Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo sat at his desk with his feet propped up on it and chair leaning back as far as it could go. He wore his sunglasses and a famous DiNozzo grin, mostly because the blond in the sandwich shop he'd been chasing for about a year finally decided to go out with him, but only because she 'had nothing else to do'.

Mossad Liaison Officer Ziva David walked into the squad room, just as Tony finished his phone call.

"I will see you at seven then, beautiful. Bye." After putting her gun in the drawer she leaned on her desk on her elbows and stared across the bullpen at her partner.

"Big date tonight, yes?"

Tony couldn't help but smile, "Oh yeah." He stood and walked over to Ziva's desk, "Mi-chelle. Michelle. Michelle. Michelle."

Ziva chuckled, "That blond in Sandy's?"

Tony nodded, "Yep."

"The last time you were in there she told you that if you asked her out again, she would have a restraining order put on you."

"Ziva, my dear ninja, you see...no woman can resist this charm. But, for some women, and it's a select few, it takes them a little longer to break."

She shook her head, "That is not necessarily true. I have been working with you for 4 years and I have resisted you." She scoffed at herself. Liar.

Tony laughed as he returned to his own desk, "It is only a matter of time." He joked. Right, DiNozzo. Ziva only rolled her eyes and began typing on her computer. Tony laughed again, "There is no reason to be jealous, Zee-Vah."

"I am not jealous. As a matter of fact, I have a date tonight."

"You do? What's his name?"


"Michelle and Richard are going to have to wait. Dead Marine. Gear up." Tony and Ziva glanced up at each other before quickly standing, adding their weapon to their right sides and the NCIS backpack over their shoulder. McGee jogged up behind them.

"Where you been, Probalicious?"

"With Abby. Had to break into and update her firewall."

Tony chuckled, "I bet you did." Gibbs raised his hand and slapped the senior field agent on the back of the head. "Thank you, boss."


"God, Ziva, could you have driven any faster?" Tony demanded as he groaned, stepping out of the truck.

She narrowed her eyes at him, "I am driving a truck." She responded, "If you wanted me to go faster, we should have driven a car. I would have flipped it if I had gone any faster than 102."

Tony felt a sickly feeling rolling up his stomach and he nauseously stepped forward, "Yeah, you flipped something else."

She just rolled her eyes as McGee fell out behind him, onto the ground, "Boys, really." She said, exasperated, "You should be used to my driving by now."

McGee managed to get up off of the ground as Tony pulled on his cap, starting towards the back of the truck, where Ziva already was, "Yeah," He agreed, "I should be."

Sighing, she grabbed some gloves from out of one of the drawers and then snatched the camera from Tony's hands, "I will take that." She smirked as she started in front of him. He took the sketchpad and then followed after her, to the crime scene that was cut off by police tape, a lone dead marine sitting in the middle.

"Well," Gibbs smirked as he approached the three, McGee pulling up the rear with evidence bags and tweezers, "Looks like you finally have gotten the hang of the crime scene thing."

Tony grinned, "Yeah, well, it only took me how long boss?" His response was a swift slap to the back of the head and he nodded, "Yeah, right, got it, shutting up now, boss."

Ziva gave a closed laugh as she snapped a photo. Tony narrowed his eyes at her, "What are you smirking at, David?"

She turned to look at him and then quickly snapped a photo, causing him to blink thanks to the flash, his hand slightly up to block her shot, "What is the matter, Tony?" She questioned, in a baby tone of voice, "Afraid of a little light?"

He shook his head, "No, that's why I wear sunglasses."

McGee, from behind him, groaned, "Tony, just sketch the stupid scene, okay?"

"Who's got your panties in a little twist, McGrouch?" He questioned, looking at him.

He growled as he bent down next to the body, "None of your business, DiNozzo."

Tony shared a look with Ziva, who wasn't paying attention, as she snapped another photo of the body and then moved position and angle of the camera, walking around it to the other side, "Sexually frustrated?" He questioned and McGee looked up and rolled his eyes.

"Do you want to be slapped again?"

Tony laughed, "What? By you?"

Ziva stopped taking photos and looked up at the two, "No. By me." Gibbs said, appearing from behind him as he slapped him once more, "Get to work and stop harassing McGee."

