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Ziva David would never admit it, but she was feeling pretty...awful at the moment.

And it wasn't because she was soaked in rain water.

In fact, she wasn't even in the rain anymore.

Instead, she was in the hospital, completely and utterly annoyed at the fact that she was there. All she wanted to do was to go to sleep, but if there was one thing that she hated, it was going to sleep in a hospital.

There was just something that wasn't...right.

She didn't know what it was either.

She laid down onto the bed, closing her eyes as she stared up at the ceiling.

Tony had all but forced her into his rental car, telling her that she needed to go to the hospital.

Ziva had only agreed if he got his wrist checked out.

The doctor had agreed to deal with him first, but he had taken about three hours considering that amount of paperwork he had to complete considering that he was a United States Citizen and not an Italian Citizen.

All she wanted was Tony there, beside, her, just so that she could watch his smiling face.

She felt...odd. She had never felt this way before.

Felt this way about another man before.

She closed her eyes and prayed for sleep to take her.

She didn't care if the doctor said she wasn't allowed to go to sleep.


Tony paced outside of the door to Ziva's room, waiting for the FBI team to get there. It was currently around 0330h at night, though, technically, at this point, it was actually morning.

Terri had to call a cab, considering that Tony took the only car that they had left to the hospital with Ziva. Russell had to deal with the car company, trying to get another rental car in order for them, which Tony would have to pick up in the morning.

After he explained what happened with the car that Ziva totaled.

Tony really wasn't looking forward to that conversation at all.

After a couple of more agonizing minutes, Terri, Russell, and Jason joined him in the waiting room, sitting down in the chair as Terri took the moment to approach him, "Tony..." She started.


"How is she?" She finally asked, and Tony looked at the double doors that led to the room that Ziva was staying in before turning and looking back at her.

"I don't know. They haven't come back out with her status. She was pretty delusional when I brought her in though."

She nodded, "Okay, Tony, listen." She took in a deep breath, glanced back at her two partners, and then turned back to Tony, who was raising his eyebrow up, "I had to contact NCIS, inform them of Ziva's condition."

"What did they say?"

"Agent Gibbs wants you to contact him ASAP."

He sighed and ran his hand, which was now in a brace, through his hair, "Damn it, I'm not looking forward to that conversation."

"I'm sorry." She sincerely said, "But it was protocol and..."

He shook his head, "I understand. I guess it's better he's prepared."

Terri offered Tony a seat next to her, which he graciously took, but decided that he had had enough after another at least twenty minutes of waiting. He was just about to storm up to the nurse's station and demand to see Ziva David when the doors opened, revealing an extremely italian doctor with a clipboard in his hands. He looked down at it, "Ziva David?"

Tony all but bolted out of the seat, running towards him and stopping abruptly, "Yeah, Ziva."

He eyed him, "Are you family?" He noticed Tony's pause, "Family only."

Tony had to see Ziva.

He had to.

He wouldn't be able to pass as her father or her brother (thank god), which means he'd have to pass as her husband. But he didn't have...his brain suddenly kicked into gear as he remembered the ring he had in his pocket, still from the visit to his grandparents house. He placed his left hand into his pocket and slipped it on, "I'm her husband." He nodded and the doctor eyed him, obviously wanting proof.

Tony rolled his eyes and held up his left hand, "Happy now?"

The doctor just glared at him before pushing the doors open, "Come with me. She is in room 207." Tony nodded, "I am Doctor Botticelli."

"Tony." He shook his outstretched hand before dropping it, "How is she?"

"She sustained some bruises, mainly on her thighs and arms. There was not much other damage, no broken bones or fractures, but she did suffer a mild concussion from when her head hit the side of the car, on the way down." Tony shuddered at the thought.

"Concussion?" Tony repeated.

"Yes." He confirmed, "We were able to deduce that she was not wearing a seatbelt when the accident happened."

"How'd you manage to do that?"

"There would have been whiplash on her neck." He explained, "And she would not have ended up in the backseat of the car." He flipped a page of notes as they avoided another doctor hurrying down the hall, "She needs to take it easy the next couple of days." The doctor explained, "Make sure that she gets plenty of rest and does not sustain any more head injuries."

"How long?"

"I would say around two to three days, but it will take her around a week to be back to normal."

Tony sighed, running his hand through his hair again. This definitely wasn't good for the mission. Corrado already knew that Tony and Jason were cops, and he figured that Ziva was just...with Tony. But now their ninja wasn't allowed to go out onto the field? That left a computer geek and a woman that, compared to Ziva, was mince meat, "Here is her room." He explained, "I will just need you to sign some more paperwork, and then you will be allowed to take her home."

Tony nodded, "Thanks, Doc."

The doctor just walked away and let Tony walk into Ziva's room, where she was just laying there, wide eyed, staring up at the ceiling. He closed the door behind him and carefully approached her, "Hey." He whispered and she turned and looked at him, a smile pulling at her lips.

"Hey." She smiled back, "Is your wrist okay?"

He laughed and brushed her hair back, his thumb gently running over a cut that was there. She shivered under his touch and he pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead, "Stop worrying about me...how are you feeling?"

She rolled her eyes, "I am fine, Tony."

"If you got run over by a truck, you would say you were fine." He sarcastically said and she just stared at him, "So answer me truthfully."

"I am extremely tired." She admitted.

"Well once I finish the paperwork, they'll release you."

"Then why are you here?" She demanded, "Go and sign that paperwork! Do you not know how much I hate hospitals?" She sat up quickly in bed.

He smiled, "You know, I could just refuse to sign the paperwork... then I-" He watched as her eyes suddenly became extremely dilated, and she seemed to be... losing control, "Ziva?" He asked, quickly, gripping her arm tightly.

