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Pairing: Muramasa / Ichigo

Summary: Muramasa never really had a great life, his parents stayed at work mostly, his cousin, who is his sensei, looks down on him and the guy he likes doesn't even acknowledge his existence. Wonderful life right? Well this changes when he is in detention -screams in horror- one night when Ichigo, the guy he likes, stays behind in the school. How does this work out afterwards?

Length: One shot

Title: Invisible

Muramasa stared at the front of the Cafe from where he stood, his workstation in the back corner, near the door so he could assist people to their table and get their order at the same time. His turquoise eyes peered down to one of the tables. He saw orange spiky hair and deep honey brown eyes that stared down at the table. These features belonged to a teenage man who was named Kurosaki Ichigo. Ichigo sat with his friends, one long auburn haired girl who was blessed, one tall muscle Mexanese (Half Mexican half Japanese), a small blue/black haired teen with glasses that was currently sowing a lion, from the looks of it, a short raven haired girl and a tall buffoon crimson redhead male. Ichigo didn't do much, just tuned out everything in the world, from Muramasa's point of view.

The door bell rang, snapping Muramasa out of his staring stupor and got back to work, his parents weren't paying and not everything grew on trees. Sighing he seated the people and went to get their drinks, a black coffee that made him wonder how in the world anyone would drink that sludge, moca latte and a chi tea. He left the people, wondering why a male would have baby blue hair or how then hell one could be around 7' tall and get away with it without people getting on his nerves as well as a emo looking man that ignored the others and drank his latte. He really wondered what drew those people together, but didn't voice his question and headed to the back to clock out, his shift had officially ended for the day.

-Next day; Karakura High-

Muramasa sat in his Advance Chem. class, jotting a few notes down before looking out the window. He really loathed this class. Not the class itself, just who was teaching it....his cousin, Kuchiki Koga. It burned him that he was related to this man, and other Kuchiki's just didn't know how they were related to him and mainly he only knew three others, Byakuya, his adopted sister Rukia, whom he didn't know that well even in the school, and Genrei, Koga's father-in law. But really Koga pissed him off, especially with the comments about his family. Hearing the bell ring he felt relieved, but that disappeared when he heard his name being called from in the classroom.

"What Koga?" he said in a near hiss. Koga stared at him, with a humor-filled smile. The man walked over and tapped Muramasa on the head with his book, a little rough as it left a sting in his scalp. He looked up through his brown hair and the two bangs that crossed through the front of his face. He saw a little fight in his cousins' eyes.

"That is Kuchiki-sensei to you while in school Mura" he said and tapped Muramasa's head again.

"What do you want?" he asked, pulling back slightly to shield his head. Koga looked at his younger cousin and smiled that promised involvement to him, Muramasa or both. Opening his mouth he brought out a comment that made Muramasa P.i.S.s.E.d.

"I was wondering if your whore that you call a mother was willing to drop by my house, I'll pay her enough to last all night long" was what he said. Muramasa saw red and slugged his fist square into Koga's jaw. Koga fell back and rammed into the desks. Muramasa moved forward and his turquoise eyes held pain and hatred for the man on the ground.

"You FUCKER DON'T SAY THAT ABOUT MY MOTHER! SHE IS NOT A WHORE AND YOU WILL NEVER LAY A HAND ON HER!" he shouted and tackled Koga. Koga did fight back, but from where he was and landed only a few hits on Muramasa, but not enough to deter him from pounding the living hell out of Koga. Then it suddenly stopped and Muramasa was pulled off by the school officials, being dragged out of the room. He screamed out one last thing.

"IF YOU EVER TOUCH MY MOTHER I SWEAR I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!!!" that single sentence echoed through the halls'.

-principle's office-

Muramasa was handcuffed to the chair, for his "protection", bullshit it was so he couldn't go and kill Koga. Muramasa's parents were out of town on business so it was up to his uncle to take care of him. The door opened and in stepped his uncle,Tensa Zangetsu. Zangetsu stared down at his nephew through his sunglasses and nodded to principle. He then sat down and waited for the head of the school, Yamamoto, to start talking.

"Tensa-san I thank you for coming now down to business. It seems that Muramasa here has attacked Kuchiki-sensei, shouting profanities and attacked school officials" Yamamoto said. Zangetsu stared at him then at Muramasa.

