Replacing Escaping The Fire, but based in the same AU, backstory will come later.

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He stayed perched high on the black, wet wall. The cool mist of the evening would have been penetrating, but his father's thick cloak prevented the air from biting at his arms. It wasn't quite late yet, maybe a little past the evening meal time. He had stayed here, watching the bright lights of the city flicker, the people scurry through the rain across the sidewalks, but he only wandered as they did through the silences.

Home was far away, the warm true sunshine and soft moonlight of home didn't exist here. This was space, and the moon only looked like a graveyard with no tombstones from this distance. He was here because of fear. The fear of his own existence drove him here, not by his own mind, but another's.

Perhaps if he had never been born then nobody would fear him. Nobody would have tried to quell the fear by murdering him or his parents. Nobody would have tried to exile them in the first place if he hadn't existed. Maybe this really was his fault.

"I can only hope that after a year, my mother's temper may have quelled a bit. I don't want her to come back from this exile and claw into me or my father…but she may have indulged in the latter already."

He smirked to himself, his hood drawn over his eyes so that others wouldn't pay him any mind. The brown sugar tone of his skin would cause him to stand out here; Blue Heaven didn't see a lot of his kind. If they knew what he truly was, then he was sure that no one would be able to admit to meeting another like him. He wondered sometimes if he was the only one.

A clap of thunder and following rainfall followed his thoughts, and he jumped down the wall to the wet, puddle covered concrete beneath him. Earth had become too much concrete itself, but even here in space they had industrialized all the planets and colonies. He wandered into the small crowds of people walking, keeping his head down, his arms pulled close to him with a hand on the Caster attached to his belt. It was only a matter of time before…

… A piece of glass shattered underneath his shoes, and that's when he heard the gun fire behind him. Ducking swiftly and gracefully falling back into the alley, another bullet was fired in his direction and a voice followed it.

"Gene Starwind finally came back to Blue Heaven! Finally! Finally I'm going to avenge for the Kei Pirates!"

The masked character followed the flap of his cloak in the wind, and cornered him in the alleyway.

"Are you too old for this, Gene? Was it too much when you lost the Outlaw Star? When it was destroyed?"

He gritted his teeth at the improper address, his name was definitely NOT Gene.

"Gene Starwind will never be too old to take off heads of scum like you. The Kei Pirates…didn't you all fall apart and give up twenty years ago? Are you some lone survivor, with no life left? Disgusting."

He reached for the gun under his cloak, loading the barrel with his unseen hands.

"Poor, pathetic miserable outlaw!"

Bullets broke the brick and concrete wall behind him, and he moved his face enough into the street light so that the pirate could see the grin.

"You think I'm Gene Starwind, do you?"

One smooth movement and cock of a gun answered the silence that followed his own question. The three bullets fired answered the mumbling of the pirate, and one managed to hit its mark. The pirate fell to the ground, bleeding into the puddle of water.

"OUTLAW! You have to be Gene Starwind, they all told me you were here! You're going to die, you're not going to be the hero again!"

Cade took a few slow steps, putting the barrel to the pirate's scalp.

"Gene Starwind. The Legend. Too bad you're only half right"

He didn't fire, but used a solid blow to the head from the barrel to leave the pirate unconscious, and the outlaw who was half Gene Starwind started back down the road. The rain let up enough to let the street lights guide him a little better. There werent so many people on the streets now after the gunfire, so he continued to walk, in no specific direction to no really known place.

She should have watched for the puddle, because now this woman had run directly into him, and they both proceeded to take a nice, heavy fall.

"OOOHUHMPH!" Were the only legible sounds she made, but Cade almost clocked out, and his eyes seemed like spiraling pools for a minute. He was dizzy and a little disoriented, his cloak had come halfway off and his hood had fallen off his head, leaving the blinding street light to make it that much harder to recover from his head hitting the concrete.

"NO! Oh no! I'm so SORRY! So Sorry! Please, please, are you alright?!" Cade squinted at her, blinked his eyes a few time and darted back up, finding himself face to face with a beautiful woman, who had fallen on top of him. The blush in his face was unmistakable. They stared at each other for half a second, with confused faces before her eyes came into focus and she struggled back to her feet quickly.

"Oh goodness, i'm so very sorry, its so wet, and I! - " She fell again on a weak, possibly cracked ankle. Cade couldnt help but laugh at her misfortune lightheartedly.

"Maybe you need to be more careful miss..." He went to pick her up to carry her, but not before they both realized that his cloak and hood were laying on the ground, and his identity partially revealed.

"YOU! YOU'RE- You're!" She struggled against him and he darted out of the light.

"You're a Ctarl-Ctarl! What are you doing here!" Cade sighed and repressed the anxiety for a moment. At least she was cute.

"Well, you're only half right about that, Miss."