"I... do not feel very good." The world was spinning and she suddenly felt extremely faint.

"Just lay down, sweetheart." He cooed, "Lay down."

He helped her lay down, trying to relax her tense muscles, "Just relax...don't go to sleep, just...relax. Here, I'll get you a wet towel for your head. Maybe that'll help." He turned and walked towards the sink, taking a wad of paper towels and wetting them before squeezing out the excess water.

He was extremely concerned.

He had never seen Ziva act this way before. He returned to her, her eyes struggling to stay open, as if she hadn't slept in days. He placed the towel on her forehead and stared into her eyes, "Ziva-" He started, but she cut him off with a whisper.

"Just...go and sign those papers."

"I'm not leaving you."

"Tony..." She looked him deep the eyes, a sound of desperation and lack of hope, something he'd never heard from her, spilling out of her mouth, "...please." Her pleading voice made him leave her side.


Tony groaned, "Another form?" He sighed as he looked over the long list of...well...it was nonsense to him. The nurse just smiled at him.

"Four more." She said, in Italian and Tony quickly skimmed over it, finding the place for his signature easily. He signed his name, which was becoming a scribble now thanks to the numerous times he had to sign it.

Tony moved onto another form, trying to figure out what he had to do before he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Pulling it out, he checked the caller ID: Gibbs.

Sighing, he knew that if he didn't pick up the phone, he'd be in big trouble.

He didn't damn well care that he was in a hospital, and he opened it up anyways, "Yeah, DiNozzo."

"DiNozzo..." Gibbs started, "How's Ziva?"

Tony sighed, "She's fine, boss. Sustained a couple of bruises, the doctor said she suffered a mild concussion. Needs to take a break from field work for a couple of days, but she won't fully recover for about a week."

Tony could almost hear Gibbs nod over the phone, "I see. You need me to send another agent over there? Send Ziva back home so she can take it easy?"

Tony's heart dropped at the thought, "No, no, no, boss, it's fine-" he stopped as he realized just how fast he was speaking. He attempted to calm himself down and speak more slowly, "I mean...Ziva should be fine, she's a strong girl-woman." He corrected himself, "Strong woman."

"I know that." He slowly said, "When did this happen? Why did it happen?"

"Jason-I mean, Agent Scott was following Corrado, Corrado turned on him, accused him of following him and being a cop. Corrado took a shot at Agent Scott, Ziva chased after him. It was raining, the car chase ended in a turn Ziva took too quickly."

Gibbs sighed, "Fine, DiNozzo, I'll let her stay there. But if she gets into anymore trouble, I'm going to hope that you have enough responsibility and knowledge in your head to send her on the next flight back to DC."

Tony ran a hand through his hair and then dropped it, looking at the brace that was there. He shook his head. He wasn't gonna tell Gibbs about his...altercation with Jason, "You have my word."

"Good. Now go to bed. You both need your sleep."

Tony sighed, "Yes, boss. Goodnight."

He was treated with a dial tone.


Tony woke up early the next morning, slipping out of the bed that he and Ziva shared and dressing quickly. He paused as he finished fixing his hair, turning around and leaning up against the dresser, staring at Ziva.

She was in almost a fetal position, laying on her side, towards where Tony had just been, the blankets wrapped tightly around her in a cocoon. She had been freezing last night, and he had thrown his extra clothes on top of her, in an attempt to keep her warm. He also brought the blanket from her bed over. He thought that she might be coming down with something, but he wasn't entirely too sure.

He crossed the floor and laid down silently on the bed, on his side, his head resting on his arm, staring at her as she slept. He took in the bandage that had been placed over the small cut on the side of her head, and he couldn't help but lift a finger up and trace his thumb numbly over it. He heard a small grunt come from her, even though he found it completely adorable, and she scrunched her face up, pulling the covers tighter around her in her sleep.

He dropped his thumb to her shoulder, running his hand lightly, gently, over her body, letting his palm stop at her hip, dipping his hand under her shirt, feeling the skin underneath.

It only took her seconds to flutter her eyes open and look at him, yawning as she smiled, "Shalom." She whispered.

"Morning." He smiled back, rubbing her skin with his thumb, "Sleep well?"

She nodded, "Yes."

"I have to go to the rental car place today." He sighed, staring deep into her eyes, "Get a new car...explain to them what happened to the old car..."

He felt her small hands wrap around his waist, pulling herself to him as she rested her head on his chest, "I am sorry, Tony..."

He shook his head on top of hers, "I'll live." He grinned.

Ziva sighed and looked into his eyes, "I want to go with you." She quietly said.

He, once again, shook his head, "No, sweetcheeks. You stay here. You rest. You had a long day yesterday, you need it. Besides, the doctor said that you need to rest for a couple of days."

Ziva groaned, "Tony, I do not want to be stuck in this bed all day."

"Ziva...listen to the doctor's orders for once, okay?"

She shook her head negatively, "It will just be for a little while...then I promise that I will come back and rest. I have a shift with Terri anyways."

Tony, realizing that he had lost this battle a while ago, sighed, and shook his head, "You owe me one big time, Ziva David."

She smiled as she sat up in bed, bringing Tony with her, "Fine." She smiled, "Let me get changed and then we will be off, yes?" She pecked him lightly on the cheek as she crawled over him and out of bed.

Tony relaxed as he watched her start to strip in front of him, putting his hands behind his head as he watched her pull the shirt off, revealing her perfectly toned and muscled back to him, "Oh...take your time, sweetheart." He smiled and she turned slightly towards him, looking over her shoulder, glaring.

"It is cold, Tony. I am getting changed as quickly as possible."

He laughed, "I wasn't talking about that."