"What did that bastard do now Muramasa?" he asked. Yamamoto stared at the man. Muramasa looked at him and narrowed his eyes.

"He called mom a whore and said he would fuck her for the night since he has money" he replied. Zangetsu seethed. He always hated his brother-in-law's sister's son since the day he was born, just knowing that he was a bad seed. His sister was kind, if not a little feisty a every now and then when it came to her family's well-fare. He turned back to Yamamoto and asked another question.

"Why did you attack the officials'?"

"They were dragging me so I was trying to twist my way around, accidentally hitting them in the action, they called it attacking, I call it trying not to be dragged where people's shoes have been" he said. Nodding Zangetsu continued to cross eyesight with Yamamoto till he blinked.

"That man, my brother's sister's son, is a hell spawn and is always trying to break my sister's family apart since he was old enough to crawl. Don't blame Muramasa for his antagonizing speech if the worst you have to do is give him detention for a while so he cools down" Zangetsu said. Yamamoto didn't have much to go on, since it was Koga who started the fight and he couldn't expel Muramasa, his parents did pay for most of the school so sighing he nodded.

"Very well he will have detentions every school night for a month" he said then had Muramasa un-cuffed from the chair.

"You'll begin after school tomorrow leave for the rest of the day and cool off and don't come back till tomorrow" he said and let them leave. It didn't take long for the students to see them walking out of the school, hell Zangetsu wore dark black clothes that swished in non-existing winds and Muramasa wore a long white robe like coat all year, no matter the temperature. The only thing that Muramasa had seen was that two eyes in particular were watching him from the top of the school, having a hint of sadness and anger in them.

-After school the next day-

Sighing Muramasa set to work on cleaning the classroom and the hall for his punishment. School was hell that day as everyone was watching, well almost everyone, a selected few hadn't acknowledged him or didn't care. The only upside was that Koga was fire from the school and had been close to being disowned by the family. So that made his day and then there is now where he had to clean the class and hall. At least it gave him something to do as his parents were rarely at home, he didn't have anything to do there, Zangetsu was busy with his own son as he was back in jail. Really what was up with his cousin Shiro and jail? He sighed and set to work, the mop was set up by the janitor, who was on the other side of the school at the moment, and he set to clean the chalk first, get the dusting out of the way.

Near 4 hours later he was about halfway down the hall, not in a real hurry to get home, when he heard a noise. It sounded like a shoe squeaking on the floor, but no one was in the hall besides him. Turning he saw a shift of shadows, but dismissed it as the clouds moving and the lighting. Stretching, Muramasa waited till he felt his bone pop back into place from where they moved as he went on to clean the hall. He moved on when he heard movement again and turned, just as a flash of hair ducked into a classroom. He put the mop against the wall and quietly went to the door. He heard slightly uneven breathing from the other-side. Someone was in there, and had been watching the whole time. Ticked he grabbed the handle and quickly slid the door to where it was open, scaring the living hell out of the person on the inside.

His breathing caught as he saw orange hair then deep honey brown eyes staring wide-eyed at him. It was Ichigo, Ichigo had been watching him and was now caught red handed.

"Kurosaki?" Muramasa said questioningly before stepping into the room. Ichigo stood there still, still slightly jumpy from when Muramasa had slammed the door open. He stared at Muramasa and then decided to breath.

"What are you doing here the school has been closed for hours now?" Muramasa asked. Ichigo slightly shivered for some reason that Muramasa didn't understand. Ichigo looked everywhere, but him then he sighed and looked up at him, his eyes holding something in them.

"I-I was waiting for you...thought you would be lonely here" he said. Muramasa didn't understand that response....why would Ichigo be there waiting for him? Leaning against the wall Muramasa studied Ichigo. His body was sort of tense and shaking slightly, it was lean and slightly feminine. His face didn't hold it's normal scowl or bored look, but rather it seemed embarrassed and sort of....scared?

"Why though? You usually don't acknowledge me and completely ignore everything else" Muramasa said.

"That's!....That's not true though...I do acknowledge you....only you are gone before I have a chance and I don't ignore everything else....I just have my thoughts on one thing in particular" Ichigo replied. Muramasa stared at him, eyebrow slightly raised.