Tony watched as Gibbs walked away and then sighed, "Well..." He paused to take in a breath, "I for one am extremely peachy right now."

"Because of your date tonight, yes?"

He grinned, "She's such a fox. Nice long legs too. She's perfect-"

"In bed?"

"Well...I don't know yet, but I'll find out tonight, just you wait. No, she's perfect in the fact that she has no idea about the cinema world. She's watched like...zero movies. And then, she does this dumb thing where she messes up words, and I always have to correct her, and it's pretty cute, kinda like-" he waggled his finger at her as he spoke and then paused before the words came out of his mouth. Ziva raised her eyebrows and looked up at him, waiting for him to continue, "Actually..." Tony finally found a word, "I hate it."

She just shook her head, "Sure you do." She muttered.

"Hey, speaking of dates." He pointed out, "Where are you and Richard going?"

She smiled, "I do not know yet. He picked it out. Said it was going to be a surprise."

"So where did you two lovebirds meet?"

"I ran into him while I was jogging...literally, I did not mess that one up." She proudly said, "We exchanged phone numbers and he called me that same day, inviting me out to dinner." She smiled.

"Oh, right, because I just randomly run into hot women while running and just exchange phone numbers." He scoffed, "This guy already sounds like a loser."

She nearly snorted, "You are jealous!"

He gaped, "I am not jealous!"

"Yes you are."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not! He just sounds like a loser cause he ran into you and then asked for your phone number. I mean, he could have said that you looked sexy in your tight little running outfit, but no he asks for some digits. Must be a total geek...like McGoo over here!" He gestured towards McGee, who was bent over the body. He paused and looked up at him, rolling his eyes before returning to the body.

"If you ran into a hot woman while running you would exchange phone numbers." Ziva rebounded back.

Tony opened his mouth to protest when McGee looked up from between them, at Tony, "She's got a point."

She smiled at Tony, who just stuck his tongue out at her, maturely of course, "No one asked for your opinion, McNumbers."

She just shook her head as she returned to the camera, Gibbs walking onto the scene, "Just spoke to the local LEO." He announced, "Said there were no witness'."

"Then who called it in?" McGee questioned.

"Neighbor said they heard a blast, but that was about it."

"So no one actually say the bomb go off?" Ziva questioned and Gibbs nodded.

"Yeah, that's about right, Officer David."

"Uh...boss?" McGee asked as two trucks started pulling up in front of the crime scene, as well as another car.

"Yeah, McGee? What is it?" Gibbs questioned, crouching down to look at what McGee just pulled from out of the dead man's body. Gibb+

s squinted to read the card, "Inactive?" he questioned.

Ziva furrowed her eyebrows together, "The marine is not...active?"

"Well not anymore, Zee-vah. He is dead."

She just narrowed her eyes at him, shaking her head slightly. Tony grinned and then turned his attention to the other truck and car that pulled up next to Ducky and Palmer, "Uh...boss?" He asked, "I got another question for you."

"What?" He demanded.

"Why is the FBI here?"

Gibbs turned so quickly around that he nearly got whiplash to face Agent Tobias Fornell, who was getting out of the car and starting towards them, two other agents behind him, one of them that neither of them noticed, and the other being Agent Sacks.

Tony groaned and Ziva grinned, "Just makes your day fruity, does it not, Tony?"

"Peachy, Ziva. The term is 'peachy', not 'fruity'."

"Whatever. Agent Sacks is here, and you just love him."

"Need I remind you that he thought that you were a double agent? And a traitor? And scum?"

"Why would I be dirt on the bottom of the bathtub?"

Tony groaned, throwing his hands up, "Read a damn dictionary, David!"

Shocked by his outburst, she just backed up a little and watched as Fornell and Gibbs faced each other, "Tobias."


There was silence between them before Gibbs spoke again, "Why are you here, Fornell?"

"Why is my agent dead?"

He furrowed his eyebrows together, "Your agent? I think you mean my marine."

"Inactive." He responded, shortly, "He's my agent now."

Gibbs smirked slightly, "Lucky him." He sarcastically muttered, but Tobias decided to ignore that, "Care to tell me more or are you just gonna stand there?"

"Former Lieutenant Sean Williams, around 36, FBI agent for about three years."

"Any reason why someone would kill him?"

Tobias laughed, "I can think of many reasons."

