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Chapter 5

The tap of her feet against the pavement was the only sound to be heard on the deserted street at this time of day. It had now grown dark, and at the same time cold. Her thin school uniform did not seem like enough at the moment, and she wrapped her arms around her body, as if trying to keep all the precious warmth she had. Her eyes glanced up at her ever-familiar house. It had not changed much in all these years. True, a few things had changed, such as a plant had died and they have replaced it with something else, but other than that the house was caught in a moment of time. Forever. She smiled, cheerfully looking forward to Kero and her father. She missed her father much of the time, but she could not hold it against him, for this was his job, and he provided for her. Sakura reached into her pocket and extracted her house keys, and inserted them into the lock. The sound was cheerful, and familiar. It was amazing, how the smallest of things could brighten ones day…After all, she needed to be cheerful about something. Nothing had been going right with her life…particularly with Yue.

But…she would not think of him…! His memories only brought tears of pain and regret to her eyes.

As she entered, the house was dark, extremely dark. It was not the usual type of darkness that if one turned on a light would go away, no it was something frightening and bone chilling. A darkness that would plague the heart of man until his death. However, as frightening as it was…there was a strange comfort in it…as though it wounds its way protectively about her, hiding her, carefully, from light. She anxiously looked around, although nothing could be seen, she called out quietly, "I'm home."
She listened and yet she heard nothing. Nothing. Kero was not playing video games upstairs in her room, her father was not cooking, the house was dark and she was the only one there. However, although the house was dark it was warm like a tropical forest or a green house. This calmed her unsettled nerves and she stepped into the living room to where the white message board lay. It was empty—staring at her with a pallid sort of smile. Nothing for her father was written, and so she walked into the kitchen, smelling last night's remnants of okonomiaki. The message machine flashed with a red light. A red light...quietly blinking in the darkness. Her finger extended and she heard the small click of the button and then her fathers cheerful voice flooded the room
"Sakura, I am sorry but there is an accident on the road, so it might take me a while to get home. Don't make dinner; I'll pick up some Chinese food. I love you. Call me if you need to."