She raised an eyebrow as she turned around completely, her bare chest staring at him as she put her hands on her hips, allowing her breasts to protrude even further out, "Then what are you talking about?"

"I was...uh..." He was finding it difficult to concentrate on anything but her chest, "...uh..well you see...I just don't..." He took in a deep breath, "Okay, can you put a shirt on first or something?"

She rolled her eyes as she slipped on her bra and then one of her shirts before putting on Tony's sweatshirt, "What?"

"I just don't want to go to the rental place." He finally said, realizing that he could now breath without being restricted, and speak in full sentences.

She rolled her eyes as she finished getting dressed, Tony then sighing as he stood up, taking her by the hand as he led her out of his bedroom, crossing the hall and banging on Jason's door. He didn't even bother waiting for him to answer; he just shouted, "Hey! We're gonna go and deal with that car situation now! Ziva and I will be back later!"

Ziva just stood there, being the faithful, loyal girlfriend that she was before she let him take the lead. He all but dragged her away, Ziva catching up to his pace by the time they got to the stairs, "I'm not looking forward to this." Tony admitted.

She shrugged her shoulders, "Well I am the one that crashed the car."

He sighed, "Let's just get this over with. We both have to deal with them."

Ziva nodded as they started their walk towards the last rental car they had with them, "We might want to get another." Tony suggested, "Just in case."

She shrugged, once again, and then opened up the passengers side of the car, "Like you said...let's just get this over with."


Tony allowed Ziva to walk in first, opening the door open for her. She thanked him by nodding her head before they both shared a look of deep concern and then started towards the counter, "Ciao, will you be returning your car today, sir?" She asked, in Italian.

Ziva looked at Tony, hoping for a translation. All she understood was 'Ciao, today, sir, and car'.

"Hi," Tony grinned his famous DiNozzo grin, "You speak English?"

She paused a moment, as if she was trying to remember, and then spoke again, "Yes." She responded, her voice still a heavy Italian accent.

"Good." He sighed and shared a look with Ziva before leaning on the counter with two hands, "Look..." He started, "My...girlfriend...see...she was kinda going down the street last night, and it was dark. I mean...dark, as you know, and raining." She just stared at him and he continued, "She realized she was supposed to turn down a road and then turned...but she turned to quickly, completely totaled the car." The woman's eyes grew wide and then angry with fury. So angry, it was almost coated with red.

Ziva noticed this and reached down, grabbing one of Tony's hands in his, scooting closer to him as she squeezed it in reassurance. Tony squeezed it back and then continued, "Look, we know we're gonna have to pay for this, but-"

Tony didn't get a chance to finish.

The woman was screaming at him, that was the only word for it, her face turning a bright tomato red as Tony just stood there, in shock. She started blabbering on in Italian, but when she pointed towards Ziva, Ziva was the one that was surprised as Tony slammed his hand down onto the counter, "Hey!" he shouted, "No! You're getting us a new car. We'll pay for it, but on the government's money." he reached into his pocket and flipped out his badge, "Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, NCIS. This is my partner Officer David....also known as my girlfriend. We're here on a mission. The car was part of that mission. If you don't comply and get us a new one, I will issue a warrant for your arrest, and then keep you in our custody for 48 hours without cause. Now what do you think? Car or jail time?"

Tony's response was a pair of keys before the woman fled the building.

Tony grinned as he looked down at them, picking them up happily as he swung an arm over Ziva's shoulder, squeezing her to him, "Well...I take that back...that was easy. And fun." He took in a deep breath, puffing out his chest, "Empowering."

She rolled her eyes as they stepped outside, Tony handing her the keys to the car they drove to the rental place, "Oh yes, that was extremely amusing." She rolled her eyes again as she took the keys from his hands.

"Hey, just don't take anymore turns like that again, ninja girl, okay?"

She smiled as she turned towards him, grabbing onto his tie and leaning up and pecking him on the lips, "I promise I will not...my love." She pulled back from him, running her hands down his chest and winking suggestively as she strutted back towards the car. As she got in and drove off, Tony licked his lips and then got into the new car, smiling at how lucky he was to have someone like her as his girlfriend.

As his lover.

He drove back faster.


Once back at the crap shack, Tony and Ziva walked back up to their room, her hand in his, their fingers intertwined. Tony walked in and sat down on the bed, pulling her down with him, placing a kiss on her lips. He lay his head on her shoulder, "So what do you wanna do now?"

Ziva chuckled, "I told you before, I have a shift with Terri."

Tony frowned, "I don't want you to go!" He then grinned, "Call in sick." Ziva chuckled again and stood from the bed, causing Tony to fall over. "I don't understand why we just don't go over there and shoot the guy. He knows we're cops."

"He does not know that Terri and I are federal agents, Tony, and we have to see who else he is associated with."

"He knows you're with me." Tony said softly, and suddenly became worried as he stood from the bed, placing both of his hands on her shoulders, "He could try and hurt you." Ziva smiled and put her hands on his chest.

"Tony, I am fine." She said, her voice soft. "We will just be observing him."

Tony sighed, kissed her forehead and pulled her into a hug. "Okay." He let her go and sighed, "Lets go get some lunch."

Ziva smiled, kissed him, and walked towards the door, "I do not have time, Tony. But you go and get something for yourself. I will get something from the machine."

"But..." He started, when one finger was pressed against his lips.

"Silence is treasured."

Tony laughed and kissed her, "Golden."

She smiled and left the room, walking the few steps down to the watch room.

Pulling Tony's sweatshirt over her hands, she entered the room, and instantly felt chill bumps surface her skin. She half smiled at Terri and sat down next her. "Good morning." Terri mumbled and put a cup of coffee in front of the Israeli.

