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Chapter Cover: A chuckling Nappa stands on a pile of slain warriors.

Chapter 8: Nappa The Unstoppable!

-Age 762 November 4th

Lightning flickered as the already tenebrous sky darkened. Crashing once more, a bolt of lightning dissipated into the atmosphere. It been five minutes since Nappa's power up had begun; and it was beginning to take its toll. The once pristine valley had transformed into a warzone. The damage from the battle with the Saibamen had already caused enough destruction, but this was on another level. Torrents of wind gusted throughout the valley, knocking nearly everything down in their paths. The only things managing to stay uprooted were the small contingent of warriors, who had come to face the summoner of the wind. Starring into the violent torrent, Piccolo scowled. This Saiyan's power was on another level, he already seriously doubted his, and the Earth's chances of surviving. What could he do against this monster?


Situated far in the heavens above, stood the Lookout. The home of the guardian of Earth was usually peaceful; but today it had been anything but that. Kami's once peaceful day had started with abrupt destruction of East City. From there things only continued to spiral madly out of control. The battle with the Saiyan's green servants had been amazingly destructive, and had nearly destroyed Paprika Wasteland. The small victory the Earth's warriors had received, had filled Kami with hope that they could prevail; but it soon dispersed. The energy the Saiyan, Nappa was emanating was astonishing. Never in the quincentenary he'd been alive in, had he felt such power. "Mr. Popo" the immortal genie immediately turned in the direction of his master. "I fear I do not have much time left." Mr. Popo's eyebrow rose with worry. "The Saiyans….they will…kill them all."

"Kami! Don't say that there's still..." Kami interjected, waving his hand. "No! listen to me Mr. Popo, in all your years of service have you ever felt power like this?" the genie shook his head dismissively. "Neither have I. as much as I hate to say it…..the Saiyans will triumph over the Earth. I don't know how…but I just have this ominous feeling they will." Kami turned ad gazed at the sky. "There's still a sliver of hope for the Earth…but it's slim. In case they do preparations will need to be made." Kami turned once more and faced his longtime assistant. The genie reached for a notepad and stood attentively, waiting for his master's commands. "Mr. Popo this is what I need you to do…"


A gargantuan bolt of aurulent lightning descended from the sky and struck Nappa. Instead of incinerating Nappa, as any bolt of lightning usually would, it encased him. The Earth's heroes blinked wildly, in great surprise at what was happening. The streak of lightning finally descended and completely encased Nappa, leaving him surrounded with an aegis of cackling lightning. The wind emanating from the juggernaut began dying down, before it abruptly picked up. As the wind pulsated wildly, the Earth's heroes struggled to keep their footing. Everyone managed to do a decent job except for Chiaotzu, who was blown into the air. The environment around Nappa began quivering, before finally rising and hovering in the air.

Nappa grinned wickedly as his aura burst into life. The ochroleucous light flickered around him before finally exploding, illuminating the battlefield along the way. "ARGH." Piccolo shrieked as he, and the rest of the Earth's heroes attempted to shield their eyes from the searing light surrounding Nappa. The light's intensity wavered before finally returning to normal. As it did, it revealed a completely different Saiyan on the battlefield. Nappa's already humongous muscles bulged to inhuman lengths. His muscles had already been massive to start with but now they were…gigantic. His muscles swelled to… twice maybe even… thrice their normal size. Nappa's biceps now stood at a ridiculous size, almost equivalent to the size of Chiaotzu's head. Tien's third eye nearly fell out, as he observed the power radiating off of Nappa.

Unbeknownst to everyone, even Tien's allies and friends, his third eye could actually see Ki. His third eye could see Ki, but not at the level normal beings saw Ki at. Tien's third eye could actually look through a person's body and see inside their physical and spiritual body (#1). The energy level radiating from both of Nappa's bodies was…tremendous. So tremendous in fact, it caused his third eye to momentarily jolt shut. "AHH." Tien slowly reopened his third eye, to discover Nappa's energy level had increased almost threefold. He quickly looked away, trying to avoid damaging his third eye any further. Although he had just recently discovered his third eye's ability, he had never seen a being with such power before. His eye had peered into the essence of the Earth's strongest warriors and had never been this startled before.

He quickly pondered the possibilities of Earth's survival. Is there any hope for Earth? He was awoken from his musings by a shout from Vegeta. "Nappa! What did I tell you about not destroying the Earth? You're such an imbecile sometimes. We still need this putrid planet for the Dragonballs. If you've destroyed a single Dragonball I'll have your head…understood?" Nappa turned and nervously shook his head in agreement. "Good. Now cease with your all this powering up of the Raiki technique. I already told you I don't need you blowing up the planet." The gargantuan Saiyan sighed before dropping his energy level, causing the pulsating bolts of lightning to die down. "Good job Nappa, you can precede with your fight." With that Vegeta turned and hovered over to the nearest boulder, which he promptly seated himself upon.

His eyes narrowed as he glared at the battlefield. He could smell the tension in the air, it was absolutely…delightful. A scowl formed as Vegeta peeked through his peripheral and glanced at the gawking Earthlings. Pitiful…they were amazed by this small feat of power? They would be absolutely flabbergasted if he decided to enter the battle. "You Earthlings are hilarious…your amazed by this? Nappa hasn't even fully powered up yet…Hahahaha. Your odds are incredibly slim. Just to let you know…..Nappa doesn't have one half of the power I have!" The Earths hero's eyes bulged at the prince's words. "C'mon guys he has to be bluffing…right?" Krillin's shaky words echoed the thoughts of all the warriors present. But unfortunately for them, Vegeta wasn't bluffing. "Krillin….he's not bluffing. My third eye can detect Ki on multiple levels and his strength is true. But what's truly scary is he's not even at full power. My eye detects that he's just relaxing." Piccolo's expression quickly changed from shock to questioning.

"Tien how can you…" the Namekian's words were cut off as Tien waved him off. "It's an ability I recently discovered while training for the Saiyans arrival. I was meditating on Kami's lookout when I had a vision. It was…disturbing to say the least. Frightened, I quickly opened my eyes, as I did I discovered I could see Ki. I don't really know how to describe it, but I could see Ki on a physical and spiritual level. I don't understand how it works, but I know I can detect Ki somehow." Piccolo blinked quizzically at the Triclops before returning his attention to the battlefield.

"If what that Saiyan and your eye is saying, is true…then were doomed!" "How correct you are!" Piccolo gaze snapped back in the direction of the voice. "Triclops's and their damn third eyes. That third of yoursis incredibly powerful….too bad you won't get to discover all its uses! That eye of yours is powerful beyond your imagination. The abilities that eye posses are…incredible beyond belief. Even I don't know what eye of yours is fully capable." Vegeta shrugged as he chuckled to himself. "But alas, as I've stated before….you won't be able to fully master your eyes, after Nappa kills you all!" Grinning madly, the prince turned and gazed in the direction of his companion. "I apologize for taking up so much of your time Nappa; you may proceed with the battle." Vegeta said waving his hands dismissively. "With pleasure."