"What is this thing that has your thoughts?" he asked, getting some information that might be in handy in the future. Ichigo breathed in and out the back in and looked up at him, eyes full of determination.

"You" he said and went forward, capturing his lips in a kiss. Muramasa paused for only a split second then reacted by taking over the kiss. He pulled Ichigo's body towards his, Ichigo himself wrapped his arms around Muramasa's neck and tangled his fingers in Muramasa's shaggy hair. Muramasa swiped his tongue on Ichigo's lower lip, asking for entrance, Ichigo complying with out complaint of hesitation. He moaned as Muramasa's tongue tangoed with his. Neither notice the door slip close, or the fact that the janitor was blushing as he left the hall, finishing it for Muramasa, hey what was one day doing the rest for a teen who took his time to clean it with effort?


Muramasa led Ichigo to the floor and slid his hand up Ichigo's shirt. He felt lean muscle and then found Ichigo's nipple. He rolled it with his fingers and tweaked it till it stood up. He transferred over to the neglected one then pulled Ichigo's shirt off him. He saw smooth, creamy, slightly tan skin that held no blemishes and was begging for him to taste it. He leaned in and licked in a long glide from Ichigo's naval to his neck. It was slightly salty and held a flavor of wild-berries. Latching himself to Ichigo's neck he started to bite and nip at the skin while sucking on it. Ichigo moaned and mewled at the action, gripping Muramasa's coat. Muramasa took off his coat and threw it to the side and looked down, Ichigo was flushed, nipples stood at attention, eyes glazed and his hickey stood out against the flushness. He leaned down and started for Ichigo's pants, knowing he was hard, but before that he looked up at Ichigo and held a question in his eyes.

"How far do you want to go with this?" he asked, not wanting to push Ichigo into something he didn't want to do. Ichigo stared at him and his eyes held love and longing.

"I want you in me Muramasa" he said and pulled him up for a kiss. That was all Muramasa did, after ditching the clothes, and had Ichigo slick his fingers in his saliva. He had gotten harder from the finger sucking and licking. Removing his fingers, Muramasa occupied Ichigo from the thought of being stretched. He started to slowly lick and nipping along Ichigo's torso then downward to his naval then his hard penis. Moaning Ichigo never noticed that he was being stretched till Muramasa had started moving his fingers out. Looking down, Ichigo saw Muramasa's tattooed face over his eyes and stared just at the turquoise eyes that he loved, but what he fell in love with was Muramasa himself. How he was able to keep his world a secret yet have it open at the same time, it amazed him.

Muramasa stared at Ichigo's deep golden honey brown eyes and kissed him once, just as he pushed past the internal ring of Ichigo's virgin entrance. Ichigo hissed lightly and tried not to breath, it was to painful to do so. Muramasa saw this and ran a hand along his cheek.

"Breathe Ichigo, you have to breathe through it" he said softly and ignored the feeling to thrust upward, not ever wanting to harm Ichigo. Ichigo breathed, it was jagged, but it was breathing at least. Inching his way in, Muramasa kept coaching Ichigo and soothing him till he was fully seated. Ichigo waited till he was used to it, breathing like Muramasa said then moved when he was ready. Seeing this, Muramasa picked Ichigo up slightly, making him arch his back, then started a slow moving pace. Ichigo didn't know what to do, it was not that painful, only a tiny bit, sort of like a dull ache. Then Muramasa hit something within him that made him cry out in pleasure.

Muramasa gasped when he heard Ichigo call out, it was angelic and heavenly to his ears. He knew that he hit Ichigo's prostate and this is what he got. He smiled and continued his rhythm, only a little harder and faster. He continued to miss Ichigo's prostate on purpose, only hitting it slightly every now and then, torturing and teasing Ichigo. Ichigo looked down at Muramasa and his breathing was sent up from slow jagged to heavy, rapid panting. He didn't know what Muramasa was doing, but it was agony to him.