"Todah." Ziva said, and took the warm cup in her hands, taking a sip. The warm liquid felt good to her throat, and she smiled contently.

Terri chuckled softly and nodded towards the monitor, which currently had Corrado on the screen. "He's back." She said, "He got up this morning, took a shower, and now is eating some lunch."

"Any visitors?" Ziva asked.

Terri shook her head, "Russ said no, and none have stopped by since I've been here."

Ziva sighed, "I am...worried, that because he knows Tony and Jason are law enforcement officers, that he will not do his business here."

Terri nodded, "Yes, but it doesn't seem like he knows that we're watching him." Ziva furrowed her eyebrows together, "He knows that Tony and Jason are cops, but he doesn't seem worried or concerned that there may be cameras on him. See?" She pointed to the monitor, "He's completely relaxed."

Ziva narrowed her eyes at her, looked at the monitor, and then back at Terri, "Perhaps you are right." Feeling a shiver, she picked up her coffee and wrapped her hands around the cup, in hopes to warm her up a little. She sensed that Terri was watching her, and looked over slowly, "Yes?"

"Are you and DiNozzo getting married?"

Ziva looked down at her right hand, and then back up at Terri. She chuckled softly, "No."

"That's an engagement ring." Terri said.

Ziva looked up at her, "It is just a ring."

"Oh, so you don't want to marry him?"

Ziva snapped her eyes back up at her. She suddenly felt nervous and her stomach churned inside of her, "I do not know."

Terri smiled, "Because from what I've seen, you two already act like a married couple."

Ziva shook her head, "We do not." As if on cue, Tony DiNozzo threw open the door and walked in, a smile on his face as he walked over to his girlfriend.

"Morning, Ter." He walked over and leaned over Ziva, placing the brown paper sack on the table in front of her, "Brought you lunch, sweetcheeks."

Ziva half smiled at him and looked up, "Thank you, Tony."

"No problem!" He said, the smile never leaving his face. There was an awkward silence in the room until Tony spoke again, "Well, I can see that I interrupted that 'girl talk' that always happens when two women are in a room together, so I'll exit stage left." He leaned down and kissed Ziva before walking to the door, "Enjoy, sweetheart."

Terri chuckled and looked over at Ziva, a smile on her face. Ziva rolled her eyes and opened the brown bag, "That does not mean we act like a married couple. I wanted him to go get himself some lunch."

"And he brought you lunch. That's exactly what husbands do for their wives."

"Tony and I are not married."

Terri nodded and took a sip of her coffee, "Okay, but..." She started, "Do you think you'll ever get married?"

Ziva couldn't believe she was asking these questions, "I don't know, we have just started dating."

"But it's obvious that you two were in love long before you told each other." Ziva crossed her arms and sat back in her chair, "How long?"

Ziva was confused, "How long what?" She asked. She really didn't want to talk about this anymore, but Terri continued.

"How long have you been in love with Tony?"

Ziva sighed and thought about it for a while. She honestly didn't know when it happened, but she did know that even on her first day, his smile made her feel weak at the knees. But it was against her training. "Three years." She admitted softly.

"Okay, here's my next question." Terri sat up closer to her, "Why didn't you tell him?"

"Tony is..." She stopped and thought, "...was a, what do you American's call it? A...winner?"

Terri raised one eyebrow, "You mean player?"

"Yes, a player." She started again, "Tony was a player. I did not know he had feelings for me."

"Yeah but if you would've told him, he would've known, and you two could've been married by now."

"Gibbs does not approve."

"What do you think he'll say when he finds out?"

Ziva sighed, "I do not know. Maybe he won't find out."

Terri chuckled slightly and reached in the back, helping herself to half of Ziva's lunch. "Trust me honey, from the way he looks at you, I'm sure you boss already knows. It's painfully, annoyingly, blatantly obvious he's head over heels in love with you."

Ziva stared.

Was it love?

She looked down at the engagement ring, and sighed deeply, her mind racing with thoughts of Tony.

She didn't know.


After 5 hours of sitting there, watching Corrado iron his clothes, clean out his refrigerator, take out the trash, call his mother, and 2 hours of television, Ziva was more than ready to get out of there.

The next shift on the schedule was Russell, Jason, and Tony. She was slightly disappointed that she wouldn't get to spend her free time with her boyfriend.

More than slightly disappointed.

When Russell and Jason entered the room, it was Terri and Ziva's cue to leave, much to Ziva's relief. Terri closed the door behind them and smiled at Ziva.

"It was nice talking to you, Ziva." Terri admitted softly.

Ziva let a small smile across her lips, "You as well, Terri." She said, and then walked down to her room. Tony was laying on the bed, watching the 13-inch TV, his eyes squinted as he tried to make out the picture on the screen. "What are you watching?" She asked softly, and laid down on the bed beside him.

"I don't really know." He admitted, his head turned to one side in his confusion, "It's either Spongebob or some weird Italian porno." Ziva chuckled softly as he grabbed the remote, turning the idiot box off as he turned to her, "Hey you." He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a passionate kiss, and Ziva suddenly felt warmer.

When she felt his hand under her shirt, just above the jeans she was wearing, she put two hands on his chest and pushed slightly, "Tony," She said breathlessly, "You have to go to the watch room."

Tony groaned, "They don't kiss as good as you do."

Ziva laughed, "I am sorry. Duty phones."

"Calls." Tony corrected her. She rolled her eyes and stood from the bed, his arm falling over the edge, dangling above the floor. "Zivaa!" He whined. Ziva turned to him again.


"I don't want to go!" He said.

When Ziva ignored him, he stood from the bed and walked over to her, placing his hands on each of her shoulders. His face was very serious, "I want to spend what little time we have left in Italy with you."