With that the smirking large Saiyan disappeared. The Earth's heroes blinked feverishly, in all directions hoping to detect their enemy. "How could somebody that big, and with that big of a power level just vanish?" Yamcha said, voicing the thoughts of his companions. "Where is…" Tien's sentence was abruptly interrupted, as Nappa appeared in front of him. The large Saiyan paused for a brief moment, taking time to smirk, before promptly smashing his fist into the Triclops's stomach. The sickening sound of bones snapping reached Nappa's, and the Earth's hero's ears, as Tien collapsed to the floor. Clutching his stomach the three eyed warrior wailed in pain; he had never been hit with such force before.

Gloating at his handiwork, the massive Saiyan attempted to stomp Tien, but was halted by an unexpected Ki blast. The blast collided, detonating on his back, and bringing with it a, minute amount of pain. The slightly agitated Saiyan turned, facing his attacker, Chiaotzu. Nappa smirked indigently "You're going to regret doing that pipsqueak." The mime barely had time to register the words before Nappa struck him, with a fist to the face. A shockwave reverberated as the minute warrior was sent vaulting through the air. His flight was finally stopped when he crashed into a mountain, nearby Vegeta.

"Watch it Nappa!"

The giant frowned in reply, but engulfed his liege's words. Stirring from his slight irritation, Nappa refocused his attention to the battlefield, and set his sights on his next victim. He grinned as his eyes feel upon Yamcha. Nappa charged full speed, at a level Yamcha could not hope to match in his wildest dreams. The Lone Wolf did the best he could and simply slid into a defensive stance. It was to no avail, as the massive Saiyan arrived, slamming full force into him. The pain he felt was immense, but brief as Nappa promptly blasted him away, with a vermillion Ki beam. The Lone Wolf soared across the battlefield, before he finally crashed into a cliff.

The remaining warriors frowned as they sensed what was coming next. Sliding into battle stances, they decided to take the initiative. With a barrage of screams they charged, full speed at Nappa. Gohan was the first to approach, and lashed out with roundhouse kick. To his, and the Earth's hero's surprises, it was easily caught and gripped. Turning, Nappa began to spin madly, gaining velocity before finally throwing the Demi-Saiyan into the air. As Nappa finished hurdling Gohan, he was struck with a kick from behind. Nappa stumbled forward a bit before regaining his footing.

Slightly peeved he turned back around, and lashed out with a chop to Krillin's neck. The slice missed, barely scratching the former monk's neck. Giving a quick sigh of relief, the bald monk retracted back into battle. He lashed out with a fist, only for it to come up missing its target. The former monk blinked quizzically, twisting his neck in various directions, in attempts at locating Nappa. His search attempt was halted, as he was struck by an elbow to the face, before being barraged with a flurry of blows.

Krillin's pain only ended when Piccolo, decided to interrupt his skirmish with Nappa. An orange foot struck the large Saiyan's face; momentarily dazing him before he was struck was a barrage of cerulean Ki blasts. Capitalizing on the opening, Piccolo struck again with heavy fist to the face. The large Saiyan staggered back as it hit, before abruptly smiling. "You Earthlings….is that all you have?" Nappa chuckled as he wiped the blood dripping from his lips. A frown crossed Piccolo's face as he watched on. Sensing something ominously bad about to happen, he retreated backwards a few meters away.

Piccolo's intuition was correct, as a Bakuhatsuha ripped through his previous landscape. A trail of smoke formed, as the attack scorched the surrounding area. Piccolo breathed a heavy sigh of relief, thinking he had dodged a bullet. The Namekian was proven terribly wrong, as another humongous wave of Ki struck him. He was engulfed momentarily, before he was flung through the air.

"Piccolo!" Gohan's worried cry only diverted Nappa's attention onto him. Nappa smirked before rushing to engage Gohan. He was slightly surprised as Gohan charged carelessly, at the large Saiyan. As they finally approached in the middle of the battlefield, Gohan promptly vanished. Scowling, Nappa immediately turned to locate his miniature foe. His eyes finally converged upon the Demi-Saiyan, who was hovering in the sky. For brief moment their two intense gazes met, before they lunged at one another. They collided in mid-air, causing a shock wave to echo as they collided.

Slightly hovering away, both warriors re-converged on one another with fist drawn again, however the result was vastly different. Nappa's fist missed as it struck a Zanzōken. He growled as he attempted to once again, relocate his foe. He never did, but managed to observe a luteous beam of Ki approaching him. "Masenkō" The young Saiyan's words echoed throughout the field, as the blast converged upon Nappa. A huge wave of dust encased the battlefield briefly, before finally dying down.

As the dust dissipated, Gohan looked on towards Nappa's location; he was greatly disturbed by his findings. Nappa hovered, completely unharmed, and grinned madly at the young Saiyan. "I like you kid….you're a lot of fun!" Gohan stepped back, greatly freighted by the man in front of him. "C'mon where's that Saiyan side of you? Saiyan's aren't supposed to display any fear, and you're doing the exact opposite of that." Nappa's words barely had time to register with Gohan before the Halfling was assaulted, with an amalgamation of punches. With final blow, the Demi-Saiyan was sent catapulting from the skies and into the rigid ground below.


The Demi-Saiyan arrived with a crater, and a large clang of dust announcing his arrival. Unable to move he laid there in immense pain. "Gohan!" the sight of her only child hurt, made Chichi forget all the senses she had, and caused her to charge recklessly at Nappa. The bald Saiyan chuckled as the two collided, kicking up a storm of wind as their knees crashed into one another. The clash was short as Nappa quickly overpowered the woman. In a swift motion he punched Chichi directly in the face, sending her staggering back. She had no time to recover, as Nappa appeared before her in a flash. She cringed as another fist engulfed itself in her skin, this time in her stomach. Chichi shrieked loudly as her knees wobbled, before they finally collapsed to the floor. Dazed, she glanced up and met gazes with a grinning Nappa.

The Saiyan chuckled at her before outstretching his palm, directly in her face. Chichi gasped as she sensed the massive accumulation of Ki forming in his palm. She shut her eyes and silently prayed for his attack to be swift; but it never came. Chichi was saved as Krillin intervened, striking the Saiyan with quick combo of punches. The effects of the former monk's assault were minimal, and only caused the Saiyan to become agitated. Nappa quickly retaliated by blasting the former monk away, with attack he had intended for Chichi. He smirked as he watched Krillin fly into the distance, before he finally tumbled into a mountain.

Satisfied with what he had viewed, Nappa turned and faced his opponent; only to find out she wasn't there. His anger showed as he lashed out with a Ki blast, which impacted Chichi's former location.

"Up Here!"

Nappa turned and gazed into the sky, only to view a massive erythraean beam of light headed towards him. "Kamehameha!" Chichi smiled slightly; as she viewed the beam engulf Nappa. Her vision, along with battlefield was briefly obscured with dust as the attack finally ceased.

"You damn…. Earthlings! You're starting to really piss me off!"

Chichi's eyeballs nearly leaped out of their sockets, as she viewed an unscathed Nappa, appear from the smog. A scowl formed as Nappa captured Chichi's gaze. "You're going to get it now!" The words barely had time to reach Chichi's ears, before pain echoed throughout her body. As blood soared from her lips, she gazed down and viewed Nappa's fist, submerged within her stomach. Her state of shock was cut short as Nappa abruptly elbowed her face. Her head snapped back and rang with pain as his elbow smashed into her face, sending her flying from the sky. With a sonic boom Chichi arrived on the ground, surrounded by a crater.

