November 22, 1977

"Iris! Jack! Smile for the camera!" Alex Hopkins said, coming into the hospital room. Iris shielded her eyes from the camera, having just had a baby a few hours before.

"Alex, please." Jack said, holding Alice. "Oh come on. I think you should document Alice's first few hours on earth." Alex said. Iris looked up at Alex. As she had been on bed rest for three months and it had been a hard labor for her, Jack had stayed with her for the entire time, even though Iris claimed she hated him for having sex with her in the first place.

"Alex, can I see your camera?" Iris asked weakly. "Alright, sure." Alex said, giving the camera to Iris. "Okay then, I'm gonna film everyone. Then there's Jack, there's Alice, my little girl, then there's me throwing the camera." She explained, throwing his camera out the window. "That was nine hundred quid!" Alex exclaimed. "Bill me later." Iris said, laying back down. Jack was laughing, getting up with Alice in his arms. "Where are you going?" Iris said nervously. "It's okay, I just want to take her for a walk." He said, taking Alice out to the hall. Jack sat down in a waiting area, holding his daughter.

For some reason, he felt he needed to be with his daughter alone to really register that this little life was part of him. He watched her wiggle in her sleep, her little arms stretching out in this new space she now had. He remembered feeling Iris' stomach, Iris' hand over his as Alice kicked them both. "Hey, this is your Dad." Jack whispered. Alice's face turned in his direction. Her eyes were silt open as Jack watched her. He glanced at a hint of blue, blue like his eyes. She already had a patch of black hair on her head, the doctors saying it would fall out in a few days.

Alice did something Jack imagined never happened with babies. She smiled at him, squirming.

"That's just gas." A nurse said, making Jack jump. "Gas?" He sounded amused. Or course Alice would have gas, she was only an infant. "Yep, so many parents try to say their kid smiled at them, but it's just a reaction to letting it out. Sorry bout that." The older woman said. "Where's her Mum?" She asked. Jack looked up. "Oh, in her room. I just-"

"You wanted time alone with her. I understand. With all the hustle and bustle around with family, you must want a break. Too bad your wife doesn't get that time, stuck in that bed with her cunny in absolute pain, unless she had a nice c-section. Any luck?" Jack shook his head. "No, she had Alice, just like anyone else." Jack answered.

"And we don't have family coming. Neither of us have been close to our family since, well, birth." He said, getting up. "Get her back to her Mum, she looks like she'll be hungry soon." The nurse stood up. "And get in touch with at least HER Mum. God knows any woman would love to know she's a grandmother."

"Jack, did you take her out for ice cream or something?" Iris said, sitting up. Jack noticed Alex was gone as he crossed the room, sitting at the foot. He handed Alice back to her mother, Alice's head nestling on her mother's breast. "She's beautiful." Iris breathed, opening her shirt.

The same nurse came in. "Oi! You two seem like you'll be alright with little-" "Alice" Iris supplied. "Right, Alice. Anyway, visiting hours are over. Don't have any of your friends over here for a while. Be a nice change for both of you." Iris smiled at the older woman. "Thanks"

The nurse glanced at Alice, who was calmly sucking at a nipple. "She looks like her mother. Break some hearts some day." Iris giggled. "Thanks for giving us something to obsess over as parents." the nurse left, mummering about new parents. Jack gave Iris a kiss, getting up from the bed. "Well, looks like I should be going then. I'll see you girls tomorrow morning." Iris grabbed Jack's hand. "Jack, please. Stay with me." She begged, Alice nuzzling against her mother's chest as she fell asleep. Jack smiled, getting back in bed. Iris scooted over so he could recline next to her, moving their daughter between them. "You should get some rest. You really worked hard today." Jack said, kissing his lover's forehead.

"Sorry bout what I said in the delivery room." Iris said, her head on Jack's chest. Jack chuckled, holding his daughter's tiny foot in his hand, counting the toes. "It's okay, I would have done the same." Iris smiled, falling asleep in Jack's arms.

"You're sure you can go home?" Jack asked nervously as Iris was putting her jacket on. "Jack, the nurses said there's nothing wrong with me or Alice. I don't see why we shouldn't go home. Jack looked to his daughter in her carrier, who at four days old was the hardest sleeper Iris or Jack had ever met. As Iris checked herself out, Jack was putting Alice in her car seat. "Twentieth century technology is one of the most progressive centuries but they can't invent a car seat the can be installed in under an hour?" Jack grumbled. Alice was in the back seat, whining at the cold air.

"Sorry hon, I know it's taking a while." Jack said, strapping what he hoped was the last strap. Iris was coming towards them as Jack finally got his daughter into the car seat, without head trauma as Jack had envisioned. "Is everything put in?" Iris asked, testing the straps. "I think so. Lets get her home." Jack said, both of them getting into the car.

"This flat's going to be too small soon." Iris noted as she was changing Alice's nappy. "We have time to look if you want. Alex gave you two weeks leave." Jack noted, looking at the housing listings in the paper. "Really, after three months of bed rest?" Iris noted, putting Alice in a baby swing she had in the living room. The Torchwood team had adopted Alice before she was even born, gifting her parents with enough baby gear so Jack and Iris were good if they decided to have a few dozen more kids.

"I want the house in my name." Iris said, sipping a mug of tea. Jack was looking out the window, turning to Iris. "Why is that?" Jack asked, taking a sip. "If I die, I want the house to go to Alice. I mean, it would be different if we were just-"

"Just what? A normal couple?" Jack said, taking Iris' hand. Iris bit her lip, nodding. "I know. When you do die, I promise I'll take care of Alice." Iris reached over the table, kissing him. Jack kissed her back, pulling her into his lap. As Iris was unbuttoning Jack's shirt, she hissed. "Shit, we can't." Iris moaned. Jack held on to her. "It's okay, how much time do we have to wait?" He joked.

"Six weeks." Iris groaned. Jack groweled playfully, kissing her neck. "Well, we can still enjoy other things." Iris giggled. "God, I love you." She said, caressing Jack's face. Both we interrupted by a thin cry over where the baby swing was. Both scrambled to see what Alice wanted, Iris scooping her daughter into her arms. "What's wrong darling?" Iris comforted, rocking Alice in her arms. "She's hungry." Jack said, trying to unbutton Iris' shirt. "How do you know?" Iris asked.

"I don't know. Just the way she cries." Jack noted. Both parents saw that it worked, Alice latching on to her mother. Iris looked up at Jack. He had a strange look in his eye that she knew too well. It was the look he always gave when he was hiding something from her.