Ziva half smiled and placed her hands on his face, and guided his lips to hers, placing a very passionate kiss on them. Tony moaned into the kiss and wrapped his arms around her, until, that is, Ziva decided to break the kiss. She smiled devilishly, staring him right in his eyes, "There will be more tonight, if you go to work like a good little boy."

Tony grinned and wrapped his arms around her waist, grinding his hips into hers, "Maybe I want to be a bad little boy." He leaned down to kiss her, but instead of feeling her soft, pink lips, he felt her palm.

"Go, Tony."

Tony sighed deeply and decided that he wasn't going to win, so he walked around her and to the he opened it, he turned back towards her, "Okay, but you owe me."

"Ah, nice of you to join us, Dipshit." Jason commented.

Tony half smiled, "That's all you can come up with? Honestly? Because Tommy Farris thought that one up in the third grade. So you're gonna need some new material."

Deciding to ignore them, Russell spoke, "Corrado's not there. Had a visitor, left with him."

"Did he look familiar?"

"Not that I could tell."

"Maybe if you would be here on time instead of next door with your damn girlfriend you could've ID'd him." Jason stated.

"You might want to keep your mouth shut, Scott." Tony said. Jason stood quickly, pushing his chair backwards, facing the special agent.

"You actually think I'm afraid of you, DiNozzo?"

Tony laughed and crossed his arms, "I don't give a damn if you're afraid or not."

"I will-" Just as Jason started to reply, Terri entered the room. She hurried over to them, stepping between them and spreading her arms out.

"Guys! Can you please act your age?!" She yelled.

Tony smirked again and walked over to the monitors, "Have we seen the visitor before, Terri?"

Terri stared at Jason for several seconds before walking over and standing by Tony, looking down at the monitors as they watched Corrado turn on the television. "No, they looked a lot alike, could be his brother. They went to a cafe, had coffee, and came back."

"Could be an accomplice." Russell said.

"Eh, it's doubtful. They were way to close, acted more of friends than business partners." She watched for a few more minutes, and then turned to leave the room, "Jason," He looked at her, "Can I talk to you for just a second?"

Jason walked out into the hall with Terri and she shut the door, keeping on hand on the handle, "What in the hell is up with you?"

"What are you talking about, Terri?"

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. Stop acting like an idiot. Tony is with Ziva, they're happy, you're not gonna get to have sex with her, get over it. Stop making comments that you know is going to piss Tony off. You're wasting your breath."

Jason laughed sarcastically, "You think so, huh?"

"No, Jace. I know so. Grow up." She let go of the handle and walked down to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Another hour of silence dragged by, mostly because the three men really didn't have anything to say to each other. Corrado was currently making dinner,and Tony suddenly felt hungry, standing quickly from the table. Russell looked at Jason and Jason returned his stare, both of them then looking back at Tony, "Where in the hell are you going?"

"To have dinner with my girlfriend. See yah." And with that, he closed the door behind him.

He walked into their room, smiling when he saw her, laying on the bed, reading a book. He walked quietly, careful not to let the change in his pockets jingle. He leaned down and kissed her neck, actually surprised that he could sneak up on her like that.

She smiled up at him and pulled him into a kiss, "You know," A kiss, "The last man that snuck up on me," A kiss, "Was not a man anymore."

Tony laughed and suddenly became serious, "You mean..." Ziva smiled and nodded slowly, and Tony gulped. "Oh. Well, as much fun as it is to sneak up on you, I think you'd rather I stay the manly man I am."

Ziva furrowed her eyebrows together as Tony got all the way on the bed, so that he was hovering over her, "Did you just say 'manly man'?" Tony laughed and kissed her again, but she broke it quickly. She needed answers, "What are you doing here?"

"Well I'm trying to give you a kiss, but you keep stopping me."

"Tony, what about your shift?"

"Are you saying you don't like my kisses?"

"No, that's not what I am saying."

"Okay then." He leaned down again, but she put her hand over his mouth.

"Tony..." She warned.

He sighed into her hand, "I scheduled the three of us together, but they really can handle it on their own. I told them I was going to get food, and that I'd be back." He lied.

Ziva smiled, "Where is this...food, then?"

"Um, at the restaurant."

"What restaurant?"

"The one I'm gonna take you to." He grinned his famous DiNozzo grin, leaned down and kissed her, stood from the bed, and pulled her up in the process.

As much as Ziva didn't want to get into with Gibbs about "slacking off the job", she was glad he got out of it. And when he reached down and took her hand as they walked, she honestly didn't care what Gibbs was going to say.

Anthony DiNozzo wasn't just Anthony DiNozzo anymore.

He was a caring, sweet, loving man, that she now proudly called her boyfriend.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Tony asked, a famous DiNozzo grin stretched across his face.

Ziva smiled and wrapped her arms around herself, for it was very cold outside. "How cold it is." Ziva lied.

Tony chuckled lightly and wrapped his arms around her, holding her like a teddy bear as they walked, "I know a couple of things that can warm us up."

Ziva chuckled, "I bet you do, Tony."

Suddenly, Tony turned with her into an Italian clothes shop, and it conveniently had winter clothes all through it. Tony looked down at her and smiled, "Take your pick, Zi."

Ziva chuckled, "Tony, do not be ridiculous. Lets go get something to eat."

"We're not leaving here until you pick out something." Tony said, standing in the middle of the shop, his arms crossed. Ziva scoffed and walked out the door and into the cold. She stood there for several minutes, waiting on Tony to join her. When she realized that he wasn't going to budge, she walked back in and stormed over to him.

"DiNozzo!" She said loudly.

"Yes my ninja?"