"Hahaha…is that all? I don't understand how Raditz had any trouble with these Earthlings, especially the Namekian. If Kakarot is as powerful as you…then your planet is doomed. Hahaha" Nappa's booming laughter stirred the Earth's heroes from their various craters and resting places. "I don't know why I even bothered to power up. You've all been a waste of energy; I could kill you with my eyes closed. Hahaha." As Nappa indulged in boasting, he failed to notice the Earth's heroes regrouping and standing to their feet.

"Damn that guy really packs a punch."

"I know right, that first punch nearly ruptured my spleen."

"His Ki blasts aren't anything to scoff at either; I didn't even know a single Ki blast could be so powerful."

"I know…. I kind of regret intervening in his skirmish with Chichi."

"You know what Krillin I don't even blame you. His power is ridiculous."

"Enough!" Piccolos enraged scream halted the group's conversation. "Stop with all this adulation…this Saiyan's power means nothing! We need to focus on beating him, not gawking at his strength. If we keep fighting like this the Earth will surely be destroyed! I've had enough of suffering, first hand at his mite. It's time we go all out and give this Saiyan a battle he'll never ever forget!" The Earth's hero's brows furrowed at the Namekian's words, as they contemplated their actions. After a few brief seconds, they decided to follow Piccolo and go all out in this battle.

"I'm with you Piccolo!" Krillin said.

"Me too…We can't always depend on Goku." The Lone Wolf said as he Gave Piccolo a thumbs up.

"Me too... I've had enough of his beating." Tien said as he smirked at the Namekian.

"If Tien's with it I'm with it!" Chiaotzu said as he slid into a fighting stance.

"My husband depending on me…I won't fail him!" Chichi shouted as she too, slid into a fighting stance.

"Dad's depending on me, I won't fail him!" The Demi-Saiyan immediately slid into an Oni style battle stance.

Krillin hesitated, frowning before he finally spoke. "I still have my doubts about you…but your right Goku and Earth are depending on us. So for right now I'm with you." A rare smile escaped Piccolo's lips. "I could care less…but it's good to now I have your full backing. We need to hurry up and attack; the Saiyan has already shifted his attention back onto us." Glancing quickly the group discovered Piccolo's words were true; Nappa had halted his self-aggregating, and had turned his full attention back onto the contingent of warriors.

"What's this I hear about full power? You mean to tell me this weak display isn't you full power? But regardless if it's true, I could care less; I have job to do." Barely completing his sentence, Nappa charged abruptly at the Earth's heroes. "Nappa stop!" Vegeta's shout halted the Nappa; whose giant fist had been dangerously close to colliding with Chiaotzu's face. Turning the bald Saiyan blinked questioningly at Vegeta.

"Hear them out, I believe they may actually hold incredible strength, especially the Halfling." Gohan immediately growled at Vegeta's words, but it went completely unnoticed by the Prince. "I want to see their full potential; it is after all in a Saiyan's blood to seek out powerful opponents. If these Earthlings are holding back, they could provide ample entertainment for me. Besides, it's not like their any other missions or tasks that need to immediately be attended too. Immortality and eternal life can wait; a good battle is much more appeasing at the present moment."

Nappa scowled as he completely dropped his fist. "Yes Vegeta I'll do as you say." The large Saiyan retreated a few hundred meters back, regrouping with his prince. "Good Nappa, for once you're actually abiding by my commands. As for you Earthlings, get on with it now. Power up to your full strength, I was gracious to you after all." The contingent of warriors simply blinked back, still in shock at Vegeta's actions and words. "Morons! What are you gawking at? I'm giving you time to accumulate your power; you'd better do it. I won't be so graceful and halt Nappa's assault on you Earthlings again…so hurry up! The Earth's heroes immediately jumped back, retracting from their momentary stupor.

"He's right; we'd better capitalize…Now! I don't know how much time he's giving us to power up but we'd better do it….in hurry." The rest of the Earth's heroes simply nodded at Piccolo's words and slid into Kiba-dachi's (Horse stances). A unanimous shout was heard as each individual warrior began powering up to their maximum. A sly grin appeared on Vegeta's face as he observed, and felt the results of their actions. The wind breezing through the wasteland abruptly picked up and began gusting at ludicrous speeds.

The azure sky began to blacken; exactly similar to what it had done with Nappa. Multiple bolts of lightning struck various places on the battlefield, obliterating them as they in contact with the ground. One random bolt of lightning descended dangerously close to the prince. As the bolt descended from the heavens, Vegeta merely struck out his hand and swatted the bolt away. The sound of a TNT explosion echoed as the bolt crossed paths with a mountain, annihilating it on impact. Unfazed, the prince gazed onwards with keen interest. It appeared the power up was nearing its final stages, as the multitudes of luteous lightning bolts seemingly began to cease.

"Vegeta….Is this it? This is what you wanted to see? Their barely radiating half the power I…." Nappa's words were cut short as he met gazes with Vegeta; whose facial expression told him to shut up. Seeing that they reached an understanding the prince turned his gaze and attention back onto the Earthlings. His assumption had been completely wrong; their energy output was only getting started. His scouter beeped as it observed numerous changes in power, in an incredibly short amount of time.

The energy emitting from the Namekian was the largest, his scouter read 7,000! Impossible, it was inconceivable for a Namekian to possess that amount of strength. His scouter beeped once more as he observed the power radiating from the Triclops. 4,500 5,000 6,000! Incredible it was still increasing; even the power radiating from the Namekian was still growing. A scowl formed as he immediately realized his scouter was useless. He had warned Nappa, but had failed to swallow his own advice. Vegeta immediately threw the device away, throwing it as far as he could without too much effort. The scouter eventually landed thousands of meters away from, far past where the battle was taking place. Slightly irritated he decided to interrupt his foes transformation.

"Can you speed this up? I don't have all day! I lied when I said time was inconsequential, hurry up before I let Nappa loose on you once more!"

The contingent of warriors frowned as they heard this, they had not yet reached their full maximum power yet, but this would have to do, besides it relatively close to it anyways. The winds immediately ceased, as their shouts were silenced. The sky returned to its rightful azure color. A profound niveous aura encased each warrior as they stood; now sliding into battle stances.

"It appears their ready for you Nappa? Are you prepared to face the wrath of these Earthlings at…full power? Hahaha. You may engage them Nappa, the real battle is about to begin." A wicked smile formed on Nappa's face as he heard Vegeta's words. His blood was boiling to finally get the chance to re-engage these warriors and finally kill them. Still smiling, the giant walked forward…slowly taking in the sight of his foes as he approached.

"Get ready! He's coming with full intention to kill! They'll be no more interference's from here on! From right now…it's a battle to the death!" The contingent of warrior's vehemently shook their head in agreement. There would be no more holding back, no more interferences, this was a fight to the death!

Gohan slid into a battle stance as he stared at the Saiyan approaching. For some strange reason, his blood was boiling…. Itchingcalling out for battle. Even though he knew the fate of the planet hung in the balance, he still wanted to test and fight to his limit. It was most likely his Saiyan side rearing its face within him, but whatever it was….he liked it. Giving Piccolo one final passing glance, he looked and observed the Saiyan was only mere inches away now.