"Mura-masa s-stop t-teasing me" he plead. Muramasa looked at him and smiled again, he then complied and hit Ichigo dead on. Ichigo's vision was covered in white, but his minds eye still had Muramasa's face captured like an eternal picture. Feeling pleasure coarse through his veins and body, Ichigo wrapped his legs around Muramasa's back and hooked his ankles. Ichigo kept crying out when Muramasa pounded and abused his prostate, but he didn't care, he was just overwhelmed in pleasure. Muramasa knew that they were both going to end up cumming soon, by the heat about to spill in his stomach and the tightness that Ichigo had around his penis.

He gripped Ichigo dripping penis and started to stroke it, his finger nail lightly going through his slit and teasing his vein on the underside of his penis. Ichigo felt this and cried out Muramasa's name when he couldn't take it anymore, spilling his seed onto his chest, Muramasa's hand and chest as well. Muramasa lasted a few moments longer before he cried out and spilled deep within Ichigo. After being milked Muramasa collapsed onto Ichigo, who didn't really seem to care, but rolled off after a bit and pulled out. Ichigo winced lightly, but didn't care as he curled up to Muramasa's chest. Muramasa breathed in Ichigo's scent of sweat and his shampoo when he wrapped his arms around Ichigo's body, pulling it closer to him.


He was a little tired, but he knew that he had to clean up Ichigo and himself then get home. He cleaned up the mess then re-clothed himself and Ichigo. After picking up Ichigo and started carrying him bridal style he saw that it was late, by his cell it was 11:30p.m. Luckily he lived only a few blocks away and carried Ichigo the way there. When he arrived he saw that Zangetsu had been there as his bag was on the front step and he dug out the keys to open the door. Sighing and dropping his bag on the floor he made his way up to his room on the second floor. It was darker then before, but he could make faint outlines of his bed and went to it. He had taken off his clothes and Ichigo's as well, surprised that Ichigo was out like a light, but then remembered that he had came harder then himself and that Muramasa was more experienced then Ichigo, through past relationships. So after putting Ichigo into Pj's and himself as well he climbed into the queen-sized bed, pulling Ichigo as he did then went to sleep.

-Next morning; Saturday-

Muramasa woke up to the sun shining in his eyes, pissing him off, but then remembered that it was also to the face that Ichigo was starting to stir. He looked down and watched as those deep golden honey brown eyes fluttered open. Ichigo blinked in confusion then turned and saw Muramasa. He blinked and then remembered the night before then kissed Muramasa. Muramasa returned it and then started stroking Ichigo hair. He was happy that it was Saturday and no school, because he knew that Ichigo would be sore. So he and Ichigo just kept themselves curled up till it was around noon and their bladders' as well as stomachs made them move.

Zangetsu came by after Ichigo and Muramasa were finished eating, he was surprised that he saw Ichigo there. Behind him he heard cursing and more profanity, signaling that his son had finally gotten out of the car. Muramasa sighed and waited for the albino to enter his house hold, just knowing that he had probation and had to stay at his house for a few days. Ichigo leaned against him, loving that Muramasa wrapped his arms around him in a loving and protective fashion. It was at that time that Shiro entered the house, his whole figure was like a bleached carbon copy of Ichigo and he knew that Ichigo knew his cousin, as it was Shiro who pointed him out when he had entered high school.

"Yo Ichi long time no see" he said and nodded to Muramasa, who nodded back in a silent greeting.

"It certainly has been a long time Shiro" Ichigo said and leaned back into Muramasa's embrace. Shiro saw this and smirked at him.

"Finally you got long has it been that both of you have been crushing on each other? Around four years?" he asked and laughed when both seemed to blush, well Ichigo did, Muramasa just had a little more color in his completion when that was said. Zangetsu then left for work and left the three teens to themselves for the day, saying one thing to Shiro.

"Shiro stay out of shit and don't get back in jail while I'm at work" then drove off. Shiro laughed at Ichigo's expression, but didn't explain, knowing that Muramasa would if Ichigo asked then went upstairs to the room he claimed his, to catch some Z's. Ichigo and Muramasa stayed down stairs and just in each other's presence till Ichigo dozed off from lack of energy as he was spent from a shower incident he and Muramasa had before breakfast. Muramasa ran his fingers through Ichigo's hair and smiled. Ichigo was his now and that made his heart soar, he wasn't invisible to him, never was and that was the way it should have been. It's the way it would always be.

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