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"Oh, Shelton!" Mrs. Fishwater said to her husband. "Just admit it! Allpoints Island is just a myth!" Mr. Fishwater had been trying to prove the existence of Allpoints Island his entire life! Mrs. Fishwater didn't even know why she even married him anymore!

"But, Shelly! I'm getting close! After all my research, I have concluded that Allpoints Island is located in the centre of the Bermuda Triangle!" Mr. Fishwater argued.

"You mean where the Kraken is?" She sighed. "Starfish, the people would all die there anyways!"

"I know, I know! I'm getting to that! My theory also states clearly that the Kraken lives in the island and protects it when it needs to!"

"Shelton, that's just crazy talk! Why do you even want to find this place anymore? Ever since those two…" Mrs. Fishwater hesitated. "semi- mers," She shuddered as she forced the word out. The only thing those two really agreed on was that they both HATED semi-mers. "And that mermaid got those two rings together, the entire WORLD is like that myth of a place!"

"I know, I know!" Shelton repeated. "If you just let me get to the point,"

"Alright, fine! Just tell me your big idea!"

"According to my research, Emily Windsnap's parents have the rings on!"

"So?" Mrs. Fishwater questioned.

"So, the only way to destroy the rings is tokill them, therefore making the world back to normal, and most importantly, Neptune."

Mrs. Fishwater was just too frustrated to hold it back. "WHAT DOES NEPTUNE HAVE TO DO WITH ALL OF THIS?!" She shouted to her husband as she waved her arms all over the place.

"Well, if I can convince him to destroy all semi-mers…" He mumbled.

Mrs. Fishwater instantly smiled. Then, she picked him up and spun him around and around. "ANGELFISH, YOU'RE A GENIUS!" She said happily. Then, she kissed him, which was rare beyond these days! He finally had a good idea for once in his life.

"… and if you look on the picture on page 186, what you see is commonly known as the leopard fish." Ms. Squid was saying. Obviously, we were in Ocean Studies class, or OS. She was showing us the different kinds of animal print fish. "They live in very warm ocean areas, and can be very vicious at times, so if you see one, stay away! They ar-" she started, until she heard three loud bangs on the door. "Come in!" She said. Whoever was on the other side just banged three times again. "Alright, alright, I'm coming!" She called to the door. When she opened the door, I saw a crooked smile and different coloured eyes. I did not shiver; I did not even leap out of my seat. Since a few weeks ago, when Aaron, Shona and I had found Neptune's wedding rings and put them together,

Mr. Beeston had turned out to be… nice. Cool, even.

"Oh! Hello, Mr. Beeston! How are you today?"

"Fine, thank you." He said, with a very serious voice. "I am here to collect Emily Windsnap for Neptune."

"Me?" I asked. I didn't do anything for the past few weeks! My heart was racing. "What for?" I asked.

"That is confidential. All I can tell you is that the safety of your family is in great risk." He replied.

I gulped. My family? Were we going to die? I looked at Shona. "It'll be okay." She said, reading my mind, as always. I turned to Aaron. He said the same. Then, I turned and followed Mr. Beeston. As we went out of the room, I could hear Ms. Squid explaining that leopard fish were omnivores, eating seaweed and small fish, shrimp, and even known to eat mermaids. Not much variety, Ithought. But that wasn't important right now. What was important was my family's safety.

"Were are we going?" I asked Mr. Beeston, dying from the awkward silence.

"Same place as always." He replied. "The Grand Caves." I gulped as we swam in silence.

I waited in the Grand Caves for a long, long time. I was absolutely dying in there! I needed to know what was going to happen to my family! Had my parents wanted to break up again? Was there something wrong with the rings? The answer, I thought, I would never find out, until that horribly familiar trembling came! Only one merman could do this- Neptune! The walls opened, revealing the chariot with 7 dolphins and Neptune. He didn't look like his usual angry self, but instead he was a different kind of serious, like Mr. Beeston was. Almost… emotionless. Although, I did see something in his eyes. Sadness. And fear.

"Emily Windsnap," He mumbled very quietly. "Emily Windsnap," He repeated. He was obviously upset.

"What? What is it? Just tell me!" I said, my voice shaking.

"It's your parents." He said. Neptune was never this calm, or sad. I wasn't very calm. I was very sad, though.

"I KNEW IT!" I shouted, my words echoing in the cave. "MY PARENTS ARE GOING TO SPLIT UP, AND THE LOVE WILL BE DEAD! AM I RIGHT?" My entire body was shaking now. I even started to cry a little bit.

"No. they're in as much love as they'll ever be." He replied, brushing away the topic with his hands. It was then I realised that they were just fine, no, way more than just fine that morning. My dad even called my mom his 'lucky penny'. When I left, they were kissing, so I didn't know why I was so worried! Then, I thought again. What was wrong with them, then?

"What's wrong, then?" I repeated to him my thoughts.

"They're in grave danger."

"How so?" I asked, swimming closer.

Neptune sighed, then he said "Let me tell you a story, Emily. Did you know that if the rings are destroyed the world would be back to normal?"

"No." I replied. Matter of fact, I thought that they were... invincible.

"Well, since the rings are on your parents, the only way to destroy them is to kill them." He said.