"Besides him being a smart ass?" Sacks spoke up and Tony laughed.

"Look who's talking."

"I wouldn't say much myself, DiNutso."

Tony started towards him when Ziva took a step forwards and grabbed the sleeve of his jacket, tugging him back, "It is not worth it, Tony." She whispered, and he looked down at her, nodding as the anger he had towards Sacks disappeared almost as if it was magic. She let go slowly, traveling down his arm and squeezing one finger before letting go of him, causing Sacks to raise an eyebrow.

Tobias continued talking to Gibbs, "The terrorist he was tracking might have something to do with it. He or anyone in his group wanted to kill him. He got too close to catching him one too many times. I'm actually surprised he stayed alive this long." He admitted.


"Elia Corrado. Italian native."

"What was he after?"

"We have fresh Intel that Corrado has ties to a terrorist cell in DC that Williams here-" He pointed towards the burnt former marine, "-was trying to infiltrate and extract plans that they have for America."

"So you think that Corrado set off the bomb?"

He nodded, "That or any member of the terrorist cell." He sighed, "Gotta admit though, Gibbs, Corrado doesn't stay in one place at a time. He's been all over the globe: Japan, Alberta, Africa, Egypt, Paris, London, Jerusalem. The longest that he's ever stayed in one place is Italy, but we assumed that that's because of his native roots."

"That or he's got a cell there himself."

"That too." He admitted and Gibbs stared back again at the body, "You have to act fast, track this guy."

Gibbs looked back at him, "Why aren't you doing anything? He's your agent."

"I'll get Agent Sacks-" He pointed towards him, "And Agent Taylor-" He pointed towards the woman on the other side of him, "To send over everything Agent Williams had on Corrado."

He nodded, "Do that." He then snapped his fingers, "McGee. Up." Tim quickly stood, "Get back to headquarters and get that Intel from the FBI."

He nodded, "On it, boss."

"DiNozzo, David!" he shouted and they looked up at him, "Finish up here and then go back. I want you to take the evidence to Abby and then help out McGee."

The two finished quickly and then started towards the truck, side by side as Tony sighed, "This is going to take a while, isn't it?"

"If by a while you mean long enough that you might have to reschedule your date with Michelle, then yes. It will." She grinned.

"Why are you so happy?" He demanded, "You'll have to do the same with Richard."

She laughed as she got into the driver's seat, starting the engine, looking at him and then straight forward. He got in and closed the door, buckling his seatbelt. Ziva didn't move the truck as she said one word, "Jealous."

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am-" But he never got to finish, for Ziva slammed on the accelerator, the truck speeding so fast that Tony went flying backwards, the tires squealing on the pavement as they drove away.

"Whadda got?" Gibbs and Fornell asked at the same time, both of them with a large cup of coffee in their right hands.

"FBI Agent Williams was following a Italian Native Elia-"

"Knew all that at the crime scene, DiNozzo." Gibbs barked and Tony cleared his throat.

"Right...well...uh..." He grabbed the clicker from McGee and stepped in front of the plasma. "He's traveled everywhere, boss."

"DiNozzo, will you tell me something that I don't know?"

"Agent Williams was following him because they think he's a worldwide terrorist. He's on several of our friends' 'most wanted' list. He's never made it here because the FBI was keeping information from us."

Gibbs turned to Fornell, "Oh, imagine that."

"Didn't think you needed to know, Jethro."

"Ah. Well, as usual, Tobias, you thought wrong." Gibbs stood from his desk and started to walk towards the back elevator, "DiNozzo, David, I want to know everything about this guy. Tobias, lets go have a visit with Abby." Tony let out a loud sigh and then groaned.

"What is wrong with you?" McGee asked.

"I have a date tonight, McGoo. You would know what it was like to have to work late and miss your date if you actually had a date life."

"I have a date life, Tony."

"Ok fine. A sex life."

"Got one of those too." McGee retaliated.

"What's his name?"

McGee only rolled his eyes as Ziva spoke, "I do not recall Gibbs acutally saying that we would have to stay late."

"Ziva. Come on." He chuckled and walked over to her, squatting down beside her at her desk, "You should know, that when Gibbs gets a terrorist in his hands, he's not gonna stop until we catch said terrorist."

"Yes, when we are working alone to catch him. The FBI has this one wrapped around their arm."