She scoffed, turned and pointed to the door, "Lets go!"

"Pick out something and we will." Ziva stared at him for several minutes and finally scoffed, walking over to the shelf with the purses, wallets, belts and scarves. She looked at them, none of them really catching her eye. She picked up a wallet and walked back over to Tony, handing it to him.

"There. Now pay for it and lets go."

"No, Ziva. This isn't going to keep you warm."

Ziva rolled her eyes and snatched the wallet from his hand, walking quickly back over to the accessories." She looked through them, some plain, some were colorful, others were white or black. She rolled her eyes and picked the one that first caught her eye. It was a teal color, and the design on it was beautiful. She took it off of the peg it was on, looking down at it with a slight smile on her face.

Tony appeared next to her, looking over her shoulder, "Is that what you want, sweetcheeks?"

Ziva glanced up at him, and then back down at the price tag. She didn't speak Italian, but she knew numbers, "No, Tony. It is too expensive."

"No it's not." He took it from her, "Anything else?"

"Tony..." She said, following him to the register. After paying for it, he handed Ziva the bag, put his wallet in his back pocket, and grabbed her hand walking out of the store with. In the meantime, he listened to Ziva go on and on about how he shouldn't have bought it. He finally stopped in the middle of the busy sidewalk, gently grabbing her shoulders, stopping all talking that she was doing.

"Ziva." She stared at him, "Hush." He said softly, a smile on his face, "I wanted to buy it for you." With one hand, he reached down into the bag and pulled it out, "Besides, you need it right now to keep you warm. Your lips are almost blue." He wrapped it around her neck and moved her hair so that it was behind it. "See? Warm!" He said, a smile on his face. He placed a kiss on her cold lips and wrapped his arm around her waist as they walked.

After a nice, quiet, Italian dinner, Tony and Ziva began to walk back to the hotel. It was quiet for a long time, each of them enjoying the beautiful night, and, not to mention, each other's company. Temporarily, they forgot that they were in Italy for a reason. Once she remembered, Ziva looked at him and smiled. "What?" He asked innocently.

"You were supposed to bring something back for Russ and Jason, yes?"

Tony laughed, "Oh yeah. Guess I forgot. Oh well." Ziva laughed and shook her head in disbelief. They continued to walk, enjoying the night.

But something bothered Ziva.

Tony noticed her uneasiness and looked at her, a slight smile on his face, "You okay, Zi?"

Ziva stopped dead in her tracks as she looked around, "I feel like someone is watching us." She said softly.

Tony laughed and pressed a kiss against her cheek, "You are so paranoid sometimes." He said, "Come on, nobody is watching us, Ziva."

She heard him, but decided to ignore him as she continued to look around. Tony was now a few steps ahead of her, so he walked back and grabbed her hand, pulling her as he walked, "Come on babe." Ziva reluctantly started walking with him again, but she looked around again just to make sure.

Something. Wasn't. Right.

As they rounded a corner, Tony saw an opportunity to have some alone time with Ziva, so he pulled her into a dark alley, the only light was the moonlight shining down.

Ziva had no idea what this was, but she liked it.

"What are you doing?" She asked softly.

Tony grinned, his back up against the wall as he grabbed her scarf, pulling her to a passionate kiss. He deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around her waist as she played with the base of his hair. Soon, they were both in desperate need of oxygen, so they broke, their breathing labored. "You're amazing." Tony leaned his forehead on hers, a smile on both of their faces. "I'm in love with you, Ziva." He said softly. Ziva smiled, kissed him, and started to respond when his cell phone rang on his belt. He laughed and kissed her, "Hold that thought."

As he walked further into the alley, Ziva's mind raced.

He had just told her that he was in love with her.

But, there was a problem, and it broke her heart into a million pieces.

She couldn't love him.

She watched Tony for a little before looking back down the street. She got that feeling once again, the one that made her spine tingle as she looked around. She heard Tony's phone snap shut and she jumped slightly. Either that was louder than normal, or she was just being paranoid.

Like Tony said.

Tony grinned as he walked back towards her, "So that was Gibbs."

"Someone is watching us." She muttered, her eyes darting in every direction, trying to find out where the peeper was.

Tony groaned, "Ziva, no one is watching us."

"You do not know that!" She snapped and he laughed.

"Maybe it's just something in that drink you had tonight." He wrapped his arm around her waist, pressing a kiss up against her temple, "Let's go." He urged, starting out of the alley and back down the street.

Ziva couldn't keep her heart rate down though; it was unusually high.

She had a bad feeling in her gut that something was going to happen to them. Something awful.

She just didn't know what.

And that was what bugged her.

"Tony something is not right." She muttered.

Tony rolled his eyes, "Let's just go back to the hotel, okay? You're just being paranoid, freaky ninja chick."

She sighed and glanced over her shoulder, "Fine, but-" She was interrupted by a loud gunshot, "TONY!" Ziva shouted, all but tackling him to the ground, their bodies skidding up against the concrete, dirt gathering on their clothes, "You okay?" Ziva muttered, struggling to get herself off of him, her scarf nearly falling off from around her neck.

"Let's get this bastard." Tony muttered as he helped himself off of the ground, pulling Ziva up in the process.

Tony reached for his gun and then started into a full out run towards the alley that, who they obviously knew, Corrado, ran down moments before, "Tony!" Ziva hissed, under her breath, reaching for her gun as well, "Tony!" As much as she didn't want to blow her cover by pulling out her gun, she realized that today could be the 'end ' of Corrado, and she wanted that to come as soon as possible at this point.

Tony motioned for her to stop walking and to get up against the building. She shoved her back up against the brick, her gun in the ready position as he leaned down towards her, "Call Terri, Jason, Russell, anyone. We need backup. Give them the address, tell them ASAP."