"Prepare yourselves! Your death will not be expeditious. Your agony will be prolonged and strenuous; your blood will consume the soil you so preciously fight for. Every inhabitant of this planet will be mutilated along with your corpses. Hahaha….." With a final step, the giant Saiyan vanished. Glancing around Yamcha tried to detect and locate the Saiyans energy; he would not allow the same thing to happen to him twice. A spike of Ki erupted besides him, alerting him to the immediate danger. As Yamcha leapt into the sky he gazed down and viewed Nappa, who along with his extended fist, had rematerialized at the same location he had previously been in.

The Lone Wolf smirked at his luck, as he descended back towards Nappa, hoping to catch him off guard. Yamcha's plan was halted as two other warriors arrived and struck before he could. Tien and Krillin quickly engaged the Saiyan with a combination of swift attacks. Their movement was fluid, and perfectly in tune with one another, creating a mismatch for Nappa. His movements were too stiff and rigid to parry or evade the blows; he simply allowed them to land. After a minute or so, the duo quickly realized their attack was having no effect. Switching tactics the duo attempted to form Ki blasts. They were abruptly interrupted, as two of Nappa's elbows smashed into their face.

A crunch was heard as their heads snapped back. Nappa attempted to capitalize on the opening but was interrupted by a fist, to the left side of his face. The blow had little to no effect, except diverting his attention and causing him to twist his neck. Slightly irked, Nappa turned and spread his palm, discharging a wave of Ki from it. As the dust from blast dissipated it revealed nothing. The Saiyan was only alerted as to where his attacker was when he was struck again, with multiple Ki blasts.

The brief barrage ended quickly, and Nappa was once again left alone. As the smoke cleared, the Saiyan realized the assault had been a diversion, to give the other two warriors ample time to retreat. He growled in frustration as he glanced for his prey. He didn't have to wait long as Piccolo appeared in the sky above him. He immediately rocketed to the sky, arms outstretched in a punching motion. As soon as neared the Namekian…he vanished. Confused, the Saiyan's eyes danced around for clues.

He found one, as Piccolo appeared with his fist buried in his stomach. A small gasp escaped Nappa's lips as he clutched his ribs. He quickly found another reason to shriek as Piccolo struck him again, with a hard punch to the face. A quick kick sent the Saiyan vaulting through the air, finally stopping as he neared collision with a cliff. Anger boiled throughout Nappa, as he rushed hoping to recompense the Namekian for the embarrassment he'd caused him.

His route what halted when Chiaotzu suddenly appeared before him. The Saiyan grinned as he laughed at the idea of the mime harming him. His thoughts were proven wrong when he received a strong knee to the neck. His pain receptors spiked as his neck flared with immense pain. Aggravated, Nappa immediately grabbed the mime's leg and threw him out of the sky. Chiaotzu flailed through the atmosphere before he finally recomposed himself. His eyes immediately found the Saiyan, who still headed back towards Piccolo.


The beam of radiant energy struck the unsuspecting Saiyan, knocking him off his route. Nappa soared back a few feet before he regained himself. Shaking the cobwebs, he turned his attention back onto Chiaotzu who was now hovering a hundred feet away from him. In a burst of Ki the large Saiyan sped off towards the telekinetic Chiaotzu's startled expression said it all as he gawked at Nappa, who had now appeared before. In a quick motion Chiaotzu was sent soaring back as Nappa struck.

The Saiyan was un-relentless, and gave chase, quickly catching up to Chiaotzu who was still vaulting through the air. Materializing behind him, Nappa quickly brought his fists together and slammed them down upon Chiaotzu. The mime was sent tumbling, dangerously towards the ground. A shockwave erupted as the mime finally collided with the Earth below.


The perturbed shout snatched the Saiyans attention, as he turned his gaze on to Tien. Tightening his fist, the Saiyan rocketed towards the Earth. Tien's full attention diverted to Nappa as he watched him approach. The rage he felt only intensified as viewed Nappa's cocky grin.

"Renzoku Kikou Dan!"

Rapidly thrusting his hands, Tien expelled multiple cerulean beams of Ki at Nappa. Explosion after explosion reverberated throughout the sky and battlefield, as the beams detonated. After what seemed like an eternity the bombardment of blasts finally ended, leaving a gigantic cloud of dust of steaming smoke lingering in the air.

"Hahaha. Did you think that would be enough? That weak assault was nothing!"

As the smoke finally dissipated it revealed an unharmed Nappa, levitating in the sky. Tien's eyes nearly feel out of their sockets as he watched the massive Saiyan converge upon him. He finally snapped back to his senses just in time to block a giant left hook. His arm exploded with pain as the blow collided. The brief pain he felt was nothing compared to the pain he felt when, Nappa struck him again with a punch to the face. As Tien's head snapped back reeling in pain, he noticed the red liquid that was now gushing from his nose.

Quickly smirking at his work, Nappa attacked again, capitalizing on the opening he had created. Summoning a humongous amount of Ki to his fingertips, he expelled a gigantic Ki blast, close range at Tien. The landscape surrounding Nappa was illuminated with saffron light as the beam approached. A gargantuan explosion soon followed as the beam completely engulfed Tien.

"Too easy."

As the smoke obscuring the battlefield cleared, it revealed an enormous crater which extended for about a hundred yards, with Tien sprawled at the end of it. Discarding his amazement at his handiwork the Saiyan turned and looked for his next opponent. His eyes glanced around before he located Chichi, who was attending to the hurt Triclops.

"Tien are you alright?"

"I'll…be fine…that attack was something else though. Don't worry about me though, Nappa's approaching you have to leave now!"

"But what about you?"

"Don't… worry about me I….can take of care of myself, just get out of here. He's coming for you!" Chichi quickly nodded before she rocketed to the sky, with Nappa still giving chase. A grin crossed Nappa's face as he watched the woman attempt to escape. Didn't she know her speed was nothing, compared to his own? Regardless he loved it when his prey ran. The woman eventually stopped her flight and landed on a nearby mountain. Landing, she quickly slid into a fighting stance. Nappa raised an eyebrow before he spoke.

"You think you have a chance? I was expecting more from your so called power up, but so far I've been disappointed. Vegeta really should have just let me annihilate you all from the beginning." Chichi didn't respond and merely stood there, arms outstretched, inviting him to fight. "Not in the mood to talk….good. Then let's have a go at it." Nappa immediately charged, full speed at Chichi who simply remained standing, not bothering to move. The Saiyan arrived, bringing his arm down, hoping to crush the woman. His fist came up empty, only colliding with the ground in the mountain.

A large tremor formed and spread throughout the mountain, before it collapsed from the strength of the blow. As the mountain completely collapsed, Nappa turned and attempted to locate Chichi. His eyes fell upon her, when he noticed her levitating in the air, on the other side of the crumbling mountain. A scowl formed as he noticed her indifferent expression, not caring in the least bit about his display of power. Irritated, Nappa rushed forward towards Chichi, who mirrored his actions. A shockwave reverberated as they clashed in midair. Another shockwave echoed as their two fists collided. A third shockwave followed, this time caused by the impact of Nappa's fist striking Chichi. Chichi's head snapped and rang with more pain, as a barrage of Nappa's fists found their way onto various parts her body.