"You mean finger?"

"Whatever. My point is that we do not know what will happen. So you cannot say that we have to cancel our dates." Tony couldn't help but grin.

"You really like this guy, don't you?"

"What if I do?"

"Still scum."

Ziva rolled her eyes as Tony walked back over to his desk, "He is not scum, Tony. I think he is rather...sexy."

"Sure he is."

"You are jealous."

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Guys!" McGee announced, "One of us actually has to work, and if it's not going to be the two of you, it has to be me. You've already had this argument, so can you please, shut up?" Tony and Ziva turned their stare from McGee, sending a glance to each other before returning to the computers.

"Am not." Tony whispered.

Ziva let the corners of her mouth curl up just slightly, "Are too."


Tony looked down at his watch again, 1908h, it read. Fifty-two minuets until he was to be a Michelle's house, to pick her up for a evening of romance. Fornell and Gibbs were constantly walking from Abby's lab, to Autopsy, and then back to he squad room. "Anything?"

"Nothing, boss. Agent Balboa and Agent Slacks are following him. He's at a hotel, hasn't moved since." Gibbs sighed and sat down at his desk. He then stood and put his gun back on his belt.

Fornell opened his amrs wide and looked at his friend confused, "Where in the hell are you going?"

"To work on my boat, Tobias. Nothing to do but wait. And I'm not a very patient person."

"I noticed." Tony watched as Gibbs walked onto the elevator, followed quickly by Fornell. As soon as the doors closed, Tony jumped from his seat and so did Ziva, as if a fire was in the building.

"Call if anything happens, McGoo!" Tony yelled as they practically raced each other to the elevator, their thumbs battling to push the down button. The elevator finally made it back, and the pair jumped on it. "David, will you just chill?!"

Ziva gaped, "You 'chill'!"

Tony let out a sigh, "I am chilled. In fact, I'm beyond chilled. I'm icy."

Ziva furrowed her eyebrows together, "Right..." As soon as she got to her car, she made it to her apartment, dressed for her date, added make-up, and was waiting at the door in 20 minuets, a record time for herself. Soon after, a knock "Hi Richard."

"Hello Ziva." He smiled, "You ready?" Ziva returned the smile and followed him out the door.

"Where are we going?" She asked once they made it out to his car.

He smiled at her, "I'm not telling." A few minutes later, Richard parked the car and walked around to the passenger's side, opening the door for her, which Ziva admitted, was a little weird for her. But she knew that it was somewhat custom for Americans. They walked in, Richard told the host his name, and they were seated.

The conversation was light and Ziva was actually having a rather good time, which was rare when she was on a date. Then, she heard something.

"I'm sorry, did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"Tony DiNozzo."


Then, she heard him again.

"Tony DiNozzo." She said again.

"Who is he?"

"Oh, hey Ziva. Small world, huh?"

Ziva stood and came face to face with her partner, his blond attached to his arm. "Why are you here?" She said through her teeth.

"Tosca is the best place to bring a date...obviously."

"You followed me!" She said.

"Whoa, calm down. I did not follow you."

"Tony...aren't you going to introduce us?"

Tony laughed sarcastically, "Oh, right, yeah. This is Ziva David, she is my partner at NCIS."

"What's that?"

Ziva stared at his girlfriend, "Naval Criminal Investigative Service."


Tony continued, "And that's her date...."

Richard then stood, holding out his arm, shaking Tony's hand first, "Richard, nice to meet you." He took Michelle's hand and shook it gently before bringing it to his lips, placing a soft kiss on it.

Tony and Ziva looked at each other, "And this is Michelle." He said.

Richard stood to his full form, never taking his eyes off of Michelle. "Would you like to join us?"

"No, that's ok I-"

"Love to." Michelle replied. Tony and Ziva only looked at each other again as Michelle and Richard got into the booth, Michelle taking Ziva's seat. Tony let out a sigh and let Ziva scoot in first, so that she'd be in front of Richard.

"You look incredible." Richard said, only he wasn't talking to Ziva. She rolled her eyes. He didn't tell her that she looked incredible.

Michelle giggled, "Thank you."

There was an awkward silence for a few minuets, in the meantime, Richard and Michelle didn't hardly take thier eyes off of each other. "So Richard," Tony started, breaking his glance from Michelle for just a second, "What do you do for a living?"

