Posted: 26 September, 2009

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Near the Garret Enterprises Factory, Sheba, 4915

What followed was a whirlwind of action. Varda Wolf it seemed, viewed plans as a lose guideline at best. The plan in this instance had been to get into the Garret Enterprises factory and disable the Fretki Crystal, thereby releasing all the captured emotions to the victims, freeing them from control. In actuality, the whole operation was vastly more complicated, rife with unexpected problems, adrenalin highs and much running for their lives.

As they sprinted from the factory in the wake of the evacuees, Varda grabbed his hand and tugged him leftwards, throwing them both to the ground behind a small hill. There was a loud explosion and a wave of heat, and then sudden silence. The pair clambered to their feet, looking back at the remains of what had been a state of the art factory. He realised their hands were still joined but said nothing, instead looking over at this strange woman he'd met only a few hours earlier. She was watching the burning remains with wide eyes and an even wider grin. She turned to look at him then and he was captivated by the exhilaration in her expression.

"So," he said, attempting to sound casual, "You do this sort of thing often?"

She laughed then, long and loud.

"Y-yeah," she said between huffs of laughter, "You could say it's a hobby."

Eventually they wandered away from the scene, hands swinging between them. As they walked through the streets of the nearby town a thought occurred to him.

"So destroying the crystal freed the emotions," he said in concern, "But what about the parts that were siphoned into pills?"

"Gone," she said simply, "But it'll be okay. Half their spirit back will be enough to kick-start their systems. The rest will heal itself."

He nodded, "So what now?"


"Yeah. Where do you go from here?"

"Now," she said, in a thoughtful tone, "Now I go back to my ship and fly away, lookin' for more adventures in space and time."



"So you actually do this sort of thing all the time? It's really your hobby? That wasn't just a joke?"

"I said so didn't I?" she said, "It's not always so hectic. Sometimes it's quiet and calm; relaxin' on some exotic paradise of a world for a while. I seem to find trouble more often than not though," her expression became wistful as she added, "Someone once said I was jeopardy friendly."

She sighed then and looked at him before withdrawing her hand, to fold her arms across her chest, and he felt a little disappointed. They came to a halt under a shop awning, the grey light of predawn dimly illuminating their surroundings.

"What?" he asked, in response to the hard, judging look she was giving him.

"What will you do now?"

He inhaled and rested his hands on his hips, considering the question.

"I don't know," he shrugged, and decided for some reason to be bluntly honest, "Before I saw you back in Jujin's Bar, I was planning to disable the tracking in this," he held up his vortex manipulator, "And then maybe think up ways to get revenge on the Time Agency. I think I'd make a pretty successful conman."

"And now?" she asked, head tilted to one side and expression neutral.

"And now…" he sighed, "I don't know. After what we did tonight, I guess I remember the important things, like why I became a Time Agent. Doing good and all that. I don't know that I can go through with it."

She nodded, and said, "Good."

"Good?" he asked.

"Yes, good."

"Why good?"

"Well," she paused to take a bracing breath, "'Cause it you'd went through with it then I wouldn't've be able to make you an offer."

"What sort of offer?" he asked, smirking at her and wiggling an eyebrow.

"Not that sort," she rolled her eyes, then looked at him seriously, "Travel with me."

"Travel with you?"

"Yeah. The life I lead… it gets a bit borin' on my own. I sometimes 'ave people tag along, but there's no one at the moment. Not for a while now in fact. So, I could use the company, and you could use somethin' to do – somethin' that won't wear at your conscience."

Silence followed as he considered the proposal. Dither aimlessly, trying to decide what to do now that his life as a Time Agent was over. Or, follow this entrancing woman touring time and space with friendly company, thrilling adventures, rescuing the downtrodden and running for his life. It really wasn't a difficult decision.


Behind Bibi's Inn, Sheba, 4915

"It's a dumpster," he said, unimpressed.

"It's camouflaged," she huffed.

"It's small," he observed.

"Wait till you see inside."

. . .

"It's…" he trailed off, awed.

"Please try to say somethin' more original than 'bigger on the inside'."

"… roomy?" then he pouted, "And I was so looking forward to the close quarters."

She snorted. "My heart bleeds for you. Really."

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