The dazed woman was then promptly kicked out the sky and sent tumbling towards the ground. She finally halted her unwanted descent, as she neared collision with the ground. Recomposing herself, she turned around and located Nappa, who was still levitating in the sky. The Saiyan's cocky grin enraged her and caused her to lose all battle sensibility. She charged recklessly towards the sky, firing multiple xanthic Ki blasts as she approached. The Saiyan didn't bother to even move, and easily slapped every beam away.

Finally slapping the last beam, Nappa was greeted with a knee to the gut. His knees bent as he attempted not to concede to force of the blow. The un-relentless woman struck again, vehemently kicking, and punching the Saiyan, sending him staggering back. With final knee to the face, Chichi concluded her brief assault. Nappa's head snapped back into place as he recovered from the blow and gazed at his opponent, wiping the blood now leaking from his lips.

"That was quite impressive….but it's my turn now!"

Chichi barely had time to react, before she was sent tumbling backwards, from a roundhouse kick. Nappa's elbow soon gave her another reason to stagger back. Capitalizing on the opening, Nappa brought his fists together and axe hand handle smashed the Ox king's daughter away. She careened uncontrollably towards the ground, before a humongous light consumed her path. A tremendous explosion, and gust of wind followed as the light engulfed Chichi.


Nappa's attention was diverted from the woman as he saw Gohan approach. The enraged Halfling promptly smashed his fist into the Saiyan's face. Nappa swore he felt his nasal bridge collapse as blood started leaking from his nose. The enraged boy attacked, savagely throwing numerous reckless assaults. As wild as the barrage of blows was, Nappa was powerless to do anything against them, as the force of the strikes caused him to reel back. A final, excruciatingly powerful punch sent the Saiyan tumbling through the sky, before finally lodging himself in a mountain.


The enormous beam of light erupted from Gohan's palms, in the same fashion as it previously had, except this beam was twice as large. Both Saiyans on the battlefield gawked as they watched the beam approach, radiating with more power as it converged upon Nappa. A gargantuan explosion followed as a humongous gust of wind washed over the battlefield, sending everyone present tumbling back.

"What….Power! It's inconceivable for a child to possess such power! I must have that child under my command!" Vegeta's amazement only grew as the dust from the blast dissipated. As it did it revealed a gigantic Crater, where Nappa had been. The size of the crater was somewhat comparable to what Nappa had done to East City. Although it wasn't of the same magnitude, the power displayed was defiantly equal or even slightly greater, to what Nappa had done.

"ARGH! Damn Kid, nearly killed me! If wasn't for my quick reflexives I could have possibly died!" The scorched form of Nappa appeared a few feet away from where the blast had impacted. The large Saiyan looked as if he had seen better days. His armor was cracked and still smoking from the searing heat of the blast.

Vegeta's eyes bulged once more as he viewed his comrade. Is this the type of power a human/Saiyan hybrid can produce? Could the Saiyan race be reborn with the creation of Halflings? No! Hybrids are a disgrace to our race, but this child's power is remarkable. I may have to make an exception for him. Vegeta's snapped from his musings as he watched the bewildered Halfling descend to the ground.

"Did…do…did I do that?" The child didn't even recognize the power that lied within him. Under Vegeta's training he could become the greatest….No…the second greatest warrior in the galaxy. Yes, a new idea swelled in the prince's mind as he gazed at Gohan. After he slaughtered and destroyed every inhabitant of this planet, and received his wish, he would take the boy along with him. He could be of great service to his cause.

"Nappa! Remember my commands, I want you to challenge the boy, but don't kill him. I have greater plans for him, than this dust ball of a planet." The bald Saiyan reluctantly nodded, even though he wanted nothing more than to kill the boy, he still had to heed his sire's words. Grumbling the Saiyan descending to the ground, and walked forward towards the boy.

"Vegeta warned me not to kill you….but he didn't say I couldn't beat you into a bloody pulp." Gohan's legs trembled as he watched the Saiyan approach him; he was in for it now. Still shocked his minds began to recant Piccolo's words. There is no place for fear on the battle field! The Earth is depending on you Gohan! His mentor's words stirred him from fear. He quickly slid into a turtle stance, just as Nappa arrived.

With the kick up of dust, the battle was on. Multiple sonic booms erupted through various parts of field as the warriors danced around. Though they were moving at supersonic speeds, Vegeta had no problem keeping up with them. Currently Nappa was winning the skirmish, though hybrid wasn't getting completely dominated. The Prince's eyes flashed as he watched Gohan summersault his way out of a collision with Nappa's fist. his comrade immediately charged, irritated by the fact he had missed. Cocking his fist back he attempted to unleash his fist down upon the boy, but was halted by a spin kick. Nappa flipped through the air, as the attack knocked him off course. He was given no time to recuperate himself as the boy pounced, butterfly kicking him out of the air. Nappa tumbled through the air before he finally crossed paths with a mountain in the nearby distance.

The Saiyan prince chuckled as viewed the expression on Nappa's face, as he arose from the rubble. Nappa was greatly peeved, this little runt was starting to piss him off. Even though he was still holding back, this kid was incredibly powerful. His musings on the boy were cut short as the remainder of Earth's heroes arrived, surrounding the Saiyan.

"Sorry to interrupt you Gohan, but it's time for some payback." Gohan simply nodded his head, in response to Yamcha's words. "I suppose we should get started?" Tien said. "Hahaha…whatever. It's your funeral!" Nappa chuckled before he attacked the closet Earthling near him. Recoiling his fist he lunged with fist, which came up only with air. Looking around he was quickly struck by Piccolo, with claw to the face. Nappa soared through air before kick, courtesy of Yamcha, sent him flying towards the ground.

Before he could arrive, Chichi materialized before him, with her arms outstretched. "Kamehameha" The quick beam of light quickly engulfed Nappa and sent him soaring back towards the sky. He finally managed to regain control of his body, as the beams power wavered, only to be assaulted by Chiaotzu and Krillin. The diminutive duo launched their various techniques, at the still dazed Saiyan. A Dodompa and Tsuihikidan quickly coalesced into humongous beam of light that overwhelmed Nappa and sent him spiraling through the air.

Un-relenting the contingent of warriors followed the trail of smoke back to Nappa. Emerging from the smoke, Nappa was pissed. His armor had received new dents, and he had actually received a scar, from these earthlings. His disposition only intensified as he was struck, once again by the convent of warriors. This time they all attacked in unison. Punches, elbows, knees, kicks, chops, and shins all found their way onto the Saiyan. After what seemed like an eternity the warriors finally relented, and retreated backwards a few steps.


"Gekiretsu Kōdan!"


"Bunsan Enerugī Ha!"



The five individual beams of light, converged on the still dazed Saiyan. The sky was illuminated with a conglomeration of colors, before a massive explosion consumed the sky. A shroud of cloud washed over the battlefield, as if an atomic bomb had just exploded.

