Star's 100 Theme Challenge Kingdom Hearts Edition: A Heart for a Heart

Pairings: SoraxKairi, RoxasxNamine, AxelxLarxene, ZexionxXion plus Crack pairings

Greetings, folks! For a long time now, I've been busy with writing for the 100 Theme Challenge found on DeviantArt, and I've been wanting SO MUCH to use the themes for my favourite pairings. So I began writing with the idea I'd ONLY be doing this for Brawl, but that's not going to be the case. For anyone interested in seeing themes for other fandoms, I will also be writing for Fire Emblem (Of Support and Secrets) and Pokemon (Catch My Love). You are, of course, at the Kingdom Hearts edition!

If you're confused or have questions about how I'm doing the challenge, stop by my profile and check the link to my LiveJournal to information and updates on the challenge. So far, my motto and drive is 100 Themes, 4 Fandoms, 25 chapters, Lotta pairings. Leave no stone unturned.

Requests are possible, but please check my terms in my LiveJournal before making a request.

With that said, let's get going on our first theme.


Theme: 37. Eyes
Pairing: RoxasxNamine
Summary: I can see Sora in his eyes, but when I look harder, I'd prefer seeing him.
Rating: K

Warning: The following theme contains spoilers for the plot in Chain of Memories. Unless you have played the game or seen the cutscenes, I'd advise you skip this theme. Of course, if you don't care about that, please continue.

Maybe she was a little obsessed. But Namine knew she had an important connection to the Key of Destiny. The little witch also knew where it has sprung from...when she was held captive by the Organization and Sora had saved her.

Sora. The name pulsed loudly in her head and she bit her lower lip. She had messed with his memories and nearly destroyed what he had felt for her Somebody, Kairi. But even so, he had forgiven her and made a promise to meet her again. Namine had smiled and accepted the promise, although she knew it would never happen. Not how she wanted to, of course.

Why? It was simple. Namine had rearranged his memories to be back where they were before he entered Castle Oblivion. And since he had met her when he stepped into Castle Oblivion, she was going to erase herself from his memories for good. She was going to lose Sora...or was she?

When she looked at Roxas, she could see Sora in his eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes were exactly the same as those eyes that had forgiven her...Namine knew Sora's heart and light had belonged to Kairi. But she had him in another way.

She had Roxas.

And the more she looked into his eyes, the less she saw of Sora. To her, Roxas had become a somebody. Somebody special. Somebody important.

Somebody worth risking all she had left for.

And now that she was one with Kairi again, she could see Roxas whenever she wanted. All Kairi had to do was look at Sora and Namine would see Roxas smiling at her.

They were Nobodies. But they each had somebody to care for.


Dedicated to my own Roxas. You know who you are.

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