And then it was over, and the house, once again, was quiet, so very quiet.
She looked around, as she sighed to herself. Her hand wound around her backpack as she walked up the stairs to her room. Perhaps she was extremely tired, or perhaps she was depressed, but whatever the reason she did not seem to notice the strange aura growing stronger and stronger as she climbed towards to her room. Perhaps all she noticed was the distant fragrance of the mandarin blossom. But this did not mind her much, in fact she only noted it as a pleasant musky sort of smell, which must have been caused by her leaving a window open.
"Kero..." She called out as she opened the door to her room. "Kero chan...?" No answer, but she did not notice, no, depression and confusion draped her eyes. However, as she stood there for some seconds, her eyes grew wide in fear. She could feel another presence in the room, one that hugged the darkness dangerously. She was frightened, but more so sad. The darkness only reminded her of the darkness and anger she held in her soul. Everything was murky and strange now.
"Kero ch--" Sakura called out one more time, however she felt a warm hand wrap around her mouth, eliminating all sound. As the hand touched her mouth, images of darkness over took her. A warm, dark, and deep darkness; a place where she could hide, away from the world. No one could find her there, and she would live...happy. She heard his voice, inside her head, quietly calling out her name. This low, quiet, comforting voice...the voice of Kurai. How strange it was, she noticed, that she had come to know his voice so well, his strange intonations and the way he accentuated some of the words he spoke, to bring an impact to the audience. And in that moment of time, a few seconds at least, the world had stopped for them. It was exciting, and dangerous. She would not know what would come next. Nothing mattered, only the darkness, which would surround them and keep them close. In a strange way—she felt happy, as if this was what she had always desired. To be loved, and cared for, with no regard to anyone else…perhaps this was her destiny…? Kurai released his hand from her mouth, after he was sure she would not cry out. Sakura turned around, and quietly studied him. Indeed, he had not changed from the last time she had met him. Small things, minute things had changed, for example, he had tied back some of his long dark hair, and altered his clothes, but his expression; his expression was still a mixture of sorrow and mischievousness. What was his motive…or was there one? His lips moved, quietly, and her eyes followed them as they moved closer and closer to her face.
Only the breathing could be heard, their quiet, rhythmic breathing mingling together, exploring the world of darkness, which Kurai knew so well. Sakura was about to drift away into his eyes when the image of Yue flashed in front of her own. His eyes quietly calling out… Yes, Yue. She could see his face, in his perfect beauty, an expression of anger and betrayal plaguing his features… Suddenly, as if being attacked, she pushed Kurai away from her, knocking him against the wall. She stumbled across the room, trying to figure out this flood of emotions that suddenly were chocking her slowly. It was all so confusing…her body wanted Kurai, this she knew of…but what of her heart…? Could she really have fallen in love with some one so soon…? Or had love been there all along, walking hand and hand with Yue? She knelt her head against the cool windowpane; its chill comforting in this warmth…it was all too fast.
And then, she heard his voice for the first time. She was not imagining it, she was not recalling his voice, but no… This was real. "Sakura...I know that this might be all too sudden for you, but I love you."
I love you. How easily he spoke these words. He spoke it as easily as if he was talking about flowers, or a sunset. The heat came to her face. No one had ever told her he loved her. Of course, family, and Tomoyo...but never a boyfriend, never anyone such as this. Even Li, he had never spoken those words to her… This was the first confession she had ever heard, and it excited her and yet at the same time it frightened her…could she return his love? How much she wanted to tell him—can't we go slower? I am so unsure…so unsure…And yet, Kurai would not have this, no she could tell by the look in his eyes. His eyes were clouded over, strangely…and a look of utmost seriousness resided contentedly in his face. Perhaps, he did love her. He walked forward towards her, continuing to talk, quietly, slowly, rolling each word deliciously off his tongue "Forget Yue, it is you and I who have a future."

Yue sighed to himself, rubbing his temples, slowly…he was not exactly sure if he wanted to pursue Kurai. He, as much as he hated to admit it, even to himself, did not know what he would find. He was afraid. Not just for Sakura, but then of course, the girl could handle herself [or so he hoped], but he was afraid for himself…could he be able to control himself around this…thing? He was not quite sure…Looking up at the full moon, he prided himself in knowing that at least he was at the height of his power…and this thing, Kurai…well, he indeed would be weak…but not so weak, for although he received his power from darkness, he also received his power from himself, Yue. The little devil had been smart… He took a deep breath, and released it, slowly. Whether or not he wanted to, he had to go…for Sakura's sake. Extending his wings, he softly sighed, falling gently off of the branch in which he had formerly been perched…

His arms had slowly wrapped about her body, cradling her, as if she was just a child…And yet, she could not move, for as his frame had come closer and closer to her, the images of Yue became more clear, and even now, she could hear his emotionless voice resonating profusely in his ear. How many times had she called out his name—and he had arrived to swoop her out of danger? How many times had he comforted her when she had cried for one reason or other…? And all those times, his payment had been nothing…all those times he had so willingly come to her side…all those times… Kurai was now tilting her head back ever so slowly, forcing her to look into his eyes. However, something called out to Sakura, crying crying crying… and yet, she could do nothing, for even now, his lips were pressed against hers, exploring ever deeper and deeper into her mouth. His hands now tightly wrapped about her frame were slowly, ever slowly, sliding off her clothes. And she could do nothing, not even move, for his grip was so strong, forcing her hungrily against the wall. And she could do nothing. Not even cry for help.