"There's no way he could have survived that! No being….Human or extraterrestrial could have!" All of the Earth's heroes nodded in agreement, there was no way Nappa could have survived. Piccolo meanwhile remained skeptical. As he glared down at Vegeta, he noticed the prince's facial expression remained indifferent. Even if he was a heartless bastard, he would at least be a little concerned about his comrade…right?

"Nappa quit playing! I know you survived that explosion. You've survived far worse in our times of battle!" The contingent of warriors hopeful cheers were cut short as they heard the announcement. As if on cue, a second later after the prince had uttered his words, Nappa appeared from the lingering smoke; he was not happy. His armor was now completely missing, most likely blown off from the impact of five beams colliding with him. though his armor was completely shredded his exterior was not. There were no signs he had even been attacked, save the smoke still steaming from his body.

"Alright…I've had enough! I've done another cavorting with you clowns! I was just boasting before, but the gloves are now completely off!" Nappa's words lingered in the Earthlings mind momentarily before he struck. Throwing his right hand to the side, he began procuring a ludicrous amount of Ki.

"We need to run!"

Krillin's words were all too late, as the giant was in throwing motion.

"Impact Bomb!"

A gargantuan light flooded the sky, creating an aurora borealis type affect. The energy expelled from Nappa's palm began rippling through the air like a sonar radar. The wave of light eventually reached, and consumed the Earth's heroes. With a final pulsating wave the Earth's heroes were knocked, completely out of the sky.


As the attack, and dust caused by the attack died down, it revealed a ginormous, gaping hole on the earth's surface. "Oops…did I do that? Hahaha…" Nappa's booming voice sliced through the deafening silence. "Nappa! Shut up… you imbecile…they're clearly not dead!" Nappa's roaring laughter immediately ceased, as Vegeta's words interjected. "Damn it! These Earthlings are like cockroaches…..they just won't die!" Vegeta had no sympathy for Nappa, the fool simply wasn't handling his business properly.

"Argh…that blast…nearly killed me!" Vegeta's head immediately snapped to the direction of the voice; it was Krillin. "I see you vermin have survived. Nappa come dispose of your trash." The bald Saiyan gaze turned, as he noticed Krillin stirring from the rubble. He immediately charged at the still dazed Earthling. Nappa's fist was mere inches away from hitting Krillin, when his face was struck with a kick that collided with his face. The Saiyans path was altered, as he was sent flying in the opposite direction. Nappa quickly recomposed himself and glanced to find his new opponent.

He was quickly met with a deft kick to the face. The attacks damage was minimal, but served to aggravate the Saiyan further. Lashing out with a chop Nappa hoped to recompense his opponent. His chop never landed, as his hand was grabbed and tugged. He was then promptly thrown, even higher into the air. The Saiyan tumbled through the sky before he finally regained himself. His eyes danced around the battlefield until the fell upon Gohan. The Demi-Saiyan chuckled as he viewed Nappa's reaction to what he had done.

"You'll pay brat!"

Nappa charged recklessly, at speeds Gohan couldn't hope to fathom. The only indication he received that Nappa was still present was when he reappeared, with his fist submerged in the hybrids stomach. A huge gasp escaped Gohan's lips, as his knees buckled and collapsed. He was given no time to catch his breath, as Nappa grabbed his head, halting his collapse. As he grasped the Demi-Saiyan's hair he proceeded to pound his face in.


The child's cries of agony went unheard, as the sickening sound of his bones snapping and crunching eclipsed his cries. The Earth's heroes were unable to help, as they still dazed from the Saiyan's gigantic blast. Nappa only stopped when the child's blood began to splatter and tarnish his chest. Satisfied with the vermillion blood that know coated Gohan's face, he released the child. The child immediately slumped unconscious, to the ground.

"Hahaha! That kids not as strong as you make him seem Vegeta! Hahaha!" the prince scowled at his companion, he had hopped the child held more potential than that. "Fool! I wouldn't be so callous. The boy's mother has regained consciousness and she doesn't seem pleased by your actions." True to Vegeta's words Chichi had regained consciousness, and was headed towards Nappa.

"You monster! How could you do this to my child! To any child! I'll kill you!" The absolutely enraged mother charged, blinded by her furry. Nappa had no time to react as he was with a kick to his side. His ribs rang in pain, before a knee struck his face. The Saiyans head twisted as he collided with the blow. He was abruptly hit with a vicious punch to the stomach. Chichi relented slightly, before thrusting her fists, rapidly in an all-out full assault on the Saiyan.

Thousands of fists whizzed by, as Nappa did his best to parry the blows. Even though he exerted full effort, he was still struck by multiple blows. Deciding he'd had enough, Nappa outstretched his arms. A virid shield materialized around the Saiyan; as the remainder of Chichi's blows harmlessly bounced off.

The Ox King's daughter retreated back, as she observed her attack failing terribly. The second she stepped back, she was hit with the force of a rampaging elephant. The wife of Goku flung back, as Nappa rammed into her. His massive fist scrapped her face, causing her to fly back even further. A quick kick struck her as she pedaled backwards. The pain she felt intensified as Nappa continued to pounce, with seemingly boundless energy. A barrage of punches finally concluded the skirmish as Chichi's exasperated form, collapsed to ground.

Nappa loomed over the fallen woman; hands cackling with energy with energy. He smirked before he thrust his hand forward. "Nappa!" The Saiyans hands stopped, abruptly as he turned. "What did I tell you? I said save the woman for last! That pebble you call a brain can't seem to fathom that though." The prince sneered in disgust as he glared at his companion.

Sighing, Nappa extinguished the Ki bubbling in his hands. He turned and scanned for any more, recuperated warriors. Narrowing his pupils, his eyes fell upon Yamcha, who still climbing out of some rubble. Nappa grinned as he formed energy in his hands; if he couldn't kill the woman, Yamcha would half to do. Charging at supersonic speeds he appeared before the, dazed and shocked warrior. In what seemed liked so slow motion, he spread his palm and relinquished the energy.


The lone wolf turned in the direction of the shout; it was Krillin. He smiled sadly, before he felt a seething pain overtake his body.



At the Kame house the Earth's allies sat together, all huddled around Raditz's scouter (#2). A huge scream echoed throughout the house, as the scouter transmitted the actions occurring on the battle field.

"There's something wrong. There's something wrong with Yamcha." Bulma's voice echoed with worry. "How can you tell Bulma? I mean it's not like you can sense Ki." Puar questioned.

"I don't know…I just know something happened to Yamcha. Whatever it is…it's not good. I just hope Yamcha's okay. Everyone present raised an eyebrow at the lavender haired woman's words. They understood the situation between Yamcha and her. Though she pretended to be uncaring and indifferent to Lone Wolf; they all knew she still cared deeply for her. If she was deeply concerned then something was seriously wrong.

"Don't say that Bulma. You know Yamcha can handle himself, he's one of the strongest fighters on Earth" Oolong said.

"But that's the problem….his enemies are extraterrestrial. The Saiyans he's facing are far stronger than him, even with all the training he did."

"Lighten up Bulma; even if something did happen to Yamcha, we still have the Dragonballs to take of everything." Master Roshi chirped in. A look of rage crossed Bulma's face as she stood up and faced the turtle hermit. "You don't get it! You're failing to realize the seriousness of the situation. Something bad….happened to Yamcha! I don't know how or why I'm getting this feeling; I just know it's true." With that vehement statement, the capsule corp president slumped back down to her seat.