She nodded and dialed the number quickly, the first one she could get, "In pursuit of Corrado, building on second and third, need backup." And with that, she hung up the phone, slipping it back into her pocket. She nodded and Tony, when he looked at her, and then they hurried into the building that Corrado had disappeared in. Tony motioned for her to stay back as he started through the deserted warehouse, maneuvering around the boxes in the dark.

Ziva kept her gun drawn as she crossed the floor quietly, careful not to make a sound.

The room was stuffy, extremely dusty, and it seemed as if it hadn't been used in a while. Most of the boxes and crates had a thin layer of dust over them, except for one set that was in the corner of the warehouse. Sticking her head around one of the crates and locking eyes with Tony, she nodded, pointed her gun towards the boxes in the corner, which he nodded at, and then started towards them.

Still making the same, quiet steps, she made it over to the corner, carefully looking around and then, with one hand, starting to pry open the box when she stopped.


She heard the distinct sound of what sounded like a match being lit. Gripping her gun with two hands, she felt her heart rate accelerate as she started back, quickly, towards where she last saw Tony.

Her course took a rather nasty turn of events, however, when the entire other side of the building ignited into a coarse, burning flame, Ziva stopping dead in her tracks, the flaming yellow, oranges, and reds mixing with the chocolate brown in her eyes.

And, suddenly, instead of thinking of Corrado, or in this case now, her own life, she could only think of Tony's.

Where was he?

Last time she had left him, she had left him...

She gulped.

On the same side the flame was engulfing. She heard a crumpling and she looked up above, hurrying out of the way as a large pillar that was obviously part of the rough came crumpling down. Throwing herself down onto the ground, she got extremely close to catching her hair on fire...if she hadn't had pulled it back, she definitely would have lost that.

Smoke started filling her lungs and she was finding it slightly difficult to breath.

She wondered just how long it was going to take Terri, Russell, and Jason to get out here.

Or for the fire department to see the smoke.

But her mind shouldn't be set on her safety...it should be set on Tony's.

She heaved herself off of the ground, her back burning from heat as well as other parts of her body.

She ignored that, however, and continued her pursuit for her partner. She ducked under another piece of the ceiling that had fallen down, brushing her back up against the bottom of it. Wincing slightly, she shouted through the flames, "Tony!"

Not receiving an answer, she felt her heart drop slightly.

If she lost him, without telling him how she truly felt about him, even if she 'couldn't', she was going to hate herself for the rest of her miserable life.

She coughed, trying to get the smoke out of her lungs, the temperature rising of the building.

She stopped, flames surrounding her everywhere.

Nearly squinting, she thought she caught a glimpse of Tony's jacket. She heard crackling above and started running forwards when she heard her name being shouted, "Ziva! Watch out!" She snapped her eyes up and caught hers with Tony's, who was coughing horribly, and seeming to be in a large amount of pain. He was, of course, laying on the ground. She ducked and hurried towards him, just as the part of the ceiling fell down, blocking part of their exit.

Even through the heat and the flames, she brushed the hair that fell in front of his face out of the way, "Are you okay?"

He shook his head and she sighed. At least he was being honest, "I...can't...breathe." he admitted, "Damn plague."

"Come on, we gotta get you out." She coughed. Her lungs felt as if they were on fire; she couldn't even imagine how Tony felt, "Can you walk?"

He nodded, and that was all she needed to hear. She helped him up, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and carefully starting towards the door, trying to avoid getting more burnt that she already was, Tony's desperate want for air apparent in her ear, even through the crackling of the fire.

Ziva knew what ignited the fire as well: petroleum.

And it was only a matter of time before wherever the line of fire went got to the 'central source' and the entire place went up in flames.

She hurried both of them towards the door, and just barely made it out and towards the street again when there was a loud boom.

The two were thrown onto the street, Ziva laying on top of Tony as he continued to breathe heavily, fighting for oxygen to enter his lungs. Her back burned and she was sure she was going to have a mark or two there.

She didn't even bother to get off of him as she gripped his jacket, holding him to her, listening to his breathing and thanking that they were actually alive.

And they stayed like that, the only sounds the whirring of sirens from both the police and the fire department and Tony's breathing as the fire started dying down, the night fading away.


Ziva didn't move off of Tony until she was forced to by the paramedics. She held onto him as long as possible, until the men made them separate, Tony went to one ambulance and Ziva went to the other. After that, they were forced to go to the hospital, where they were made to stay apart.

Several hours passed, and Tony was the first one out of his room. The doctor objected to his leaving, but agreed that his breathing was okay enough for him to be released.

Ziva emerged from her room, and Tony walked over to her, taking her into his arms for a tight hug. She winced slightly, but kept it quiet, because all she wanted to do was hold him.

They stood there, in the hospital, holding each other, the world oblivious around them. After a long silence, Tony finally spoke into her ear, "I'm so sorry, Ziva." He sighed, "Are you okay?"

Still not letting him go, she responded, "I am fine."

Finally, he broke the hug, and cupped her face with both hands, "I should've listened to you." Ziva said nothing as she leaned up and pressed a kiss on his lips.

Tony grabbed her hand and they walked down the hall, to the lobby where Terri, Russell and Jason sat. Terri was the first to stand when she saw them, and walked up to meet them, followed by Russell and Jason.

"What happened?" Terri asked.

Tony swallowed, "We were on the way back and Corrado shot at us. He ran into the building, knowing that we'd follow him. It was a trap." Tony said softly. "When we saw the flames, it was too late to get out."

"Was there anybody with Corrado?" Russell asked. Tony looked at the floor, and then back up at the geek.

"Couldn't tell."