"Oh, I'm a doctor."

"I love doctors." Michelle said.

"I bet you do." Tony mumbled, and then shared another disgusted look with Ziva.

"And uh, what do you do?" Richard asked.

"I work at a sandwich shop part time."

"Oh, that's good, because I love sandwiches."

"You wanna go get one? I get a 50% discount."

"Oh absolutely." Richard said and quickly followed Michelle out of the booth.

Ziva scoffed and Tony turned to her, his mouth slightly open, "Did you see that?" He asked.

"Yes, Tony. I saw." She replied. She started pushing on his arm, "Move, I want to go home." She demanded.

He almost fell out of the booth, but managed to get to his feet, standing to his full form, "Ziva, wait." She stopped and looked up at him, "Since we're here..." He studdered with his words, "I mean...have you ever tried the food here? It's amazing."

"No, I haven't."

"Well, sit down. I'll treat you to Tosca."

"Tony...I really..."

"Ziva, please. With Gibbs on a terrorist run, this probably the only time we'll be away from the office for a while."

Ziva let out a sigh and looked at him, and he did his 'puppy dog face'. "Ok, fine. Might as well make the most of this misrable night." She mumbled.

"Yes." The waiter came over and had a notepad in his hands.

"I'm sorry, I thought this was a party of four."

"No, well, it was a party of two, then it was a party of four, now it's back to a party of two. But this is a different two."

"I see. Would you like something to drink?"

"Wine would be nice," He looked over at Ziva, who was slightly shocked, "Right?"

"Yes." She replied. The waiter nodded and went away.

"So, I'm sorry that...well...we ended up at the same place."

Ziva half smiled, "It is ok, Tony." She shrugged, "Richard was not really my type anyway."

Tony scoffed, "Michelle wasn't my type either."

"She was breathing, right?" Ziva retaliated.

Tony sarcastically laughed, "Barley. That girl was dumber than a box of rocks." Ziva furrowed her eyebrows together, "Never mind. She was pretty stupid."

"I understand, Tony. I just do not understand these American idioms. Who comes up with them?"

Tony laughed again, "I don't know, Zi. They just...come around." Ziva smiled as the waiter set down the two wine glasses down on the table, Ziva immediately picking it up and taking a sip. Tony took a sip of his own and then spoke again, "Um...I don't want this to sound...weird or anything, but, you look amazing."

Ziva couldn't help but smile, and she felt a rush of blood come to her cheeks, "Thanks."

"I have no small talk." Tony admitted, "I already know what you do for a living." Ziva laughed.

"And there is not much that I do not know about you."

"Ha! I find that hard to believe." Ziva chuckled, and Tony saw it as a challenge, "Fine. How old am I?"


Tony furrowed his eyebrows together, "What's my favorite movie?"

"James Bond."

"Who's my favorite James Bond?"

"Sean Connery." Ziva took another sip of her wine as she waited for him to conitue.

"How many years have I been at NCIS?"


"Favorite Beer?"

"Miller Light."



Tony chuckled and wiggled his finger at her, "See, those are easy questions. What do I like most in a woman?"

Ziva laughed and sat up, so she was a little closer, "Her eyes."

Tony sat back in the booth, amazed. She knew him better than he knew himself. He cleared his throat and continued, after the waiter took their orders, "I know one. Favorite GSM issue?"

"May of 2008, 'Babes on Motorcycles'."

"Damn." He then grinned, "Boxers or briefs?"

Ziva chuckled and crossed her arms on the table, "Neither."

"She's good." He admitted, "What do I think is the most romantic way to kiss?"

She half smiled again, "In the rain."

He let out a sigh, "I know one that you could never possibly know." Ziva chuckled and looked down at her lap as he spoke, "Which woman would I love to wake up facing each morning?" Ziva snapped her head up, her eyes looking directly into his. He took a sip of his wine as she stared at him, the whole time, his mind was racing.


Ziva cleared her throat, "Angelina Jolie?"

He snapped out of it and smiled at her, "Wrong!"

"Jennifer Lopez?"

He smiled again, "Nah-uh."

"Jennifer Aniston?" He shook his head again, "Carmen Electra? Pamela Anderson?" He laughed.

"No, but Pammi has some really big-"

"Tony." Ziva warned.

