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Special attacks

"Telepathic Speech"/ Flashback


(A/N: in this Story the Tenka'ichi Budoukai stadium was repaired faster than the 11 years it actually took. Thanks to Bulma's technology it only took 4 years. This upcoming tournament is the 24th Tenka'ichi Budoukai.)

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ, DBGT, or anything having to do with dragon ball. This is just a fan fiction.

Chapter Cover: Gohan, Goku and Chichi all spar in the front of their house.

Chapter 1: The story begins

"Goku I know you can do better than that" Chichi shouted, as her kick passed harmlessly through an after image.

Goku grinned as he reappeared behind Chichi. "Alright then I'll stop… but I don't want to hurt my wife, if I do who's going to cook for me?" he said with a sheepish smile, rubbing the back of his head in normal Goku mannerism. Chichi (sweat dropping) fell over, but quickly regained her composer and shouted back "Food, food, Food that's all you ever think about!"

''Well speaking of food…." Goku said rubbing his growling stomach. He hadn't eaten since noon and the sun was beginning to go down. "Let's hurry up I'm really hungry." How can he be thinking about food all the time? I'm trying to practice for the tournament, and this is what he's doing? Red with anger, Chichi clenched her fist her screamed.

"THAT'S IT I'M GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS" Chichi shouted, as she shot straight for Goku. "Chichi cal..." Before Goku could finish his sentence, his face connected with a strong kick. It smashed his left check, sending him skidding across the grass a couple yards away from the front of their small home.

"Alright fine I'll take this seriously." Red and nearly crying (anime style) Goku rubbed his cheek "Boy you kick hard."

"Well I'll kick harder than that if you don't start fighting!" Chichi growled as she charged again, much in the same fashion as she had the last time, expecting her kick to land again and shock Goku. Chichi was widely surprised, as his left arm blocked the kick causing a small reverb.

He quickly jumped back a few meters, to gain some distance between them. His facial expression changed, now more focused and in his fighting stance he stood and waited for a second attack. His expectations were met when a fast punch came; nearly hitting him in his chin as he slightly moved an inch away. But Chichi was relentless, she sent another punch, this one nearly hitting him in between his eyes.

This one had come even faster and closer, as Goku had felt the wind go by with this punch. Chichi eyes flashed and she watched her second fist go by Goku. He was fast, faster than he had been in the fight between him and Piccolo. She had gotten faster too, she had been training every day since then but had taken a break, when Gohan had been born, but had resumed training in the past year.

She quickly released the thought. Here goes nothing, I'm not going to hold back anything here it comes. She resumed her assault on her husband, sending fist after fist furiously at Goku. Hundreds of punches had gone by his face, each one closer than the last to hitting the young Saiyan in the face. Moving his head furiously, at top speed from side to side, Goku was beginning to get tired. Man if she keeps going like this I could be here forever. Dodging another fist, as it whizzed past his face he thought dang that was close I have to be more care...

Goku thought was interrupted, by an unexpected strike to the stomach. I knew that would work. Chichi smirked, before hitting him right in the stomach, lifting him up into the air before hitting him again, causing his mouth to drip some blood. Chichi continued her assault; each blow striking him like a jackhammer would strike concrete. Jumping into the air with the intention of finishing off the combination, she sent a gentle looking swift kick right into the WMAT champion's stomach.

Goku's eyes widened as the kick slammed against his stomach, sending him careening through the air, his momentum being stopped only by a large rock, crushing on impact as Goku crashed against it. Chi-Chi grinned, Humph got you. Her grin quickly disappeared, as Goku charged out of the dust from the rubble. Wasting no time, Goku lashed out with a quick kick of his own; barely missing Chichi's face.

Luckily though his next attack struck Chichi's face; landing a punch directly in her mouth. Chichi reeled back from the force of the blow, lifting her into the air and knocking the wind out of her stomach was met with a sharp elbow from the fighter. Not sparring a second, Goku sent a high kick to her chin, thrusting her even higher into the atmosphere. Reappearing behind her, Goku put his hands together and brought them over his head. The WMAT champion finally them down on his wife's back; sending her dangerously careening to the ground.

"C'mon Chichi, I know you can do better than this."Goku shouted "We've fought before and you did better than this."

As her face got close enough to touch the ground, Chichi stopped herself. Regaining her composer, she quickly got back into fighting stance. Cupping her hands together, flashing her aura the Ox- Kings daughter began charging her Ki.


As soon as Goku saw this, he cupped his hands together in the same manner as Chi-Chi had just done. After charging their Ki to its maximum, the married couple unleashed the brilliant blue attacks at each other.

A large bang was heard, as the two attacks met each other in mid air, knocking both fighters back a few feet. Pushing each other's blasts back, the two engaged in Kamehameha Warfare.

Goku's muscles bulged, as he put more energy into the attack. Man Chi-Chi's really putting a lot of energy into this. Goku tensed, as his blast was beginning to get pushed back. I have to up the tempo. Goku's white aura flashed, as he put more energy into the blue beam. Now slightly overpowering Chi-Chi's attack, he began pushing the attack back down towards her. Chi-Chi began lowering her altitude, in order to keep Goku's blast from totally absorbing her own.