"So, they're going to die or something?" I asked.

"Yes, or murdered would be a better word…"

"MURDERED? BY WHO?" I asked him.

"Mr. Shelton Fishwater."

"Who?" I asked silently.

"Mr. Shelton Fishwater. One of my many trusted scouts heard him having a conversation with his wife, Mrs. Shelly Fishwater. He said, and I quote: 'According to my research, Emily Windsnap's parents have the rings on.' And 'So, the only way to destroy the rings is to kill them, and therefore, making the world back to normal, and most importantly, Neptune.' And 'Well, if I can convince him to destroy all semi-mers…'"

I gasped at the thought. I wouldn't be a semi-mer anymore, because of the curse Neptune had put on me, but Aaron and Mr. Beeston were, and I'm sure there were more of them out there. I couldn't let two of my new friends and other people get hurt! "But, why?" I asked. Those were the only two words I could force out of my mouth at that moment. I couldn't suffer those losses, like Aaron couldn't suffer the loss of his mother!

"My scout reported that Mr. Fishwater and his wife each hate semi-mers."

"Wow." I said. It was the only thing that came out of my mouth after that sentence. "Wait a second!" I said. "Where do I come into all of this? Besides the part that my parents have the rings, of course."

"You, Emily Windsnap, have to hide your parents where they will never be found, and defeat Mr. Fishwater before it's too late and the world is separated once again."

"WHAT? ME? I CAN'T DO THAT!" I belted out.

"Well, who snuck into my prison and got her father back?" Neptune asked.

"Me," I replied weakly.

"And who defeated my Kraken and brought peace to the Bermuda Triangle?" He asked.

"Shona and I."

"Right. And who completed an almost impossible task of bringing my rings back together, and therefore restoring peace with sea and land?"

"Aaron, Shona and I."

"Right again. What is familiar about all of your answers?"

"They all include me." I said weakly like my answers.

"Right! So who says you can't do this task? Just hide your parents in the lagoon by the Kraken's lair…" Neptune said, scratching the back of his neck and flicking his tail nervously.


"Don't worry. The Kraken is in peace now, remember? I have put a sleeping potion in the water in it's lair within the island so it won't wake up."

"Who made the potion?" I asked.


I sighed and put my hand on my forehead. "If Millie made it, then it won't work, Neptune!"

"I'm sorry, Emily, but there's no other choice."

Finally, I gave in.

"Here." Neptune gave me a small trident, just like his.

"What's this for?" I asked.

"I was going to give it as a gift to my eldest son with Aurora, but I put a curse on my family, so this has never been used. You can use it to defeat Shelton. Just concentrate on what you want to happen when you fight him, and it shall happen. You should go and hide your parents now. Before it's too late."

"Okay." I said, my voice sounding small. Talk about pressure!

"… so that's why I need to hide you in the lagoon! NOW!" I was telling my parents everything I had just been told about the crazy guy and his wife, the trident, and the rings. My parents just looked at each other in silence.

"I think we need to do it." Mum said.

"Me too," Dad sighed. "She does have that micro trident." So, they swam with me to the lagoon.

As we swam through the channel, I got a shiver down my spine. I remembered the first time I came here. I got flashbacks of the tentacles that looked like worms on the bottom, destroying the dome-shaped room. Surely it wouldn't be safe! But I didn't say anything. I just swam. Then, that song from Finding Nemo came into my head. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming… it repeated in my head over and over again. It was kind of annoying, but somehow it helped me along. Then, we saw it. The curtain of seaweed, the symbol of the trident. The lagoon, where my parents would be hiding away.

After my parents settled in, I reminded them that nobody could come to the lagoon until it was safe.

"But, why?" Mum asked.

"So no one gets suspicious!" I repeated.

"Won't we go hungry? And thirsty?" She asked.

"You have water right here! And there are plenty of fish."

"But it's all dirty!" Mum complained. .

"MUM, FOCUS!" I said.

"Right. Sorry." She replied.

"Look, all I know is that there's this crazy guy named Shelton who's out to get you guys because you have the rings. And I also know that if he kills you, I lose you guys and Aaron loses his mom, Shona might lose me, and all semi-mers die! So, we can't let him get to you!" I told them as I did on the ship. Then, I started to cry as I said "I love you guys." then, I hugged them.

"Aww, Emily. We love you, too! I hope you'll be okay." Mum said.

"Yeah, what she said." Dad said. I laughed. Dad always knew how to put a smile on my face. I squeezed them tighter. I couldn't leave them. I just couldn't.

"Just remember…" I started.

"Don't wake up the Kraken." Dad finished. "Emily, who's the dad here, huh?" I laughed again. He could obviously tell I was upset.

"EMILY WINDSNAP! YOU NEED TO COME OUT, NOW!" Neptune was shouting from the entrance of the cave. Then, I said my last good-byes and swam out, tears burning in my eyes. I wasn't just crying for my parents. I was also crying for Aaron, Mr. Beeston, and all those other semi-mers and their families out there. I was on my way to see Shona. First off, I hadn't seen her since that morning. Second, she had invited me for dinner. Third, I just had to tell my friends of the shock I had just discovered.

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