"What? I was going to say eyes."

"Sure you were."

"So do you give up?"

Ziva rolled her eyes, "Since I cannot possibly name all of the women that you fantasize about, then yes. I give up."

"Halle Berry." He said and then reached for his phone, where it was ringing from it's position on his belt, "She's sexy, funny..." He stopped as he looked at the caller ID, "It's McGee."

"Answer it." She demanded.

"What McGoo?"

"You might wanna get back here. Our man is moving."

Tony laughed, "I don't know about you, Probie, but I don't have a man."

"I don't have time for this, Tony. I've got to call Ziva before I call Gibbs."

"No need McWorry. I'm with Ziva. We'll be right there." He hung up the phone and took stood, emptying his wine glass first, "He's on the move."

Back at NCIS, Tim looked up at Abby, who was standing at his desk, a smile on her face, "He's with Ziva."

Abby grinned even more, "I knew it."

"Knew what?"

"That Tony and Ziva are so hot for each other."

It took them longer than expected to return to NCIS headquarters, for they had to pay for the wine that they ordered, and, the food, even though they didn't eat it. Tony insisted that they get to-go bags, however, so the expensive food didn't go to waste.

"It's about time you two showed up!" Gibbs barked as they entered the bullpen quickly, both extremely dressed up. Abby smirked and shared a look with McGee, who just rolled his eyes.

"Woo...Ziva!" She grinned, "You look gorgeous! Who were you dressing up for?"

She just blushed as Tony spoke up, "Our dates dumped us. But I found out one interesting thing, Abs." He walked towards her, "Ziva knows me better than I know myself! I gotta get one of those."

"Well get her later, DiNozzo, and shut up and listen." Gibbs snapped and Tony quickly went back to his desk, sitting down.

"Yes, boss." He nodded, obediently.

"So explain what you got, again, McGee?"

"Right." He nodded, moving to the computer as he started typing, screens changing rapidly on the plasma, "So our guy, Corrado, we were monitoring him, obviously, and he just bought a plane ticket. He went from here in Washington DC to Rome, Italy."

"Italy..." Tony grinned, "I like Italians." he looked over at Ziva, "I know that Ziva likes Italians as well. Especially hot, special agent Italians. With guns."

She rolled her eyes as Gibbs walked over and promptly slapped his head, "Focus on Corrado, DiNozzo, not Davido."

"Not Davido." He nodded, saying it slowly as if to drill it into his head, "Got it."

"Good." He said, and then looked over at McGee once more, "Continue, McGee."

"Well yeah...that's um...that's all I got, boss."

He nodded, "Great." He turned towards the two, "Gear up. And pack a toothbrush."

"Me?" Tony questioned and Gibbs stared at him, "Oh, right, yeah, me. Of course. I mean, who wouldn't pick me?"

"You and David, DiNozzo. Gear up. You're going too."

"To Italy?" Tony questioned, his eyes lighting up like the Fourth of July, or Times Square on New Years Eve.

"No, to the unemployment line. Yes! ITALY!" Gibbs nearly shouted, exasperated.

"For how long, Gibbs?" Ziva spoke up and Gibbs turned towards her.

"Long enough for you to see if he has any ties to any other terrorist cells in Italy, and why the hell he was in DC."

Fornell, from where he was standing behind Gibbs' desk, started towards Gibbs, butting in, "And you're going with a team from the FBI. Special Agents Terri Wood, Jason Scott, and Russell Johnson." Gibbs looked over his shoulder at Tobias and stared at him. He put his hands up, almost in surrender, "My team's already in place, Gibbs. Besides, my agents know this case inside and out. They were good friends with Agent Williams, they worked many overnight shifts with him."

The bullpen was quiet until Gibbs turned and stared at the two, who were just sitting at their desks, "Go home. Get packed. Get on the next flight to Rome." They continued to sit there and Gibbs groaned, "Why are you two still here?" He demanded, loudly, and they quickly jumped up, grabbing their guns, backpacks, and take-out bags from the restaurant before starting out of the bullpen, quickly, Ziva in front of Tony.

Gibbs watched as Tony let his eyes linger lower than her waist line and he sighed as Fornell chuckled, "Inform me when Corrado moves. DiNozzo and David aren't going to do anything but each other.