Yue's eyes widened in fear…it could not be…

He stood their, hovering in air, gazing into Sakura's moon washed room—and the scene which lay before him. Never had he imagined it…it hurt his eyes to look at, the two of them…And yet, he would reveal nothing after this night. He would never tell her his feelings; never even let the two of them know that he had…seen. He had witnessed…He closed his eyes, and tried to block out the two of them, and yet, they were still there, in front of his eyes, Kurai's body leaning over the small frame of…her… Moving slightly, out of such an obvious angle, he gazed down coldly at the two of them. What a beautiful pair they were, nighttime and cherry blossoms…how beautiful…However, his gaze was focused on Sakura, who seemed to be aching for Kurai's touch. It was sickening…and yet, it was hypnotic, and he could not turn away…

She should have been mine… Yue thought angrily, as he intently gazed at his lost treasure.

Sakura closed her eyes tightly, trying to block out these strong sensations that were overpowering her body—she had to get out. This was not what she had hoped and prayed for…This was not it at all. Snapping open her eyes, she looked frantically about the room, and finally to the window, now outlined in silver moonlight. And yet, as she did so, the image of Yue greeted her, outlined as he once had when she had first laid eyes on him so long ago. The same expression was there as well, one of anger and hatred…of distrust. She found tears flowing from her eyes suddenly—she had hoped he would never have looked at her that way again…

…all her dreams had shattered…

She called out for him—pleading, begging, trying to convey—this was not as she wanted. This embrace and kiss that Kurai gave her, it was not what she wished for. She tried as best as she could to get away from his grasp—pushing, pulling, kicking---nothing would work, it was as if he was made of cement. And yet, all of a sudden, he let go, and let her fly, the caged bird that she was. Sakura rushed forward to the window facing the heavens, pounding her fists against it, tears spilling down her face, crying Yue's name, over and over… but it was too late, he had already taken off into the night…

Turning around, anger flooded her features, as she looked with hatred onto Kurai, "What are you doing?!"

"What did you think I was doing?" Kurai smirked, gently whipping his lips, "I told you. I love you."

"But I didn't respond, did I?" Sakura yelled angrily, tears shining down her face. "Listen, Yue—Yue just saw us…! Doing that…! I never, ever, wanted to hurt him!"

"He will just have to get used to the fact…" He answered, smoothly, striding over across the room, touching a bit of hair on top of his shoulder. "Yue is a big boy, he can handle himself."

"I…I…" Sakura began, but she was at a loss for words. She could not describe it—she felt as though she had lost the most important thing in her life, even more so than Tomoyo. She felt hallow and numb as though she had been bled of all happiness. She had never wanted Yue to be sad; she had never wanted him to hate her as he so obviously did…! She had never wanted any of it..! Hadn't their life before been happy enough? Hadn't Yue just being with her…hadn't that been enough? And yet, even as she thought these things…she realized—no, it hadn't been enough. She had wanted to be with Yue, always, and life…well, life had always gotten in the way…but it had become even worse since Kurai had come…since…he…

"Listen." Kurai began, placing his hand tenderly on her shoulder, "Yue knows my intentions towards you—and they are, how would you say it, they are honorable….he knows this…he may not like it, but he knows, I would never do anything to harm you. Never."

Sakura looked up at him, blinking back tears. Was this what she wanted? …somehow…yes and no. The gaze in his eyes so reminded her of Yue, that she was forced to think, that yes, perhaps this was what she had hoped for. This, he, would be her happiness…And yet, it was not the same, she could not quite place her finger on what was different, no, it was not the physical features, which practically mirrored Yue only in darkness, but it was his attitude, and manner on the whole. It was not unappealing, but it did not leave her with the beautiful warmth and happiness that it left her when she was with Yue.

"I-I'm sorry, Kurai…but, I don't love you. I…I cannot be with you…" Sakura said slowly, quietly, looking down at the floor. His scent was overpoweringly beautiful, mingling about with her skin. "You must understand…"

"I do…I just hope that he will." Kurai said mysteriously, grinning smartly as he wrapped his arms around her, hugging her frame gently. With that, he walked over to the moonstruck window, and gently opened the cool frosted pane. Giving one last sad look at Sakura, he spread his wide murky majestic wings, and set out into the cold night…

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