Goku's muscles surged again, as his blast grew again now doubling in its size. Chi-Chi at this point had completely dropped to the ground and had dug her foot into the earth, causing small cracks to appear around her feet. The Ox King's daughter struggled, as she did her best to stop the other beam, from consuming her and her blast. With one last push, Goku's attack overtook Chichi's blast.

"Woo." Goku said, sweating while wiping his forehead" You really had me..."

Goku's eyes widened as the dust settled from the blast, showing Chi-Chi with two hands outstretched in front of her chest, along with his Kamehameha.

Hana Gaeshi Kameha Goku thought to himself. Chi-Chi grinned as she remembered her training with Tien and Mater Roshi. Master Roshi may have been a pervert, and she had to keep him of her every single day she was there, but it was worth it. Learning Kamehameha straight from the master had been worth it, the weighted training was good too. But training with Tien had been the best. Tien had taught her some of his most potent and useful techniques, including the one she had just used. Months of training had paid off; she was finally keeping up with her husband.

Goku smiled. Chi-Chi's finally living up to her potential. He quickly swept down to the ground like a bird going after a worm. Chi-Chi was ready; she brought her right forearm in preparation for the charge from Goku. Just as the blow was about to land...

"MOOOOOOOOOOOOM, DAAAAAAAAAAD where are you?" Gohan shouted and stretched, as he had just awakened from the long nap he had been taking.

Goku stopped midflight, and landed softly against the ground "Son me and your mom are outside." Goku responded.

Jumping out of bed and scurrying to the open door the young boy said "Mom I'm hungry." With his stomach rumbling. Goku smiled as his stomach was also rumbling. Chi-Chi laughed at the two boys before saying "Let's go in I'll cook some food". Goku eyes gleamed as he ran past Chichi towards the kitchen; Gohan did the same.

Before she even came in, the two of them had their forks, spoons and knives ready, with their napkins tied around their neck. Both chanting in unison "Food, Food, food." Chichi smiled as she got her pans and pots and began getting the food out to cook.


Chichi had just finished cooking the food; it was still steaming hot and the boys' were both shoving the food down their throats." Chi-Chi this food is great." Goku said while wolfing down a huge piece of meat in his mouth. "Yeah mom, this food is great." Gohan added in, while chomping down some rice. No matter how many times she saw the two of them eat, she was always amazed.

The two of them had inhuman appetites, it was like their stomach s had a black hole in the center; food just kept coming in. It was a miracle they were never constipated or were fat. Goku trained every day; he was always striving to outdo himself and surpass his limits.

Every time they fought each other they both got stronger, but Goku's power seemed to double and Gohan…..Gohan was amazing. He was extremely powerful and was a natural at fighting; anything she or Goku taught him, he learned easily. He was progressing into a powerful four year old, everything was normal except for his tail. His tail was abnormal; everyone, especially the doctors had wondered why he had a tail. No other human on earth had had one except for Goku, and even he didn't know how to explain it.


Gazing down at the new born baby, the doctor was shocked seeing the newborn with a tail. He wondered how this was possible; no human could possibly have one. Was he some kind of monkey-human hybrid? No it wasn't possible he thought, while turning over to the newborn's mother. "Ma'am excuse me for asking this, but do you know why your son has a tail?" Doctor Hiro asked, with a puzzled look on his face. Chichi blinked quizzically, wondering how she was going to answer this; she herself didn't know how to answer the question.

She responded with a simple No. But it didn't matter if he had a tail, the baby was hers and she loved him.

-End Flashback-

Chi-Chi smiled remembering the moment. Since then Gohan had to keep his tail wrapped around his waist, allowing it only to let it wail around in the house. Turning over to her now full stomached husband she asked "Goku you know the tournaments in a couple of days, are you sure Gohan's going to be able to compete in the kids division at only four years old?" Rising from his seat, swallowing his last bit of food, Goku put his fist down on the table declaring "Of course Gohan's going to be able to compete, he'll probably win he's far stronger than me when I first competed in the tournament."

"But you were 13 when you first competed, and that was in the adult division." Chichi exclaimed.

"Don't worry he'll do just fine."Rubbing his son's hair."And I'm pretty sure he'll be able to win too."

"Alright Goku, but when we fight in the adult division; I'm not going to hold back and you better not either or else you'll be eating nothing after the tournament!" Chi-Chi shouted, as she slammed her fist down on the counter,

"Okay I won't hold back."

Goku smiled sheepishly, while rubbing the back of his head. I hope we don't fight. I don't know what she would be madder over; if I lost and she won, or if she won and I lost. Either way I'm doomed. Hopefully she won't be too mad if either one of us gets the 1,000,000 Zeni prize.

"Alright then tomorrow is nonstop preparation for tournament." Goku exclaimed. Gohan jumped out of his chair in excitement he loved to fight and tomorrow that's all they were going to do.

Chapter Notes:

Hana Gaeshi Kameha: This is the ability to block a Kamehameha by putting your hands in front of your chest. Tien uses to counter Yamcha's Kamehameha at the 22nd Tenka'ichi Budoukai.

Power Levels:


400 Kamehameha 30%

570 Kamehameha 50%

700 Kamehameha 70%

Chi-Chi: 300


550- Kamehameha full power