Master Roshi looked flabbergasted, never in his life had he seen Bulma behave like this; something had to be wrong. Finally speaking up, the turtle hermit decided to end the awkward silence. "I believe you….I've never seen you behave like this before. Whatever gut feeling you're receiving about Yamcha, I pray it's wrong. I hope my friend and student is fine." Puar and Oolong simply blinked at his words.

"I pray for Yamcha's sake that you're wrong too. I don't know what I'd do if Yamcha was hurt or killed." The blue shape shifter said.

"Me too….I've grown attached to him over the years, he's become one of my best friends." Oolong said, as water began to fill his eyes.

"I hope for all our sakes that I'm wrong. I just hope Yamcha's alright…."


There was a gigantic explosion, and kick up of dust, as the attack detonated. Krillin's vision was briefly obscured, as he gazed through the cloud of dust. As dust finally settled, Krillin was greeted with sight of Yamcha's lifeless body. About thirty yards away, from where Nappa had unleashed the blast, laid Yamcha's body. A combination of pure shock and unbridled rage overtook, Krillin as tears began to descend.

"You...You'll pay for this!" Krillin's mind went blank as glared at Nappa. The only thing etched on the former's mind was retribution. "I'll KILL YOU!" Krillin immediately stood to his feet, tears falling, and summoned and enormous amount of Ki into his fingers.

"Bunsan Enerugī Ha!"

A rise in decibels alerted, Nappa to the immediate danger. His eyes bulged as he viewed a gigantic beam of luteous light rocket to the sky. His eyes grew even wider, as he observed the beams size and volume increase. The giant spherical light levitated in sky briefly, before it abruptly descended to ground. Nappa's shocked expression, quickly transformed into one full of rage. The nerve of this Earthling to think he could possibly harm him.

Frowning, Nappa remained planted in his position, anxiously awaiting the beams arrival. The beam arrived in hurry, approaching Nappa's body at incredible speeds. Gazing up, the Saiyan crunched his fist, as he attempted to punch the beam away. He was greatly surprised as the beam, which was mere inches from colliding with him; split into multiple beams, and scattered away. The beams spread out, circling around the Saiyan, before once again approaching. Nappa's shocked expression transformed into an enraged one; as he viewed the beams converge on him.


Nappa's furious scream, was the last thing Krillin heard before the beams engulfed Nappa. A massive explosion soon followed, knocking Krillin backwards. The former slowly staggered back to his feet, as the wind from the explosion settled.

"That ought to do it. Old friend I'm sorry I couldn't protect you, but at least I've avenged…." Krillin stopped mid-sentence, as he saw something that wasn't possible. "No you….you….you…CAN'T BE ALIVE!" Krillin stopped and glared at direction, in which Nappa had been attacked. "You fool! Did you think that was enough to kill me? Your sheer ignorance appalls me." The venom in Nappa's words caused Krillin to stagger back. "I've had enough! You…like your friend will die! Prepare to meet your ancestors!" Nappa's hand began to cackle with xanthic energy. Krillin immediately recognized what was coming next; that was the attack he had used to knock out his friends, and kill Nappa.

Krillin was powerless to do anything, as he still exhausted from expelling all that energy, into his Bunsan Enerugī Ha. He gawked, and cowered in fear as he viewed the wave of energy ripple the air, approaching him. Yamcha….reserve a place for me up there, I'm coming home. Tears leaked as he slammed his eyes shut, waiting to meet his doom.

"Ki Blast Cannon!" A gust of wind catapulted Krillin back, as another beam interrupted his death. The former quickly opened his eyes to see Tien standing in front of him. "Don't worry Krillin…I've got you." The former monk gave the Triclops a quick smile, and sigh of relief. "If you hadn't have shown up when you did….i would have surely been dead." Tien nodded before he responded. "Unfortunately for Yamcha though, I didn't arrive in time to save him." The pair of warriors gave a downtrodden look, before Krillin finally spoke up. "I know…that Saiyans Going to pay! I swore to avenge him….I was powerless to stop his death. All I could do was stare on, in horror, watching as he dies." Krillin's face scrunched into a scowl as he recanted the events, which lead to Yamcha's unfortunate death.

"I know Krillin…don't worry…he'll pay! But right now I need you to evacuate the area as fast as you can. I know you can sense the Saiyans massive energy level still lingering in the air. I'll do my best to distract him." Krillin brows furrowed as he received the plan. "But that's suicide….Nappa will kill you! He's not joking around, his only aim is to kill! It'll be your end of your life….if you attempt to face him alone." Krillin shouted. "But what other choice do I have? The other fighters are still out of commission…I have to do this….I have to do this for Yamcha!" Krillin sighed, conceding in his argument; Tien was right. There were no other alternatives to his plan, and the condition his body was in; he'd be all but useless to Tien. "I…understand. But I'm still reluctant to let you face him alone….I can't just let you die!" "Go….go Krillin…just do it….I'll be fine. I can handle myself, I am a WMAT champion after all." A grin crept across Tien's face as he concluded his statement.

Krillin quickly responded with his own. "Alright I'll…." "DAMN YOU!" Krillin's words were halted by a booming shout from Nappa. "I'll kill you….especially you…you bald bastard!" Krillin staggered back as he sensed the immense Ki forming around Nappa. "But first…I'll start with you! The Saiyan's index finger stretched, and pointed towards Tien. "You've interrupted my plans, one too many time today!" Nappa's mouth abruptly snapped open, as a massive amount of Ki began accumulating.


The bald warrior barely had time to react, before Tien pushed him out of the way. A humongous gust of wind, filled with dirt, obscured his vision. He coughed heavily as he opened his eyes, to the reconstructed landscape. A massive, cylindrical crater laid where he and Tien, had formerly stood. "AHHH!" Krillin's attention was diverted to the owner of the voice. His head snapped as he turned to face, a profusely bleeding Tien.

The Triclops wailed as he clutched his arm…or what was formerly known as his arm. His arm, all the way to his elbow had been completely sliced off; leaving a bloody stump in its place. "Tien! What happened to you?" Krillin cried out, with genuine concern. The Triclops turned and looked at his friend, still bleeding profusely. "As I pushed you out the way, and leapt aside; my arm was caught in the crossfire. The blast completely ripped off my arm. I'm just thankful I wasn't fully engulfed by the blast." Krillin gawked, too shocked to even respond. "You need to leave…now! Nappa's trying to kill me….I don't need you getting caught in the crossfire!" Tien's words echoed with serious concern and urgency. "It's too late! You may have escape my blast….but you won't survive this assault!" The large Saiyan abruptly descended from the sky, charging full speed towards the duo.

