracted me to him. The fire in his eyes, the sun or moon that glinted in his hair, his soft looking skin and wild fire like retsu seemed to captivate me in more ways then one. I couldn't understand it so I was intrigued as I noticed him waiting nearly all day outside the office for me, I hid to see how long he would last, then after he took off on the rooftops to do something I kept a little distance, but after he arrived at the 11th division with those imbeciles Madarame and Ayasegawa showed up and started looking at him, a burning feeling grounded in my stomach painfully. So quickly I took him away from them and now he sits in my room at my estate....looking like the beautiful devil he is.....god what is wrong with me? What do I care anymore he's here and I can't take my eyes off him....such beauty is marvelous and capturing my interest......he will be mine.


What the hell is with Byakuya? He's acting weird and staring at me, my heart pounds in my chest when he does that ever since I first met him for some reason I felt captured in those eyes felt his dominance wrap around me I wanted to feel that for real not just as this momentary feeling. I want him to take me and dominate me.....weird right? But what the fuck do I care? He seemed to be waiting, thinking of a way to attack or let his instincts take over either way I want him all to myself.....

[Third Person]

Byakuya slowly went to the floor in front of Ichigo, still staring at him. Ichigo shivered at the sight of him in the shimmering moonlight vale from the window in the room. His black hair seemed to have a glow to it and then Byakuya took out the kenseikan from his hair releasing it from the bounds so it flooded all around his light toned face. Ichigo's heart hammed at the sight he looked so damn sexy. Ichigo's eyes seemed to not move from the face of the man in front of him and then lean into the retsu that circled around him, comforting and loving. His eyes became half lidded from this and Byakuya leaned in to capture the lips of the orange-haired teen shinigami. At first it was unsure from Ichigo then he relaxed and fell into the heat of Byakuya's kiss. Their tongues battled for dominance, Byakuya winning by a landslide of course by his experience. He slowly laid Ichigo on his back never breaking this kiss. He did after a while, for air (Naturally), and started to take off the kimono. Ichigo noticed this and helped him do so. Byakuya slid his hand over the soft, yet scarred, skin on Ichigo's chest. A flush went over Ichigo's face and his eyes closed. Byakuya took notice and smiled lightly at it and captured his lips again. Taking a nipple in his long fingers he pinched and tweaked them, making Ichigo shiver and moan a little, blushing more. Byakuya smirked at this and pulled off the rest of Ichigo's clothes, releasing a trapped erection that was painful nearly. Byakuya eyed it and went down, licking it lightly. Hearing Ichigo gasps he took the head in his mouth and started sucking it. Ichigo moaned and tried to buck, but held back as much as he could. Byakuya took three fingers and put them into Ichigo's mouth, Ichigo happily taking them in and licked, sucked and nibbled them till Byakuya took them out. He slowly slid them down Ichigo's smooth, sensitive, creamy skin till he got to Ichigo's entrance. Distracting Ichigo enough to make him ignore his prodding he the virgin entrance. Ichigo didn't notice till around the third finger and Byakuya started to scissor them apart. Whimpering a little he made Byakuya notice and then he gasped tilting his head back when a bundle of nerves were hit. Byakuya smiled and took his mouth off Ichigo's erection and his fingers out, earning a whimper from Ichigo from the loss. He lined himself up and then pulled Ichigo up and slowly pushed himself in. Ichigo gasped in pain and closed his eyes. Byakuya rubbed Ichigo's back and nipped at his collarbone to distract his or sooth him as much as he could from the pain. When he was fully engulfed in the tight heat he waited till Ichigo adjusted to his size, ignoring the wanting to thrust upward into it. When Ichigo started to move, Byakuya pulled out till only his head was in then thrusted upward. Ichigo gasped and moaned when Byakuya hit his prostate. Byakuya kept hitting it with every powerful thrust and rapid action. He felt Ichigo's muscles clench around him and hit the bundle of nerves once more and Ichigo came. The hot, sticky liquid spread across their stomachs' then Byakuya came deep inside Ichigo. He kept thrusting, riding out his orgasm. When they were finished Byakuya landed backwards and Ichigo was on top of him, panting just as heavily as him. Byakuya kept his arms wrapped around his newly obtained lover, his Koi or Uke if you may, and kissed his temple. Ichigo looked at Byakuya and winced a little when he pulled out of him and pulled themselves into his futon. Byakuya snuggled close to his Koi and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning Byakuya looked down in his arms and pulled Ichigo closer to him, Ichigo still sleeping, and nuzzled his bright orange hair. He was glad that Ichigo was his now and no one else could have him. He heard a light knock on his door and it opened. A curious Rukia looked in then smiled at the sight and gave Byakuya a nod to show that she was happy that he got the man he wanted and closed the door, leaving after that to give them time alone. Byakuya smiled at this and noticed that Ichigo was waking. Ichigo looked up to Byakuya and kissed him, Byakuya happily returning it heatedly. He imagined that they would be seeing more of each other, now....what to do about him in the real world....he was thinking of bringing Ichigo to his estate more sooner then Ichigo would think.....though it would be a little ways off.....they still needed to let the others know that they were together, maybe not sure yet. For now they were content with just staying right here in each other arms. Byakuya was Ichigo's black ivory lover after all, he couldn't think of anything that would make him more happy then that.

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