During this conversation, the fact that Jason didn't take his stare off of Ziva didn't go unnoticed by Tony. He pulled her closer to him and wrapped his arm around her waist. Finally, Jason spoke, "You okay?"

Ziva narrowed her eyes at him and spoke softly, "We are fine." She said.

Jason said nothing as he turned and walked to the elevator.

"You two probably need your rest, shall we head back?" Terri asked. Tony and Ziva both nodded and piled onto the elevator with them.

In the small rental car that Terri had rented, there was barely enough room for three people in the back, so somehow, Ziva ended up sitting on Tony's lap.

And that was completely fine with him.

The ride was quiet, none of the agents really had anything to say.

Ziva's head rested on Tony's shoulder, and his arms were wrapped around her, holding her to him. He nuzzled into her neck and gently kissed it, whispering into it, his lips vibrating on her skin, "I'm so sorry, Ziva." He said again. She reached up and ran a hand through his hair and down to his face, her thumb tracing his lips.

"It is not your fault, Tony." She whispered back. They were speaking so softly that Russell couldn't hear them from his seat next to them.

Finally back at the hotel, and after bidding the FBI people goodnight, Tony and Ziva walked into their room, his hand never leaving hers. Neither one bothered to change from the set of greens that the hospital gave them, mostly because they assumed that it would hurt too much.

Ziva sat down on the bed, squinting her eyes shut in pain. Tony sat down on the opposite side and started to lay down, but when Ziva didn't, he became concerned. He got on his knees and walked over to her, careful not to move the bed too much as he neared her. "Ziva?" He questioned, his voice soft and slightly broken, "You okay?"

She nodded, trying her best to avoid eye contact from him. "I am fine." She said softly.

Tony rolled his eyes. He was really tired of hearing that from her. Her hair was down, so he couldn't see much of her back and she had long sleeves on under the top. He moved her hair to over her shoulder and then he saw it.

A burn.

His gut clenched and he leaned down, very gently touching his lips to the first degree burn. Ziva shivered at the sudden cold air that her skin felt, she couldn't help it. "Let me see." He said softly. Just from seeing the one on her neck, he knew there was more under her clothes. Ziva didn't argue as he slowly lifted the green top, leaving the plain, white, long sleeved shirt. He then carefully lifted that one, and chill bumps surfaced her skin.

He studied her, and shut his eyes as he saw the burns on her back. Her bra straps were carefully placed on her shoulders, so that they wouldn't touch the ones on her shoulder. He slowly unhooked her bra and took the straps off of her, and Ziva honestly felt instant relief. Carefully, slowly, he pressed his lips on each one of them, as if his lips would heal her immediately. She let out a soft moan, she couldn't help it.

Even in her current pain, the man knew how to work miracles with his mouth.

Tony was slightly relieved for she had a few bandages on, but none of the burns passed the surface of the skin. Tony closed his eyes, wishing that he could take the pain away from her and put it onto himself. Then, he turned her around, so that her legs were on the bed with him, and studied her front.

Her front wasn't near as bad, only a few scrapes and bruises that were forming.

He then pulled her into a hug, "I am so sorry, Ziva."

Ziva sighed, "It is not your fault." She said again. As she hugged him, she noticed a red spot similar to hers at the edge of the sleeve, so she moved it up further. "Tony..." She said softly. She didn't even ask as she quickly pulled his top off, tossing it somewhere in the room. She traced her finger slowly over the pink skin, and like Tony, she placed her lips on them.

Suddenly feeling cold, she tucked her arms in front of her and he pulled her even closer, her thighs between his. "I am fine." She said again. Tony leaned down and kissed her, and this time, it turned passionate.

Slowly, he traced kisses down her neck and her shoulders. His hands roamed her torso, careful not to put too much pressure on it anywhere. "Tony..." She breathed. He stopped all movements and looked her in the eyes.

"I'm sorry, Ziva, I'll stop."

She shook her head, "No. I need pleasure." She said, looking dead into his eyes, "Please."

Tony nodded, for he understood. Laying her down carefully on the bed, he continued with his kisses all over her body, giving the burns special attention. Ziva wiggled under his touch, and the grinding of the sheets on her skin made her yelp in pain. Tony got off of her quickly, his heart about to beat out of his chest.

"I can't do this to you." He said.

Ziva caught her breath and got onto her knees pushing him down in the process, "I need this, Tony." She said softly. She climbed on top of him and moaned as she started to rock, finding a rhythm immediately.

Soon after, Ziva moaned, both from the pleasure and the pain from her burns, and she collapsed on top of Tony, who was breathing just as hard as she was.

His breathing was a little ragged, and Ziva was concerned for several minuets, but soon after, it returned to normal. She reluctantly started to get off of him, for she was actually comfortable laying on top of him, but Tony wrapped his arm tighter around her waist. "No, Ziva. I'll be your pillow tonight." She leaned up and kissed his chin.

Tony's left arm was around her waist while his right hand ran through her hair, which was currently being kept off of her back. She stared to drift off to sleep, but all she could think about was the fire and how worried she was about Tony when she had no idea where he was.

And then, laying there in his arms, she realized something.

Although she was in severe pain, she was the happiest she'd been in a long time.

And it was all because of him. In Mossad, she was taught not to love, because love would "cause problems" as her father put it. So she didn't, not for every year that she'd lived.

Leaning up further, so that she was at his ear, she kissed it gently and whispered softly her lips grazing his ear as she spoke, "I love you too." He turned his head, a famous DiNozzo grin stretched across his lips. He kissed her, and it was perfect at that moment.

She nuzzled into his neck, and fell quickly into a deep sleep, the smile never leaving her face.

She was happy.

Mossad rules be damned.