Krillin's mind went blank, as he was to shocked to react. Tien quickly rushed into action, realizing he was on his own. Unclenching his remaining hand, he released a Ki beam at the Saiyan. Nappa ignored it, and allowed the blast to collide. It bounced harmlessly off him, causing him to chuckle. Though the attack physically did nothing, it gave Tien ample time to Zanzōken away. Nappa's head snapped back as he received a punch, courtesy of Tien to the face. The Saiyan quickly recovered and swatted the Triclops away a few feet. Unrelenting, Nappa charged cocking back his fist. Tien's abdomen exploded in pain, as a fist submerged itself within his skin. A pint of blood escaped his lips, before Nappa struck again, decking the Triclops across the face. Tien staggered back, before he received another blow, in the form of s kick to jaw. The Triclops was elevated a few feet, before Nappa reappeared above him. Bringing his gigantic foot down, he slammed it upon the Triclops, sending him spiraling to the ground.

An explosion followed as Tien collided, harshly with the ground. He barely had time to regroup himself before a head-butt, brought him tumbling back to his knees. Nappa retreated a few steps, allowing Tien to stand back up. As soon the Triclops recovered he was with a knee to gut. His pupils widened as an elbow sent him, crashing back to floor.

"Tien!" the former monk quickly raced towards Nappa, hoping to help his friend. "No! Stay back! I'll handle this I have to do this!" Tien's words fumbled between spurts of blood. Krillin paused, mid-way between himself and Nappa. "I won't let this Saiyan kill me. This is for Yamcha!" Staggering back to his feet, the Triclops launched a roundhouse kick at Nappa. The Saiyan had no time to react, his eyes still falling on Krillin. He was struck sending him vaulting backwards.

Nappa grit his teeth as his feet grinded against the dirt, halting his flight. "You'll pay!" Nappa immediately lashed back, with a powerful knee that struck Tien in the face. His nose leaked blood, as it snapped back from the force. He was soon given another reason to release blood, as Nappa's massive fist scrapped against his face. Tien felt a few bones snap, as another fist collided. He was soon engulfed by a flurry of punches; all of which he could not block.

Shrieks and gasps of pain escaped his lips, as cried in agony. Krillin could only clench his fist; angrily as he viewed his friend get savagely beat. The assault finally came to end as Nappa summoned Ki to his hands an expelled a purple Ki beam. The Triclops soared dangerously through the air, before a group of jagged rocks halted his momentum. As he crashed against the rocks, a pang of pain spread through his body.

With a cough of blood, Tien leapt back into action. He immediately retaliated back, with his own assault. A conglomeration of attacks bounced harmlessly off Nappa, as he nimbly parried them. Frustration began to mount on Tien's face, as strike after strike was blocked. Kick after kick was met, with the skin of Nappa's rigid arm. The two warrior's battle eventually found its way across the battlefield, as they nimbly danced. Tien's assault ended when his fist became imbedded in a mountain. Cracks spread across the mountain, before it finally collapsed from the force.

"Is that all? Is that all you've got? Hahaha. You're the weakest Triclops I've ever met." Tien quickly became aggravated by Nappa's insult. He lunged recklessly with a fist, which was easily dodged. In a flash the Triclops found himself soaring through the air, as Nappa's knee propelled him.

Pain erupted through various parts of his body, as Nappa's fists submerged themselves in his skin. His head was forcefully spun, and twisted as multiple fists scrapped against his skull. With a final blow, in the form of an axe handle smash, Tien was sent soaring to the ground. He arrived with a tremendous thud and a miniature crater.

"Why don't we just end this? It's clear your unable to even harm me. Just give up now….and I won't make your death too painful." Nappa hovered, waiting for a reply. He received his reply in the form of a scowl. "Okay Triclops….have it…."

"Tamashii no Kikōhō"

Nappa's words were interrupted, by gargantuan fulvous beam. Before his eyes could blink he was engulfed and encased by the massive beam. A tremendous explosion soon followed, that caused even Vegeta's eyes to widen a bit. A humongous cloud of smoke eclipsed the sky, momentarily blocking the sun's rays. "That was for you Yamcha!" Tien's remaining arm lowered, as he slid to floor. Krillin immediately rushed towards his friend and assisted him up.

"Wow you did it! You finally killed Nappa!" Tien smiled in response, to his friend's joyous words. "It…was…all for Yamcha." A weak smile escaped his lips as he coughed up blood. "I'm sure he's glad you avenged him. I mean wow! Where'd you get an attack like that from?" Tien never responded, as another voice quickly interjected.

"Sorry to spoil such a joyous occasion for you, but your assumptions have been to presumptions. My idiotic companion still lives. That attack wasn't enough to do anything but increase, the bruises already plastered on his skin." Krillin and Tien's attention turned to price, who was slightly grinning. "In fact…there he is now!" On cue, a bruised and battered Nappa appeared in the sky. His skin was still burning and seething, from the attack. He was greatly disgruntled, and it shown as he glared furiously at Tien and Krillin.

"Oh you've done it now! Prepare to meet you're maker!"

A gigantic energy sphere began to form, and take shape around Nappa. The sphere of energy began to grow, increasing at incredibly dangerous rate. As the wave began to expand, Tien and Krillin glanced at each other. "Krillin hurry….you've got to go! It's too late for me, save yourself!" Krillin stood too shocked to register what was happening. Tien scowled, seeing his friend's reaction. Gathering the remaining energy he had, he grabbed and threw Krillin as far as he could.

Krillin landed with a thud, barely reacting to what had happened. His eyes quickly turned in Tien's direction.


Krillin shielded his eyes as he viewed the massive heliotrope sphere, encase the battlefield. There was a brief pause and moment, of silence before gridelin light completely overtook the battlefield.


To be continued….

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(#1): Triclops's third eyes are the pinnacle of their race. Third eyes have the ability to use X-ray vision, and see through a person's physical and spiritual body (soul). They can also perceive energy; all kinds of energy. They have a variety of other abilities which will be disclosed later on, in the story.

(#2): There were no camera's or news reporters around to televise the fight. So in my story Bulma fixes and uses Raditz scouter to hear what's going on. She can hear what's going on because the scouters also double as communicators.

Technique List:

Raiki: "Lightning Aura"

Tamashii no Kikōhō: "Spirit Tri-Beam"

Choubakuhatsuha: "Super Explosive Wave"

Bunsan Enerugī Ha: "Scattering Bullet"

Dodompa: "Dodon Ray"

Sōkidan: "Spirit ball"

Renzoku Kikou Dan: "Continuous Energy Bullets"

Ki Blast Cannon: is an energy wave used by Tien in his battle against Goku in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

Zanzōken: "After-image Technique"

Impact Bomb: is an energy sphere used by Nappa in his battle with Earth's heroes.

Gekiretsu Kōdan: "Light Grenade"

Bakuhatsuha: "Explosion Wave" The attack Nappa uses to annihilate East City.

Power Levels:

Piccolo: 5,000

Piccolo (max): 7,500

Gohan: 2,900

Gohan (Masenkō enraged): 10,000

Gohan (max): 4,000

Yamcha: 3,900

Yamcha (max): 5,000

Krillin: 3,900

Krillin (max): 5,000

Tien: 4,000

Tien (Tamashii no Kikōhō): 7,000

Tien (max): 6,500

Chichi: 3,800

Chichi (max): 5,000

Chiaotzu: 3,850

Chiaotzu (max): 5,000

Nappa (max holding back): 13,800

Nappa (max fully unleashed): 15,000

Vegeta (relaxed): 21,000